Deal alert / XTC Oranges & Lemons CD+Blu-ray deluxe reissue

It has been a good week for US deals, and this continues today with XTC‘s 2015 CD+blu-ray reissue of Oranges & Lemons available for a crazy price!

Regular SDE readers will already know that XTC put together some of the very best reissues out there, and even at standard price points they are a bargain. So this deluxe edition of the 1989 –  which features a Steven Wilson 5.1 mix, a brand new stereo mix, hi-res stereo instrumentals, demos, rehearsals, single mixes, promo films and more – is a total giveaway at its discounted price of $12.92. That’s less than £10!

If you are wondering, the blu-ray has no region restrictions.

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Oranges & Lemons [CD + BluRay]


This set contains:

The CD contains a brand new Steven Wilson stereo mix while blu-ray (no region restrictions, NTSC) offers a hi-res (24bit/96kHz) flat-transfer of the original mix of the album as well as the following content:

  • Oranges and Lemons 5.1 Surround mix in 24bit/96kHz available in LPCM and DTS HD-MA
  • A new stereo album mix in24bit/96kHz LPCM audio
  • Instrumental versions of all new stereo mixes in 24bit/96kHz LPCM audio
  • Two separate sets of demo & work tape sessions showing the evolution of the album & associated recordings
  • A set of pre-recording rehearsals, promos & ID links for radio stations & record companies
  • A collection of single mixes & XTC’s version of Captain Beefheart’s ‘Ella Guru’
  • Promo films for The Mayor of Simpleton (three versions), King for a Day & The Road to Oranges & Lemons; rarely seen home-made film by the band explaining the album to Geffen Records USA.

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Brad Breault

Thank you for this deal notice Paul, as a US buyer total with shipping came to $18 US dollars, almost $10 cheaper than my closest music store! Cheapest one of the reissues I’ve bought so far!


Surely Dukes of Stratosphere must be next!


Great news- already have it, but everyone else, BUY THIS NOW. Sincerely hope they are making some money from these- but makes me think that they need to move product if the price is this low.

Adam Shaw

This isn’t worth getting from the USA as it’s £14.85 with postage to the U.K.

michel bendichou

Another CD only release. :¬x


What were you wanting it on cassette ?

Paul Gaff

English Settlement this year (apparently).

Also, should you desire to listen on the go, ripping the Blu-Ray is possible, but takes two or three hours.

If anyone wants easy instructions, reply here.

Adrian Smith

instructions for ripping the blu-ray would be much appreciated.

William D Huntsberger

Instructions please. Thanks Paul and Paul.

Alan Bell

Thanks for the offer Paul. I’d certainly appreciate details of an easy way to rip from the Blu Ray.


Yes please Paul

Stan Butler

Paul, I actually bought this last month with the intention of then getting a blu-ray drive for the PC (and then collect the rest). Not sure if external or internal yet. Would only be using it to rip material off super deluxe sets so just need something basic that works. Is there anything to look out for?


Are you sure about English Settlement. If that’s true it would be a dream come true as it is my favourite XTC album and possibly my favourite album of all time (although Bowie’s Low sometimes pips it to the post).
My understanding was that the ES master tapes had long ago been lost by Virgin meaning that it would not be possible to provide the bonuses we have come to love with the other XTC sets:
– Instrumentals
– Surround sound
– Steve Wilson remix

However I would love to be incorrect on this.

Also my only bugbear with the XTC deluxes (and they really are exemplary) is the fact digital versions are not available. I do a lot of my listening using an iPod Classic as I am on trains and planes a lot. I would love to be able to carry the bonus content with me…

martin farnworth

the original multi track tapes are being searched for for Steven Wilson to undertake new mixes for the next reissue of ES. Not heard if they have been found yet.

Patrick Goldstein

Hello Paul, this is exactly what I have been wanting to know as I don’t own a 5.1 system except a blu ray player. How do you do it?


I’m a huge XTC fan and already have this, but here’s a tip. If you own a Sony Blu-ray/PS3/XBOX player, it’s likely the blu-ray will NOT play in your player due to a coding/firmware issue. Burning Shed spent ages trying to rectify this with Sony when OandL came out. All other SurroundSeries have worked fine and OandL will no doubt play OK on all other makes (maybe even some Sonys).
Here’s a transcript from an email sent out by Burning Shed in 2015 “Thanks for buying this great XTC reissue. You may be aware of some problems playing the bluray disc on a Sony player. This can affect some standalone bluray players and Playstation 3 models.
We have confirmed with Sony that it is a firmware issue. If your disc won’t play it’s not because the disc is faulty – if you can try it on a non-Sony player you’ll see everything as beautifully as intended. At the moment the disc author and Sony are working on a firmware fix for the problem. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR DISC!”
It’s such a great looking release too. Gotta love Sony, aintcha?!
You can attempt a firmware update via the Sony PS website – or use a different make of player.

Paul Kent

Worth it for The Road To Oranges And Lemons alone! Oh, and the radio ID links … “cockroach grunting in the dead of night”. Hilarious!


Everyone wake up!!! Roxy Music SDE now $79 on Amazon.com. Grab it before the deal is gone again.


Thanks Paul. Definitely grabbed it right away. Everyone always keeps saying how good this album is. I think it is just good, not excellent. A bit too psychedelic for me. I absolutely love Nonsuch. Skylarking is my 2nd favorite XTC album.
XTC reissues are the best ever. I dont think it gets much better than full surround sound and all the extras. Not all surrround sound is the same. Simple Minds’ New Gold Dream is very average for instance. XTC’s surround sound is golden. Doesn’t get better. I wish every reissue was like this. This is the Gold standard for reissues. Have em all and looking forward to the next one!!

Larry Davis

I dunno…I never found the album psychedelic at all…more straight up hyperintelligent powerpop…and one little tidbit…brilliant award winning producer/artist Butch Walker…in the 90s he was in this trio the Marvelous 3…big fan of them… Their 1 big hit was a song called “Freak Of The Week”… Butch claimed he stole the catchy main verse riff from “The Mayor Of Simpleton”…no prob with that because both songs have their own feels and if you don’t think about it, the M3 song doesn’t feel stolen/or that it ripped off anything…and hey, if you steal from anyone, steal from the best while covering up your tracks well enough that no one will notice… I’m sure Andy would feel honoured rather than ripped off cuz “Freak Of The Week” is such a killer tune!!

Mathew Lauren

I was never a big XTC or Roxy Music fan, but a bunch of AMAZON US sales have me knee deep in new (to me) 5.1 music discs — yes Record Co. CEO’s, hires, 5.1 physical media (take note Max Lousada and WB Music). “Nunsuch” and “Black Sea” arrived today. I remember “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead” and “Dear Madame Barnum” — and that album in 5.1 has been (re)playing for hours. Just like Suzanne Vega, my ex’s had this music playing when it was new – some stuck, most didn’t – then!

So, I’d like to thank my English Brethren (here on SDE.com) for expanding my musical palette. I must say, these surround mixes present ‘different songs’ than I remembered and I can see why XTC (for example) were compared to the BEATLES and I’ve already commented on how talented the members of Roxy are.

Thank you, ALL!



Bill Z

These days I’m not a man of means, and can rarely justify spending the bucks on CDs, even ones I lust after. But this one? Ordered it as soon as I saw the alert. Thanks so much, Paul. Be sure to let me know when the Roxy box comes down about another 50%.


Thanks Paul. Had to get this. A Steve Wilson’s mix at $12 is difficult to pass up. By the by, just saw Amazon US has the Moondance Blu Ray for $36. Much less than I paid for it a few months ago.
Thanks again.

Andrew Hall

These XTC releases are just brilliant and excellent value even without a discount. Imagine if Macca had done a CD + Blu-ray at £20 for all the Flowers in the Dirt demos etc. Don’t waste your time waiting for that to be reduced – buy this – it’s quite Beatley anyway!

Bleddyn Williams

Thank you Paul!

Justin Isbell

This really interests me but the link is confusing… would I get a CD and a blu-ray or just one of either. The link implies just a blu-ray disc containing 15 songs but the UK Amazon shows a 2 disc set. It’s late and I’m definitely confused. Can anyone help please?

Cheers, Justin

Justin Isbell

Thanks Paul. I now see that in the Amazon listing it says “Limited CD/Blu-Ray edition” and “Number of Discs: 2”. I got confused because it only lists tracks on one of the two discs.

Justin Isbell

Decided not to purchase sadly… I’d not anticipated US postage to the UK which makes the price £14.85. Still a bargain for people in the US. Hopefully Amazon UK will do a similar offer (bet not though) :-(

Tom M Hans

Damn, bought it already for a good price in December: 22 USD.

Larry Davis

At $12 and change, I will be ordering it on Friday…I am a US Amazon Prime member too, so without the shipping charge?? Kaching!! I have the CD/BR of “The Black Sea” and “Skylarking” so far…why the pube artwork was not included with the CD/BR was a curious move tho…and then all I need are the other 2 CD/BRs of “Drums & Wires” and “Nonesuch” and I’m all caught up to the next one Andy and Steven W decide to unleash on us…I also will get those 3 triple packs as well…


The Skylarking ‘pube’ artwork is included in the cd / blu-ray edition – it’s on the inside of the slipcase…

Larry Davis

Actually no it is not…or at least not on mine…did they change it??


I pre-ordered it and got it the day it came out. Dunno if it’s changed since. When I took the discs and booklet out of the cardboard slipcase I noticed something on the inside of the box – under closer inspection I saw it was the pube pics, one on either side. Nice touch I thought.

Kieron B

Have it. Masterpiece.


It’s its birthday. It was released 29 years ago today (21/2/89).

Kieron B

A bargain at treble this price. Have it. Masterpiece.

Nigel Croft

Added this to the Concert for George that I put in my cart yesterday – so free shipping on both. Also a free AutoRip of the XTC, albeit the 2001 remaster. Not a bad days business! Cheers Paul.

Nigel Croft

On the subject of AutoRip, I have Amazon music accounts accounts set up for both US and UK. I order from both, so flip back and forth between the accounts (before placing an order) to ensure I get any AutoRips that are offered.

Charles K

These sets have been brilliant and they really expose the stupidity and greed of other bands or their management. Everything and the kitchen sink, a 5.1 mix and a normal booklet, not some overpriced coffee table book to drive price. Andy really should be commended for wanting to do it and do it right by fans.

John Ireland

A superb set, as all the XTC reissues have been. Worth every penny


Thank you Paul!! Great deal!


Super Duper call Paul, I have been tracking this for ever and its on the way to Detroit for Friday.

Still can’t bring myself to buy the Roxy box, even at the $79. Guess I will continue to watch it from the sidelines.

Ian Hicks

This is brilliant, if you don’t have it you must buy at this price.