This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

FR: Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt super deluxe €53

Rare deal here from FNAC in France. Less than £50 for the legendary and controversial Flowers in the Dirt super deluxe!!

FR: Pink Floyd / The Early Years 1965-1972  mega box – €263

This hasn’t been this low for ages. Another deal from FNAC, this works out to be £236!

David Bowie / Loving The Alien 1983-1988 15LP vinyl box set

UK: David Bowie / Loving The Alien 15LP vinyl box – £180

Cheapest price to date in the UK, for the massive vinyl box set.

USA: Paul McCartney and Wings / Red Rose Speedway super deluxe – $83

Incredible price in America for the 3CD+2DVD+blu-ray Macca mega-package. Great for US fans but worth pointing out that UK fans can import for as little as £88 (that’s taxed and shipped!) so effectively HALF the UK price of £160 (which is without shipping). This price may not last very long, so be quick!

USA: Bobbie Gentry / The Girl From Chickasaw County 8CD box – $69

Tricky  to find now in the UK, but still available stateside and only $69 with the current $10 discount offer. That’s £74 taxed and shipped to the UK.

ITALY: Midnight Oil / The Complete Vinyl Box Set 13LP – €161

Mega-price for last year’s 13LP Midnight Oil vinyl box. This set includes all 11 classic studio albums plus the two 12-inch EPs all pressed on 180g vinyl and collected in one box. Each vinyl has been remastered from the original tapes by Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney and then mastered for Vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, London. The artwork has been restored to match the original releases and this deluxe box set includes the original alternative album cover for Capricornia. This price is about £100 cheaper than in the UK and much cheaper than anywhere else!

Compare prices and pre-order

Midnight Oil

The Complete Vinyl Box Set [VINYL]



USA: Paul McCartney & Wings / Wild Life super deluxe – $107

Not quite as good a deal as Red Rose Speedway, but this price – which includes a 10% discount which is applicable at checkout – still equates to about £85, a cool 35% cheaper than the price in the UK.

Suede / The Blue Hour

UK: Suede / The Blue Hour CD – £5


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Colin MacKenzie

‘re the What Records offers these include Bowie at the Beeb 5 lp vinyl set at £34.99 and the Who Can I be Now vinyl set at £124.99. Some good Floyd and Led Zeppelin offers too.
Aside from Bowie at the Beeb picked up Emmylou, Steve Earle, Joy Division, the Trio outtakes, and Lee Brilleax albums.

Linda Ronstadt triple best of set which I paid £30 quid for going at £16.99.!


The Who ‘“Live at Leeds” triple vinyl half speed master Deluxe edition is on sale at the Sound of Vinyl for 21.99. I was lucky enough to get this fantastic record for 12.99 when first released, thanks to Paul’s heads up, but haven’t seen it anywhere else new at anywhere near this price.

Andrew M

Dammit, dash it, and a generous helping of FRACK (In a very frustrated voice).

Been waiting for a FITD deal for ages to put my SDE booklet in to :(

And it’s gone :(

Andrew M

And you didn’t buy me one Paul?

Pfffffffffft ;)


@stephen gilmour
I would take one Dylan box ;)


The Flowers in the Dirt deal seems to be gone already, but the deluxe Wings over America is 100 Euro on Fnac, which isn’t a bad price at all, considering what this boxed set is selling for these days.


I´ve seen the Pink Floyd Box for 99,99€ at Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus in Berlin.


Bruce Springsteen The album collection vol. 1 vinyl is $140 USD on amazon.com right … pretty good price for this box set. Just bought it …


Midnight Oil is €180 now


Great price for a great Suede album. Closing a trilogy of wonderful LP’S.


So pleased at the quality of information that you offer, Paul. I leapt at the Macca Red Rose offer and ought to have it by Wed. Jan 9. Many thanks for all of your efforts!
And a small ‘ugh’ as I tried to be wiser about CC expenditures (I racked up quite a lot last year). But, I could not resist the awesome offer at Amazon USA. I know they’re headed for World Domination, but my little purchase won’t help them much. Will it?

Darren Briscoe

The Bowie LTA vinyl set was recently as low as $164 on Amazon US!


As a child of the 80’s I don’t know much about Paul McCartney in the 70’s except for Band On The Run which is a classic. I listened to Red Rose Speedway and ordered it immediately. It’s very good, much better than I expected. After so many reissue-misses and heavy price tags I decided not to buy any more McCartney reissues but I have to make an exception for Red Rose Speedway, very high quality stuff.


The individual Bowie releases should be announced in the next 10 days so am waiting on those.


Does anyone know an if/when on 1971-73?

Mark G

The deluxe of “Wild Life” always seemed light – a “rough mix” and a short DVD. I’m guessing it’s gonna be a cheapie within a couple of years.

Whereas the Red Rose one – mmmm, much more generous. Grabbed one at that price!

Tony B

Makes the pricing of “Wings 1971-1973” appear even more excessive.


Does Amazon Australia deliver to UK at all??


From my experience, they can barely deliver to Australia. ;)


If only…sob!

stephen gilmour

What’s crazier is the current deal on the 9CD+DVD deluxe of Bob Dylan’s Trouble No More – 44.99Australian Dollars delivered on amazon.com.au – 10 ordered :)

Jonathan Riley

Yes it is but amazon.au wont ship to America or i would be all over it

Chris Mooar

You wee ripper, Stephen! I’ve ordered a copy now. I’m across the ditch from you.
Cheers, Chris

Paul Mac

Do Amazon Oz not ship to this side of the world at all?

Beatle Mike

Paul, you are the man. Just ordered it. What a price drop. Now for Wild Life to get to a better cost.

Pays to wait. Thanks so much.


Amazon US had the same deal for Wild Life but that was in early December… I got the box set for $85.

John in PapA

Nice… got it! I used a $25 gift card that I had tucked in my desk for over a year… chose the free shipping option. $63.00!!

Marshall Fish

Thanks Paul! Ordered the box set, too. Fantastic!

Ruben Helfgot

Spent $160 back in December, but am very happy for the folks that can get it now at this incredible price.

Gareth Pugh

Many thanks Paul. Like many here, I’d been waiting on a deal on this one but didn’t expect one so good and so soon! Bagged one for £88.40. Will keep and eye out for Wildlife in the coming months….

Steve Cleere

Paul – Thanks ever so much man –you made my Sunday morning in the States – Wild Life was also at $118 -so decided to get it at the same time!! And they’ll be here Tuesday!!! Love SDE!

Craig Hedges

Paul, I’m curious as to why other countries are able to provide these offers but the prices in this country mostly stay inflated. This won’t improve either with the demise of HMV. Any chance of an article on why the pricing is so skewed?

Brian Scott

Wonderful news, one of my favourite Macca albums and at a price that makes sense. Thanks Paul, that ‘buy fewer box sets’ New Year resolution didn’t last long!! Seriously though, really appreciate these alerts, thank you!

Laszlo Molnar

Wow, happy as a church mouse! Have been waiting for this and just ordered it from the link.
Thank you Paul!
Happy New Year to you and Everyone!

Spiral Scar

Paul, Many thanks for your diligent work. I snagged a Speedway. Amazingly, even though I bought a combined total of over 1000 CDs and LPs in 2018, this is the first time I’ve used Amazon in almost two tears. Could not pass this up. I hope that doesn’t mean I’ve crossed over to the dark side (they don’t own the world yet, people! You have options! Please bear that in mind!)
This is as good a time as any to say “Thank you” for operating your wonderful site. It is absolutely essential. It may be the only reason I go online most days (have to find time to listen to all that music, and work to earn funds to pay for that music) but I check in pretty much every day. It has become a ritual like reading the morning paper (but it’s more informative and geared towards my own interests.)
Happy 2019 to you, Paul, and all the readers of SDE.

Jeff D

Thanks Paul…..i have had this sitting in my shopping cart for the past month hoping it would drop in price!!!

Ken Croteau

Awesome! Thank you Paul!

Dan Timmons

Thanks Paul! I love and curse the alerts…


Been waiting for a price drop!

Thank you Paul!

David Glennon

I’m always sniffy about these McCartney sets priced as they are, but couldn’t resist at £88 inc taxes- great deal. Shame that the UK prices continue to be extortionate. What are the prices of taxes when ordering from Australia??

Keith fotheringham

88 quid superb thanks and I actually managed to order something before deal expired


The same box set is currently CAN $ 129.54 on Amazon.ca. That’s 74 pounds.


Thanks Paul!

George glazener

Thanks Paul…ordered straight away. That’s the price I was waiting for. You’re awesome.

Leonardo L Marques

I am still waiting to see if a second edition of ”Wings 1971-73” will come out! If it doesn’t happen in 6 months, I will have to contend myself with the book editions!

Darren Linklater

Mr Sinclair you are a gem. Wouldn’t buy at UK price but really wanted this box so have pulled the trigger with Amazon.com.

Thanks for the deal alert!


just ordered from US but checked the Amazon Aussie deal only to get the message “this seller does not deliver to the UK” so don’t understand some of the posts above. Am I missing something ??

Roel Glas

@ OZ – unfortunately at this stage, Amazon AU only ship within Australia.

Roel Glas

Forgot to mention – The Dylan Trouble No More Super Deluxe 9 CD set is still AUD $40.99 (about GBP 22) on Amazon AU. It’s out of stock – delivery 4-5 weeks but from past experience, the items are honoured and DO arrive. It took 4 weeks for Lindsey Buckingham’s 3cd Anthology to come but for $11.99, was worth the wait.

Matt Charles

thx for that! Living in DE but hopefully visiting OZ in March – so have ordered to send there :) will cross fingers / cheers


Unfortunately, will not ship to Canada (Dylan “Trouble No More” super deluxe edition / Amazon Australia). But what a great price!

Steve Price

Steve says
Thanks Paul are the dvds blu_ray region 0 for UK players please someone get back is that a song ASAP this is gonna go

lee sharp

Good question , anyone know ?


DVD and BluRay are region free

lee sharp


Ben in Colorado

I have heard they are region free.

John Orr

Ordered. Thank you Paul!

M. Sutter

Great deal. But Amazon US do not ship any more to Switzerland. And actually all products I bought from them in the past didn’t arrive (like the Wings 1971-73 deluxe box set) or were damaged. In general, products from Amazon are often damaged. I am the only one with this experience? Anyway. The lessons from it are, that I just buy online music from stores like CD-Japan or JPC.de. Never had any issues with them.


Just ordered – 110 Euros to Germany incl. shipping and customs. Many thanks Paul!


Many thanks Paul! Including shipping and import taxes, this is approx. 110 EUR into Germany. Best deal by far, so far.


Thank you Paul! WOW!!!!!!

Martin Wedge

Thanks so mich Paul wanted this so badly and so happy at this price. As always thanks for all you do with SDE xx

Roel Glas

Thank you Paul. Been waiting for this to come down but didn’t think it would be that much. Ordered on Amazon AU (via US – if that makes sense?) for AUD 130 (about GBP 72).

Vito Battista

Awesome……I was waiting for the price to drop on this one…..thanks Paul!!

Iain Carmichael

Cheers Paul. So tired of my fellow Australians forever complaining on this blog regarding the deprivation we now allegedly suffer since Amazon closed access etc.
The truth is with patience and diligence, I’m getting most items cheaper than ever.
I just ordered this for $130.71 AUD. £72.73 in my calculator. Paid £54 for the band big pink sde, £36 for Electric ladyland sde CD edition ….it goes on.
Now we can order from USA Amazon , it is always wise to go immediately to Amazon Australia. When alerted to this deal I went through the process at USA Amazon and i would of paid $161 AUD. I then went to Amazon Australia and paid the $130 AUD.
So as a regular buyer, we miss out on a little at the end of the day in my experience. Stop the first world whinging!!