This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Canada: The Beatles / White Album 3CD – $13.41 CAD

Amazing price if you are the right side of the Atlantic. Just over $13 in Canada equates to less than £8 for the forthcoming White Album 3CD set which is £20 in the UK! Unfortunately, not really worth shipping over to Blighty due to P&P costs.

UK: Wilco / Being There 5CD super deluxe – £15.99

Superb deal. Down from about £25. Album, demos/alternates, live audio and more.

UK: Wilco / A.M. expanded edition – £5.99

UK: Love / Forever Changes 4CD+DVD+LP super deluxe – £36.99

UK: U2 / Songs of Experience 2LP blue vinyl – £12.99

UK: Nick Cave / Lovely Creatures 2CD – £4.80

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Reuben Kranz

Deals Down Under on Amazon AU…
Fleetwood Mac Rumours Super Deluxe is $29.99 (£16-17) and the Andrew Lloyd Webber “The Platinum Collection” (4CD Limited Edition) is $15 (just over £8). Both of these are substantially cheaper than Amazon UK.


btw Bowie’s Who Can I Be Now (CD) is apparently no longer a Prime-only purchase over at Amazon US . Currently (and has been for at least a month or so) at $87.36

Stephen Cawrey

Pin Floyd – The Wall Immersion Box Set currently on Amazon UK for £76.69

Stephen Hunt

I received the Tom Petty An American Treasure cd set from Amazon today. I’ve yet to listen to the cds but I’m very impressed with the book-like packaging. Thanks Paul for posting this and every other deal :-)

Paul Spurgeon

Concert for George 2cd 2 Blu-ray is now half price at the insane price of £16.99 on amazon uk

Fred Holmes

Just picked this up in HMV. Great deal.


Some people seem to have nothing better to do than whine “oooh, it isn’t great for ME!”
Guess what……there are others around it is great for so just move on & stop moaning.
Great work Paul BTW

Stevie B

Maybe you should introduce a set of Flag tabs. If a deal is specific to one country or flag up where the deal originates. For instance nearly every deal you mention for items sold on Amazon U.S. I ignore as being U.K. based even given there is some great saving for some in the long run it’s not worth the hassle after taxes and P&P and the delivery time.

Europe based deals are entirely different. So flagging up the origin of any significant deal would give users a heads up?


I’d assume there are warehouses full of the various vinyl/boxset editions of the U2 album, I wouldn’t be too concerned if you don’t get it this time. I say that as a big U2 fan, not an attack on the band.

Simon Carson

The U2 Somgs of Experience vinyl is also £12.99 on hmv.com, and the Super Deluxe box set is £34.99! Both instore and online.

Richarf Fisher

Popped into my local HMV the other day and noticed the Wilco boxset was £15.99 there too (if you have an HMV nearby and can’t wait for an Amazon delivery).


I think the U2 album is still available new via other sellers on Amazon site UK for £12.99?

Paul Taylor

It’s from Amazon. The one the widget takes you to at £25.21 is a third party seller

Tim in Miami

$10 shipping to the US doesn’t make the White Album much of a bargain for Americans.


No! Keep us in, Paul!


Please don’t ignore us!




@Paul Sinclair:
Better not ignore the Canadians!

Eesher Ed

If you can order two items it’s about CDN$12 all together for both.


Thanks for the heads up, Paul. I pre-ordered the Beatles CD set on Amazon US for $21.66 a few days ago. At the current price on Amazon Canada of 13.41 CAD (only about $10 US), it’s a steal…but the shipping is about $10, so that negates that great price. Oh, well. I’ll stick with my original Amazon US order.


Cheers Paul what a steal for the White Album


Excellent. Thank you. White album purchased from Amazon Canada. That is unusual, I usually find it cheaper to buy from the UK and have it shipped over.

Joel Rabinowitz

U2 back up to £25


If you look on the other options it’s available at 12.99 through the prime option which you don’t have to accept mate. I just ordered it with Pink Floyd Animals to go over the £20 free delivery threshold and got it


I would never have noticed that. Sneaky.


ordered the 2 Wilco cds, thanks


Brian Eno’s Music For Installations is £31.99 on Amazon UK.


Martin Power

Cheers for the Wilco heads up Paul

Geoff Kavanagh

The amazon.ca price for the White album is correct for those readers who are in Canada.

John Berry

Just ordered A.M. Steal! Cheers Paul


Must be a price goof with the White Album.
Amazon Canada rarely has any good deals.
Let alone, they are way behind in listing new releases. Stuff listed on other Amazon sites, yet to show up.

Chris Squires

There is a single copy of From Moscow to Mars in Amazon Global at the moment.
In the UK it is £132 (inclusive of import charges and postage from the US) it can also be found on Amazon.com for $136.

Be aware it is the same copy so it might be gone, but if anyone is after it, it’s not a bad price.

US link

UK link

Hope it helps someone who might be after it….


Paul, thanks for the heads up. BTW, Wilco AM is £5.99, not £15.99