This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Pink Floyd / The Later Years box set – £323 £429

A £106 drop in price for the forthcoming Pink Floyd box. If you’ve already pre-ordered here, then no action required. If you haven’t, then you have the opportunity to ‘lock in’ to this price in case it goes up again.


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Anybody had an acknowledgement for the Early Years replacement scheme yet?

Olivier Sales

On Amazon France 315€ ! Pre-ordered of course


On german amazon the price is actually about 349,99 €! So I ordered the box spontaneously :-)

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Cancelled mine after an automatic email answer when I emailed them about TDSOTM replacement programme. The email stated it was closed. So mistakes in manufacturing have apparently caducity dates.
I’m seriously planning a collective lawsuit against the company and Optimal media for the defective discs, not only PFloyd but also JTull, Yes, etc.
Now with The early years again the same fraud, only a few months to replace discs, when the discs will surely be affected if not by now, in the near future. And moreover, not even wideworld publicity through official channels. What a lack of respect for us customers!!!
Even The Beatles boxes have reported errors! Not the same kind though.

Henry Espinal

Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire (Box Set) at an incredible price on Amazon Canada, 52$ CAD

Alan Fenwick

A very good price drop on the new Leonard Cohen album Thanks For The Dance, most places retailing the vinyl for around £40 but Amazon UK currently have it at £23.99 today.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

If you purchased Pink Floyd, Yes or Jethro Tull’s Aqualung, I would strongly recommend checking if they are still playable. A couple of days ago I discovered my TDSOTM had a yellow surface and was unplayable. Today I checked Aqualung and exactly the same: yellow and unplayable. It seems it is a problem with the manufacturer for Europe only.

David B

Compare the price of this box set to the upcoming Supergrass Box Set

Supergrass one is £150, and you get all of this
2-part, rigid, 12″ x 12” x 3″ box, matte laminate outer finish with hot foil cover text, containing:

6 LPs
– 6 x original albums as picture discs: I SHOULD COCO (UK #1, 1995) / IN IT FOR THE MONEY (UK #2, 1997) / SUPERGRASS (UK #3, 1999) / LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS (UK #9, 2002) / ROAD TO ROUEN (UK #9, 2005) / DIAMOND HOO HA (UK #19, 2008)

13 CDs
– 1 x 6CD set – All 6 original studio albums in new digipack
– 1 x 4CD set – Live (5 hours of previously unreleased, career-spanning performances: radio sessions, full live shows and acoustic sets)
– 1 x 2CD set – Remixes, B-sides, acoustic versions and other rarities
– 1 x 1CD set – Demos, out-takes and oddities (all previously unreleased)

7” single
– Caught By The Fuzz / Richard III 2020 Remixes

– 12” sq, 52 pages. Story of each album, written by separate journalists: Everett True, Charles Shaar Murray, Sylvia Patterson, Andrew Male, Adam Sweeting and Paul Moody. Quotes from new band interviews with Matt Everitt. Unseen photos and memorabilia.

Colour posters x 4

Supergrass is 10 – button badges x 8

That is value for money. Pink Floyd – The Later Years is not


Emilio Lafarga Giribets

And what about TDSOTM?
After reading about issues with the Immersion boxes and The Early Years one, mine refused to play on 3 different players which had a hard and noisy time triying to do so. I have also tried two discs from the early years but they played fine.
Is there a replacement schedule for the TDSOTM bluray? I recall playing it a few times in the past with no issues but now the disc has a yellowish tint with waves all around its surface.


The Zombies Box Set – Zombie Heaven at 32 € in Amazon France



FYI, this has been posted on the Steve Hoffman forum from Paul Loasby, who manages David Gilmour and Syd Barrett’s estate, among others.

Pretty good response to the problem!:

In 2016 our attention was drawn to a small batch of Blu-ray discs supplied for ‘The Early Years 1965-1972’, which had been subject to unreported transit damage, causing eventual discolouration and playing issues over time.

Now in 2019, we have been advised that a small quantity of the below discs have been affected over time.

Now in 2019, we have been advised that a small quantity of the below discs have been affected:

CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION / 0190295929855 / PFREY1-BD
GERMIN/ATION / EAN 0190295929831 / PFREY2-BD
DRAMATIS/ATION / EAN 0190295929824 / PFREY3-BD
DEVI/ATION EAN 019029529817 / PFREY4-BD
REVERBER/ATION / 0190295929800 / PFREY5-BD
OBFUSC/ATION / EAN 0190295929794 / PFREY6-BD
CONTINU/ATION / EAN 0190295929787 / PFREY7-BD1
CONTINU/ATION / EAN 0190295929787 / PFREY7-BD2

If you have any of the above discs that are experiencing playability issues, please TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH of the condition of the disc (both back and front), state its catalogue number and enclose the photograph with full delivery details, and we will send you a replacement. earlyyears@wmgcustomerservice.com.

We will be manufacturing replacement discs on a limited basis based on demand, so please contact us BEFORE JANUARY 01, 2020, in order that your request can be processed. This offer does not affect your statutory rights.

Thank you for your support of Pink Floyd, and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that this may have caused.


Through all the various P. Floyd Blu-ray problems – going back to the Immersion sets – I’ve not heard a definitive answer as to whether if you DON’T have a faulty disc, it is likely that the fault will develop later?

This makes these “recalls” problematic – The Early Years are saying if you have a problem now, what about a couple of years down the line?

Surely if the manufacturer/distributor knows what the problem is they could make a statement on long term viability?

Mike R

The Jethro Tull – Stormwatch (The 40th Anniversary Force 10 Edition) is up for £30.30 pre-order at Amazon.co.uk . Cheapest so far I think.


When first available for pre-order it was £25.25.


Plus VAT of £5.05, making £30.30


I can’t imagine how the independent record stores feel. Presumably they’ve pre ordered their Pink Floyd stock based on a r.r.p. of @£429. Before the release amazon drop this by £107, so the margin is significantly reduced ahead of launch, if they respond. If they don’t respond, they lose many sales; either way it’s not a pretty picture for the local retailer. Do they just not stock this type of release in the first place to avoid this scenario?

Amazon uk has Heaven 17’s Play To Win vinyl box set at £49 and Prince Originals deluxe set at £35, both of which represent good to fair value.

Kevin Yoder

Any price for this set is too high to me if they don’t address the issues with the Blu Rays in The Early Years set. If the band and record label expect us to pay that kind of money for these sets, the Blu Rays should last a lot longer than 36 months!

andrew balls

definitely agree! only yesterday i found out my immersion DSOTM blu has failed and that peoples early years blu rays have failed. My early years blu rays are currently still working, but i dont hold hope for them after the stories i have been readying


“…i found out my immersion DSOTM blu has failed…”
Andrew, is this an original disc or one received under the replacement (2018?) scheme?

Regarding “The Early Years” – I decided to duplicate all Blu-rays on to (hopefully) more-resilient M-Disc BD-R media.
Not really satisfactory, but at least I have the content as originally presented.

Charlie Waffles

Still too high priced. I will play SDE chicken, too.


Amen. I don’t count it as a deal when something still costs three times what I’d pay for it.


It’s especially 2 albums of material…. come on man!!! I love Floyd but….
100 and no more.

David Cornyn

I agree with the point that it’s hugely overpriced – and yet it’s now the number 1 best seller in rock on Amazon. People are obviously buying plenty of copies which doesn’t bode well for those of us hoping to lose another £100, at least, off that new price.

Sean McManus

I wonder how many of those people will cancel that order before the release date, though. If you want it at a lower price it makes sense to preorder in case the price drops.


Some of the Blu-ray Discs in the Early Years Box are now not readable and seem to be deteriorating with disc rot. Soon all of them will be unplayable. Has anyone heard of replacement program yet? This is unacceptable not even three years later. Paul, have you inquired to the label or management?

Sean Law

Why not contact the label yourself if you have issues with discs as opposed to leaving it to someone else?

Social media makes it much easier to get in contact with people and companies these days.

My discs are still working fine, by the way.


@sean law

Because Paul, and rightfully so thanks to this fine website, has contacts and maybe some influence.

It makes perfect sense.

Don’t be such a neg!


I though the price would drop like a lead balloon. I guess the record company/Amazon got a fright with the number of pre orders and dropped the price. Given the lack of really new material, it is still too expensive. GBP 250 is maximum price for me. Lets see where this ends up.

Dan Slattery

Thank you for this Paul. Bitten the bullet and pre-ordered. I know it’s a bit late in the day, but would record companies never consider issuing separate CD+DVD and CD+Blu-Ray box sets?


I am great Pink Floyd
For the amount of discs in this box set
The price should retail at around £175
Let’s face it I would purchase this around
This price I am sure other Floyd fans they would purchase this also


I expect they just list the price higher to begin with to make it seem a better deal when they do bring it down in price before release. Just the game they play.


the blue rays in the Early Years boxset are rotting and some of them are already unreadable.
thread active on Hoffman’s and Warner/Sony/Optimal are suppose to look into it.
caution before pre-ordering this one.


Boy oh Boy that is a lot of money for 2nd gen pink. @ $120 I would still have to think it over


Maybe if people were a little less hasty to show their interest by pre ordering at this price, it will drop more


I think it’s worth pre-ordering at this price… then keep an eye on whether the price goes down further, and potentially back up before release. Amazon’s pre-release guarantee will honor the lowest price… and if you don’t want to commit you can always cancel before release.

Phil Hitchings

Still too overpriced for my pocket. Here’s hoping they break it down into smaller sections like they did with the Early years

Elizabeth Hirst

This is very good news. It’s probably a price match thing, as I know What Records were selling it for a lot less than Amazon. We can argue til the cows come home about the level of content versus price, but I loved the post-Waters Floyd stuff. Of course it is no Darkside/WYWH/Animals but taken on its own merits it’s some great songcraft and wonderful performances.

Will it come down in price? Possibly. Will I feel robbed if it comes down in price? Not really. I think it is a great set and I want to have it to play as soon as it comes out, and if that means I pay more than other people I’m fine with that.

Lee Realgone

See, I told you it would be over £300… :)


All buyers from the EU: when there’s a no-deal Brexit on October 30th, you’ll have to pay import charges & fees. For the Netherlands: 4% import + 21% VAT + €16 fees !

dark side

Please can we not drag this forum into anything Brexit related nonsense.


Sure. Minus the UK Vat though.

Nigel Grant

Rubbish.absolute rubbish.


Hmm…tempting. But still more expensive than, for example the upcoming Gentle Giant boxset (although that one has no video content). Decisions, decisions…sometimes you have to settle for one thing or the other (at this price point).


£100 off before it’s even been released? Clearly not flying out the door…
Perhaps the record company misunderstood that most people who bought the post-Roger Floyd did so out of loyalty to the band and not because the music was as good. The live shows were essentially ‘old Floyd’ music with some ‘new’ stuff in to pad out the set and the best concerts (and 2 live albums) were those where the ‘old’ outnumbered the ‘new’.

One positive here- at least they had the decency to cut the price before the release, and didn’t just sell as many as they could on day 1 and then reduce the price.

Really it’s the ‘middle’ most fans want- from DSOTH to The Final Cut (just). Much of that has already been released in the immersion CD box sets from a few years ago, but those releases were full of junk and tat more so than great music.
Where’s Animals though? The full Wall live recordings 81-82 on Blue-ray? Or a vinyl ‘Is There Anybody Out There’?


To be clear, I bought everything that Floyd did without Roger because David’s music made Rogers lyrics come to life. Roger’s post Floyd output has been spotty at best. Lots of great music from Floyd after Roger. I have it all though. How about the DVDs without all the redundant material? I’d go in for that. I agree that Animals was what we’re really waiting for. Where is that? We’ve been hearing it was coming for a while now. Live blurays from ’72-’08 would be nice.


Have to differ with you there, David. Roger Waters’ solo career has been incredibly solid. He’s made incredibly moving albums since leaving Pink Floyd, hitting a huge peak with Amused To Death, an album I would comfortably list in the top 10 of all time. Post Waters Pink Floyd was indeed magical, but not as. As for the AWOL years, they’re saving the best for last. Imagine the content for a moment. Their most famous and enduring material, all collected in a quake-causing mega-box? That’s where the gold is.


“The live shows were essentially ‘old Floyd’ music with some ‘new’ stuff in to pad out the set”

Not really, on most nights of the AMLOR tour the entire new album was played, just not in sequence. So it was more half/half. On the Division Bell tour the focus did shift a bit towards the old material.

Nonetheless, I’m a big fan of this era and think it’s quite under-appreciated. There’s not really anything in the set I’m not interested in, still I think the price is too high…


Still about £150 overpriced


I agree


Sooooo, does this indicate that pre-sales for The Later Years are below expectations? Not a surprise. This could’ve flown off the shelves with a little tweaking of the packaging, slightly expanding the unreleased material and selling it for £199-£249. Oh well.

Lee Realgone

No, it indicates that Amazon’s pre-sale price was artificially high. As Paul will attest, they do that a lot.


Yeah, it was the full retail price. The Early Years box was the same until it settled to a cheaper price near its’ launch date.

Chris Squires

It’s a tough one this, but maybe not so tough, Pink Floyd have a habit of over-producing. I can’t think of anything in the last 5 years that genuinely sold out quickly. I picked up the Early Years set from Amazon for £163, and without having access to the new box I would still suggest Early Years was a more interesting and valuable set than this. I’m going to take me chances and see if it drops under well £200 at some point and if I am wrong… live with it. I like the odds of it falling under £200, even if only a blink-and-you-will-miss-it deal alert. That’s how I got the first box. It’s time to play SDE chicken!

Mark Guscin

I’m 100% with you on that Chris

Paul Thomson

Me too. I suspect this is the first of many SDE alerts for this set. Personally I too successfully played chicken with the Early Years set but have no interest in the post Waters work. Really want an Animals Immersion SDE though.

thomas solimine

106 drop? sounds like somebody can’t sell any. maybe if the fan fleecing would only stop.