Saturday Deluxe / 18 February 2017

Roll out the barrel: Midnight Oil announce mega-box sets

Aussie rockers Midnight Oil have announced their first world tour in over two decades and more pertinently for SDE readers, have unveiled plans to release three archival box sets including a collection called ‘The Overflow Tank’ which will contain an impressive 14 hours of previously unreleased and rare material.

The £154 ‘Full Tank‘ set, a 13CD+DVD box that features all 11 classic studio albums, the two EPs (newly remastered) plus a new DVD called ‘40,000 Watt RSL’ that contains all of the band’s music videos.

The £157 ‘Overflow Tank’ set is the one that will probably get fans salivating. It’s a 4CD+8xDVD set. The audio discs feature one CD of unreleased studio recordings, one CD of unavailable B-sides and rarities plus two live CDs drawn from iconic shows across two decades. The eight DVDs include MTV Unplugged, a live concert, behind the scenes documentary and the films Black Rain Falls, Oils On the Water, Saturday Night at the Capitol, Blackfella Whitefella, and a special bonus DVD with rare and unseen live footage from six different shows.

Both of these sets are made out of recycled materials and housed in a miniature replica water tank like the one seen onstage at so many Midnight Oil gigs.

The £277 13LP ‘Vinyl Collection’ doesn’t come in a barrel, but does offer the 11 albums and two EPs on 180g vinyl, remastered from the original tapes by Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney and then mastered for Vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, London.

You’ll need to head over to the band’s store to peruse the slick array of box sets and special bundles (some limited to just 200 units) or Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi who have the three main sets linked to a competition.

The problem for international fans is that, as things stand, these box sets seem to be limited to these two Aussie channels. If you choose the top-of-the-range ‘Super Pack’ from the band’s website (which combines Full Tank, Overflow Tank, Vinyl Collection, T-shirt and two tickets to any show on their world tour) the cost is about £600. You then need to add around £40 for shipping.

If you opt for both CD/DVD boxes (a ‘Twin Pack’ combo of Full Tank & Overflow Tank) you may get 26 discs of content but you will be parting with around £280 to ship by courier to the UK. We’ll keep our ears to the ground should these become available in Europe or America/Canada.

Fleetwood Mac / Tango in the Night super deluxe edition box set

Fleetwood Mac reissue delayed

The reissue of Fleetwood Mac‘s Tango in the Night album has been pushed back by three weeks. The 1987 long-player will now be released in 2CD deluxe and 3CD+DVD+LP configurations on 31 March 2017, a week after Paul McCartney‘s Flowers in the Dirt reissue,

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[…] Oil‘s creative and expansive archival box sets (announced last week) can now be ordered from outside Australia – at a price. The 14-disc ‘Full Tank‘ […]

Larry Davis

Quite pricey those sets…I DO want me tho… badly…as I’ve been waiting for sets like these for years…I just have the US D&D CD/DVD remaster…as well as the US promo Green Disc from 1990 and 2 others…Scream In Blue Live, Redneck Wonderland and Peter’s awesome solo record…I had all the others but sold em thinking remasters would be forthcoming…oh also the US DVD 20,000 Watt RSL…now I saw the NYC date of May 13th…I am so there…saw the Oils in 1997 at NYC’s tiny 100 capacity Mercury Lounge… unforgettable…maybe they are selling the tanks at the shows’ merch tables?? I will pay…

Robert Fitzpatrick

why dvds ? should have been blu-rays

Alan Blevin

2 comments about points made above.I too am hoping that Overflow will be released in a reasonably priced format.Doubt it will happen and if it did imagine being someone who paid $150 extra for a toy water tank!
As for the price setting band and management have a lot of say in pricing this type of release.At some stage they would have OK’d it.


Alan Blevin, I am not sure how much say the actual musicians have in the pricing of ‘product’; I would have thought that the corporate bean-counters decide this (unfortunately).


To JLF: yes they are region free i had it confirmed by 24 hundred the company behind their website orders. I did not ask about the PAL or NTSC format but they seem to answer in 24 hours.


I love this band too. I’m thinking, (hoping), this is just a very limited pre-release through the band’s web site for the super hard core fans who can’t wait to get their mit on it. And eventually, these will receive a proper distribution.

I mean, it make absolutely no sense to only produce 250 sets.


Last years peter Garrett album was a Sony music release, still hasn’t been released outside Australia yet . ( a very good album) as for DVDs from midnight oil . I have purchased about four over the years from Australia they have all been all regions. I have taken the plunge and ordered the overflow tank couldn’t resist any longer, I have many Westwood one radio shows of the oilsthey are fantastic live


when you say many… how many?

Dylan Jones

Maybe I’m not looking in the right place but I can’t find a tracklisting for the B sides etc CDs. Seems like a very expensive leap of faith when it’s not certain how complete the collection is…


Are the DVD’s Region Free? Are they PAL or NTSC? That’s important info for those of us outside Australia.


Surprised to see so much interest from OS for this boxset.

Alan Blevin

These prices for Midnight Oil are a joke and extreme greed by a band that has railed against greed for its whole existence .For a point of comparison the combined price of Wilco’s Alpha Mike Foxtrot(4cds of b sides,live etc) and REMTV(14 hours of concert film,documentaries etc) was about $A135.The Overflow box is double this price for less content.What a joke!
I will not be buying at these prices


…. but but but they’re putting them in a little corrugated oil tank!
Surely every fan will want to have that lovely and tasteful recycled plastic cylinder displayed in a place of honor in their home? That’s gotta be worth $70 right there!



Also, I see there is a new boxset of Icehouse stuff (all previously released.)


I’ve been waiting for this for the last 5 years so bring on the overflow tank (can’t wait to hear/see this gems)
For those who wanted remastered ads, they were available individually and probably still are. I’ve ordered them from JBHIfi. It was done when they launched their exhibition a few years ago, so I don’t think the ads on the full tank boxset are really different from what was done.
Will wait for the vinyls to be sold separately…

Nick Preece

£21 per LP…… No Way

Charles K.

Been waiting for so long for them to re-release their catalog and it ends up being in the most expensive, hard to get way possible. It would be one thing if the cd album contained all the b-sides and audio extras but to split them like that really seems lame.


Peter Garretts solo album is awesome. Would love to hear what MO could do with his songs


Sucks about this box set. I’ve been awaiting this for years and not available in the US?


Heaven and Earth is an amazing b side. So good. I really loved EaSaM and Breathe and Capricornia. Surfs up tonite and Underwater(ending under the water over the land and that baseline give me chills). Also think Capricornia had some solid songs that harken back to DaD Luritja Way say your prayers Tone Poem are right up there with their best My favorite live band by a My Country mile


I’m not buying any of these “tank sets”. Far too extravagant. I’d prefer to cherry-pick among the individual CDs and DVDs.

Question: how many of the pre-Diesel Midnight Oil CDs have been remastered in the past ten years or so? Are they available outside Australia? I have the D&D Deluxe Edition with Blackfella/Whitefella as a bonus DVD, plus the Culture Factory USA reissue of Blue Sky Mining (which should have been a Deluxe Edition with Black Rain Falls as a bonus DVD – Columbia/Legacy failed on that one in the USA).

Also, any opinions on which live concert DVD is the best? I’ve seen the band live a few times (always a great show), and Scream in Blue Live has some great performances on it, so I’d like to have a concert on video as well.

Hans Jörg

Maybe discogs.com could help?

Bob M

I can help with the remastering question if you don’t have the answer already.
All of the studio albums up to and including Blue Sky Mining have been remastered and very well in my opinion. Nothing has been remastered after that and as you noted, the Culture Factory remaster of BSM is the only exception. I purchased my remasters from Red Eye Records from Australia on line – when I tried to buy them from Amazon, they kept shipping me the original US editions that we not remastered, just reissued. So it pays to check which edition you are getting.


Im from southamerica so I know the Oz fans problems

In the band’s store all says limited

I hope later both sets will be available in Amazon sites…no matter without the oil tank :lol:


The world has waited this long for a decent Midnight Oil reissue campaign. Looks as if most of the world will be waiting much longer. Yes, Midnight Oil is an Australian treasure but they also have quite the international footprint with periods of significant historical relevance and sales success. As such, it doesn’t make sense to have these lavish packages produced in such limited quantities with no distribution outside of the home country.

Sometimes the thought processes (or lack thereof) and economics of (super)deluxe editions is truly baffling.

Bob M

There is no way I will be buying any of those sets. I am very disappointed that I won’t be able to get the last half of their catalogue remastered as individual discs. I hope they break them out for sale in the future. I thought the remastering on everything so far has been superb.

Michael Gershbein

$95 shipping for the 2 cd boxes to the the US. I wonder how long I’d have to work in the blue sky mines to pay for that.

Michael Gershbein

Oops, that’s $400 Australian – about $330 USD shipped. I ordered it but considering the massive Ian Hunter, Steve Hillage sets that have included huge books and tons of rarities I have to say that besides its scarcity this is a bit of a rip off. But I guess I can live with myself and fill in some gaps.


Got mine ordered for the oils boxes…rumours are theres less than 20 left ofvthe dvd cd overflow tank!!!


Bonus points for the creative packaging. I would have preferred if they added extra songs to the regular albums or added the unreleased music 2cd to the “Full Tank”. Now the “Full Tank” doesn’t have anything interesting in it (sorry that DVD doesn’t do it for me) and the “Overflow Tank” only has 2cd’s! Definitely don’t need 8 Midnight Oil DVD’s. If they wanted the money from 2 box sets than they could have put the first half of their album output in one tank and the second half in the other. Now neither tank is interesting unless you are a massively devoted MO fan in which case you already have all the albums and therefore won’t need “Full Tank”.


I’m disappointed too. I thought I would be the albums, a rareties disc or two and maybe 2 DVDs total in one square box that will fit nicely on a shelf. The barrels I find, frankly, a bit corny and I’m wondering where I’d even put them. Do for $436CAD (including shipping, but with a possible added $80 for customs)?for me here in Canada… not sure I can pull the trigger on this one. I’ve been wanting this box since it was first teased way back.


Good lord, my typing on the above post was horrific. Blame the phone. For those in suspense, I did finally pull the trigger. I know I’d just have regret ted not buying them, even if I suspect the bonus material will be made available on it’s own later at a much more affordable price.


I’m paying no postage on the Super Pack as I’m picking it up from the Melbourne warehouse!

Paul Mc

Ignore JB hifi, buy straight from the band. If our US and Euro friend knew what we in Aus paid for Vinyl, they would have a political crisis…. oh wait. $26US dollars shipping for a two record set from most non Amazon sellers to Aus… and then the record price on top.


I had to pay 27 USD to get a record sent from the USA to the UK, the record itself cost 25 USD….We know your pain.

Fat Old Bloke

It’s been always an issue for us Australians getting stuff from overseas with the high postage costs and crap exchange rates. I can’t say I feel sorry for you guys on this one.

JBHiFi here in Australia have been ripping me off as well being the only major CD retailers left. They have a manopoly on prices and what they are prepared to stock.
They were selling the pink floyd box for $750!


I stopped JB Hi Fi ripping me off by religiously doing price comparisons between them and Amazon UK for special editions/deluxe/reissues. Only a month ago, Emeli Sande’s fantastic new album suddenly reappeared in a Deluxe Box edition. JB wanted an outrageous $53. Got it from Amazon UK for $28.50. Always worth checking.

Paul Mc

The one and only time it pays to live in Australia for SDE purposes. £5 shipping! Only 1000 copies of the vinyl box spread across the different packages


Like with the Cold Chisel vinyl lps – the other Great Aussie 1980s rock band – I’m sure if you wait twelve months individual vinyl lp releases will become available. And really, apart from “Bird Noises EP”, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”, “Species Deceases EP”, “Diesel and Dust”, “Blue Sky Mine” and “Redneck Wonderland” are the others really essential? But look at “Hercules (live)” on YouTube! Arguably their best track! The “Overflow” tank definitely has me salivating and I’ve already preordered it. If you like rock music and don’t know Midnight Oil pre-mainstream, please explore!
P.S. For Cold Chisel look at YouTube and sort by “most views” to see why they are icons to us down under esp “Cheap Wine” , “You Got Nothing I Want”, “When The War Is Over” and “Summer Moon” as tasters. I’m sure you’ll get hooked!


For Cold Chisel try “Long Dark Road” and “Flame Trees” too – sorry for the digression, Paul! A fantastic blog you run here!!

Hans Jörg

Cold chisel are awesome. What a pity they never made it big in Europe. My best friend bought all deluxe editions as an Australia import.


“And really, apart from “Bird Noises EP”, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”, “Species Deceases EP”, “Diesel and Dust”, “Blue Sky Mine” and “Redneck Wonderland” are the others really essential?”

I liked _Earth and Sun and Moon_ a lot.