How to buy: Neil Young’s Earth


Neil Young‘s Earth live album is out this summer and for a change vinyl prices aren’t extortionate, although it’s still worth shopping around for the best deal…

The audio from this live set was captured during Young’s 2015 tour with ‘The Promise of the Real’, fronted by Lukas Nelson (vocals/guitar) and Micah Nelson (guitar, vocals) – Willie Nelson’s sons.

If you’re after the triple vinyl (which isn’t released until 12 August) Amazon Germany’s price of £23 (or €29) is a whole £13 cheaper than Amazon UK.

On the other hand the Amazon’s UK site is almost the cheapest for the double CD, with it priced at just over £12. Only the Canadian Amazon can beat that.

The two-CD set of Earth is issued on 24 June, with the 3LP vinyl due on 12 August 2016.


Disc: 1
1. Mother Earth
2. Seed Justice
3. My Country Home

Disc: 2
1. The Monsanto Years
2. Western Hero
3. Vampire Blues

Disc: 3
1. Hippie Dream
2. After the Gold Rush
3. Human Highway

Disc: 4
1. Big Box
2. People Want to Hear About Love
3. Wolf Moon

Disc: 5
1. Love and Only Love (Part 1)

Disc: 6
1. Love and Only Love (Part 2)

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Panda Ho

Prefer if 3LP housed in a Box rather than just gatefold slip


Well, I think the value narrative rings quite hollow. The Vinyl is still twice the price of the CD.

It’s only “value” is you accept the extortionate prices as a “norm”, and then compare. In truth, this set is still expensive, even at £23. The labels continue to rake it in from those into Vinyl.

Mic Smith

It seems that the 2 films due out the same day as Earth have been put back to July with separate release dates for Rust Never Sleeps and Human Highway…..

Mic Smith

And don’t forget the release of Human Highway and reissue of Rust Never Sleeps on the same day. I saw NY in Leeds about 10 days ago and it was a great night. Looking forward to the new live album although I’ll stick to CD only for this one I think.

Chris S

Amazon Germany has the facility to change to English language, click the icon near the top of the page, so no need for a translating site. In fact, the link above takes you to the English language version of the order page.

Paul Wren

Triple vinyl order just placed via Amazon Germany with the help of a translating site. Great tip off on price and the fact that it is a triple vinyl release which I wasn’t aware of till I read this.


The vinyl fans get the last track split into two pieces? That’ll make for great listening. Not!

One small thing: the track listing needs to be split into sides, not discs…

Simon Evans

As it’s a triple vinyl I think you can safely read side in place of disc…

Agreed that splitting Love And Only Love is a shitty idea though. Maybe that’s why it’s half the price that NY vinyl normally goes for.

David M

What else can they do when the song is 28 minutes long !?

CJ Feeney

Didn’t Psychedelic Pill have a song split over two sides as well? The Ship by Brain Eno also does this with the title track – it’s an album with just two songs released as a 2 LP set, but at least the second one is a suite of there distinct songs, so the split isn’t so glaring It’s annoying that they think that the better quality of two LPs justifies breaking songs in half. I suspect the forthcoming 2 LP of Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Alan Parsons Project will do the same with Fall of the House of Usher.

Craig Williams

The new APP vinyl has Usher on one side, and To One In Paradise with some single mixes on the other.