Saturday Deluxe / 1 April 2017

Nick Cave price-drop

Great news if you missed out on the early pre-order price of the super deluxe edition of Nick Cave & the Bad Seed‘s Lovely Creatures anthology.

This set started off at the crazily great price of £37 before quite quickly rising to £65. However, it is now back to £37 in the UK, which is a such a good price. Remember this comes with a 256-page book, reproductions of band memorabilia and has has a groovier cover design. There are some similarly competitive prices in Europe, which you can see below. Read more about this release.

Beatles tease

The Beatles social accounts (Facebook and Twitter) yesterday posted the image above. There was no commentary, but any Fab Four fan will recognise those as the colours the suits from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Time to get excited!

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt 2CD Edition

Flowers in the Dirt hits the charts

Paul McCartney‘s latest reissue, Flowers in the Dirt has debuted at number 41 in the UK album charts. For a reissue, that’s not bad, although to put it into perspective Whitney Houston’s The Ultimate Collection is number 30 (after 182 weeks on the chart!).

By the way, that figure will include downloads, streaming, two-CD, two-LP vinyl and the deluxe box set. If you put to one side downloads/streaming the chart position is higher – number 29 in the physical chart. The two-LP set itself is number 18 in the vinyl chart.

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Since the date is passed, I guess Revolver (which I prefer to Sgt. Pepper’s) isn’t going to get an anniversary super deluxe Tx. Oh well.


What’s the obsession with mono all about? That’s like wanting the latest Tesla to be a horse and cart. Also, do you have to get a special old fashioned needle for your gramophone in order to play a record for one eared people?

phil spectors hairdresser

It’s actually the opposite of that. It’s like wanting to buy a horse and cart, rather than being sold a hastily put together version of a tesla car which has been pieced together from the parts of a horse and cart.

The album was made with the intention of it being in mono, so every decision made in regard to instruments, effects, choices with eq & reverb, backing vocals etc…. was made with the idea that it was going to be presented in mono. It would have been recorded completely differently if it was planned to be in stereo. It may very well have been better, but it wouldn’t have been the stereo mix which was produced at the time. Essentially that is why the mono mix is better.


Thaks Paul. I broke down and pre-ordered the deluxiest version today at the low (again) price.


Nope… the rumor about adding the single sides predates April Fool’s Day by about a week.


Predates it by more like a month actually.

What I’d like to see is a 3-disc set offering the original album in mono (as almost all of the recording time was spent on the mono mix but now only available as part of the mono box sets), a Sgt Pepper sessions CD (which could include some Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields and Only A Northern Song outtakes) and then a 5.1 DVD/Blu Ray remixed by Giles Martin. And please, please, please don’t (in fact never) delete the original CD/Vinyl/DD version, as released in 1967.


April the 1.

terry waite

Adding Strawberry Fields & Penny Lane sounds awful.
“On the 50th Anniversary of, what is widely considered, the greatest Beatles album, and therefore one of the greatest albums of all time . . . we are going to celebrate this momentous occasion by significantly altering the flow and entire feel of the album by shoe-horning in 2 tracks that were also recorded around the same period as the album.”
“We are also probably going to add a bonus disc of tracks which were already previously available on the Anthology Volume 2 album – remastered, or course.”

Derek Langsford

Surprised no one has said, “maybe a 5.1 mix?” That would be well worth it, IMO.


I think I will wait before getting excited about the 50th Pepper. Is anyone else expecting a lazy cash grab of a release?

Auntie Sabrina

Mono version..?


I’ll wait until tomorrow before believing such rumours :)

Elliott Buckingham

Rumours that penny and strawberry are being placed into the track listing of sgt pepper

Auntie Sabrina

Further speculation regarding The Beatkes Sgt. Pepper…


Andrew Mogford

Just to let you know, Paul, your widget is listing the wrong amazon uk price for the flowers deluxe. I keep getting excited thinking it’s starting to drop! :)

Andrew M

Ah, ok! Cheers – I’ll remember that in future. Good idea! I always forget to check the marketplace sellers!

Auntie Sabrina

The Nuck Cave set is out in May in less deluxe packaging at around £20:-