Prime Day Deals

Deals continue today…

Amazon’s annual ‘Prime Day’ was technically yesterday, but many deals on physical music are still in place today for you to take advantage of. These include sets by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, U2, R.E.M., Metallica, The Verve and more. Of course, the ‘rules’ are that you must be a Prime member in the country where you are purchasing, so for example being a Prime member in the UK will not get you a Prime Day deal in Germany. But you do have the option of starting a membership and then cancelling before the free trial period is finished.

UK DEALS (prime membership required)

UK: Debbie Gibson / We Could Be Together 13-disc deluxe set – £68 £85

Great price for this massive 10CD+3DVD large format deluxe set

UK: Donna Summer / Singles… Driven By The Music 24CD box – £55 £88

UK: Leo Sayer / The Complete UK Singles Collection 30CD box – £34 £77

GERMANY DEALS (prime membership required)

DE: R.E.M. / Automatic For The People 3CD+Blu-ray box – €41 €79

Cheapest price to date for this large format super deluxe which includes remastered album, demos, live and a blu-ray with a dolby atmos surround mix.

DE: The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper super deluxe – €73 €114


DE: Sweet / Sensational: Chapter 1 The Wild Bunch box – €35 €45

This 9CD set is a ‘complete collection’ of Sweet’s music from 1971 – 1978, and includes 30 previously unreleased tracks.

DE: The Velvet Underground / 6CD super deluxe – €38 €60

ITALY DEALS (prime membership required)

IT: Metallica/ Ride The Lightning super deluxe – €121 €157

Good deal for this enormous set which features 4LP+6CD+DVD+Book.

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 4CD super deluxe edition box set

IT: U2 / The Joshua Tree 4CD super deluxe – €61 €82

IT: Lou Reed / The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection 6LP box – €58 €72

IT: Bob Dylan / Trouble No More 4LP+CD box – €46 €59

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I picked up in Warehouse UK on Prime Day Guns N Roses Appetite Super Deluxe for £93.00, when it arrived nothing wrong with it!

Charlie Waffles

Amazon USA was horrible for Prime Day.

Mathew Lauren


Dave H

Forget Amazon Prime Day, Amazon France has many vinyls at Eur 9.99

Nirvana Nevermind
The Eels Beautiful Freak
The Jam In The City
The Clash Combat Rock
Jeff Buckley Grace

to name but a few

Paul Mac

Drat, missed the REM deal, it was finally available at a price I would have pulled the trigger on!

yves vandezande

Guess I was a day late for The Sweet box on AmazonDE


It wasn’t quite the best price they’ve ever offered, but I scored the Natalie Merchant Collection For $36.23.


Ugh! I’ve been waiting AAAAAGES for Debbie Gibson’s boxset to go on sale/discount again and it finally happens AFTER Amazon stop shipping to Australia. Typical!

Amazon are really giving me the ships!

I’m still pissed off they cancelled my 5-Star box.


The Beatles Sgt Pepper super deluxe is 30% off ($169 to $119) and the Beatles Christmas set is 60% off ($105 to $42) on amazon.ca. They don’t show up when you filter by ‘prime day’ deals and show the regular price in the listings, but if you click on the items, it mentions the deal for prime members.


That U2 boxset is 47 euros on Dutch site Bol.com


Thanks for bringing this to my attention but i saw it too late. It’s up to 57 EUR, still a good price opposite to what is normally asked for this, but as i already own the 20th anniversary edition i find this still too expensive (though 47 EUR has made me think).


Sad that amazon USA prime day is such garbage

Dibyaroop Ghosh

Sgt Peppers deluxe edition is 113 Euros at Amazon.de so i signed up for prime though I don’t live in Germany. Got the box set at 73 euros. Shipped them to Norway. I don’t stay there either. Shipping came to 7 Euros. So the box will be mine for 80 Euros all inclusive.
P.S: This set being rather expensive for me, so i mailed amazon Germany and reconfirmed that i wouldn’t be charged any other expenses like VAT, duty fees, handling charges and they mailed back that my final price was 80 and nothing more. In case i’m unlucky with other charges i have their mail to get it sorted. Any thoughts on VAT/Duty for EU countries though Norway is in Schengen region and not part of EU

Tony Orwell

but you will be charged 65 euros for becoming a prime member i think


It’s really confusing what Amazon does and doesn’t do in terms of shipping and membership. I’ve paid for Prime membership for almost a decade and have long been registered at several international Amazons but don’t pay for additional Prime memberships. A couple of weeks ago I tried to buy a Deluxe CD from Amazon Canada, for which I fully intended to pay extra shipping costs (and knew I would not get an auto rip), but I got a Red Alert saying,

“Sorry, but this item can’t be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.”

Clicking on “Learn more,” it said,

“About Shipping Restrictions. Warranty issues and manufacturer restrictions prevent us from shipping certain products to all geographical locations.

“You’ll be notified while placing your order if we’re unable to ship specific items to the address you’ve selected. Please also check the product detail pages for any item-specific shipping restrictions.

“Amazon.ca cannot ship software, computer & video games, gift cards or electronics internationally.”

But all this was was a 2-CD set, no videos, no software. The listing didn’t say anything about shipping limitations. I tried the U.S. addresses of a couple friends in California and Florida and realized this was not about my location in particular, this applied to all the U.S.

I’ve encountered listings for Blu-rays from Amazon.uk that say in the product page it won’t ship to the U.S. but I figured this had something to do with A.) Region codes and B.) Prodding consumers to support the release exclusive to their own region for charting and sales-figures purposes.

Why would there be manufacturer restrictions on a CD re-release for which the underlying album had originally been released and popular in the U.S.? Especially as re-releases (audio and video alike) seem generally re-released in one territory and made available worldwide.

Mathew Lauren

Prime Day in America is a BUST! No deals on RUSH “AFTK” 40e, 5.1 boxset, Alan Parson’s “EYE…” 5.1 boxset, G ‘n R “Appetite…” 5.1 boxset, just to name a few. These 5.1 Boxsets have been on the market, but still NOT INCLUDED as part of PRIME DAY — and with the 20% increase in Prime Membership pricing, when mine expires, I’m out!

p.s. 10% off Tull’s “Benefit” cd/dvd digipak, which was just marked up 10% for PRIME DAY. Shameful!


Amazon.de :
The Velvet Underground – 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe 6xCD 37,97 EUR
Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene Trilogy 3xCD Digipack 9,59 EUR
DAF – Das ist DAF 5xLP+7″ 80,97 EUR


Thanks for the tip on the DAF box, Dennis!!


No deals in the USA at all Paul?


Couldn’t find anything besides some 10% reduction on (selected?) music for Prime members – Amazon doesn’t seem to care a lot about physical music these days, sadly.


Yesterday I used my US “spend $10 at Whole Foods, get $10 at Amazon” discount along with the Prime Day 10% off on the new PIL box (which I think was lowest in US Amazon anyway) and got it for about $54 USD with free shipping!


Amazon Australia had NO music deals – well I couldn’t see anything


P!nk’s new album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ and that was it. Final result: 0% sold, LOL.


>Metallica Box
Only Italian Amazon Prime members can purchase at that price.


They just recently had a 2-1 deal on vinyl


Urban Hymns is gone…

John Orr

Aye, nothing great about this. Best vinyl deal by far, was indeed, back in January.

Hans Jörg

I don*t think that you can opt for a prime membership if you don’t live in this country.


I did and it worked.

Martin Power


Yes I opted in for the last set of deals but then cancelled later – You don’t get the prime delivery and also won’t get the Audiorips as we are UK

Jim Breeds

I have UK Prime membership, but cannot but Sgt. Pepper (for example) on the link you published because it tells me “Important: Please note that the Prime benefits are only available to customers in Germany and Austria.”

Jim Breeds

Yes I did try, or at least I tried clicking through on the sale process until it seemed that the next click was about to sign me up for a free 30 day Prime trial, which I guess was for the German site. BTW, “but” in my previous reply was a typo for “buy” as I’m sure you worked out.


Hi Paul, are you saying that one is able to sign up free for Prime internationally once one has paid for Prime domestically, or are you saying that one has to pay $120 over and over in every country for a Prime membership that doesn’t otherwise actually have any privileges beyond allowing one to pay Prime day deal pricing (and then having to pay for shipping)?


But of course you can get the 30-day free trial only once per country, so imho it only makes sense when you can save a lot.

phil Burford

Slim pickings this year -music does not seem a big part of “Prime” day(s)

Chris Squires

I can only think of one time I have actually bought an item from Amazon in one of their deal sections. (Thompson Twins 2LP sets) and that was a couple of years ago. The best bargains seem to only be with a sudden, unannounced, price drop. In the UK the January 40% off vinyl thing was good but I haven’t checked under “Todays deals” for ages…..


I got the Debbie Gibson set for just £9.71 with free postage courtesy of Music Magpie via eBay back at Easter Time thanx to a tip-off from an SDE contributor. Now that’ wot I call a bargain!


And they still make a decent profit on the £2.50 they would have paid.


did you say £9.71. I mean that is abargain of the century!!! was it brand new??


It certainly is. Fully sealed with the marketing sticker on the plastic outer wrap.

Derek Langsford

Have had poor luck with Music Magpie (formerly Zoverstocks). Despite touting their QA process I think their condition ratings are inflated and they don’t check that everything is present. They’ve sent me 3 copies of the Editors The Back Room 2 CD edition and none of them contained the booklet. In their confusion trying to send me a complete copy they have also sent me 3 copies of Editors’An End has a Start CD I ordered at the same time as the Back room set, and 1 of the 3 of those didn’t have the sleeve for the CD. So out of 6 copies, only 2 have been complete and I still don’t have a complete copy of The Back Room.