This Week's Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Wilco / Summerteeth 5LP vinyl box £54 £72
Great price for the vinyl super deluxe edition of Wilco‘s third album, which features the same bonus 24 outtakes/demos/alternates as the CD set and includes an exclusive performance (“An Unmitigated Disaster”) which is a previously unreleased live in-store performance at Tower Records on March 11, 1999

Roxette / Bag of Trix rarities set
UK: Roxette / Bag of Trix 4LP vinyl – £54

UK: The Beatles / The White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe £58 £74
The BEST of the three Beatles super deluxe editions released to date. Great value! Save an extra fiver today (19 Jan) by using this discount code: DISCOUNT5P

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set
UK: The Beatles / Abbey Road 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe – £51

UK: Doobie Brothers / Quadio box set – £49 £57
Great price for the blu-ray audio box with original quad mixes of all four albums (Toulouse Street, The Captain & MeWhat Were Once Vices Are Now Habits, and Stampede) and hi-res stereo. This was £65 back in November! Be aware that these ‘Quadio’ boxes always go out-of-print.

The Black Crowes / Shake Your Money Maker 4LP vinyl super deluxe box set
ITALY: Black Crowes / Shake Your Money Maker 4LP box €39 DEAL OVER
Forthcoming box set is available to pre-order for an amazing price in Italy. This equates to around £35 when it’s £80 in the UK!
If you are in the UK and worrying about import VAT there will be none with this item. EU sellers have to charge for VAT at point of sale for all ‘consignments’ under £135 – it’s the new law. It isn’t collected when the item enters the UK (although it’s highly likely that these goods will ship from the UK, anyway).

UK: Paul McCartney / Amoeba Gig  2LP vinyl £18 DEAL OVER!
The 2019 double vinyl reissue features remixed audio and a bonus track, ‘Coming Up’ (soundcheck)

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Richard Fisher

Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings [VINYL] now £50 at Amazon UK (down from £80).

Richard Fisher

Alan Partridge Knowing Me Knowing You – The Complete Radio Series [3 x coloured VINYL] £24 at Amazon UK.


Thanks Richard – bought both Ronnie Wood & Alan Partridge. These were on my “not at full price – only if the price is right” list. And today the price was bargain.
Thanks also Paul for TOR opportunity

Richard Fisher

My pleasure. It’s nice saving people a few bob on something they wanted anyway. I bought both too

Richard Fisher

Ronnie Wood with his Wild Five, Mad Lad: Limited Edition Boxset [CD + Heavyweight LP + Artcard] now £21 at Amazon UK. Normally seems to be priced upwards of £45!

Richard Fisher

Pj Harvey Dry vinyl LP down to £16 on Amazon UK. Usually around the £22 mark.


Hi Paul — Just thought I’d mention that Taschen books is now having its semiannual sale of remainders and display copies, at discounts running from 25% to 75%. For those not in a city with a Taschen store, the webstore has beautiful books on Elvis, Bowie, Paul McCartney, the Beatles and Amy Winehouse. The Depeche Mode tome isn’t on sale via the webstore, but you might consider calling around the brick-and-mortar locations. If they have a copy in store for the sale, you can sometimes sweet talk the staff into mailing it to you or holding it at the counter.

Richard Fisher

Wilco down to £49 now at Amazon UK!

David Cornyn

Anyone swithering about buying that Georgia album for under £6 on Amazon should grab it. Mine came today and it had a big poster and 10″ included.

Paul H

Note that these comments are from a UK perspective.
Amazon – There was an Autorip question earlier in this thread which I’ll answer.
You will only get Autorip (if applicable) when you purchase locally.
This is the first statement on all the terms and conditions for individual Amazon Sites.
For the UK – AutoRip is available only to customers with billing addresses in the United Kingdom who have a United Kingdom bank-issued credit card associated with their Amazon.co.uk account.
If you think about it logically, you only have one Amazon Music Account, which is where your Autorip gets placed. However you have individual Amazon Accounts for the various countries. Although the settings are generally pulled through, you cannot see other country orders, in fact Amazon customer services can’t find orders that are made on other country sites.
When it comes to Amazon purchases I have always taken this into account. Basically
Pros of buying from abroad
1) Sometimes price, but if the price differential isn’t too much and autorip is available locally then the additional cost may be worth paying. The other thing is that Amazon quite often add autorip later, so for myself it’s the big bargains I go for (of which this site is at the forefront of highlighting)
2) Availability
3) Unique item to the locality
1) No Autorip
2) Sometimes import duties, previously this was only for the US and Japan, but now the situation has changed.
3) It can be ‘interesting’ if you have to return the item.
Other things of note
In the UK if you get a Halifax Clarity/Santander Zero card you’ll only pay the current exchange rate on your transactions, no other fees. How long this will remain is open to question I guess.
If buying on Amazon Marketplace, Ebay and sometimes direct, a few US companies charge UK VAT upfront – you can see this in their terms and conditions.
“We are required to charge and remit Value Added Taxes on shipments to certain countries as a requirement for doing transactions to those countries. If we are required, you will see this amount in your shopping cart and your order will be shipped to you VAT prepaid”
Note however this is just the VAT element and only certain companies, if you buy something that hasn’t had the VAT paid upfront and is over the threshold or indeed is something that has a value over the customs level then you could be in for a REAL treat of the dreaded Royal Mail/Parcelforce Handling fee plus VAT/Customs. The galling thing is the handling fee is quite often the largest element.
Sometimes I guess you have to take the risk, but at least Amazon US will allow you to prepay if you are over the threshold as does Ebay Global Shipping Program.

David Cornyn

The often-overlooked Juno records has some nice stuff. 42 pages of vinyl in the sale. I scoured them and, going by what people like here, saw these which may be of interest:
Wilco – Summerteeth 5lp box is £47.99
The Best of Suede – 6lp white vinyl is £70.39
Leo Sayer – The Hollywood Years clear vinyl 3lp box is £25.99

Larry Davis

Was just going over my pre-orders & saw that the Curved Air box I had on order for $53US was just cut in half to $23US and change…came to $26 with tax…cancelled then reordered, didn’t want to take a chance & miss it & Amazon charging & not refunding me the difference…also, just saw Cherry Red has an upcoming 3CD box by all-girl rockers L7 called “Wargasm: the Slash Years 1992-1997″…waiting for it to get on Amazon…out March 26…love em…

Darren Linklater

Summerteeth Box ordered earlier this afternoon. Thanks for the email!!!
Can’t decide if this is my favourite Wilco or Yankee Hotel? Hoping for a box of Yankee in the future.

Richard Fisher

BBC News – Mastercard to push up fees for UK purchases from EU

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

As usual pure greed from MasterCard. They have never received a penny of interest from me and they never will.

Mike M

Don’t use Mastercard, job done!!


I just wanted to say thanks re the signed Menwear Collection 4CD offer which was pointed out here a while ago. Having bought it on a whim I was really surprised as to the quality – Menswear weren’t just a flash in the pan but had a load of good songs – the rarities and unreleased second album are really good, almost as good as the debut album.
The signed edition is still available and I recommend it:

Dean F

McCartney Amoeba gig vinyl back down (£19.83 now). 8 left in stock (Amazon UK).

Richard Fisher

4 now…..

Richard Fisher

I didn’t buy 4 by the way, just 1 for me.

Paul Mac

The 3-CD editon of Shake Your Moneymaker (I presume it’s the “reduced-packaging” version) is currently £12.99 on Amazon UK, I think that qualifies as a serious bargain!

Paul Mac

Opps, sorry about that….

Richard Fisher

Kate Tempest’s drummer, Georgia, has her debut album from 2015 on sale at Amazon UK for £5.37. It’s heavyweight vinyl and mine came with an additional 10″ single. Blindingly good value!


Cheers Richard, ordered, seriously talented girl :)

Richard Fisher

No problem, and yes she is

David Bly

I got the e-mail about the Wilco offer at 5:11 AM local time on 25 January. Went to look for the £54 deal, and it was £76.02 + £2.50 delivery at 5:18 AM local time!
Then I noticed the date of this page is January 18, 2021.
Am I getting notices a week late or something???
Meanwhile, got that “Hey Clockface” order all sorted out, and got it all for free. Got the same variant you said you were getting, and autographed. Hope you got yours.

Richard Fisher

Yup. Just checked, still £54.

Richard Fisher

Is This The Life We Really Want? (CD) by Roger Waters £4.99 at Amazon UK.


I just contacted Amazon NL by phone and was told that in case an order from Amazon NL is shipped out of Amazon UK with import taxes, Amazon NL will pay those taxes.
For orders from Amazon DE with the same problem, Amazon DE should be contacted.


I (living in NL) ordered the latest Lee Ritenour LP from Amazon NL. Turns out it is being shipped from Amazon UK! As the price is not high enough to pay import taxes it is no problem. But It could be in the future for orders at a higher price.

Richard Fisher

Wilco Summerteeth vinyl boxset now £54 at Amazon UK.

Richard Fisher

Thanks. Always on the lookout for deals and happy to share.

Lar Duffy

Got that. Thanks!

Carsten Hansen

Ordered The Black Crowes lp set. Fantastic price, thanks.


So far I have in 2021 received 8 orders shipped from Amazon UK even though all the orders were placed on Amazon Germany. When I placed the orders it was specifically stated that the items was sold and shipped by Amazon EU Sarl but they were infact all shipped by Amazon UK with Royal Mail UK. Living in Denmark this means that I have to pay both VAT and an importfee and a handling fee which amount to more than the items themself. I have contacted Amazon Germany about the issue but is still waiting to receive a reply.


That is outrageous. These new rules are sadly and predictably not working well.
Two tips concerning Amazon – take full screen shots of your orders (especially now), and use the chat function if there’s a problem. I’ve used this many times (also in conjunction with Google translate if I’m dealing with Amazon.IT or Amazon.FR).
The person on the end of the chat has always been very helpful and issues are solved immediately. Hope you get refunded.

Stan Butler

Living in Northern Ireland, we don’t have to worry about the VAT, as no international Amazon branch will deliver to us, anyway. Only Amazon UK.
They won’t tell us why.

Steven Campbell

@Stan Butler yep! It’s a pain in the arse as I had that problem when I tried to order from Amazon Italy for the Black Crowes vinyl box set. I have the CD one ordered anyway.

Dave Brealey

Thanks Paul for the heads up re Black Crowes and a HNY to you and yours


I really fancied the Black Crowes super deluxe LP box set, but at 79.99 it was a def no no. But thanks to you Paul, the fantastic Italian offer is one I just couldn’t pass on!

Paul Wren

The Black Crowes vinyl box set ordered from Amazon Italy (a first for me using them) at £38 including delivery – great tip off and thanks.

Colin MacKenzie

Thanks Paul
Great price for the Crowes!


I’m new to this site and have a newbie question. I’m in the US, and even with shipping it would still be $13 cheaper to buy the Black Crowes set from Amazon Italy vs Amazon US. Is there any difference between the box sets? Would the one purchased from Amazon US be different?

Dave H

Tempting to order from Amazon Italy but not if it ships from the UK. That would add 25% VAT and a £20 handling fee!
The joy of living in Europe post-Brexit… Haha…

Steven Lowe

Would you still get the AutoRip that you would get if ordering from the UK site ?


If you live in the UK and have a UK shipping address you will probably be eligible for autorip. I say probably cause it must be ordered from Amazon and not a private seller.
I have 20+ years of music ordered from the UK site but live in the US. No autorip for me.


Amazingly it won’t ship to Northern Ireland…..which makes absolutely no sense.


The 3 CD Crowes box is 24.20 euros on Amazon Italy but apparently they don’t want to ship it to me here in the UK. A Brexit disappointment?

Steven Roberts

Just tried ordering the 3CD set. Worked for me (I am also in the UK).


D’oh! I wonder why they didn’t like me? :-(

Mike M

Black Crowes boxset ordered pal, cheers for the heads up, amazing deal


Black Crowes is a no brainer. Thanks for another great deal alert.


If this is to encourage buyers again post-Brexit then it’s working..another incredible deal from Amazon Italy – thanks!


Black Crowes is a good price but it ignores shipping costs, the cheapest option adds a further four Euro onto the cost.
I’ve never really explored their music, so trying to decide if spending nearly forty quid on the boxset is a good purchase or not…

Mike M

Give over Rory, £3 shipping


Wow just checked my email as the Black Crowes deal dropped a real bargain at £43 delivered – So grateful Paul thanks


Thanks Paul, for the black crowes deal in amazon italy.


Hi Paul
Might be a bit of a stupid question as I have seen it discussed elsewhere on the site.
But if I order in Ireland from Amazon Italy, and it ships from Britain,
I presume I do not pay customs in Ireland?
You might have total clarity on that one Paul!!


Hi Paul
It’s all the island of Ireland to me.
But we won’t get political on a music site.
I live in Dublin, capital of our Republic!!


That’s what I was thinking Paul.
Also why I said it might be a stupid question!!
Have ordered from It/De/Fr before .
So will find out in a few weeks.
Thanks anyway

Stan Butler

Colm, it’s not all the same island unfortunately, according to Amazon.
Amazon Italy deliver to the Republic of Ireland (and the UK) but won’t deliver to Northern Ireland.
Why? God only knows.


Hello Stan
I’m not going to get political as I said to Paul earlier.
I appreciate what you say re NI and UK, very odd indeed.
I’d also like to point to Chumil from Denmark (at top of the page) and his comments which is why I asked my question earlier.
Brexit has been a disaster. Oh, I said I wouldn’t get political!!!

Stan Butler

Trying to get an answer from Amazon is just banging your head against a brick wall.
None of their staff have a clue, or if they do they have been told to keep stchum.
NI was told it was “going to get the best of both worlds” with access to both the EU single market and the UK market.
Instead we have been banished to this barren hinterland, where no one dares to venture anymore.
Seriously contemplating relocating to North Korea.


I saw Bryan Ferry at Glasto on YouTube last night, looked up a few Roxy box sets on the SDE archive, I got the Roxy CD box from 2012 on eBay, seller accepted an offer of £50, description is mint, have to wait & see, great archive Paul, Roxy vinyl boxes crazy prices. Finally watched Dark 3, you put me off with your review lol, I agree with your thoughts, there’s no warmth in the characters in S3, the nostalgic is completely missing, shame as the first 2 were so great.

Phil Holland

Thanks very much for the White Album price offer information. Arrived today, very impressive looking. Sounds alright too:)


The same happened with Prince’s Sign O The Times box on Amazon Italy. SDE readers cleared them out and the box couldn’t be ordered for months! Anyway, glad I was able to profit from this deal. That’s why I hit superdeluxeedition.com several times a day and get the email deal alerts.

Carl Noonan

Damn it, went to order the Japan box on Amazon Italy but hadn’t used the site for ages and forget my password. By the time I’d reset it the box had gone to unavailable :-(

John D

Damn. I procrastinated. Missed the Japan box.

Mike M

Well done Paul & SDE readers you have cleared Amazon Italy out of stock of the Japan / Quiet Life 3CD+vinyl LP super deluxe boxset. Superb job team, give yourself a round of applause.


Japan deal over? No longer available to order.
I just got an order from Amazon.it this week. Would normally have been shipped from the UK but it actually came from Italy, went through customs and arrived without charges but seeing as Amazon put NO declaration on I don’t know what they would’ve checked anyway!


Wow, that’s a great price for the Japan set. €20 shipping to NYC ruins it so I had to ship it to my 500 year old parents in the Netherlands. Their back goes out more than they do so the postman ringing the doorbell may scare them to death, if they hear the bell that is.

Alan B

Here’s the opposite of a deal. There is a Recordstore exclusive pink vinyl reissue of Kiss’s double album Killers with a seven inch single which has just been announced. A double LP and 7 inch for £65. Ouch! But it is half speed remastered so that’s ok….

Paul Taylor

They’re really just taking the p*ss now.
I was a big fan for many years from about 1976 and have a good chunk of their output up to Lick It Up. Where I first felt cheated was in 1983 when they announced the tour with a frenzy of marketing material showing them in full make up, only to remove it once most of the tickets were sold.
They’ve pretty much been their own tribute act this century, and it’s quite sad seeing Simmons & Stanley trying to act in the 2010s like they did in the 1970s. I’m not bothered by Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer using Frehley’s and Criss’s make up, as the whole pretext of the make up was to present themselves more or less as comic book characters.
Their past few live & compilation releases have been pricey, probably because like the Stones, Bowie and The Beatles their target demographic is diminishing so they’re grabbing as much cash as possible from those still daft enough to spend it.
I’ve indulged them by buying the recent 40th/45th anniversary releases because they were good albums and it was good to get fresh, nicely presented packages at a reasonable price. This Killers reissue is just insulting and deserves to gather dust in Universal’s warehouses.

Stevie C

Yeah, and there is one on eBay already for £499. Good luck with that.


Thanks, ordered from Italy… that saves me 60 euro’s but then again no cd with “Life In Tokyo”. mixes. ;-)


Looks like the official store with the 20 quid “bonus” CD has run out of stock anyway…


Thanks Paul,
Ordered Japan from Italy with a little help from my friend Google Translate ;-)


Great price for the Japan boxset but I’d still rather support record stores in the UK.


Gavin, you’d think Paul would want to (support indies) but the site is already a conflict of interest by installing a shop so getting people to cancel preorders with bricks and mortar stores to reorder on Amazon is par for the.course. This site is HUKD v2.0 now!!!
Worse is that the preorders for black crowes went back to universal on Friday so if people start cancelling orders now, stores are stuck with them as RRPs won’t cancel!

Vince Williams

Will we get hit by extra import charges on the Japan boxset seeing at it’s coming from Italy?

Wayne C

For sure, Brexit will make sure of it. I would expect it to work out at the same price that’s why I haven’t ordered it.

Lee Realgone

Very likely, I’m afraid.


Might depend on whether or not they actually ship it from Italy. Whenever I have brought from Amazon Italy the goods always seems to end up actually being sent from Scotland. Looks like Amazon have charged UK VAT on my order too so shouldn’t be any additional import charges if it does ship from Italy. But with this current fiasco I could be very wrong.

Steven Roberts

Crazy, isn’t it? The item is sold at a discount via Amazon Italy but is likely located in/shipped from the UK – so why then isn’t the item sold at the same discount directly by Amazon UK?