Deal alert / Verve: A Storm in Heaven four-disc super deluxe edition box

Excellent price in the UK right now for last year’s super deluxe edition box set of the Verve‘s first album A Storm In Heaven.

This four-disc set (3CD+DVD) is more generous than the Northern Soul package (issued at the same time) and includes all the pre-album E.P. tracks, associated B-sides and acoustic versions, two previously unreleased BBC radio sessions, two unreleased studio tracks and a DVD with the 1992 Camden Town Hall concert, the USA promo video for Blue, unseen footage of the band in New York and more. All that for just £21.99 right now. You also get postcards, a poster and booklet in the box.


CD1: The Remastered Album

  1. Star Sail
  2. Slide Away
  3. Already There
  4. Beautiful Mind
  5. The Sun, The Sea
  6. Virtual World
  7. Make It ‘Til Monday
  8. Blue
  9. Butterfly
  10. See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)

CD2: B-sides, E.P. Tracks

All In The Mind (9/3/1992)

  1. All In The Mind
  2. One Way To Go
  3. A Man Called Sun

She’s A Superstar (22/6/1992)

  1. She’s A Superstar
  2. Feel

Gravity Grave (5/10/1992)

  1. Gravity Grave (Extended Version)
  2. Endless Life
  3. A Man Called Sun (live)
  4. Gravity Grave (live encore)

Blue (10/5/1993)

  1. Twilight
  2. Where The Geese Go
  3. No Come Down
  4. Blue (USA Mix)

Slide Away (29/9/1992)

  1. 6 O’Clock

CD3: B-Side, Radio Sessions, Unreleased Studio Tracks

Slide Away cont. (20/9/1993)

  1. Make It Til Monday (acoustic)
  2. Virtual World (acoustic)

Originally issued on the compilation ‘No Come Down’ (B-sides and out-takes)

  1. Gravity Grave (live Glastonbury 1993)
  2. Butterfly (acoustic)


Radio 1 Session – 7/02/1992 (previously unreleased)

  1. Slide Away
  2. She’s A Superstar
  3. Already There
  4. Brake Lights

RADIO 1 (Mark Radcliffe) Session – 7/12/1993 (previously unreleased)

  1. Star Sail
  2. A Man Called Sun
  3. Six O’Clock
  4. Gravity Grave

Unreleased Sawmills Studio Sessions (previously unreleased)

  1. Shoeshine Girl
  2. South Pacific


Promo videos

  1. All In The Mind
  2. She’s A Superstar
  3. Gravity Grave
  4. Blue
  5. Slide Away

Live at Camden Town Hall – 23/10/92

  1. Slide Away
  2. All In The Mind
  3. She’s A Superstar
  4. Staring Stranger
  5. A Man Called Sun
  6. South Pacific
  7. Already There
  8. The Sun, The Sea
  9. Gravity Grave

Bonus content:

  1. A Man Called Sun (N.Y.C. Flatbed Truck – 1992
  2. South Pacific (Sawmills footage filmed by John Leckie)
  3. Blue (USA Mix (promo video)

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Dave H

Neil – Better having them delivered by herpes than with herpes but I think the courier company is called ‘Hermes’


‘Hermes’ are worse than herpes that was my point.


The remaster on storm in heaven really brings that album to life – original cd was always a bit lacking imo – this new one packs a serious punch and improved the album for me – a northern soul is and always will a classic and their best


I got my James and Underworld box sets at the weekend from the greatofferstore and they are amazing looking and are an absolute steal at £10 each. Yes the postage was steep and i had to wait over a week to get them delivered by herpes but they are well worth it.


Interesting delivery choice!

Chris Squires

They are so much quicker than delivery by “crabs” which only move sideways and take for-ever.

Dave H

I imagine there’s a 20th anniversary super deluxe edition of Urban Hymns in the pipeline seeing that it was originally released in September 1997.

I already own all the CD singles from that period, remember those two part digipaks? I guess all the b sides and remixes will be collected together for disc 2, not sure if there’s any unreleased remixes.

Live DVD and videos on another disc?

What else?


Yeah, I would expect the Haigh Hall full concert on the DVD. Probably a few remixes doing the rounds, after the James Lavelle mix of BSS. Think there would likely be a number of Ashcroft solo demos available, he had most of the album written as a solo lp before reconvening with the band. Well, the ‘ballads’ anyway – the guitar wig-outs would very much be Nick McCabe creations.


£18 plus £3 postage to New Zealand. Thanks for the heads-up Paul


I’m also waiting for a Great Offer despatch…

There was one item that was out of stock on Great Offer, so I went over to ebay and found it there. When I looked at the seller’s other items, he had multiple copies (5+) of many of the Great Offer items, being offered at twice the price…His entire stock was just stuff bought from the sale!! I recognised the titles, of course.

So he’d obviously ordered many, many items, only to stick them on ebay… While part of me admired his enterprise, I didn’t buy from him, just out of general principle. There’s something rather unsporting about emptying the entire stock of Great Offer, only to put it on ebay for a profit! lol…


Never had a problem with greatofferstore, usually they’re despatched in a week or so.

I’ve just had the Rainbow CD boxset delivered a week after ordering, excellent package for a tenner, it was 84 quid on amazon – I checked before snapping it up! I guess a few of those will end up on ebay.

Bill Wilner

Any idea if or when the balance of the Verve catalog will be given special reissues?


Just placed my order. Om check out it said that there were only 11 left in stock.


I was going to get this (`Storm In Heaven`) and would have done had `A Northern Soul` been the same price. However I am not that big a Verve fan so I got to browsing on Amazon`s Marketplace and ended up getting `S.I.H.`, `A.N.S.` & `Forth` for £4.46, yeah, all used but unless there`s been a clog dance on the CDs and the booklets and CD inners haven`t been used for wrapping fish`n`chips I`ll be happy. So I may have spent a `fiver`, I`ve saved £37. Thanks Paul.


Wow! After VAT was removed and postage to US added it was only $28.45!! Can’t beat that. It’s a great set! Thanks Paul!!


The Verve boxset is the same price over-the-counter in the HMV sale at present.


Nice lead, thanks Paul! I have some latter-period Verve but have never heard this album. I dropped an order as this looks like a great way to get reacquainted (or is that “properly acquainted”) with this band.


I have an order in the same limbo from Sound of Vinyl, which is another part of the same group AFAIK. I don’t hold out much hope it will be 100% fulfilled, which is rather disappointing. Pretty sure all the items were listed as in stock when I ordered.


My GOS orders have been coming through slowly, bizarrely the most recent order came first…


Wow! Great price! Good things come to those who wait. Wish I would have…


I received my Laid/WahWah and Second Toughest box sets last week from the Great Offer store. Both very nice sets and even with postage £27 for the pair was a bargain.


I have had confirmation on my account that they will be delivered but no dates so fingers crossed

Graham Gardner

I’ve received 4 vinyl albums from them but been told my money is being refunded for Rainbow polydor vinyl box set. Very angry with this as thet waited 10 days to tell me…abd it was only £20!

trond svensen

Then the order is placed.. at 18.33 ( as norway in non EU Tax is of ) so 22.75 with shipping .

Thank you Paul

Dave H

I also put in a couple of orders from the Great Offer Store and am still waiting for it a couple of weeks later. At least the smaller second order is now showing as being processed so hopefully will arrive soon.
My first order was quite large and I did ask for one delivery so I could just be waiting on one item.

Peter Anderson

Iain – thanks for the heads up on Northern Soul. Even more of a bargain. Have snapped it up. And thanks Paul for the Storm In Heaven alert although will probably pass on it for now. Cheers Peter

Peter Anderson

Oh well will wait and see if anything ships!

Peter Anderson

Paypal invoice from ‘Great Store’ order is from Recordstore.co.uk so assume is the same supplier?


Actually, it is.

Paul English

Typical – bought both about 10 days ago! Great price now.

Sean L

Same here Paul, nothing shipped as yet :(


Don’t worry.
I’ve had similar delays before (and one at the moment). They run out of stock on one or more items and don’t split-ship. But things always come through. The stuff from there is always something I’m happy to be patient for (especially given the bargain prices).


Great I am in

If people are looking Recordstore.co.uk currently have the Northern Soul Deluxe in their sale for £15 and also the Grace Jones Warm Leatherette deluxe for £10 (Admittedly there is p+p).

Also they have loads of vinyl on sale at present at £8 each Big Country, Rainbow, Placebo, Blondie, Skids, Ruts, Shelby Lynne – Enjoy

Chris Squires

Ditto, I ordered quite a few items 12 days ago and nothing has arrived as yet.


I wouldn`t worry, they do seem to take a while but they always seem to deliver. My order from two weeks ago has just shipped. The same has happened in the past, some times I have had to a wait up to a month but they have always arrived. Patience is a virtual state of mind.


my order seems to be held up by the 4CD Sex Pistols 1976 box which no longer has an “add to basket” button on the site. the other two I ordered are theoretically available.
on the good side, they haven’t taken any money yet. GOS is part of the UMG record company, so hopefully it’s OK. I used something similar a few years ago and they arrived. I also put off getting box sets of all the deluxe Deacon Blue and JAMC reissues until they annoyingly vanished.


I ordered the underworld ‘second toughest’ and the travelling wilburies box sets almost two weeks ago and mine havent shipped either, also might be worth pointing out to people that the shipping on boxsets is £6+ so amazon is still a better deal if you buy something else to take you over the £20 postage threshold


Try waiting 6 months, asking for a refund 3 or 4 times and then the record finally arrives with no explanation or apology. Some places are best avoided….

Iain mac

The northern soul set £15+delivery at great offer store