Deal alert / Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me / double vinyl 2LP

Amazing price for the recently reissued 2LP coloured vinyl version of the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack on Amazon Italy right now.

The double vinyl set (put out by Death Waltz Recordings) is just €20 at the moment which is approximately £17.50 – less than HALF the price in the UK right now. This a really an incredible deal. Grab it while you can.

1. Theme from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
2. The Pine Float
3. Sycamore Trees (vocals by Jimmy Scott)
4. Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)
5. A Real Indication” (by Thought Gang, vocals by Badalamenti)
6. Questions in a World of Blue” (vocals by Julee Cruise)
7. The Pink Room
8. The Black Dog Runs at Night (by Thought Gang, vocals by Badalamenti)
9. Best Friends
10. Moving Through Time
11. Montage from Twin Peaks: Girl Talk/Birds in Hell/Laura Palmer’s Theme/Falling
12. The Voice of Love

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Thanks Paul – I was right in the middle of searching for the best price on this when your deal alert came through!


OK so it appears to have sold out within 45 minutes (not a surprise)

Alan Wilson


It hasn’t sold out in 45 minutes, this item has been this price Since March 29th (so over 2 days), however you are correct in the statement that it sold out within 45 minutes since been reported as a deal on this site.


57euro now

Bill Davis

gone. Alas!

Mike Sutton

£18.84 with shipping to the UK. Saw this LP for £40 in a London shope the other day and nearly picked it up….but the parking meter was running out, and so did I.

Great deal and thanks for the heads up, Paul.

Tsikas Konstantinos

Ci dispiace. L’articolo Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me non è più disponibile presso il venditore selezionato. L’articolo è stato spostato nella sezione Articoli salvato del carrello. Per consultare le disponibilità presso un altro venditore, clicca qui per tornare alla pagina dei dettagli dell’articolo.

i tried to order but get this message


Too late.
Damn it!


Thanks for this. Even with the shipping and currency adjustment, cheaper than what I’d ordered here in Canada!


Damn fine price – ordered!

Alan Wilson

I agree, cracking deal on this one, I snagged it a few days ago when I noticed the price drop, you can’t get this for less than £40 in the UK at the minute and that’s if you’re lucky.


Italy again. Looks super cool. I’m still going through my new “Delectus” box set from Vangelis. Plenty of great soundtrack music on that one for the next few months. I gotta draw the line somewhere.