Deal alert / Ultimate Sinatra 4CD


Amazing price for the four-CD deluxe version of Universal Music’s Ultimate Sinatra on Amazon UK right now.

The 101-track collection is an amazing £7 at the time of writing (7pm GMT 18/1/16).  Be quick, because I’m not sure how long this superb deal will last!



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Thanks Paul, was thinking the same actually. I’ll give it a go..


Amazon first mailed me telling there was a retvisende delivery date. Now they have cancelled my order without any information or explanation!


Well haven’t been very lucky with my amazon orders lately. Just got this mail:

You ordered the item below, but the package was returned to us by the carrier. We’ve issued your refund.”


If you’re after bargain Frank, you can’t do much better than this CD boxset of all his Capitol albums, plus many extra tracks, for an astonishing £12. That’s £1 per CD for some of the greatest popular music ever created. Steal of the century.



@Stephen – mine arrived today, order number 203-3861711-1100354 if it helps.

stephen maltais

They will only honour the price if we have an order #…will someone offer up their order number?
I tried in vain last night to get the 7.00 price and they said they would only honour it with an order number as their computers say the price was never dropped!!



I held off and missed it. Partly disappointed. Partly pleased with myself for not buying up every deal in which I have a passing interest.


BTW, how much was the postage for the lower price?


When I try to order it now through the link it comes up at £21.99. Guess that means that there is no chance of it being honoured at £7. Does anyone know?


I’m sure a deal on this will come along again, Andy P. Incidentally, although they can’t supply the physical boxset yet, I have the automatic download of the whole thing already.

Andy P

Shame, I missed this. Could have done without a late meeting tonight.

ian s

£21.99 now-pleased I ordered it earlier tonight when it was £7!

Bruce Nicholson

I can vouch about the ABBA box set – ordered it while it was still £22 but was temporarily out of stock but within a week the order was fulfilled. Can’t complain and an amazing bargain. Amazon did the same with The Wall immersion set a month or so ago too.


And it’s gone. If i try to order it the price is updated to £21.99 in my basket although it is visible for £7 when i follow the link above. I’m not sure if it has to do with my shipping location which is the Netherlands.. I would like to have gotten a copy for £7 though…

Dr Avalanche

Thanx, ordered right away!


They’d remove it if it wasn’t still valid. My order was accepted and confirmed. So there’s still time if you want to ‘Frank-up’ :-)

Glad I waited for this.


Yep ordered mine about an hour ago – Auto Rip too! Out of stock now thoufh.
Funny because over the weekend I managed at last to view the 4 hour long All or Nothing At all film series that was on the BBC last year AND finished reading the book Sinatra The Chairman. Both very good too!
Thanks for the alert.


Yeah, the All Of Nothing At All documentary was fascinating stuff, a really enjoyable journey through 20th century America, as much as through Sinatra’s own career.


Thanks again Paul – just about managed to resist the earlier James deal but couldn’t pass this one up.

Simon Taylor

All gone, that was a quick one.


For the ABBA deal I could acknowledge, I received mine when the price was around three times higher on Amazon IT as on checkout… Delivery time took three weeks or so.

Simon Taylor

Great price but if you have a google around this set has some interesting reviews. Packaging is poor and some complaints about sound quality.

I know, hard to complain for £7 but worth mentioning.


Less than $20 delivered to Canada! Thanks for the heads up Paul!

Charles Hodgson

Snapped a copy up. Playing AutoRip version two minutes after checking out! Thanks!


Wow, amazing value….this was something like 21.99 on release. Picked one up for £7…thanks Paul!

Dan Charleston

Just purchased, and it was only 5.83 pounds upon checkout!! Amazing deal, also includes a voucher for digital download of 4 unreleased alternative tracks.

Boaz Halachmi

Thanks for this!!! Grabbed two copies… one as a present.

Trev Hughes

Many Thanks Paul I Was Looking For Something To Go With The Monkees Flexi Discs To Get Me Free Post & Packing & This Has Dropped In Nicely. Superb Value For 4 Discs Of Classics & Not A Bad Tune In Sight


Thanks Paul, even with 1.99 postage it’s a steal. Just need a deal on the Voice on Air boxset now.


Great deal Paul. Going to be another dear year…….


That is way whacky, $12.75 shipped to Detroit – I am sure the old lady has most of this but who can resist a bargain

Now if you would ask the good folks at amazon.uk to do something similar for “A Voice on Air”, it would be really appreciated.


Bought it ;-) thanks Paul!

mike sutton

Thanks, Paul. Killer price and order placed :)

John Murray

Wow! Ordered! It’s a crime not to at this price!


Andrew Mogford

Woah! Was looking at the two CD set of this the other day, as don’t have any Sinatra in my collection. Had no idea there was a four CD version – despite ordering two deluxe editions yesterday and one on Saturday that I had seen on this site, I had to go for this!