Deal alert / Vangelis Delectus box


The just released  Vangelis box set, Delectus, is available for a great price on Amazon Spain.

The 13-disc box set is just £67 (€78) right now (6 Feb, 14.55 GMT) which is about £25 cheaper than the UK price. You can read more about this set here.


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I received mine yesterday from amz germany. Massive LP sized Box set. For some reason I thought it to be smaller. Next to PG SO…

Adam Shaw

I found most discs ok but he’s ruined Short Stories with to much reverb .
I can’t understand why he’s done that ?

Paul Mann

I’d be interested in what others here think of these remasterings. There is quite a lot of added reverb on some albums, and a couple of changes (including the excision of the final word of “Not A Bit – All Of It” on “See You Later”.) Presumably all this comes from the man himself, but they’re not necessarily improvements. For some of the albums I’ll be reverting to the previous CD versions.


Amazon France honored by order. My package has been shipped to the Netherladns last week… and arrived today!

Playing right now The Friends Of Mister Cairo, looking at the nice book.
And just before that, I listed the set on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/9669154


I am a massive Vangelis fan, but I’m hesitating to get this after reading about the the new re-mastered versions. I might have to wait until it pops up cheap on Ebay, or second hand :(


I wish they would have released the Jon & Vangelis albums separately.


After the huge disappointment of the French offer… let’s try again, this time benefiting from free postage inside Spain.


EUR 29,53 shipping to Canada… ouch.


Yes expensive shipping but you don’t pay VAT so the price comes down to 60 Euros. That deletes the VAT savings but you still get a great deal. If I calculate it (including the VAT), it’s $84 and the end price was $93 so shipping comes down to $9. Yes, it’s a bit creative but you gotta do sth to convince yourself to buy another box set you don’t need :-)
I ordered it. My poor wallet. Yesterday the Clash box, today Vangelis, ugh.

alan hansen

of course… too late for me to switch. no worries – just part of how the game’s played.


I got my copy today from amazon.fr for just 50 euros. Thank u Paul for your great work.

John Bommarito

2 lucky people got it at that price. I did not. Waiting for the next time, or the upcoming contest to win one!

Manuel Guillen

3 (lucky?) people

David Anderson

Same here Kevin. Kept getting emails and pretty much guessed they were saying ‘no chance you’re getting it for that price!’
Think I’ll wait until it gets even cheaper.

adam shaw

Thanks Paul .
Came to £74 with postage .

Kevin Farrow

Cheers… Wasn’t going to buy it after being shafted by Amazon France, but couldn’t resist for £73.96 including postage.