Great deals in Germany today


GERMANY: David Bowie / Conversation Piece 5CD box set – €68 or £59

Displayed as €84.99 but €17.01 deducted at checkout. Read the SDE review.

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set

GERMANY: The Beatles /  Abbey Road 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe – €66 or £58

Displayed as €81.99 but €16.40 deducted at checkout.

GERMANY: Motorhead /  Motorhead 1979 vinyl box – €87 or £76

Displayed as €108.99 but €21.80 deducted at checkout.

GERMANY: Clannad /  In A Lifetime box set – €69 or £61

Displayed as €86.99 but €17.40 deducted at checkout. This box is £123 in the UK so this is LESS THAN HALF PRICE!

R.E.M. / Monster 25th anniversary reissue

GERMANY: REM / Monster 5CD+blu-ray box set – €52 or £46

Displayed as €65.99 but €13.20 deducted at checkout.

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box set

GERMANY: Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box – €34 or £30

Displayed as €41.99 but €8.40 deducted at checkout.

GERMANY: Alphaville / Forever Young super deluxe – €42 or £37

Displayed as €51.99 but €10.40 deducted at checkout.

Lou Reed / The Arista & RCA albums collection - 17CD set

GERMANY: Lou Reed / The RCA & Arista Album Collection 17CD – €75 or £66

Displayed as €93.99 but €18.80 deducted at checkout.

Toyah Solo 7CD+DVD box set

GERMANY: Toyah / Solo 7CD+DVD box super deluxe – €40 or £35

Displayed as €49.99 but €10 deducted at checkout.

GERMANY: a-ha / Minor Earth Major Sky 2LP vinyl  – €18 or £16

Displayed as €22.99 but €4.61 deducted at checkout.

GERMANY: Black Sabbath / Supersonic Years seven-inch box set – €39 or £34

Displayed as €48.99 but €9.81 deducted at checkout.

GERMANY: Whitesnake / Slide It In 35th anniversary 2LP vinyl – €26 or £23

Displayed as €32.99 but €6.60 deducted at checkout.

Bob Dylan / Travelin' Thru 1967-69 Bootleg Series vol 15

GERMANY: Bob Dylan / Travelin’ Thru 3LP set – €34 or £30

Displayed as €38.69 but €5.11 deducted at checkout.

GERMANY: Bruce Springsteen / Live in New York City 3LP set – €29 or £26

Displayed as €36.99 but €7.40 deducted at checkout. Live in Dublin, Devils & Dust, and 18 Tracks are also discounted.

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Conversation Piece arrived today. A whole week earlier than expected. Looking forward to this one. Thanks for the heads-up.


Hi Paul – many thanks for the alert and always thinking of your international SDE followers. Grabbed REM and Bowie. Too good to resist at these prices.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the alert, but as of this moment I am trying to go through the chekout process and there seems to be no deduction for the SM box set. Payment Total: GBP 39.86

What I am doing wrong?


Andrew M

Damn. Missed out on Monster.

Marc Kieser

It’s a goner….deal’s over!
Whatever happened to 3-for-2? Haven’t seen that in a while at Amazon.de

Managed to grab me some nice deals this time round.


You’ll have to wait until either Media Markt or Saturn will offer a 3 for 2 – normally amazon.de just reacts if either of those retailers comes up with the offer.


30 euro shipping to USA. Guess my days of ordering things on amazon.de are through

Richard Anderson

Thanks Paul. I got the Motorhead 1979 deluxe vinyl box set for £81 which I thought was a great price.


Anna Calvi’s Hunter album on vinyl is only €12 after discount, just over £14 shipped to the UK! Really pleased. Umming a bit on the Bowie, but would I play it or would it just sit looking nice on the shelf. Lack of space dictates I have to be more selective on now buying stuff I will play.


Lou Reed collection now showing at €127.04 from third-party sellers only.

John Kilbride

Looks like Lou Reed is sold out pity, been looking for to come down in price for a while.


Bowie Conversation Piece now showing a €3.44 cart deduction rather than €17.01.


Paul thank you as always for the deal alerts and allowing fans to speak out. I want to use this post for three reasons:

1) reminding me to check that I did buy the Alphaville SDE (sure it wasn’t the version with vinyl)
2) tell people who like Army Of Lovers and their side projects that Alexander Bard’s “Barbie” album was reissued in March and apparently can only be bought on discogs and bandcamp, it appears to be a nice digipak package with gold cd
3) amazon started to not care about customers happiness several months before the virus situation so don’t waste your time trying to ask them what it going on with their completely random restrictions (i.e. Absolute Beginners reissue: CD won’t ship outside UK/Germany but vinyl yes, even though it’s heavier and bigger, similar with Donna Summer’s Hot Summer Night – thanks to SDE shop they can suck it though). So trying to figure out why some ghost discounts are applied…just take advantage if you can. I have really tried to avoid them like the plague.

David Harold

Motörhead 1979 just 87 euros after discount at .de. Instant buy.


Realise that international shipping from Amazon Germany has increased..

David Bly

Yikes! Yes, it has.

I was going to buy the Bowie box at €67.98, but then the shipping was €30.09 ($109.79)!
But it seems I can now get it at Amazon US for $69.99 + 8% state tax…

Derek Langsford

They apparently are only allowing Global Priority Shipping, not regular shipping. Almost doubles the price. But at least they are shipping internationally if you are desperate.

Paul English

Brilliant deal Paul, thanks. Had Beatles, REM, Clannad & Bowie on want list for some time – grabbed all four.


Would love the Bowie and Lou Reed sets but I ran out of any more storage room on Friday. So that’s it. My days of record collecting are over. Oh, this is painful!!


Thanks Paul, ordered Lou Reed and Simple Minds. I think the SM box will get even lower as time progresses (I find it a weak box set only of interest to completists like myself) but the combined shipping rate pushed me over the edge. The Lou Reed box says out of stock so we will see what happens. Shipping to the USA cost a fortune now (when will that change???), so shipped to my parents in the Netherlands. It’s hard now because I can’t ship to NYC and can’t fly to Europe to visit and pick up my box sets. Ugh!!

By the way, is this a sampling of what’s on sale on Amazon.de or are these all the sales? I wonder if there is more but I cannot find anything. Not even the above mentioned box sets because when you go to the page of the box sets you mention, it doesn’t say it’s a sale or you get a discount upon checking out.


I would suspect SM barely sold so it maybe cheaper in the future.

Andy Geary

Sabbath is a good price but once you add shipping costs it converts to approx £42, so only a £7 saving against buying from Amazon UK


For information:

This is kinda copying the deal at German retailer “Media Markt” who is offering 20% on anything from the music-, film- and games-department available on their website and inside their stores.

This offer started on Monday 4 May and currently is supposed to end on Monday 11 May (i.e. tomorrow) at 09:00 am (MEST).

Amazon has added lots of articles from sections of their website but this time doesn’t offer the same discount as Media Markt in general but complicates things for buyers by showing the discount only on product-sites. In many cases they are also reducing 20% but sometimes less and sometimes none at all but with other products they reduced the price beforehand so although they don’t offer any additional discount the product is still much cheaper than usual.
So this is more for customers who already know what they want to buy and then can look if their wanted items are also reduced than for those customers who want to see a wide spreaded offering of reduced items and then choose from those.

Just remember that if you want to benefit from this offer you have to be quick this time.


Many thanks Klaus!
cool to get such a mass of great records form Media Markt including a lot of the Bowie 2015 remastered editions they had in the Five Years Box for about €15 each.


Ordered The Beatles “Abbey Road (Super Deluxe)” which saved me Euro 16,40 at checkout. Thanks Paul!


There are a lot of more price reductions…Popol Vuh Essential Album Collection Vol.1
79,00 – 15,80 checkout = ~ 63,00

Tom m hans

Sadly they do not ship to the US thanks to the current political climate. Even 3rd party sales are blocked.


‘We are prioritising products that customers need most.’ And what exactly are these?
Amazon US said something similar until they caught up on their orders. I’m back to receiving things before the predicted delivery date.

So who knows how long this will be for Amazon UK..
It looks like orders placed before The Covid Experience will be eventually be fullfilled, but no new orders
to those in faraway places.


@Tom m hans
I don’t think it’s the “political climate”….
On the other hand, ship a single CD sold [and in stock] from Amazon US costs more in shipping than the actual CD and that is before currency exchange.

Todd Fredericks

Thanks! Grabbed the Dylan and Springsteen albums!

Koen Windels

Thanks for the heads up – I was waiting for the Conversation Piece box to go below 75€ ever since it came out.

This is the first time I was not too late to grab a deal – good things come to those who wait it seems.

Ivo Peeters

Also for
Heaven 17 – Another Big Idea (-19,40)
Johann Johannsson – Retrospective I (-10)


Cheers fella, Bowie set cheerfully purchased. Thanks for the heads up.


Beatles Singles Collection Box is only 126,50 Euro at Amazon Germany today.

Seweryn Góral

It’s a part of 20% bargains (same action in media markt DE), a lot of cd’s in action. Today is the last day, it’s since Thursday.
Same action in movies


Another deal on amazon.de is the super deluxe version of the Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society for 74,39 EUR (92,60 EUR minus 18,60 EUR discount). Only 2 more available!


£30 is still too much for the street fighting years boxset.
I paid around £15 each for the other simple minds boxsets (brand new), and every one of them is better than the sfy one.