This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Springsteen / Ties That Bind: River Collection 4CD+2blu-ray  – £56

UK: Bob Dylan / Trouble No More 8CD+DVD super deluxe  – £78

UK: Pink Floyd / Pulse vinyl box set  – £76 £89

4LP remastered package with 52-page hardback book and outer slipcase

UK: Madonna / Madame X 2LP vinyl  – £11.99 £20

UK: The Who / Who vinyl LP- £11.99

UK: Mick Jagger / She’s The Boss vinyl LP- £10

Only reissued in December last year. Primitive Cool, is the same price.

UK: The Black Crowes / Shake Your Money Maker vinyl LP – £9

This price is not hard to handle.

UK: Cream / Goodbye Tour Live 1968 4CD – £35

UK: T’Pau / The Virgin Anthology 4CD deluxe set – £14.97

A very good complement to the Bridge of Spies set, this T’Pau anthology features single edits on disc 1, rarities and remixes on disc 2, and expanded versions of the Rage and The Promise albums on the final two discs.

UK: Paul McCartney / Red Rose Speedway 2LP vinyl – £19.99 DEAL OVER

Very good price for this gatefold 2018 double vinyl reissue. Remastered album on LP 1 and 11 bonus tracks (including ‘Live and Let Die’, ‘Hi Hi Hi’ and ‘C Moon’) on LP 2. Includes download code.

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box set

GERMANY: Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box – €36 DEAL OVER

GERMANY: ABBA / Live at Wembley Arena 3LP vinyl  – €24 €35

Tremendous price for the triple-vinyl half-speed mastered live set. This is pressed at Optimal. £10 cheaper than the UK price.

GERMANY: Depeche Mode / Black Celebration: 12″ Singles €64 DEAL OVER


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I have ordered from rarewaves in the past and I have had issues: I only remember the last one: they listed a cd as new and with a photograph of a stickered collectable ONE. They did not want to check if the photo was of the actual item, so I decided to order and to my horror it was a used cd, simply shrink-wrapped again and obviously no sticker because they just used a stock photograph for the listing.


I have ordered numerous cd’s from Rarewaves (via Amazon.au) and half of them have been in the condition you’ve described. The rest have been fine but a 50% strike rate isn’t exactly impressive.


For me personally Dodax has samo great deals and shipment is always for free. Often I have found cd-s which have been sold out on Amazon for example. It takes a while until you receive your order, maybe 2-3 weeks.


Thanks Paul. I had a bit of a surf around for the Brooce one before finding one on Amazon Australia for $98AUS w/free delivery. A bargain, I reckon. I’m chuffed! Can’t wait to drink it all in. If it’s anywhere near as good as that “Darkness”… set, I’ll be well happy.

Happy Easter to you and all of your readers.

Jim Kane

Just got Frank Sinatra’s Time After Time and That Old Feeling from Amazon for £6.10 and £6.57 respectively. Both are 5CD box sets from Le Chant during Monde. Great value or what?


I should add that for us non-Blu Ray types, the CD/DVD version of The Ties That Bind is also less than £56.00 on amazon.co.uk currently. I for one will probably be ‘imbibing’….


You can order TEARS FOR FEARS Songs From The Big Chair from rarewaves.com for €42.95 (approx. £37.80). You also can generate a 10% discount voucher when you subscribe for the newsletter. Free shipping in the UK and only 1.10€ to Germany – where I live ;o)
Happy Easter and stay safe!


Is rarewaves safe to buy from them from your experience?
I have never done any business with them and they don’t have any tracking.

Philip Wilson

I ordered 4 CDs from them, arrived in just short of a week, all brand new and sealed and in perfect condition. First time users get 10% off. Think they use amazon and ebay but their direct website is cheaper

David Brown

Hi. I’ve ordered many items from Rarewaves via EBay and Amazon Marketplace over the years without problem. Usually these have been single cd’s and occasionally they can take a little while to arrive. I don’t have any experience with them regards vinyl or box sets. Hope this helps




Used Rarewaves quite often. Never had an issue.


Rare waves are absolutely fine. Bought a few things from them in the uk and from the states. Look at them on eBay and then you’re also protected by eBay and PayPal for extra piece of mind.


Thanks Chris. Songs From The Big Chair ordered: £33.03 delivered in the UK with the 10% discount.


Chris, thank you so much! Just ordered from rarewaves.com and got it for a great price!

Philip Cranwell

The constant problem with Amazon.au, apart from not having many new releases (i.e. virtually nothing from UK artists), is that just about every item arrives smashed. Inadequate packaging is the rule of thumb. When this is brought to their attention, there is an obvious disregard for the situation. Surely I can’t be the only one receiving damaged items?


@Philip Cranwell
Feels like Amazon AU people got trained from Amazon Canada people [except for the smashed part].
While some releases in “normal” times in other Amazon sites would have a couple months of pre-order [availability], half of the time, Amazon Canada will finally list a new release just weeks away but without a price and a couple weeks prior to releas with a price. Then half of those times, it gets delayed a week or two while available elsewhere.,

Darren Gray

Saturday Night Fever (Limited Super Deluxe Box) Double Vinyl, Box Set is currently £63.99 on Amazon UK


There’s many unbelievable deals to be had on Amazon Australia. As an example I picked up the Gorillaz Humanz Super Deluxe 14xLP box set this week for just under AU$30, which roughly equals to around £15. Yes, I’m not missing a 0. Incredible but true. Also, Bowie’s Loving The Alien CD box was AU$20 earlier this year, which is around £10.

Roel Glas

Hi Piotr
Yes there are some amazing deals I stumbled upon too. Recently purchased The Who – 30 yrs of Maximum R&B 4CD box set for $18, Walter Trout 3LP Live in Amsterdam $15, Janis Joplin “Mover Over” 7″ singles box set $16, Fleetwood Mac Rumours super deluxe $20 and many more. Sadly most of these deals are now gone although Rumours is still there at a slightly more $29. Also Loving The Alien vinyl box set is $151 & still there which is super cheap for 15 or so LPs.
Keep looking – I know I do everyday lol!!


The Leonard Cohen deal is over.

Le Baron

Eagles box set ordered.
Thanks for the alert !!

Wayne C

I have just received mine at £129 which it was two days ago at £119 it’s a ridiculous bargain even at £129 it’s a bargain. You will be very impressed when it arrives I know I was an hour or so ago!. Even the outer cardboard box says Eagles Legacy on it.

Marcus D

140 Euro from Amazon Germany at the moment
Better for those ordering from Germany or Austria.



Just bought The Who album, at that price I just had to get it and with my free Amazon Prime running out on the 14th. I have the Live at Leeds set, but other than that that all I have. Just wondering if there is any recommendations on what Who vinyl I should add to my list to watch out for.
Thanks Paul for all you do.


This has always been a good buy for the Who



Many thanks, Kid992, ordered.

Jarmo Keranen

If i had to choose only one vinyl of The Who, it would be Who’s Next. They have never been better before or after that. Other than that i would choose Tommy, Quadrophenia and Sell Out!


Thanks Jarmo will check them out.

Joel Moalem

Here’s a US Amazon deal: David Bowie Loving The Alien vinyl box for $95!


Unfortunately Amazon US aren’t shipping to the UK at this time.

Hans lindskog

Hello,, Amazon. Com do not ship to Sweden now, does anyone have an explanation for this? BR hans


Thinking this might be a mistake but the forthcoming Paul Weller ‘On Sunset’ vinyl is just over €9 on Amazon France at the moment:

Paul Taylor

It’s worth putting an order in. They did a similar thing with Big Country’s The Seer last year. They honoured it and I got it for under £10. The worst thing they can do is cancel it


Ordered as well. Thanks for that, Mark!


Thanks, good catch. I just ordered it. I’m a Prime member, so this will really be 9 euro unless of course Amazon cancels it.


Poor Madge. They were chucking the CD version of Madame X off the shelves in HMV last year. It was one of those “buy anything get this for £5” but as I was buying something anyway, I got the super deluxe edition of Madame X for £5. Confusingly they had all three versions of the CD (basic, deluxe and super deluxe) for £5 in this offer. It was for completeness as I have all of her other albums, but it was only that price that made me buy it. Sadly she’s long past being relevant, even to her long-term audience.


Same here, at Banbury HMV I got the basic cd for £5 and he popped in a super deluxe in my bag as well, got to say it is a grower, can’t write off Her Madgesty just yet.

Michael McA

Madame X is her best album since Ray Of Light.

Give it more listens!


Better than Music & Confessions On A Dancefloor, are you sure?

Mark Fernandes

Agreed. Madame X is even better than Ray in my opinion.


Disagree. I think it’s the worst thing she’s ever done musically. No melodies, no hooks, just droning, self important garbage.


Brian I totally agree with you Madame X is awful especially after the superb “Rebel Heart” album which had some very strong songs on it, there’s no question that “Ray Of Light” is a classic Madonna album but for some people saying Madame X album is better they are not thinking straight.


Madge is irrelevant. Been like that for a while. She now needs gimmicks to get noticed. On the other hand she has been doing this all her career [sex video, Like A Virgin video, etc.] except now it looks pathetic at her age.
While those in the same age group as she is [Sting, latter years of Phil Collins, for examples] adjusted their music career to some degree of success, she didn’t.
Her steroids use [how else can she bulk up?] doesn’t help.


Madonna is so past relevance unfortunately. she used to be a great song writer but as Brian says, she has forgotten about melody, structure, hooks etc. The saddest thing is, if it goes on like this she will have trashed her legacy imho and just be remembered as an 80s/90s artist.


Wow when did this become the Daily Mail comments section? Madame X is the most daring album she’s recorded since American Life, it’s Madonna just doing what she wants, it’s not to everyones tastes, but most people have come around to the album after giving it some time, if you can’t hear melody in the breezy Medellin, the epic disco stomper God Control, Crave, Crazy, I Rise etc then I suggest you give it a few more spins.

Regarding her being irrelevant, this is the usual statement from your average hater, but, she’s still the biggest selling female artist of all time at the end of the day, you can’t take a way that winning streak of 80s singles, and several new peaks in her career with Ray of Light, Confessions etc. For someone who’s irrelevant she’s still making headlines on a regular basis and I rarely go through a day without hearing her name mentioned on the radio, TV etc.


Mansun Attack of the Grey Lantern box is £29.99 on burningshed. Is that a good price?


Regarding deals, if you’re a fan of Bert Jansch then Bandcamp currently have the Bert Jansch 4 cd sets (Living In The Shadows 1 and 2 and A Man I’d Rather Be 1 and 2) in a bundle priced at £80 which in itself is cheap for these sets, however, in conjunction with Earth records, type in the code splendidisolation (one word) at the checkout to get a further 15% off, total £68 plus £4 p+p. As I say each set is a 4 cd affair, housed in a solid book type outer with plenty of notes, similar to the recent Marillion deluxe editions and for 16 CDs in lovely shelf friendly packaging this is a bargain!

graeme ewan

cheers Gary, needed the Man I’d Rather Be sets. good deal £51 inc delivery and not using Amazon for once. cheers.


I can’t help but wonder if the current precarious financial state of the world will have an effect on the collectors market, both with new releases and people offloading old releases they’ve bought, but now need cash.
I myself now have to carefully consider how much I want something due to starting to rack up debt on a credit card, and not knowing how secure my employment is.

Interesting times ahead.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

You are damn right Kevin.

I buy lots of new albums/box sets, CDs & LPs and I expect a slow down in new physical releases with lesser known/new artists having to release digital only releases. I expect physical releases of the type that are guaranteed to sell, Drake, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran for example. The same same goes for the formats we all love and why we visit this site so often, Special Deluxe Editions. I expect a big reduction in these type of physical formats. S.D.E.s of for example The Beatles `Let It Be`* will still be released because there is a huge market for them. However releases from lesser known artists will not happen.

*This is if Apple are planning to release this in the first place.

There are going to be huge financial repercussions from the C-19 pandemic, many of us may not have the disposable income to spend on physical releases.

Regarding the pre-owned LP/CD market, this should become a buyer`s market with many people selling because of job losses and other financial constraints.

I really hope I`m wrong about this and will happily put my hands up if I am. Stay safe and only breath in the good air.


@The Golden Age Of The Phonograph:
I’m sure just to clarify, when you mean “This is if Apple are…” you mean Apple Records when really it’s Paul, Ringo and the 2 estates.


I reckon the effects of cov19 will have many folk reassessing many things, in which case personal hobbies and collections of things (be it SDE’s, antiques or anything) may not feature too highly. When you factor in that companies have repeatedly stung punters for as much as they can make then the future may well be precarious. There is certainly an influx of sales and ‘bargains’ to be had in my inbox of late. Maybe this beginning of sorrows will cause us to question the ‘value’ of much more than SDE’s…interesting times indeed!

Richard Fisher

Abba Live at Wembley Arena vinyl currently £27.99 at Amazon UK.

Richard Fisher

Primitives Bloom 5cd boxset £21.62 on Amazon UK.

Richard Fisher

Songs from the Big Chair boxset £35.99 on Amazon UK.

Also The Band’s eponymous 50th anniversary set is £76 from the same site.


The Killers direct Hits £12 on Amazon and Fleetwood Mac 50 Years Don’t Stop £35.


Its unfortunate I can’t take advantage of ANY of your Deal Alerts during this virus thing (I’m in Canada). Sigh. Though I’d have to say since Amazon increased their shipping costs overseas, I’ve cut back considerably on my European/UK purchases. Even with a lot of these discounts, by the time shipping and rate conversions are calculated, its no deal after all. My bank account is in better shape though, lol.


More HMV madness:

QueensOf The Stone Age | Songs For The Deaf 2LP reissue: £12!

QueensOf The Stone Age | Lullabies To Paralyze 2LP reissue: £12!

QueensOf The Stone Age | Era Vulgaris LP reissue: £9!

Beck | Hyperspace LP £10:

Pulp | His N Hers 2LP reissue from last year -really great sounding pressing £12:

Elbow | Giants of All Sizes LP £11:


Wow..thanks for the heads up..some serious HMV reductions


the HMV site seems to have collapsed in a big way (7pm BST) – hopefully someone will recover it while there are still bargains available.


Eagles box set £133.


Thanks Paul – got the McCartney & Cream sets

David Regan

The thing with these offers is that there getting delayed delivery from Amazon..the Prince releases you mentioned a couple of months ago I ordered are now delayed..does that mean these offers will get delayed delivery


I can only assume it’s just the type of things I’m ordering (Books, DVDs, CDs, etc. listed as ‘in stock’) but I’m getting stuff delivered by Amazon Prime within around 48 hours at most. Last night (technically this morning) I ordered an item at 01.51 – it arrived at 12.25 today! Just 11 hours later! Yikes! Guess I’ve just been lucky.


Lana Del Ray – NFR Blue Vinyl at HMV for £24


Just spotted at HMV – The Police Every Breath You Take The Studio Recordings on vinyl just £47.99! That’s gotta be a world beater! Yes, just £47.99 for all the Police albums + B-sides collection on 12″ vinyl LP’s. Grab it now before it’s too late!!

Richard Fisher

Amazing deal! Just ordered – thanks!

Nick ball

How did you manage to order, HMVs website seems to be continually down ?


To Nick

I didn’t order it. I just spotted it there, although I would love to have one I’ve got no storage space for it so I’ll just have to stick with my CD set.
I know the HMV website can be a bugger at times; suggest you trying upgrading your browser and try again.

Nick ball

Simonf apparently if you use 4g instead of WiFi the site works…god only knows why !!
Police box set nabbed, excuse the pun but it’s a real steal !!


There’s a lot of decent stuff at HMV – Kate Bush vinyl sets 1, and 2 are £39.99 each, KB 3 is £54.99 and KB 4 is £34.99, Rick James (red vinyl) under a tenner, as well as that Police offer! Keep safe all!

Mike M

Simonf, that sir is a bargain, these are half speed masters in this boxset. Nice one pal


Unfortunately this offer is not open to international markets. Would have been a sweet deal!


Thanks for the heads up on Red Rose Speedway – Appreciated Paul

Richard Fisher

Thanks for the alert Paul. I’ve been waiting for the Red Rose… vinyl to drop down to £19.99. A nice little package.


Last year’s vinyl reissues of Songs For The Deaf and Lullabies To Paralyze by QOTSA are both 11,99 on amazon UK right now. Great price!

Darren Gray

Tangerine Dream In Search Of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979 is currently £129.99 on Amazon UK and $138.60 on Amazon.com


I got the Tangs box yesterday from Juno via their eBay site for £125.49 with free postage. Great set and very pleased to have it as I previously thought it was long sold out. It’s also available (again) at Burning Shed for £115.00 but there is an £8.00 postage charge as well. You pays your money and you takes your choice as someone once said!
Keep well everybody.


:(( The Pink Floyd Deal is expensive to buy outside of U.K. at this moment. The next time…


Clapton studio album 9 disc box set now down to a bargain £73!! A steal at £8 a disc so how could I resist?……ordered…

Richard Fisher

Eric Clapton The Studio Collection vinyl boxset now £73.50 on Amazon UK.


Thanks for tip, just posted about this when I saw your post from yesterday! Doah, I’m a bit slow! Anyway, I shall look forward to getting my Clapton package

Richard Fisher

No problem. Pleased you were able to take advantage of the offer.

Richard Fisher

Julian Cope Autogeddon vinyl boxset now £37 on Amazon UK.

Richard Fisher

Kings of the Wild Frontier boxset now down to £30 on Amazon UK.

fabrizio rotondi

Depeche mode order and received, thanks Paul!
price went up to 75 euro in the meantime


The Allman Bros – Trouble No More 50th Anniversary five CD set £35.39 UK Amazon Prime


My TFF box from Base.com was also cancelled. That is really bad service. After a week of my copy ordered when it was in stock. They wont see me there again.

Alkso FYI the ABBA reissue of the triple vinyl set set: the image used above is incorrect, because this reissue is a cheap version where the sleeve is not gatefold but its a single bigger capacity sleeve. No idea why they would go through the trouble and then slapping it in something so basic.
Oh wait I do know: milk some more without added expense.

Chris Squires

BUT…. it has been remastered properly since the first issue and it is a better pressing.
Swings and roundabouts but, to me at any rate, this second version ticks more boxes and it isn’t £150, you can get it for a very reasonable price.
Yes an identical cover would have been good but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker unless one is just looking for problems.

Richard S

Nothing wrong with the image shown for the Abba reissue…unless it’s been changed since this post was made. It shows you exactly what you get in the “bigger capacity sleeve”.

Graham Gardner

Shane Hmv got stock in. I’ve just ordered for £39.99. I know it’s £4 dearer than Base.com but hey ho!

graeme ewan

Legend spot mate.


I’ve ordered tears for fears the hurting box set from Hmv over 1 hour a go both boxes sftbc in stock


Unsure what SW is taking so long to release Insurgentes album on CD with a BR [never released on BR] and the “movie” on BR as well.
Maybe he’s coming out with a SDE eventually…


I hope Insurgentes does follow in BR form like the other recent re-issues, however I wouldn’t be so fussed about re-purchasing the movie in HD, as it’s definitely a one-watch, then file. (Albeit, the additional audio tracks on the 2nd disc are worth a listen)


Looks like the deal’s over, but the Kirsty box contains expanded editions of Kite and Electric Landlady (not Titanic Days).


A brilliant 2 cd set from Minnie Ripperton, who sadly died due to cancer at the age of 31. Stevie Wonder’s input at the peak of his powers makes this essential. £9.39 is as good a price as this has been outside of any 2 for 3 German deals.


Richard Fisher

Trouble No More Bob Dylan vinyl boxset £40 on Amazon UK.

Richard Fisher

INXS Kick 30 boxset £22. 50 on Amazon UK.

Richard Fisher

Monty Python’s Total Rubbish CD boxset £35 on Amazon UK.

Mark G

For ten minutes!

David Bly

Yes! Regarding the Total Rubbish CD boxset, when I finally got to it, it was priced £140.60 (!) on Amazon UK and additionally came with a message…

“Currently unavailable for delivery to your region due to high demand. We are working to resume delivery as soon as possible.”

I am in the US where Amazon US has decided to not make any new CDs and LPs available at all,
and I wonder if the Amazon UK thingy is related to that.

Even though I knew it might ultimately be cheaper to order from Amazon UK or Amazon US (the latter where it was not listed at all for reasons I mentioned above), I ordered the new Be-Bop Deluxe “Axe Victim” CD sets from a US company called PopMarket ($71.26 for both the super deluxe and deluxe sets) rather than having to wait.

Are others out there having the same or similar things happen to them, with certain companies suddenly not shipping to other countries?

Mark Yon

Here’s one I found by accident, Paul: Treasures, a limited vinyl box set of later era Yes albums is £98.70 at Amazon UK but 81 euros at Amazon.de – saving about £30! Thought some might be interested.

Steve Perry

If anyone is interested in jazz check out Burningshed.com,they have the luxury 50th anniversary box set for Jazz on a summers day, vinyl, cd, dvd and book for £29.99. This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen and is worth every penny.

Richard Fisher

Stones Let It Bleed vinyl/cd boxset £86 on Amazon UK.

Ben Williams

Still about £30 too expensive…

Richard Fisher

Ha ha. Yes you’re right.

David Bly

Is this really a good price?
I ask because a while back (in the US), not too long after this was first released, I got this from Amazon US for only $90 (+ tax).

In addition, considering that this box is mostly just a bunch of pretty pictures in a book, put together by the stingy bastards at ABKCO, it’s not worth it in regards to the audio part.

Yes, it’s nice that they include a replica vinyl version of the US single of “Honky Tonk Women”/”You Can’t Always Get What You Want” [single version]. But why couldn’t they have added both on the mono and stereo SACDs?

As for the visual aspects, the mono versions feature UK Decca labels, and the stereo versions feature US London labels, so whey then do both LP back covers using the UK designs with the holes in the cover revealing red or blue inner sleeves, which are also both reproduced? On the stereo LP, which has the US London label, they should’ve used a US back cover design and used the US inner sleeve, which is purple.

Not worth £86 in any way.

The legacy of the criminal Allen Klein is still ruining the Stones albums that that his company has the rights to.

Richard Fisher

I suppose what I was highlighting by flagging it up to Paul (and therefore the SDE audience) is that for a long time the box has been in excess of £100. It may be that others would want to take advantage of the reduced price. It’s not for me either though at £86 – I still consider it too high for what it is – but others may want to take advantage of the offer.

David Bly

Richard Fisher…

In all honesty I did not know for certain what prices the “Let It Bleed” box set had been going for in the UK, but I felt I had to mention its lack of even the most obvious bonus material and real value as it is one of my favourite Stones albums and this release is one of the most disappointing releases ever.

Richard Fisher

I can’t disagree with you David. A disappointing package for an album that deserves much much better.

Richard Fisher

I see the set went down to £64 at HMV but out of stock now. Would you have been tempted at that price David?

David Bly


Just saw your comment “I see the set went down to £64 at HMV but out of stock now”, and whether I would be tempted at that price. With the exchange rate making that around $80, whether that would be less than the $90 (+ $7.20 tax) I paid for it before, once you factor in the shipping from HMV, I don’t know if it would be worth it. Not planning on getting a 2nd copy in any case.

Richard Fisher

Sorry David. I somehow totally missed that you already had a copy. I must admit it looks a very nice item its just overpriced. I think I would have been tempted at £64. Although overpriced it’s a nice item, especially if you are a big Stones fan, and I hope you have enjoyed it. Richard.

Richard Fisher

Chemical Brothers Surrender 20th anniversary cd boxset back down to £19.99 on Amazon UK.