This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Julian Cope / Autogeddon vinyl box set £35

Mega-deal over at the SDE shop for the vinyl box of Julian Cope‘s Autogeddon album. This 25th anniversary package contains the remastered album on black vinyl, the remastered ‘Paranormal In The West Country’ 12” EP, an exclusive blue vinyl seven-inch featuring ‘Conspiracy Blues’ & ‘Highway Blues’, large format book and postcards all set in a stunning cloth box with foil-blocked gold lettering! These normally go for £60+ so this is a complete bargain.

Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham

USA: Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology 6LP vinyl box $35

Great US deal on the 6LP box set. This is about £42 (including delivery and tax) to the UK. The actual UK price right now is a still decent £60.

UK: R.E.M. at the BBC 8CD+DVD box set £28.99 DEAL OVER!

Ludicrously good deal for this nine-disc box set.

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The Village Green SDE has had a further reduction leaving it at $64 now from amazon US


I got something from Amazon USA for the first time, Bowie LTA vinyl box which came in at £89 all in, arrived today in perfect condition, what a deal. Think I’ll wait on the conversation piece box until an SDE deal alert.


Gene Clark ‘No Other’ box is down from £140.14p to £140.13p on Amazon. Whoa Daddy!

Geoff D

The Kinks – Village Green SDE is currently $73:71 at Amazon .com which equates to £79 delivered to the U.K., all taxes paid.

Steve Wood

Amazon UK are selling the 40th Anniversary of Ian Dury’s ‘New Boots and Panties’ for £33. This includes the vinyl album and 4 CDS. Also, King Crimson ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King’ 50th Anniversary set is currently down to £27.96.

David M

Great deal on the “Cope-meister”, but delivery costs to Canada make it much much less good (not your fault I know).

David M

Appreciated. but it still makes it much less of a deal. 23 pounds, and then I might get hit for duty on the whole lot.


I got very excited when I received a SDE email headed “Julian Cope & Lindsay Buckingham”, but was gutted to find that the collaboration of my dreams is still no nearer.


David Bowie Loving The Alien 15 disc box is down to $85.49 (and seemingly still inching down) on Amazon US.


Too bad there only seems to be a deal on that one in the US and not here in Europe. It’s been 100+ EUR/GBP for ages. But I’m patient, I can wait.


Just ordered the Bowie set. Shipped to the U.K. With tax and import duty.

Come on, it’s got to be done.

Managed to pick up R.E.M / £28.00 at HMV as well. Ask at the counter though as they don’t always have all the box sets out. Also Travis, The Man Who deluxe set is £28.00. Lovely box with vinyl and cd’s etc. Hate Xmas, so many deals on. Bloody Cope as well now, had my eye on that for sometime. Thanks a lot Paul!


Have had my eye on the R.E.M. BBC set for a while, hoping for a deal. HMV won’t ship outside of the UK, so the waiting game begins again.

Derek Langsford

Years ago I used to shop online at HMV (loved their 4 for £20 sales) and have them ship to California, then after they emerged from their troubles and relaunched their online store, I signed up and got to checkout before being told they wouldn’t ship outside the UK. I presume they didn’t want to try to compete with Amazon.


Your email alert said “Julian Cope & Lindsey Buckingham LP alert”. I was really intrigued at this unlikely alliance for a second there…


I managed to get the REM one and emailed Paul… man that didn’t last long!


REM gone already.

Andrew Greenwood

great R.E.M box price Paul. I will be waiting for Monster to drop similarly as it is massively overpriced as far as I’m concerned at the moment
Vinyl? No Thanks!!

Paul M

Got the R.E.M. BBC set for the same price, £28.99, last week from HMV. Free delivery, came very quickly. Listening now.

Still available here if Amazon run out:


Hey Paul M

Thanks for the REM tip! Any idea how to view other offers on the HMV site? Very hard to find what’s on offer.