Saturday Deluxe / 11 January 2020

Neil Peart

We must start this week’s Saturday Deluxe with the sad news that Neil Peart – drummer and lyricist for Rush – has died aged 67.

After replacing John Rutsey in July 1974, Peart played with Rush for over 40 years and is considered one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. Yesterday the band issued the following statement:

“”It is with broken hearts and the deepest sadness that we must share the terrible news that on Tuesday our friend, soul brother and band mate of over 45 years, Neil, has lost his incredibly brave three-and-a-half-year battle with brain cancer.”

Rest in peace, Neil.

Cream delays

In other news, Universal Music’s Cream Goodbye Tour Live 1968 has been delayed. The four CD box set will now be released on 6 March rather than 7 Feb. If you pre-ordered this at the Amazon UK initial price of £36 you did very well because now it’s £45 on the same site, although Rough Trade are doing it for £39.99.

Elvis Costello deal

I’m not a massive fan of seven-inch box sets, but I loved Elvis Costello‘s Look Now album and was sorely tempted by the 8-disc coloured vinyl variant that was announced last year. However, it was ultimately easy to resist, because it was around £70 in the UK. But now you can pick this up on Amazon US for $19 (or the equivalent of £15!). Of course, if you are in the UK, shipping and import tax deposit etc. bumps the price up, but it’s still a great deal and if you are in the USA, it’s an absolute giveaway! Check out the widget below to see how good this is. As well as the 16-track deluxe version of the album, the box includes four postcards, and a 16-page booklet of lyrics and artwork. Nice!

Supergrass / The Strange Ones 1994-2008 career-spanning super deluxe box set

Supergrass track listing – at last!

BMG have send me a copy of the Supergrass box set, which is due out on 24 January. I know many of you have been asking about the track listing, which bizarrely doesn’t seem to have been published anywhere. I’m too lazy to type the whole thing out, so I’ve taken some photos which are below. A review will follow, but initial impressions are as follows: The vinyl picture discs look REALLY GOOD. Clean images front and back without distractions like logos, track listings etc. which spoiled the Howard Jones picture discs that Cherry Red included with the their super deluxe sets. The cover art really does lend itself well to the picture disc format (no, I haven’t played them). The studio albums are housed in a CD-sized 12-panel card wallet, which I wasn’t necessarily expecting (it doesn’t scream luxury), and so too are the other CDs (live, rarities and demos). Big glossy large format booklet is very nice. If you fancy this, remember Amazon France is currently the outright cheapest price, and certainly much better than the UK cost.

Bonus content track listing for the Supergrass box is as below:

Demos CD (all previously unreleased. Click image to enlarge)

Rarities, remixes and B-sides CDs. (Click image to enlarge)

Live CDs. (Click image to enlarge)

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Richard S Pievaitis

Really shocked at the news of Neil Peart’s death. I had no idea he was fighting brain cancer but that accounts for the Rush early retirement I suppose ?
What a fantastic drummer Neil was, my own favourite album will always be A Farewell to Kings issues right in the midst of punk rock yet in my 5th form Common Room it was always being played alongside The Adverts Gary Gilmours Eyes.
Never got to see Rush but plenty of In Concert Dvds to watch.
Neil rest in peace and now rejoin your wife and daughter who were both taken from you say too soon.
Tomorrow I will playing some mid/late 70’s classic Rush to remember just how brilliant they were and how great a drummer he was.
Very sad indeed.

Wolfgang Mintrop

RUSH hab been one of the bands which has stayed with me nearly througout my whole “musical life”. I’ve been so happy to get finally the chance to see them live in Cologne some years ago.

I’m so sad.

R.I.P. – Neil


Wishing everyone the best on the Costello if they bought it. I got the deal last week and first copy arrives smashed due to inept packaging by Amazon. Replacement arrived today in sensible packaging and was intact. What an avoidable waste.


I am very sad with Neil’s passing away so early. Only the good ones dies young John Wetton aged 64, Mick Karn aged 53 and many, many others before they reachd their seventy. My world of highly professional heros in music slightly crumbling on…. I will miss them all.

David McIntyre

Farewell to the King, Loved Rush from about the age of 10. Farewell to Kings being the first album I heard, remains a favourite. Bravado from Roll the Bones is an absolute beauty of a song. His Ghost Rider book is heartbreaking and a tough read but an essential read especially of anyone who has had the loss of family members (he lost his daughter and wife within a year), written with such love and joy, still brings tears to eyes. A very Moving Picture of a talented human being Sleep well sir

Michael D

So sad about Neil. Always kept his private life private of course, but the news he had been going through brain cancer for the last 3.5 years was equally sad and a shock. I was loaned Hemispheres and 2112 from a school mate in 1978 and was instantly hooked. Loved Rush ever since and very lucky to see them twice. Thanks Neil for the music, lyrics and those amazing live performances. RIP


Pre-ordered the Cream box set on around Boxing Day when MusicVaultz had a 20% off sale – even pre-orders. So for me it’s just under $60 instead of $74 on Amazon Canada [and that’s discounted from $84].


Neil will be sadly missed. Now we know why Rush decided to called it quits.

Spiral Scar

I feel just awful after hearing about Neil Peart. It’s not very common to say “gutted” in the US but that’s precisely how I feel. I’ve been a fan of Rush since I was thirteen. Geddy’s voice never bothered me. Hell, I sounded like that at the time, so I didn’t think anything of it. As musicians, they all quickly became virtuosos but I never felt they meandered or over-indulged. “Hemispheres” (side one) remains my favorite epic. Right up there with all of Pink Floyd’s “Animals.” Lately, it seems a lot of bands are formed and “music” is made for the sake of being famous. These guys had such a deep well of talent, inspiration and creativity that they couldn’t empty it in 40 years. Neil’s intelligence and literacy were exceptional, and his inspired, thoughtful lyrics kept Rush from being predictable and trite. But even if they only recorded instrumentals, they couldn’t have been either of those things. Certainly not with that supernaturally complex drumwork! Even if the sci-fi/fantasy lyrical exercises aren’t your thing, Neil’s later, more down-to-earth and personal works were worth investigating. You could respect them lyrically, even if you couldn’t get into them sonically. Over the years I have forged quite a few friendships with people like me who geeked out playing air bass, playing air guitar and especially air drumming. Oh, our poor defenseless dashboards and steering wheels! What fun! A lot of them became musicians themselves from being directly inspired by Rush.
I was impressed how Neil (and Geddy and Alex) came across in interviews. Neil would smile when he connected with an interviewer and got into deeper discussions. I respected his (and their) choice to be a private person, not a tabloid fixture or media whore. After reading the lyrics to “Limelight” when I was a teenager, I thought he was a little chilly. A few years later, I understood better. He was actually pretty warm and friendly, but he knew something about balance. It kept him sane for all these years, despite tragedies, temptations and being in a massively successful band. And in the end, he, and those closest to him, knew how to respect the right to privacy.
I was texted by some friends about Neil’s passing. One asked If I had any particular song I’d like to hear next time we see each other (he brings music to play where we both work.) Without delay, I asked for “Losing It”, even though it wasn’t in my mind the second before. Somehow, it seemed appropriate and poignant. It’s on “Signals” if you’ve forgotten about it. One of Neil’s best efforts (I feel) and a somber, gorgeous song overall.
Permanent Waves is forty years old this week (ostensibly released in the US on January 14, 1980) and perhaps there is a deluxe edition in the works. Maybe it was decided by the Rush team that it’s not the best time to concentrate on it, if such an edition does exist at all. I’m giving it a spin anyway. I love how “The Spirit of Radio” is not the fist-pumping anthem it seems to be. Kinda like how “Born in the USA” stings when you actually listen to it. This is an album with Rush at the peak of their powers and at their most accessible. It’s as solid an album as Moving Pictures. Put it on if you’ve got it and turn it way up!
Rest in peace, Neil. Your music made a difference in my life.


Permanent Waves is my favourite Rush album and easily in my all-time Top 50. Luck enough to see them on that tour and the two previous. I’ve always felt that if it had been released after Moving Pictures, it would be held in more esteem. There’s not a weak moment on it, which in truth, I can’t say about almost every other Rush album. Vale Neil.

Tom m hans

Neil Pearts audiobooks, though not read by him, are pure bliss. Highly recommended. Opened my eyes and made me re-apprecuate his art even more. Why is Cozy Powell always missing in the list of best drummers?

John McCann

Wouldn’t go with lists mate, modern drummer magazine has phill collins in front of ginger baker,im not a drummer so he could well be a better drummer than ginger,but if cream got together because they where the cream of the musical crop at the time,then that would mean Phil would be a better drummer than all of thoes 60s guys,then again that would make Clapton a better guitarist than Hendrix,


Neil Peart…where Precision met Wild Abandon. He was like a calculated Keith Moon, and i say that with the greatest sincerity. Both are now sadly missed…


Neil Peart: power, precision, intellect and integrity. A great musician and a great man.


*but IF it opens at the side…


The more I see of that Supergrass box, the less I want it. I hate digipaks/cardsleeves at the best of times, but a TWELVE panel wallet! I’m assuming that means 5 discs in one pack? Not so bad if it’s a plastic tray or the panel opens at the top, but it opens at the side? Ugh! Anyone who’s ever had to slide in/out a disc from a panel stuck between other discs in panels knows how difficult it is to do without ripping/tearing the packing.

You’re right, it doesn’t scream ‘luxury’, it screams ‘horrendously overpriced flimsy cardboard that won’t last long’.

I will wait for a massive price drop

Chris Bashuan

Hello Paul,

Absolutely astounded on the RC’s decision to release the records as picture discs. When do you think you might give a couple of them a spin. I am expecting surface noise galore but you may surprise me. I have the set on order but its beginning to sound like a return. What a shame, the band deserved better.

Wayne C

I also pre ordered it but have cancelled due to thinking I probably won’t play the picture discs on vinyl as it would be a distraction for me. If they reissue this with normal black vinyl and the sleeves I’d definitely go for it. But the fact I’m still uncertain has made my mind up.
If Paul comes back with a superb write up you never know !!!

Pieter van der Velde wzn

I’m very sorry to hear of Neil’s death. My condoleances to his family and Friends. I owe him very much since I used his lyrics for 2112 to pass my examen in the seventies. I was one book short for English literature. I remained a follower of Rush, a bit from a distance and the last years.

Dean F

Neil Peart – one of the few drummers who could start a drum solo without me groaning and heading for the bar. RIP.


Every other drummer just moved up one, the greatest is gone. This news came like a punch in the chest. I remember the first time playing Neil for my father, who was a former drummer and EXTREMELY critical of all other rock drummers, and seeing his eyes open wide. He said he actually plays how every drummer hears themselves play in their head, but never can.

It took me longer than it should have to fully get into Rush because, like Tim-meh, Geddy’s voice was a big obstacle, but once I did I did so in amazement as to their pure musical talent.

Sad, sad day.

Elliott Smith

WOW, Neil Peart, what a drummer, and just like everyone is saying, he is the without doubt the world’s most gifted rock drummer. I am a drummer and he has given so much inspiration in the way I play. I only got into Rush discovering their live “Show of Hands” in ’89, which honestly blue me away, then listening to Hemispheres, Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio (the list goes on) it just got better and better.
Neil, you’re a genius, and thank you for the joy of your drumming and your witty song writing.
RIP my friend

John McCann

Have you ever Heard rat scabies, Elliott, the damned strawberries is a good place to start youl like him,

Jarmo Keranen

Rat Scabies is a poor man’s version of Keith Moon. Shouldn’t be mentioned same time with Neil Peart. And i know what i’m speaking, because i own several Rush and Damned cd’s!

John McCann

Rat scabies ,was and is one of the best drummer’s ever,buddy Rich once said in a 1979 issue of modern drummer,that he was the best he had heard in years.


RIP Neil, great man, great drummer/wordsmith

Wayne C

Like many on here I grew up with Rush, many a happy Thursday at the teenagers disco asking them to play Xanadu when those who are dancing to the chart stuff of the day just didn’t get it, clearing the floor to leave us rockers to go into a different World!. Happy memories of the great man and his incredible drumming technique and skill and most of all artistry. There was only one Neil like there was only one Rush. May he rest in Peace, the influence he and Rush had on me was enormous. The moments will live with me forever, countless hours reading the lyrics on Hemispheres / 2112 / A Farewell To kings. An incredibly important man who will be sadly missed by all who enjoy quality music.

Carl Noonan

Truly saddened to hear Neil Peart has passed away. My all time favourite drummer. He was a humble genius and there will never be anyone like him. R.I.P Neil Peart.


Crushed by the tragic Neil Peart news. Totally unexpected. Reminded me of Bowie the way it seemingly came out of nowhere. Same month/day too. Did notice the logo change on the site yesterday. Thanks for paying tribute Paul! Still miss Bowie and don’t think that will ever change. RIP Neil.

John Murray

I was lucky enough (and young enough!) to be at Rush’s first ever European gig at Sheffield City Hall in 1976 after having borrowed a school pals triple vinyl set of ‘All The World’s A Stage’ and becoming hooked.

I managed to catch them live maybe 10 more times right up until the Clockwork Angels tour.

Such a fine and humble band – once memorably described as ‘the biggest cult band in the world’.

So with Neil’s death another musical chapter closes. RIP.

Mathew Lauren


The last of the BIG 3 drummers in Rock: Moon, Bonham, and Peart!

So close (here in L.A.), but “mum” was the word.

I bought the arthritis excuse, but it always felt like there was more to it, as well as being the end of an era. Even the Geddy / Eddie Trunk interview in ‘18 didn’t allude to anything terminal with regards to Neil.

No clue, however, that the MORE was glioblastoma, and that “living his life” was LIVING the LAST of his mortal days.

With all the losses in Rock-music output, whether they’re dead or alive, it’s been a tough couple years.

R.I.P., Neil while you “Fly by night, away from here…”

Thank you for sharing your “art.”

Not Available

It would be nice to receive these deal notifications in time to actually get them.


The Costello set was under $25 for about 40 of the past 50 days. Obviously Paul suddenly drawing thousands of people’s attention to it is likely to have a rapid affect – it either sells out (sometimes temporarily) and/or the seller(s) take the opportunity to hike up the price.



Mathew Lauren

Tardis. Yes, the Tardis, Paul — or I could lend you my Batman (turned SDE) search light! Deal Alert!!! “All over the World…” -ELO.
Ha! ha! ha! I can’t stop laughing. I needed a good laugh. Yes, the Tardis@Dean! Great answer.

Respectfully @Not Available, there is a certain amount of self-reliance at play here!


I’ve purchased lots of deals after receiving notifications from Paul….sounds like sour grapes !

Cosmo Castanza

I was a Rush fanatic since 77 , played A Farewell To Kings in the car this week.
I cannot think of any other hard rock group where the percussion is as important as the axe man’s efforts.

I read the social media feeds this morning …..and started to cry . This is something I have not done since my father passed 20 years ago .

RIP Neal , you were the best.

Dave R

Loved Tim’s comment calling Neil Peart the Jedi Master of drumming. So true. He was the very, very best. A very humble, private man yet loved by his family, band mates and millions of fans worldwide. A huge loss to all. RIP Neil.


Thanks for the Supergrass tracklisting, much appreciated in lieu of the group’s PR tight-lippedness on it. Still not sure if it’s worth it, was really hoping for more outtakes from In It For The Money, Life On Other Planets and Road To Rouen. I would have liked them to spread demos and unreleased studio stuff across at least two CDs.


The new Ozzy album was announced the other day and there are a fair few versions of it!
Do you know if the coloured vinyl edition is exclusive to the Ozzy store? On the US store it’s $28 but £40 on the UK site, so I’d be keen for it to land on the likes of Amazon.


Got into Rush with All The World’s A Stage & they’ve been my favourite band ever since. First saw them live, in Leicester, on the Farewell To Kings tour. They truly have been the soundtrack of my life. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet & interview Alex & Geddy but only ‘met’ Neil when he autographed my Permanent Waves tour programme in June ‘80. Absolutely devastated by his passing. It’s the end of an era.


Sad.sad news. One of rocks finest.! Thanks

Charles K.

Hard pass on vinyl picture discs, very disappointing. Hopefully they will release them separately on black vinyl later like Iron Maiden eventually did. I had high hopes when the excellent 3 disc Coco remaster came out that the rest of the albums would get the same treatment with black vinyl companion as well. Now all we have is bonus tracks being held hostage inside an overpriced picture disc box.

Dirceu Guerra Martins

Still don’t know if this new Supegrass box have remastered audio.

Was really glad with I Should Coco deluxe and tought they would continue the reissue series, but…

Ben Williams

Gutted about Neil Peart’s passing. He was a true one of a kind drummer. Been listening to Rush most of the day.


In the early 80s nearly every kid into rock music at my secondary school loved Rush. It was like attending some sort of prog metal borstal. I could never get past Geddy Lee’s voice but having a multitude of mates incessantly expose me to 2112, Hemispheres, A Farewell To Kings, Permanent Waves, and Moving Pictures the two things that did hold my interest was the chops of the drummer and the lyrics. Neil Peart was the Jedi Master of drumming. The best. No argument. I may not have liked his band but what a musician and intellect.

Stephen Young

I was just watching the Clockwork Angel’s tour blu ray when I got the SDE email about the Paul Young album and logged on and saw the news about Neil Peart. Had to switch the blu ray off, to upset.
Cancer took his wife and daughter and now its come for him ( you evil bastard).
What a drummer, what a guy, what a loss.

John McCann

Daughter died in a car crash mate


Elvis Costello now showing at $45

Miguel Rocha

Growing up in Mississauga, Ontario (just outside of Toronto-the suburban world that seemingly inspired Subdivisions) in the late 70s/early 80s, Rush was omnipresent. The records they released were, and continue to be, absolutely thrilling: Farewell to Kings, Circumstances (with Neil’s brilliant allegory of social hierarchies, The Trees), Permanent Waves (Spirit of Radio almost seems like an alternate Canadian National Anthem, and, better still, Jacob’s Ladder), and Moving Pictures (the one with Tom Sawyer on it-the ultimate air drumming song!). Somehow, Rush maintained their complexity (and mighty power) as they streamlined their songs for radio…a rare feat.
In his later years he was a real life Mr. Fantasy, bringing joy to millions while deeply saddened by the life on the road that kept him away from his family. RIP Neil.


Top late for Elvis Costello, I just tried now and it’s back to $44 (and no longer $19). I’m gutted I missed it!

Grave Maurice

Costello should be import tax free as below £15.

Mike R

You don’t pay any tax if the item itself is £15 or less, irrespective of the shipping cost. If it is over £15 then the tax is paid on the item cost and the shipping cost combined.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I only got into Rush in the last 10 years but in that time I came to learn that Neil Peart was a fine human being. Very sad news.

R.I.P. Neil.

I’m also somebody who only got turned on to Rush recently. In fact, shortly after their last European tour, although I didn’t know it at the time. Rush quickly became one of my top 3 bands, and I have all their albums. Almost all of them are good/great.

Hearing about Neil’s death was a horrible blow. A bit like hearing about Mark Hollis’ death, or, to stick with genius drummers, Ginger Baker’s… although in the latter’s case, it’s astonishing he got as old as he did. Neil surely deserved to enjoy his retirement longer than this. So sad. RIP :(

Mike Dixon

Rush were the first band I saw (1981). Neil was one of the most gifted drummers ever, and their music will always mean a lot to me.


Thanks for alerting us to the Costello deal Paul.
£25 in total for postage/shipping/tax to the UK.

Thanks also for the Supergrass info. I look forward to your review.

Pars Samrai

Many thanks Paul. Just snagged the Elvis Costello deal from Amazon USA. The box set looks sumptuous. A feast for the ears and eyes.


I was lent a cassette of hemispheres, probably a couple of years after it was released.
I had no idea what it was, I had even less of an idea how much it and rush would impact upon my musical taste, and thus arguably, my life. I still find myself coming back to his lyrics.

My sincere condolences to Neil’s family.

The music and lyrics of Rush will continue to accompany me.

Thank you Rush. Thank you Neil.