This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

FR: The Rolling Stones / Studio Albums Vinyl box – £279 or €319

Save £100 on the UK price for this recent 20LP vinyl box (with half-speed mastered vinyl and hi-res download code) by buying from France.

FR: Pink Floyd/ Pulse 4LP vinyl  – £74 or €84

Includes 52-page hardcover book

FR: Bruce Springsteen / The Promise 3LP vinyl  – £10 or €12

Amazing price fort his 3LP vinyl set

FR: Def Leppard / Vinyl Collection One  – £105 or €120

Best price to date for this box set that contains the band’s first four albums, Live at the LA Forum 1983, a disc of rarities as well as a recreation of the Def Leppard EP on seven-inch vinyl.

FR: The Cure / Mixed Up 3CD  deluxe – £9 or €10

FR: Deep Purple / Made in Japan 2LP vinyl – £10.50 or €12

Sex Pistols / Never Mind The Bollocks... Super Deluxe Edition box set

FR: Sex Pistols / Never Mind The Bollocks vinyl – £7 or €8

IT: The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds super deluxe  – £39 or €45

50th anniversary super deluxe includes 4CDs and a 5.1 mix on blu-ray audio

IT: The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds 2016 stereo vinyl  – £7 or €8




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Received the Stones box today. Fantastic set. Way better packaging and originality than the 2010 set. Download card in box and all in WAV download format. Easily burnt directly to CD if you wish and or convert to any other digital format you like.

Peter Stanton

The Dead’s Fare Thee Well 5 CD set is £9.99 on Amazon UK

Peter Stanton

It didn’t last long, back up to £19.99 very quickly but I ordered one. Let’s see if it turns up.

I still have a Dead vinyl box set on order from October 2017!


The only issue I have with the Stones box is that the downloads (and you don’t get them if you order from a seller outside Europe) is that the Hi-Res downloads aren’t particularly Hi-Res or downloads from the half-speed vinyl in the box. Part of the reason I paid the cash to get the box set (I have the previous one already that has the same ex Blue and Lonesome- which I have anyway) was for a complete Hi-Res download set. Paul… any ideas?


The Stones box from Amazon France arrived today and has the downloud card (wav !!!!)
Dowload here: http://www.redeemrollingstones.com/


Ummm. Why bother giving a URL when you need a code?


Has the Cure deal gone? Seems to 16.99 now


Bought Springsteen’s The Promise, too good a price to turn down. Taking a gamble that it won’t be included in the Volume 3 box-set when it’s eventually released.
Thanks again Paul.

Peter Stanton

Went for The Promise. Soooo tempted by the Stones, my favourite band, but still a lot of money. Got the Mono Box Set thanks to SDE.

To click or not to click, that is the question?

When will the Dylan live double CD get a UK price?

Dean Taylor

As always thank you for the reply and the deal alerts… will sit down and see if I do some financial magic juggling. Haven’t bought much this year so far but did not see this one coming .No time to save for this one.


UB40’s Present Arms 3 disc de luxe set is £9.99p in HMV, easily the best price i’ve seen it at.

Dean Taylor

Very tempted by the Stones set .. but a quick question..Amazon give you a choice to pay in pounds or euros .. which is best ? How does it work?
Would love this box .. well done to those that have one.


Noted my bank charged me less for the product I paid for (including conversion charge) than Amazon asked for in their calculated price.
Don’t want to generalize that, but maybe type in the amount you have to pay in Euros into a currrency converter (like xe) + see what they come up with when converted to Pounds. Add the conversion charge your bank asks and see what is cheaper. if it is almost the same, possibly go with Amazon -> no hassle and no fear of currency flutuation.

Kyle Taylor

My advice would be, get a credit card that gives you 0% on foreign exchange if you can (e.g. Halifax Clarity) – failing that, WeSwap is a pre-pay card that lets you do foreign exchanges in lots of currencies (and gives you better rates if you’re happy to wait a few days for the swap) – I bought from Amazon Italy that way, worked fine.

John Orr

Thank goodness I’m not a Rolling Stones fan, otherwise I’d be well and truly skint for the foreseeable future. The set does look great, but not essential for some of us. And as for Amazon fr, you’re right, got some great deals this year already. Loads of records for half the price of Amazon UK and HMV, the Sound of Vinyl etc etc.


About the Rolling Stones deal, it happened because Amazon FR matched the Fnac price. In Fnac stores or online , there’s a 20% discount on all vinyl LPs (and vinyl box sets) for the Music Day (Fête de la musique, june 21st every year since 1981). On the fnac web site, you 20% discount on all vinyl. Discount ends tomorrow ( june 23 at 1PM, Paris time) so hurry up ! It’s a great deal on new LPs because they already include a 20% discount during the first 3 months of release. For example, I just bought Get Well Soon’s new album “The Horror”. The retail price was €27.49 and it’s priced €21.99 during the first 3 months but I only paid €17.59 (or £15.42) with the 20% discount for Music Day ! Amazon FR matched the price. For what it’s worth, I just checked the price on Amazon UK and it’s £24.99 so basically you get almost a £10 discount if you compare Amazon UK and Amazon FR / Fnac France.

In France, currently there are lots of bargains at €10 or €15. For example you can find Daft Punk’s Random access memories at €15. During Music Day it’s €12. You can find Bowie’s heathen at €10 and it’s €8 during Music Day. Same for Weezer’s green album and lots of other LPs. Craig Armstrong ‘s The Space Between Us is at €19.99 (it was at €24.99 before Music Day).

Amazon matched the price on some vinyl products (like the Rolling Stones box sets) But I guess they will also end the deal on saturday at 1 PM so if you’re interested hurry up before it’s too late and checkAmazon FR and the Fnac web site, you’ll find lots of bargain on vinyl during music day. They also have deals on CD (they’re all priced €9.99 but only for single CDs, double CD and box-sets aren’t in the Music Day deal). If you’re In France, go to Fnac stores today or tomorrow moring, you’ll find more bargains.



Thanks for the background information. Bought myself some rather new releases from jazz- and prog-artists on cd for a tenner, even including some double-cds.


Ordered the Stones Box … thanks Paul! This is the best price I have seen this so far. Bought the Springsteen vinyl box set at amazon Spain 2 weeks ago for $150 US … now I have to take a break buying box sets for a bit.
Great site Paul … so much fun to check this every day. Thanks for what you do for us.

Paul Murphy

Floyd ‘Pulse’ 4-LP is also down to 84 Euros on Amazon France, circa £74 by my maths.

Paul Wren

What is good about this community is that people chip in with other deals that they have spotted. I’ve just purchased the Floyd Pulse vinyl box set from Amazon France courtesy of Paul Murphy’s post – thanks for the tip off!

Leonardo Lotti

Got Pet Sounds!

Nicholas Dawson

And while Im on a rant, just seen prices for Egypt Station McCartney new , yet again pricey.

Nicholas Dawson

So much for limited editions, not able to send my box back as opened etc, next big box set comes along Im waiting for price drop, yet again rip off Britain.


I saw the Stones in Cardiff last week. Was expecting to just see them going through the motions as they topped up their retirement pots but bloody hell, they were soooo good and were clearly enjoying it as much as the crowd were!

Keri Preston

Totally agree with you there. It was the best I’ve seen them.


Saw them in Manchester and it was the same, they were having a ball, and the energy and happiness transferred to the crowd. I was incredibly lucky, I bought a £30 lucky dip ticket, and ended up in the pit! Which of course added to my joy!

Keri Preston

I think they have one great album of originals left in them. Please God.

Ben Williams

Paul, do you know if there are any plans to reissue the Stones LPs separately at some point?
Apologies if you have already been asked this..

Stan Butler

Amazon Italy states Pet Sounds includes a DVD, but am I right in thinking it should be blu-ray?

eric Slangen

Also ordered the Stones box, thanks.

Bill Cannon

Paul-found out the download code is NOT in the box it is mailed to the buyer, is that your understanding?


Hi Paul.

Credit where credit’s due: Link for the “Pet Sounds”-box leads to (and price is available at)
Amazon Italy, not France.

Kevin from Edinburgh

Coincidentally, my Stones box arrived less than an hour ago (from USA). Only just started to listen to it, but so far I can confirm that the quality looks to be top notch. The box is very good, the sleeves are the best I’ve seen for a Stones release (ever…), and Exile sounds fantastic.

If you’re considering this, then this reduced price is extremely attractive. Go for it!


Did it come with the download card? I notice that a lot of reviewers on Amazon US are complaining that it’s missing.

Kevin from Edinburgh

No, it didn’t have the downloads, but I never bother with them so it isn’t an issue for me personally. I assume it’s a licensing problem. By way of an update, I’ve now played 3 albums, and one – Goat’s Head Soup – has quite a few patches of non-fill (resulting in a sound like someone tearing card or paper). From what I’ve read elsewhere, this album in particular is prone to this specific issue. I’ll contact Amazon and see what they say.

Paul Taylor

There’s an interview with the guy who did the remasters on Rolling Stone ‘s website and he gives the end product “11 out of 10″…. Not that he’d give any other score, but hopefully this isn’t going to turn into another ‘Heroes’ irritation

Keri Preston

Stones box ordered, thank you Paul.


yep – thanks Paul, one box ordered (from France) one box about to be returned – having paid £376 from Amazon UK this was too big a differential to swallow – cannot believe Amazon don’t have the inclination to deal with this other than ‘send it back’.

Gary Turner

Great spot! Grabbed the stones box.thanks paul!