This Weeks Box Set and Reissue Deals

Elton John / Elton: Jewel Box 8CD box set
Elton John / Elton: Jewel Box 8CD box set

Elton John / Jewel Box 8CD set

£68 was £80

Grab a Deal

Tremendous value for so much music and very lavish packaging.

U2 / All That You Can’t Leave Behind 5CD super deluxe

£63 was £80

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Richard Fisher

Here Come The Nice, Small Faces cd/7″Single box set down to £83 at Amazon UK.


Lloyd Cole’s Guesswork vinyl album currently down to £9.99 on Amazon,


Hmv in UK have 30% off flash vinyl sale with code VINYL30. Large selection. Choose with care – many items overpriced to start with but some real bargains in there – just got Stevie Nicks clear vinyl live double for £20, Bowie Station to Station coloured vinyl for £18 and Joy Division Closer clear vinyl for £14


Probably late to the party, but the 4 disc Delicate Sound Of Thunder is currently just short of £30 on Amazon UK. https://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/pink-floyds-delicate-sound-of-thunder-restored-re-edited-and-remixed/

Larry Davis

Hey Quante, sorry for the late reply but just saw your post…yeah Nikki Lane is awesome…she is on the new Lana Del Rey btw…saw her 1st time in 2019 on my first Outlaw Country Cruise #4…she made the casino her 2nd home haha…she has a new record almost done btw…if you get Sirius XM, listen to Channel 60…cheers…next time I make it to the UK, I’ll time it around that festival, brilliant…


Hi Larry,

No problem. Should you make it across one day come and stay. Newcastle is only 300 miles from London, or to look at it another way, it’s only 100 miles from Edinburgh.

What struck me about Nikki Lane was her humour – she was very witty when talking about her ex husband. I got lucky seeing Brandy Clark live last year, just before Covid stopped everything – I love Lyndsey Buckingham’s guitar on her track The Past Is The Past. The original version is already a good song, but Lyndsey gives it the classic Mac vibe. It just shows how his guitar sound is so totally intrinsic to Fleetwood Mac.


Alex A

Beatles vinyl singles £122.91 on Amazon

Paul Mac

Wish You Were Here Immersion Edition is currently £44.89 on Amazon UK, cheapest it has ever been, I think!

SDE Reader



Elton box set down to 74.99 EUR on Amazon Italy



Bowie Mercury demos available from amazon.es for 33 euros


New Order, Power Corruption and Lies (Def Edition) currently £78 on Amazon uk for those who are interested.

Matthew Dixon

The John Lennon Imagine Ultimate Collection 4CD/2Blu Ray box set is down to £59 on Amazon UK.


Am I missing something, Kate Bush links on this page?
I see comments about it, but not links, the email yesterday mentioned Kate Bush for this page, when I clicked on it, it said the site was doing some maintenance. Am I going crazy Paul?


Al Stewart – Year of the cat Deluxe Box Set preorder, now for 56 € on Amazon.it


For US residents, New Order “Power, Corruption & Lies” now on sale for $78!

Steven Campbell

Not only has the David Bowie one gone up already but even if it hadn’t it won’t ship to Northern Ireland from the Amazon site specified. Bloody Brexit nonsense is a pain in the hole!

Steve W

Bowie demos now at 41.42 euros.


Bowie back up at 37 euros


Depeche Mode book by Anton Corbijn (delayed to May) is on offer on Amazon.it at 66€

Charles Hodgson

Where was the Ronnie Lane deal, anybody?


I think Charles means that there is no link above, but others have commented on the deal.

Larry Davis

Well I have the Elton box, got it this past holiday season, it’s great…lately I’ve been on a Monty Python kick after ordering that Faulty Towers set…so I went for the 2014 box Total Rubbish 9CD/7 inch for US $110, not bad & jumped on the Exploding Box BluRay set from Norway…has the full Flying Circus series restored & the 3 movies and tons of extras & cool fun packaging…was $130 US…I hope the movies are in there…buyer reviews don’t mention them, just the FC series…I’ll be upset if they are not…


Be prepared to be upset… The Python movies are NOT included in the Norwegian Blu Ray set but it’s still a great box set. All four series beautifully remastered for the first time with loads of bonus material, and four incredible well researched books on the series written by that great doyen of cult television, Andrew Pixley.

Tim Joseph

Kate Bush now £54 :(

David Mcintyre

Cheers for the heads up Paul. Just bough t the Elton box. Looking forward to delving into that one


Hi Paul,
After paying 40 euros in taxes for the Steven Wilson TFB deluxe box set… I doubt I will buy again in the UK anything above the 22 euros free of tax amount. Sorry to say tbat :’-(


Not sure if this was sent through correctly from my phone, so just in case here’s the information again:

Two great deals on Elton’s vinyl at Amazon uk:

£15 for Jewel Box -And This Is Me (2LP)

Jewel Box – And This Is Me…[VINYL] https://amzn.to/3lGnx8G

£20 for Jewel Box – Rarities & B-Sides (3LP)

Jewel Box – Rarities & B-Sides [VINYL] https://amzn.to/3cc73SB


Regarding Kate Bush:
Amazon US has the Remastered Part 1 box for $59.95 + tax + free shipping for $64.76.
If we had access to Amazon UK’s deals, £39.99 – VAT + conversion = $64.84.
So if you’re in the States, you can get the Amazon UK deal for Kate through Amazon US.


David Bowie – The Mercury Demos – Box
Only € 28,50 at Amazon NL right now! (over 50 pounds in the UK)


Thanks for this Marc. Ordered The Mercury Demos right away.
Finally a normal price for this album.


David Bowie – The Mercury Demos – Box
€27,67 at Amazon Germany as well.

David Maxwell-McNulty

Cheers, Paul – taken up two of the offers, unfortunately (?) already have 2 of the others!

Paul Wright

You are not wrong about the Kate Bush sleeve.
What on earth are they thinking?


Yes – the LP boxes were good – but why use these images for the CD boxes?!


The Elton box set is one of my favs in the last few years. No regrets paying full price the day of release!!


Macca Flaming Pie super deluxe down to 118 dollars on Amazon US.

Steve White

I knew that Elton John box would come down in price. Couldn’t wait in the end though and paid about £85 but I have to say it was worth every penny and glad I just went ahead and bought it as it’s great value even at that price. Take advantage of this offer as you won’t be disappointed.


Same here Steve.

Andrew Greenwood

Bah! how can you decide which boxsets won’t drop in cost and which will? I’m £60 down on half of the list here, but if I hadn’t bought them they’d have gone up.
collecting is very stressful!

Mike M

It’s the chance you take pal, wait for a price drop or risk losing out on it cos you have waited too long. I missed a few good boxes waiting for a drop so now if I really want it I just buy it. I guarantee myself a copy and get it hear it straight away as opposed to months/years later…..or in some cases not at all.

Matt S

Am currently off work with foot in plaster & can’t do a great deal other than listen to music. So went for the Ronnie Lane which I’ve avoided since it was released as I couldn’t justify it-had most of the original albums. But at that price had to go for it. Proof that good things come to those who wait. Thanks so much for the heads up Paul

Matthew Dixon

I’ve been waiting for the U2 set to hit about £60 so that’s great news!

If anyone’s interested Amazon DE have some of the Sabbath Vol 4 deluxe set for about £64. They’ve also got the Pink Floyd Wall 6CD/DVD Immersion set for £55 which seems like a decent price

David Maxwell-McNulty

Cheers, Matthew – taken both!


Wow, the Geo coding on Amazon UK continues to exist. What a bummer. None of these deals can be seen from the US, even if I use Tunnel Bear and make them believe I’m in the UK.


Yes, bit of a bummer. I think they also use the address you ship to, no matter what VPN or other device you use – if shipping is set to somewhere they won’t ship, it won’t work. I did this with the Fawlty Towers set, when I had my address from Belgium it wouldn’t show at all, when I changed the shipping address to a UK one I could see it and put it in my cart. If I wanted to change the order shipping address to Belgium, I got the usual ‘item cannot be shipped to this address’.


I have had no problem looking at the deals in the US. Are you changing the country’s Amazon site in the app?

When doing so, I get the cost in Pounds, a note that delivery to the town/city I file, and a choice of payment in either pounds or dollars.


The Elton box is $94.21 on Amazon US right now, with free prime shipping. That’s the same as paying 68 pounds but avoiding the international shipping charge.

John Barleycorn

Ronnie Lane box for sub £40 is an instant order for me.


Thanks Paul, for the ronnie Lane Deal!