This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

DE: Brian Eno / Music For Installations 6CD super deluxe – €329 (or £280)

It’s due out on Friday, but if you order the massive ‘plexiglas’ Brian Eno super deluxe from Amazon Germany and you’ll save around £40-50 on the UK price. US fans hunting for this should consider this deal too, since it’s about $336 once VAT is deducted.

Compare prices and pre-order

Brian Eno

Music For Installations - 6CD Plexiglas sde


DE: U2 / Songs of Experience 2LP deluxe blue vinyl – €14.99 (or around £13)

Pleased though I was to pick up the three-track RSD Lights of Home picture disc last weekend, it cost me £16. The 16-track deluxe version of the Songs Of Experience album on double blue vinyl is less than that here, and you get two out of the three track on the picture disc, anyway. Also, this is a great album!


UK: INXS / Kick 30  3CD+blu-ray – £15.99

Includes all the remixes and a Dolby Atmos surround mix on blu-ray

DE: Sly & the Family Stone / Live at the Fillmore East (4CD) – €12.99 (or £11.50)

UK: Jimi Hendrix / West Coast Seattle Boy 4CD+DVD – £11.13

Back down to a low price, but you’ll need to wait for delivery.


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Geoff D

Similar to someone else on here, I’ve just received the Hendrix – West Coast Seattle Boy set from Amazon and they’ve sent me the single disc version.

Kevin M

Incidentally the recent Tom Rogerson-Brian Eno album is sublime and a tenner. My favourite Eno release since Small Craft on a Milk Sea.

Chris Squires

Elvis RCA Albums collection (60CD set) is down to £107 at the moment


Paul Spurgeon

Bit off topic but did anyone watch the Jeff beck documentary on bbc4 the other night? Belrvive it’s coming out on Blu-ray

Absolute genius.

Now there’s a box set we need!!

Kevin S

A bit of a saving if you are going to buy all three Wire vinyl reissues.
HMV have them as a bundle for £44.99 at the moment. Cheaper than amazon and anywhere else by a few quid.


UK: Human League “Anthology” 4-disc (3 cds/1 dvd) £45!
UK: Queen “On Air” 6-disc £20!


Hi,I live in Ireland.Does anyone know why Inxs becomes 39 pence dearer on Amazon when I try to order.The same thing happened on the offer last time and when I added something today to make it over 25 pounds that too added 15 pence.

Mark Borland

Tax, Irelands VAT is higher.

Paul Spurgeon
Julian Hancock

Re the ENO Deluxe perspex, I haven’t been so excited since the £250 extra you had to pay for the metal version of the Bob Marley zippo lighter box

phil Burford
Babis - Greece

The Maximum As & Bs box set of The Who back to 24,99 gbp in amazon.co.uk, link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Maximum-As-Bs-Who/dp/B073W74CKR/ref=zg_bs_9840746031_35?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=31FBABEH93630BJQZ9V2

Temporarily Out of stock though.

Paul Mac

The Jam 77 box set is back down to £27.99, a great price. I bought it about a month ago at this price, well worth it:


John Orr

Just to say I finally got an email from Amazon.com, finally telling me what I suspected, that the Air, Moon Safari glow in the dark vinyl was completely sold out, apologising for this, and the amount of time it took to tell me. I always thought a pre order meant a guaranteed copy of something? And here was I waxing lyrical about Amazon in all their parts of the world. Really disappointed, as you saw American youtubers opening their copies.

Steven Campbell

Yeah I just got an email to that effect too despite putting in an advanced order. I was not amused/impressed with Amazon America.

Paul Mac

This happened to me previously, not with Amazon but coincidentally with a glow-in-the-dark vinyl. I pre-ordered, thinking this meant I would definitely get a copy, eventually I was told I wouldn’t….


all Enigma studio albums + the compilation “LSD” will be reissued on special vinyl editions on Friday with new masters and cover art.


When SDE announced the Eno Music for Installations at the beginning of March, l knocked down the kiddie version for just under $36 at Amazon.com

Way to go SDE, right, back to the basement to get the plexiglass sheets I bought at Home Depot ready to go.


The only difference with the Eno releases appears to be that the deluxe edition is housed in a bigger box, is limited and numbered and it has a download code. The music content is identical. At almost seven times the price of the standard release, the deluxe edition is one for BE obsessives and big box collectors.

Chris S

No matter how much I want the Eno set, it is far too much for me.

Larry Davis

Finally, my INXS came and it’s VERY well done, I wonder if they will do SDE’s of their other albums??

Leonardo Lotti

The biggest problem about reissues and box sets is that most of the times, they never do those other albums that we want…

David Regan

Ordered Jimi Hendrix Westcost Seattle Boy Box set on April 9 when it was on offer for £11.74 with prime..and the expected date of arrival is 8th may..hope is good as fans say..just a pain sometimes that i got to wait so long

Mark H.

Thanks, Paul – got the Sly Stone box for less than $18 US including shipping. Bargain!

Paul McNamara

Eno’s deluxe set nearly £50 per CD……… am I missing something here?

Bassel hassouna

For fans of french music amazon France has good deals on johnny hallyday box sets and barbara box sets

Yani P

Surely the fact is it has been created as a work of art in its own right?

Mr David Barker

Totally agree with you Jason, it’s just a rip off.


Noticed that Rough Trade were advertising signed copies of the Eno set on all formats…..


INXS “Kick 30” currently back down to £16!



There is absolutely no difference between the standard Eno set and the deluxe except that the book has a plexiglass cover and the standard doesn’t. Book contents and CD contents are otherwise identical. So you basically pay £300 for some plexiglass. Lol.


My God…thanks for the advice


when i ordered the hendrix seattle box recently at the low knockdown price , i was sent the single cd + dvd version, i sent it back but couldn’t be bothered to complain


The same thing. :( Finally i order refund the money back.