Blank & Jones on curating so80s

Exclusively for SDE, those producers, remixers, DJs and compilation curators Blank & Jones, reveal the challenges and frustrations in putting together so80s compilations and spotlight a few selections from the forthcoming so80s 10, which is released this week…

Blank & Jones:

“While we were digging in our 80s vinyl Collections some time around 2009, we were so inspired that we wanted to enjoy these 12-inch singles more regularly, possibly in the car, at a kitchen party etc. So we started looking for them on CD and were surprised that not many 80s compilations featured our beloved 12“ format. Those we found were usually pure catalogue exploitation by major record companies. This means they only compiled tracks and mixes which they controlled/owned. Therefore the track listing was often uninspired.

Suddenly we faced a huge challenge. Where to find those mastertapes? How to transfer and restore them? Where to find the master owners? The past eight years have beamed us into a complete new cosmos and we don’t want to miss one second of it. If you were with us from the beginning you will probably know all developments from our regular booklet essays. It’s a great mix of adventure and playing detective – and we love it!

So now here is number ten and it took us over a year to collect these masters. The deeper you dig into the 80s, the more difficult it is to trace the masters to certain tracks.

Here are some facts you might be interested in:


Big Man Restless (Club Mix) – Kissing The Pink
It took us more than five years to trace this master, as the song was actually planned for so8os 7. Unfortunately, neither the band nor the record label knew where the master was. Now it was finally traced in the U.S. and transferred from tape. Still, the quality could be better, but this is a good example of how quality can differ in the 1980s. It was the time where bands started to produce very cheaply, in basement studios with the new technology at hand, but not necessarily knowing how to mix it properly. It was very much ‘do it yourself’, similar to years later, with the techno movement. Of course, an experienced sound engineer who worked for example on a 12-inch mix for Phil Collins or Kate Bush was much better in avoiding too much bass in the final mix, than the upcoming kids. Plus, very often the bands advised even the experienced sound engineers to keep the sound that way, as they wanted it sound different and more dirty than the polished big productions.

What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Club Mix) – Information Society
Another track that stayed on our ‘want’ list for a long time. In the past years we were always informed that the track could not be cleared due to the use of a ‘Mr. Spock’ sample. We keep requesting the track and somehow were lucky this time. This 12-inch version is pure fun and sounds fantastic when mixed with the Shep Pettibone US Mix of Duran Duran’s All She Wants Is.

Love Comes Quickly (Shep Pettibone Mastermix) – Pet Shop Boys
Of course there are many Pet Shop Boys mixes that remain left aside from the expanded Further Listening discs and early CD Singles, but this song and mix is just one of our all time favourites. In the 80s we fell in love with the Bobby Orlando produced West End Girls and followed the ‘boys ever since. When they asked us to remix Home & Dry for DISCO 3 in 2002 we were the happiest producers in the world.

We met them at a German tv show and told them about our plans for a chill out album and our love for Love Comes Quickly. One thing lead to another and they gave us the original multi-track parts to that song. We created the chill out mix which was not only featured on our first RELAX album, but also later used for the limited edition of POP/ART/MIX by PSB. So when we started the so8os series we were sure to include the one or the other 12-inch from PSB on every edition. Well, wrong ; ) Very politely, the management told us that Neil & Chris didn’t wanted to be associated with the 80s too much, and therefore denied any requests for compilations carrying the name ’80s’ in their name. We very much respected the artist’s decisions and beside the first Bobby Orlando produced version of West End Girls on so8os 1, we never requested another track for the series. Until the Pet Shop Boys left Parlophone and the catalogue of EMI was split between Universal and Warner. Suddenly we saw PSB tracks and mixes popping up on various compilations, so we thought we give it another try for so8os 10. And here we go: Shep Pettibone delivering one of his finest mixes to a rather underrated tune. This had to be the opener to so8os10!


City Rhythm (Full Length Version) – Shakatak
This mix is the only 12-inch version that was never released by the group on the two double CD set. We always wondered why. This version wasn’t even included on the Japanese album release in 2008 (they used the US Mix as a bonus track). We learned after some research that Universal (former Polygram) lost the rights to the entire catalogue. They were now owned by the band again. But somehow this master tape with the 12“ version was left in the universal vaults when all Shakatak Masters were shifted. We were so happy to finally trace this tape box in Universal UK archive and transfer it for the first time for digital release.

In case you are wondering why we don’t show photos of all tape boxes which we find, we can tell you, that we ask for permission to do this for every song but don’t get permission to do so. For example New Order denied us the opportunity to show the tape box of Blue Monday. Same with Pet Shop Boys, Chris Rea and many more in the past. Again: we respect all artist decisions and never question them.

Another general bit of information, which we keep on explaining, is that we would love to feature artists like Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Eurythmics etc. with their often fabulous 12-inch mixes of the 80s, but due to artist decisions or record company politics we are not able to license these names…trust us, we would die to release the Arthur Baker mixes of Too Much Blood (Rolling Stones) or Dancing In The Dark. It’s just not possible (at this point). But we are patient people …who knows what time will bring….

We are so thankful to all the artists which keep supporting us and help us to trace masters, same with all the archivists at the major record companies who really go deep into the vaults and help us to find catalogue numbers in corners where nobody looked in for sometimes 30 years….we will keep on diggin’!”

Thanks to Piet and Jaspa for this insight. so80s 10 is out on Friday 10 June 2016.



01 Love Comes Quickly (Shep Pettibone Mastermix) – Pet Shop Boys 7:37
02 Self Control (Extended Version) – Laura Branigan 5:04
03 What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Club Mix) – Information Society 7:54
04 Blue Monday (Original 12″ Version) – New Order 7:29
05 Love Is A Battlefield (Extended Version) – Pat Benatar 06:27
06 Jane’s Getting Serious (Full Length Version) – Jon Astley 04:24
07 Wishing Well (The Cool In The Shade Mix) – Terence Trent D’Arby 07:51
08 The Sweetest Taboo (Extended Version) – Sade 05:28
09 City Rhythm (Full Length Version) – Shakatak 07:14
10 Healing (Full Length Version) – Feltman Trommelt 04:03
11 Everywhere (12″ Version) – Fleetwood Mac 05:47


01 This Corrosion (Long Version) – The Sisters Of Mercy 11:16
02 Boys Don’t Cry (Resung & Club Mixed Feb ’86 Extended 12″ Dance Version) – The Cure 5:32
03 Rain In The Summertime (Through The Haze Mix) – The Alarm 8:35
04 Love Is A Shield (Extended Version) – Camouflage 5:21
05 Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Original 12″ Version) – Soft Cell 8:54
06 Secrets (Full Length Version) – Fiat Lux 3:28
07 Paranoimia (Extended Version) – The Art Of Noise feat. Max Headroom 6:41
08 Forgotten Town (12″ Version) – The Christians 6:14
09 Is This Love (L.A. Mix) – Alison Moyet 5:25
10 The Look (Big Red Mix) – Roxette 7:35
11 Walk Like An Egyptian (Extended Dance Mix) – The Bangles 5:51


01 The Magician (Pecky Plus Mix) – Secession 6:57
02 Would I Find Love (Extended Version) – Dizzi Heights 6:00
03 Big Man Restless (Club Mix) – Kissing The Pink 7:08
04 Masimbabele (Original 12″ Version) – The Unknown Cases 5:50
05 In Dreams (High Velocity Mix) – Pete Bardens 8:46
06 Your Heart Keeps Burning (Burning Mega Mix – The Glory Radio Drama Part 1) – Blind Date 8:00
07 I Want A New Drug (12″ Mix) – Huey Lewis & The News 05:33
08 Roam (Extended Mix) – The B-52´s 5:26
09 Soul Food To Go (Extended Version) – The Manhattan Transfer 08:11
10 Touché D’Amour (Special Extended Remix) – Chris Rea 6:11

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“You will probably know all developments from our regular booklet essays”? Which booklet essays? I’ve never seen any booklet essays and my So80s cd doesn’t even have basic track information, not even the year, much less performer or production credits or the vinyl release where each track originally appeared. What they have is the absolute minimum information that a CD can possibly have.

Larry Davis

Hey B & J…huge fan of your detective work and cd releases…ever since I got your Sandra double and latest record that you produced “Stay In Touch”, reuniting her with Hubert Kah…and their 2CD collection too…plus the Alphaville and Falco doubles…incredible. Just some curiosities…how do you make your discs 80+ minutes…some almost 90?? Why your liner notes are Deutsch only…not in English?? I have to go through lotsa trouble translating it all. Sucks about losing the licensing…i have volumes 1-8, need 9 & 10…I dig the So90s set you did as well…plans to continue that and more 80s volumes?? An ABC double would be killer…I love the Formel Eins set too…really cool…sucks about Kajagoogoo but I have a collection already no big whoop…the Heaven 17 set is sweet…with Dead Or Alive we have the Edsel box now fixed…you should bring about the Kim Wilde set that was digital only and now gone…make the double CD a reality…may have to get the ZTT set…and for future 80s set ideas…you should get the rights to Chris Rea’s “Josephine” the French 12″…only an edit was on a 2Cd Music Club Deluxe release…and the full version was only digital and vinyl…that thing is sublime and would be awesome on a B&J So80s set…thanks for all you do guys cheers from New York!!




Was Not Was, SHERYL LEE RALPH, Erasure, COCTEAU TWINS. Try them!!


I just purchased Volume 8 and intend to buy more. I see “Self Control” made it onto Volume 10…more Laura please! Also, is there any chance you’d sneak back into 1979 for a track or two? Every time a Nicolette Larson compilation or another issue of the “Nicolette” CD is released, I look for the great 12″ promo mix of “Lotta Love” added as a bonus but no luck. I love that mix!!


One of the best 12″ mixes of the 80s is Ebn Ozn with Aeiou (sometimes y). Coupled with Off (sven vath) with Harry (aber jetzt). And not to forget: Dr.calculus (stephen tin tin duffy) with programme 7 . Any chance to find the masters and include these? Even vinyl rips would be fine, these songs are massively good!!!! I can name you a few more if you want :-).

paul jones

are the CD’s in the box set the remastered versions?


Thanks for an excellent collection, Piet.

One question since you didn’t talk about it and some are up in arms about the track: Why did you include Tainted Love? Was a remaster necessary like Blue Monday (or Smalltown Boy on So80s 9)?

eoin hall

China Crisis Tragedy and Mystery 12” mix is on Wishful Thinking The Very Best Of China Crisis cd.

Martin Aspland

Eoin , I have the china crisis collection you mention but was not very impressed with the quality so still after a better remaster, better still their first 3 albums remastered deluxe editions with extra tracks

eoin hall

Hi Martin.I did not know the quality of that cd wasn`t that good.Would love to see the 12” mix of King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up) finally on cd.

Martin Aspland

Agreed Eoin I was very surprised that Cherry Red picked up diary of a hollow horse as the one to do a deluxe version of . I think their first 3 -4 albums are some of the best of the 80’s , have you ever heard never too late off of the limited edition 12″ of black man ray , what a superb song and would be great to have on CD. its on youtube if you have never heard it , good to see some china crisis fans still out there , take care


Please Please Please! never have been able to find good sounding vinyls of these two:

Bonnie Tyler-Band of Gold-Arthur Baker Remix
Red Box-Chenko (Tenka-lo)-No Reservations Mix (even the 7″ version-which is an edit of this remix) would be a welcome gift!

Then I could die a happy man.

Paul English

@ Chris Squires

The Now albums (particularly when they went to 9 or 10 tracks per side) did not sound good on vinyl – especially when trying to DJ with them over a club system. The CD releases were most welcome and should really have started earlier.

Martin Aspland

hello , it is great that you answer some of these personal queries , please if you can consider any of these that have been on my want list for CD for years
Space Monkey Come with Me ( extended)
The associates those first impressions ( extended)
This island Earth See that Glow ( extended)
Robert Marlow Face of Dorian Gray ( extended)
The fall out club Wonderlust ( extended)
Bourgie Bourgie Breaking point ( extended )
Secession Michael ( extended)
Fiat Lux Blue Emotion ( extended)
This island Earth Take me to the fire ( extended)
B-Movie Remembrance day ( some bizzare version)
Robert Marlow No heart ( extended)
Fantasy Ten the big bang ( extended)
China Crisis Tragedy and Mystery ( extended)
Fra Lippo Lippi Come Summer ( extended)
Secession Touch Part 3
Vision Lucifers Friend ( extended)
Shock Angel Face ( extended)
WIN shampoo tears extended
Psychedelic furs heartbeat ( mendholson mix)


Thanks for your explanation, Piet! so8ry for missing that the first time around. ;)
Speaking of ‘dry’… It’s kind of sad to realize that one of the biggest hurdles for getting unusual mixes released, seems to be the book-keeping in the big record companies’ rep-systems.


> the licenses for so8os 1-5 have expired

I don’t quite get it: Those volumes are still offered as digital downloads on amazon.de (though, apparently these are not the remasters). Are the digital distribution licenses handled differently?

Anyway: Thanks for bringing us so80s & keep up the good work, Piet & Jasper!

piet blank

hello fisonic…i think i have explained it before…when we started the so8os project it was together with german EMI. they wanted the online rights, we got the cd rights. in order to release them worldwide digitally, the tracklisting had to modified to a more or less complete emi owned catalogue. so the digital versions of 1-4 are what is called an “in-house” compilation. only tracks they own anyway. so no license can expire. these comps will stay online for as long as the rights followers to emi (universal and warner) want it online…but the physical rights have expired, so the last cds will be sold and by the end of the year the license is no longer valid. sorry for all these dry infos, but you asked ; )


Thanks, Neil. Really appreciate it.


am I correct in thinking that a Yello compilation was in the works?


Crikey, The Alarm!


my wish list for forthcoming so80s volumes, all tracks are still unavailable on cd as far as I know:
Person To Person – High Time (Nigh Time Mix)
Reflexx – Viel Zu Viel (Club Mix)
Zak – Let’s Trade
Novo – Extremix
This Island Earth – See That Glow (Special U.S. Remix)
Wang Chung – Don’t Let Go (Special Version)
Wang Chung – Wait (Remix)
Endgames – Love Cares (Extended Version)
Endgames – Desire (Extended Version)
Malcolm McLaren – Duck Rock Cheer
F-A-N – Das Phänomen (Der Revier Mix)


Hi Piet,

I too think a Dead Or Alive set would be just amazing beyond words.
And if the ABC set does come to life that would be fantastic, too.

But I also have a question:
Are the newly re-mastered Vol. 1-4 only available from your shop or if I order them from some other retailer (Amazon etc.) now should I expect to get the new version as well?

Thanks and keep up your amazing work. It is massively appreciated.


They are only available from their shop it was mentioned on the other thread about this release.


I thought part of the reason for these releases was to include mixes that had only appeared on vinyl before though as each volume has came out that’s happening less and less and it seems they are including more mixes that are easily obtainable on CD. Of course there are issues with licensing some tracks but why include mixes that have appeared infinite times on other compilations it’s just crazy. What i really would love to happen is for them to go back and remaster that So80s Presents OMD properly and to get rid of that brickwalling that makes your ears bleed.

Chris Squires

I too, like Jens above, would like a vinyl version, even if it was a culling of the best tracks onto a triple LP. Rather like Spotify having only 18 – 20 tracks of each compilation. 3 or 4 good mixes per side and you would have quite a decent 20+ track compilation. It’s part of the fun of having “Now….” on Vinyl. To answer the question “Why?” I will answer “Why not?”. It’s useful having the tracks all in one triple set rather than across 20 or 30 different 12″ singles. At 20 – 22 minutes per side and 180g it will not sound worse than the 30 year old originals, even if you can find them in decent enough condition.

500 copies of each set on Vinyl @ £40 – £50 would be a guaranteed sale and guaranteed profit to put into more compilations or food, if you need to eat. Put me down for one of each of the first 10 compilations. 220 to 230 top 12″ers in one big box set…. Which of course would have to be housed in a cheap PVC-covered flip-top metal clasp record case from WHSmith.


Kudos to Jaspa and Piet. Inspiring work. Love it.

It is a job never finished, so much more to rescue…but thanks for all you have done, we are blessed.

Mike the Fish

Nice article, thanks.


Slightly off topic but it was mentioned earlier…

Regarding ABC’s Millionaire Nickel and Dime Mix, wasn’t that just a razormaid style re-edit of the standard version? I liked it but didn’t think it held up to the other two.

I do second ABC for So80s – that would be fantastic. The Zillionaire through Up albums were all outstanding and the remixes were just excellent. Tower of London extended only appeared on that Millionaire US 12″. Excellent mix.

And thank you Piet for responding to all of our obsessive questions :)

I have one – would a Dead Or Alive remix anthology ever be possible? I am not sure why one has never happened. I heard about the Japanese promo remix set that was allegedly going to be released but pulled at the last minute. Anyone know why?


Oh sorry, one more thing! I was also surprised to discover that some mixes on the So80s Falco compilation were sourced from vinyl (although the master is very good nobody can disguise the hiss when the volume fades in or out at the end -or even the beginning on some tracks-) like the Vienna Calling Metternich Arrival Mix… but that mix was previously released from a real clean master on CD on the original US version of the Falco 3 album!. I can´t remember exactly now but, something similar happened with some other tracks on the same compilation (I think it was the “Sound Of Music” extended too, released on Falco’s The Remix Hit Collection CD but sourced from vinyl on the So80s CD) . So, when you don´t have the masters: do you prefer to remaster the mixes from vinyl intentionally or maybe you just didn´t knew they were released on CD already?? Thanks in advance for any info about that! P.


HI Blank, Hi Jones! Fist of all I must say that making those collections must be for sure a dream come true for many of us, so we can imagine all the joy involved on that! I wonder how are you managing now the ‘loudness war’ thing in your new compilations, because many of us were really disappointed with the first editions of the So80s series (not just the various artists compilations, also the single artists compilations like the OMD So80s CD) because the sound was so brickwalled that they sadly sounded distorted, like a missed opportunity for the sound purists (like me) to have those mixes finally, on the best possible quality, on CD…are you taking more care about that now?? Also, I want to ask you: when a mix was previously released (and sometimes easy to found) on CD, do you look for the masters anyway or do you make your remasters directly form the CD version? (because I see many “already on CD” mixes on your so80s 10 tracklist like PSB, InSoc, NewOrder -the Blue monday 12″ is everywhere!-, Tainted Love -also released on many CDs!-, Bangles, TheB-52’s… and for sure the 80’s collectors buying your compilations, who also buy aother compilations and artists CDs, must prefer mixes not previously found on CD like those named..). And for the last, something I was also very curious about: on the So80s 4 compilation the Howard Jones’ Things Can Only Get Better Extended Mix included is on mono, not stereo…a very weird situation knowing your special interest on achieving the best possible quality…how didi you missed that? :P Cheers and thanks for keep doing this great job!

piet blank

hey paco…thank you for all your questions, please understand that we can not answer the same questions on every news…maybe you can skip to the tracklist announcement of so8os 10 here on the site and look at my answers there…in a nutshell: howard jones: warner had only mono files in their archive. howard jones himself gave us the stereo file later and we used it for the limited re-pressing where we also re-mastered the complete so8os 1-4 at a lower volume. available in the shop: http://www.blankandjonesshop.com/cd/so8os/


Thanks for your time and the answer Piet! I didn´t knew about that other topic about the tracklist announcement, that´s why I missed your answers there and repeated some questions, sorry for that! I didn´k knew about the remastered versions of the first 4 volumes. Being from Argentina I´m also worried about the situation that I can’t buy that remastered versions from your site :(… It´s almost a sin what I´m going to ask, but: there is no chance to buy them digitally, a wav download?? As a song-by-song download maybe?? It´s a shame that all the non-European world will miss the chance to enjoy your dedicated work!! Thanks once again…Cheers!

Paul English

@ Jens

Just buy the original 12″s if you want the tracks on vinyl.

A LP with three or four 12″ mixes per side won’t sound as good anyway.


Great article – looking forward to the release of so80s 10.

One request – including the 12″ mix of Loveride by Nuance feat Vikki Love in a future so80s volume would be much appreciated!

Gary Butler

Totally agree that an ABC set should be top of the list. I’d love to see ‘How to be a billionaire’ finally see the light of day on cd

JF Verreault

Thanks Auntie Sabrina, I’ll definitely check your recommendations out!


Interesting read…and thanks for the Q&A!! I just ordered vol 7 Ibiza. I thought I was well versed in 80’s dance… until I saw that track list! Sampled some songs then had to order!! Looking forward to vol 10!!

JF Verreault

I know this is a little off-topic, but I’m pretty sure SDE is a good place to ask this: can anyone recommend a similar 12″ mix compilation for 70s disco? I’d love to get my hands on a well-curated, technically-sound collection… Thanks for the suggestions!


The Disco Discharge series of CDs is pretty excellent I find. Mostly 12 inch versions with some album tracks. Lots of different stuff across the entire range, not just 70s disco.

JF Verreault

Straker, thanks for the info. At first glance, Disco Discharge seems like a pretty elaborate series with some quirky thematic compilations (Mondo Disco, Disco Exotica and Gay Disco, lol!), I’ll check them out for sure.

eoin hall

The 12” mix of Julian Lennon`s Too Late For Goodbye`s is on an australian compilation from 1999 called Essential Eighties 2.

elliott buckingham

have the so80s billy idol set sound quality not great as is the heaven 17 and the ultravox the dbl set of falco is a lot better but still hit and miss with a few tracks sounding better than others. what they did with ztt was amazing would love more of these


Hey, what about a vinyl release of your nice compilation ?


I love the So80s collections! I have several. Piet, Jaspa, or Paul, Does anyone know why Volume 5 has gotten so expensive online? I can’t find a reasonable price on it anywhere that I’ve looked. Was it a limited release? It’s so aggravating. I must have them all. Thanks for any help. :)

piet blank

hello lanny. the licenses for so8os 1-5 have expired. due to the various sales of labels (emi, parlophone etc) it is not possible to re-license the same compilation again. compilations are usually licensed for 3 years, maximum 5 years. after that it is hard to extend the license. the last remaining copies of so8os 5 (and 1-4) are available in our little webshop…
they will become collectors items for sure, and i can promise you, that there will be NO re-pressings.


Thank you so much for your reply. I would love to order from your shop. But it I’m in the USA. So no shipping to hear?? :)


But no shipping to the USA?? :(


artists editions would be great of bands like the cure and eurythmics. or die ärzte.

and: the following mixes have never been released in good quality (or at all) on CD before:
*julian lennon: too late for goodbyes (vocal extended special remix) 5:55
*karel fialka: hey matthew (extended remix) 6:57
*nina hagen: new york, ny (new york transformed mix) 6:57
*peter wolf: lights out (extended dance mix) 6:17

also: would have been so great if you could have used duran duran’s “a view to a kill” extended version) 7:30 which surfaced a few years ago (see here: http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/listen/a-12-inch-mix-of-duran-durans-a-view-to-a-kill-emerges/). did you try to use this as yet officially unreleased mix?

Andrew Mogford

That Hey Matthew mix is fantastic. I picked up the 12″ single a few months ago in mint condition. I’m collecting 12″ singles at the moment. Found some brilliant examples. Found a great Desire by U2 extended mix the other day. Didn’t even know it existed.

Mike the Fish

Yeah, I only found out about the Hey Matthew 12″ mix a few years back. I don’t know which location you’re in, but in the UK we only had the tracks from the 7″ cut onto a bigger record.


Hard, hard work and dedication, swimming against the record labels’ indifference – Blank & Jones : You are necessary. Thank you !

Martin Aspland

Guys I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that you had put the magician secession on here and also Fiat Lux . I know some organisations have tried in the past to re-release secession ( they did some great 12 ” s and also a compilation of Fiat Lux . Rumour had it that the wife of the secession singer that died had the rights ….is that true . I do hope by you putting these on compilations will open the flood gate for these two brilliant bands . by finding the masters did they also have any of the others e.g. for fiat Lux Blue Emotion 12″
keep up the great detective work and thanks for keeping the 80’s alive , by the way have you read the book DARE I think you will enjoy it


Oops wrong mix lol


How about the No Sleep Till Wednesday mix of Eloise (The Damned)


Eloise (Extravagant Mix) is on 12″/80s Alternative

Jon Hank

I wish they’d do one for Laura Branigan…..90% of all her remixes remain unreleased on CD.

DJ Boji

Thank you Blank & Jones for The big efforts to keep the spirit of the best decade 80s alive and releasing The next great so80s compilation!!!!!! We are more than lucky to have you guys.
I find The proposal from Kauwgompie quite interesting though I know that you prefer to work with Master tapes when you put The compilations. Just to add on to this proposal, but why not releasing a 3 CD compilation consisting of rare and hard to find Vinyl Transfer 12”only for Tracks that you don’t find the Masters ? I’m sure that this could become a best seller Compilation and by that perhaps convince all record companies to Support you a bitte more to find some of the hidden and lost masters for Future compilations. If I may wish some tracks for The next compilations they will be: The Police – Don’t stand so close to me ’86 extended version and Boys Don’t Cry – I wanna be a Cowboy 12″.


The Dance Mix of Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 is on Message In A Box (The Complete Recordings) A&M Records ‎– 540 150-2


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Police track already available on the Message In A Box comp?

Seth Hollander

That Police set is a great collection, but it is missing a few tracks. The 12″ version of DSSCTM86 is one of the missing tracks. The box set ends with the 7″ version of the track. The 12″ mix has extra guitar soloing….


There are 2 different original editions of Message In A Box, both of them issued in 1993: the USA edition included the 7” version of DSSCTM ’86 while the EU edition included the 12” version. On both editions the song is only labelled as ‘DSSCTM ’86’.

Julian K

Forgive a non-expert, but isn’t the long version of ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86’ the one on the ‘Message in a Box’ set (it runs 6’24”, as opposed to 4’50” (approx) of the version that’s on 1990’s ‘Every Breath You Take’)?

Julian K

Ah, sorry – didn’t see the previous replies. Still, hopefully I’ve added some useful info!


I appreciate what B&J are doing, and more power to them. But I thank God for Youtube.


Thank you B&J and Paul for this insight. Its so interesting to find out what’s behind the So80s compilations. Im a huge 80’s remix fan and love all your releases. Pls have patience with us fans. We are always asking for this and that but only rarely does anyone have a clue what the real reasons are behind why something’s not available. These articles help a lot. Nothing but respect for you guys.

I do have one question. So often you guys are talking about not being able to find the original master tapes. Im not an audiofile but do own excellent speakers and headphones. Most of the times I cannot hear the difference between a good vinyl transfer or a master tape transfer. The “Boys Dont Cry” remix from The Cure on RetroActive 7 sounds great to me. Why does it have to be a original tape transfer if the vinyl transfer can sound excellent? I personally dont care and would much rather have a good vinyl transfer from a rare 12″ that you cant find the original master tapes for than nothing at all. I know that there is always a chance that you find the original master tape later but than you can always put that on the next version of So80s. You basically did that with the Soft Cell song. Although it’s not on So80s earlier versions, it’s widely available anywhere else.
If you did some great vinyl transfers, would you be able to add a whole bunch of 12″es that are currently unavailable on cd? I would be totally fine with that. Yes you guys may have to set aside your principles a bit but it definitely has an upside to many fans.
Thanks again for all you do!!!!!!!!!!

piet blank

thank you for the kind words. i totally get your point about vinyl transfer and rare mixes. we will see what the future brings, but if we would use a vinyl transfer we would surely mark it as one. we had to do that for example with one rare billy idol mix from australia. there simply was no master in any archive. if you look at the booklet of the artist edition of billy idol you will see the note “vinyl transfer”.

Andrew Mogford

Been listening to some of this stuff on Apple Music. Is there any way you can get the CD series at a decent price. See they’ve done specials on certain bands and labels – the ZTT one is awesome!


Thank you Paul. Thank you Piet (and of course Jaspa as well)! What a great read. I’ll keep supporting you guys. Hoping one day my fav 80’s songs’ remixes (unreleased on CD or unedited full mix on CD) will find their ways to the So80s/So80s presents… series!


Another vote for ABC.

Ditto Dead or Alive. Why haven’t they had all of their cds been given the deluxe treatment?

Andrew Mogford

Goddamn! £50 to £100 per CD? Wish I’d heard of this series earlier. Will remain undiscovered to me, I’m afraid. I’m a completist so would want them all.

piet blank

you might want to try ebay.de – many sellers ship worldwide…just enter “so80s” and what popping up…good luck! also worth a try is our own shop, but we can’t ship overseas right now…only europe, sorry:


@Andrew Dunno where you come from but when you are living somewhere in europe and still keen on gettin the complete collection the limited box including all volumes (available at Blank & Jones’ online shop) should be a perfect option for you: http://www.blankandjonesshop.com/cd/boxen/

Andrew Mogford

I’ve never heard of this series before, but I’m now off to Amazon to see which ones are still available. Before I make any purchases though, can you confirm what “unmixed, compiled by” means. Are they just the original 12″ mixes, or are they DJ’d together into some kind of mega Mix?


Andrew Mogford


piet blank

hey andrew, yes, the volumes 1-7 had a dj mix on the first disc and discs 2 and 3 included the 12″ mixes in full length, no mixing. with so8os 8,9 and now 10 we started to skip the dj mix and include more origianl 12″ mixes on all 3 discs. for the fans of the mix: we still do mix for every volume it give it interested radio stations. we try to announce it on time on our so8os community, so everybody gets the chance to record it…