Saturday Deluxe / 19 August 2017

On Saturday Deluxe this week: The Smiths, Huey Lewis and The News, Steven Wilson, David Bowie and Paul McCartney…

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead / deluxe reissue box set

The Smiths

It seems that ‘things’ are never simple with anything to do with The Smiths, or Morrissey. I’ve been trying to find out for ages who has remastered The Queen Is Dead for the forthcoming deluxe reissue but was drawing a blank. The information was absent from the press release which was odd in itself, since normally labels are falling over themselves to inform the media how the audio for reissues has been remastered by *insert renowned audio engineer’s name here*, normally from “the original tapes” etc.

Initially, SDE emails to Warners went unanswered, but persistence has paid off and I can confirm that producer and audio engineer Bill Inglot has created the ‘2017 Master’ of the 1986 album and will have mastered the unreleased live and demo material too.

Bill is a veteran in the industry, and has compiled, curated and remastering archival projects for decades (he worked for Warners for 25 years). He’s not new to The Smiths back catalogue either, having remastered the audio for the 2001 compilation The Very Best Of The Smiths with Dan Hersch.

But why the secrecy? Who knows! Inglot is not credited on the recent 12-inch of The Queen Is Dead and that presumably used the newly remastered audio. That single reissue in itself was weird, with indie retailers been told that under no circumstances should they try to promote it ahead of the release date!

Remastering is such a big can of worms these days, perhaps you can’t blame Warners for keeping things close to their chests. But the facts are that Inglot has remastered and Morrissey/Marr have approved the audio. SDE’s request (via the label) to discuss with Bill his work on this project was denied. He will not be talking about remastering The Smiths to anyone.

The Queen Is Dead is reissued in October. Read more about it here.

Huey Lewis and the News / Collected 3CD edition

Huey Lewis

The Huey Lewis and The News three-CD Collected compilation that SDE told you about on Tuesday is now available to order on Amazon UK (and other European Amazons). It’s not particularly cheap for a three-CD set, but these aren’t officially released in the UK so we end up paying ‘import’ pricing. This is still a great looking set, and you can check out more details and the track listing on the original post.

Compare prices and pre-order

Huey Lewis & News

Collected - 3CD Deluxe


Steven Wilson photographed by Lasse Hoile

Steven Wilson

Thanks for all the great feedback on my Steven Wilson interview, which was published yesterday. Unfortunately, the SDE shop has now SOLD OUT of the signed blu-ray, but I have spotted availability of the limited coloured vinyl edition of To The Bone on Amazon Italy. I’m assuming this is the same ‘bone coloured’ vinyl that HMV have long since sold out of. Get in quick, since I have no idea what stock levels they might have.

Compare prices and pre-order

Steven Wilson

To The Bone (Bone Coloured Vinyl) [VINYL]


David Bowie / A New Careeer In A New Town 1977-1982 / 11CD box

David Bowie

Parlophone have issued a new ‘unboxing video’ for the forthcoming David Bowie box set, A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982). It’s one of those ‘virtual’ unboxing vids, and it’s quite short, but it does give us a look at packaging, images, disc labels etc. SDE will do an in-depth unboxing when we have the product at the end of next month.

Read more about A New Career In A New Town (1977-1982)

Paul McCartney

Before you get too excited at the above image, let me quickly point out that Paul McCartney Complete Collection is a new 497-track Spotify playlist, created by Macca’s team, it’s not a physical release.

The reason for mentioning it, is that I was looking through it yesterday and reflecting on how ‘complete’ it actually was. Despite the inclusion of bonus tracks from the reissues of recent years, there are holes all over the place and what’s interesting is that the archive collection reissues of the last seven years have arguably made establishing what Paul’s ‘official’ released output is, more not less difficult. Most of this is down to Paul’s frustrating habit of not including certain tracks as part of the physical release.

Let’s take 1971’s RAM for example. The Spotify playlist includes the 2012 remaster of the album and the eight bonus tracks, but it doesn’t include the mono version of the album, and neither does it include Uncle Albert Jam, a bit of studio tomfoolery that was issued as one of two digital-only bonus tracks at the time.

Tug of War 2CD reissue

With Tug Of War, again the 2015 album remix is included along with the bonus tracks, but the 2015 remaster of the single edit of Take It Away is missing, even though it’s freely available for download from Paul’s website. Also, the original mix of the Tug Of War album isn’t here at all!

With Pipes of Peace, the single edit of the 2015 remix of Say Say Say is missing, as is the instrumental version of that same edit and the original Jellybean instrumental 12-inch which was included as the B-side to the Record Store Day Say Say Say 12-inch in 2015.

If we take the latest reissue, Flowers in the Dirt, the audio bonus CD in the four-disc deluxe isn’t included and neither is the download-only content controversially included with the physical box. So B-sides like Back On My Feet or Flying To My Home are missing completely (along with all with all the ‘Flowers’ remixes etc.). None of the three demos that Paul issued on his website are here, either.

If you think grumbling about bonus tracks is a bit nerdish, I will also point out that four entire albums – Back To The Egg, WildlifeWings at the Speed Of Sound and London Town – are missing from this ‘complete’ Paul McCartney collection! But the Kanye West collaboration FiveFourSeconds is here, so that’s okay…

Back to the Egg

Also, this digital playlist is a right old mish-mash of different remasters. Press To Play is uses the “1993 Digital Remaster” – 24-year old audio that is probably worse-sounding than the 31-year old original.

Does any of this matter? Probably not to most people – including the ‘casual’ Macca fan that wants to listen to a 497-track playlist – BUT if you’re going to call something ‘complete’…

I’ll finish with the thought that when Paul McCartney first put his output on iTunes many years ago, there were some exclusive bonus tracks offered which have long since disappeared. As long as MPL and McCartney continue to thrown around bonus digital tracks like confetti, they undermine the point of the physical archive and appear not to even be sure what resides in their digital archive, as this Spotify playlist demonstrates.

Listen to The Complete Paul McCartney Spotify Playlist.

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Regarding that Huey Lewis i ordered a copy from the marketplace on Amazon on Thursday morning and it’s been Preparing for Dispatch since i ordered it. Something tells me they are lying and they don’t actually have it in stock anybody else had the same experience ?


Scrap that it was dispatched this morning.


Deprecable Amazon.it behaviour. My Steven Wilson To the Bone limited color vinyl order was cancelled due to “technical problems”…. I am feeling very upset by this. Anyone else had the same bad experience ?

John Hirst

Unbelievably I managed to get the Steven Wilson coloured vinyl from Amazon Italy just now – thanks for the tip as ever.


Last week China Crisis issued a download through Pledge from one of their reissues coming in September. I think it was an demo from the first album. Someone posted on Pledge why a 12 inch B side mix of a particular song wasnt included on the album reissue the A side was from. Inferring I guess why release a demo but not all previously issued tracks. There was a reply from management saying the reissues were not definitive but were deluxe and the deluxe approach was what the artist wanted which seems fair enough. It is a shame that we can’t always get definitive releases but I suppose it’s the artists choice. Having said that the McCartney reissues do have a randomness which must be very frustrating for Macca fans. I’d be happy to buy the China Crisis 12 inch from discos if I found I had one track missing but being a Paul McCartney fan doesn’t seem to be that easy not least because of the sheer range of the back catalogue.


According to amazon.de they are the 12 inch versions which would make sense as they weren’t b sides. If you are buying something it’s not asking much for them to let you know what you are actually getting and i’ve mentioned this before but the band don’t seem to give two hoots about these reissues and all this secrecy is just a piece of nonsense.


@Bruce, you are right, as a Macca fan myself, following FiTD download gate, I decided to collect all CD issued tracks from singles, maxi singles and expanded albums from all eras I didn’t already have. So far I have bought 25 CDs across those formats. I think I now have all his CD official releases as decided it was no use waiting for definitive SDEs. But, I will say this, controversially, the FITD SDE is my favourite reissue of the year so far and is by far the most played, even above Pepper.


Very difficult to say this out loud but… this new Steve Wilson album stinks. I know the type of music he’s trying to emulate very well, and it just doesn’t cut it. Hoping he’s goes back to prog on the next one…

Rob Maurer

I just listened to “London Town” on Spotify a month or so ago. Have they pulled it down? If so, there’s my argument for not going totally streaming for your music: anything can disappear at any time. Only way something disappears from my physical media collection is if someone literally robs it.

Pete Muscutt

Hi Paul – really looking forward to this reissue; I know each release has its fans/naysayers (I was one of those a little disappointed with the Underworld ‘Beaucoup Fish’ 4CD reissue coming later this year…) but as someone getting back into vinyl and indulging myself (and damaging my wallet!) its great to have fresh releases for such classic albums.

I was wondering if you did such a thing as an online vote/survey for people to suggest their favourite reissues/anniversary editions/boxed sets of the year? Sort of canvas people’s opinions of what they felt was great on any given year in terms of value for money/best trawling of a band’s archive, but perhaps also ‘rip off of the year’, ‘most pointless reissue’ and ‘worst gimmicky packaging/item in a boxed set’ sort of categories (Pink Floyd’s marbles, I’m looking at you…!)

Just thought I’d ask, as I hadn’t seen any sort of ‘year end’ awards like this before on the forums.

Kind regards and love what you do

Mike the Fish

Floyd’s marbles, I believe, were a reference to sanity (i.e., losing one’s marbles), with the clear marbles in WYWH being part of the concept of absence. But yes, less tat, and less expense, please!


Yea, that was my guess that they are probably delayed on there because they are maybe the next in the reissue series. Not necessarily a reason to delay but could be it all the same. ‘London Town’ and Back to the Egg not his best but I have affection for both and ‘London Town’ is rather good. Would also look forward to ‘Press to Play’ and ‘Give My Regards’ as a listener who digs the 80’s.

Arthur Snith.

Some very interesting posts above, a credit to SDE.

Paul Wren

Thank you, Paul, for being so dogged in pursuit of the fine detail on who remastered The Smiths reissue – this is the sort of information that can make a big difference to us who read your comments when making a decision to part company with our hard earned.


I would guess Back To The Egg, Wildlife, and London Town would be upcoming deluxe releases. Unsure why Wings at the Speed Of Sound wasn’t included. Had the deluxe treatment recently.
Even then, throw the albums in. Could replace them later on.
Why does Macca always has something that could be considered controversial.

O(+> Peter B

I liked your little Kanye dig! I remember seeing the video for that track and my son-in-law said “Paul McCartney’s looking old” and I said “well, he’s in his seventies…” My son-in-law also told me that he saw Kanye in concert once, but added that this was early in his career when he was less of a “tool”.

Ken Moore

Bill Inglot remastered much of the early Rhino label CD output in the late ’80s and early ’90s. All of which still sound great despite most being 25+ years old.

Kevin S

Completely agree with the McCartney comments. I’ve been a huge fan since I can remember, but the treatment of FITD has driven me to despair!

My favourite track of that time – and often played on Nicky Campbell’s BBC Radio 1 show – was The Loveliest Thing. Sadly, it was ‘download only’ in the Archive Collection and so missing from the Spotify Collection. No vinyl version (ever) either.

Sean OBrien

Curious why bands do not release the full concert when including in reissues. This is the case with TQID and was with the recent Joshua Tree Fromm U2. It appears the full shows do exist. Thanks


Seems to be to do with fitting the content onto vinyl – as they don’t want to give you exclusive tracks on the cd sets anymore but need to keep running times down to fit onto a reasonable costing vinyl set without going into 7 or 8 slabs of the black stuff – ironic as the intail cd era was all about extra content to get you to abandon vinyl


Ahh, so my ears were not deceiving me last night when I put The Very Best Of The Smiths CD on, and could not believe how bad it sounded! (I’ve only recently purchased it, for the “correc” single versions of a few tracks, before them I’d shunned it as superfluous). It really is a ghastly remaster.



Technically, those five “missing” albums are credited to Wings (not even “Paul McCartney and … “). So I guess that the powers that be in McCartneyland are paying strict attention to the view that Wings was something entirely different from anything that had Sir Paul’s name appended to it in any way. Either way, here’s my vote that they continue the physical archive collections, although I think that ship has sailed.


Is their a consensus that Macca has partially airbrushed Wings as a group entity from history? Seems to be portrayed as just another Macca project now. Perhaps due to whatever the feelings are between him and Denny, and the loss of Linda plus Jimmy Mc…?

Paul Murphy

There’s a school of thought that posits that Paul only buries the hatchet after somebody is no longer around.

Albert Tatlock

There have been rumours of a new McCartney/Laine collaboration recently. Apparently a new Macca single “A Life of Mercy” will be coming out on Monday August 28, and that the new studio album will be called “In The Universe and Beyond”.

Only hearsay, mind. But I hope Paul and Denny do something….


Is Band on the Run included?

Paul Soper

Not sure why the missing Wings albums have been left off the Playlist, as all are available on Spotify to listen to (under ‘Wings’).

I’m not surprised about the material that is excluded (eg b sides, mono Ram etc), because these have never been available on Spotify, and this playlist is obviously just collating material that has already been on Spotify for some time – hence the reason the 1993 remaster for Press To Play is used, for example.

I do agree however, that the playlist shouldn’t be titled “The Complete Collection”.


To me, McCartney is the greatest musician of my era. Hit songs and successful years with The Beatles, Wings and solo… can play just about any instrument you put in his hands… and has managed to maintain a very positive public image for decades. Very few have reached that level of accomplishment.

So I’m disappointed that he seems tone-deaf to what fans want in these deluxe archive releases, while other artists not at the same level and without the same resources manage to reissue their back catalogs to almost universal acclaim amongst the targeted fans.

Based on his stature, McCartney should be setting the bar in what these deluxe editions are all about. To me right now, he’s not.


Yes McCartney wrote revolutionary Beatles songs but after the Beatles, the only good release he did was the Band On The Run album in my humble opinion. A guy like Prince is much more deserving of the “greatest musician of our era” title but that’s just my opinion. I came of age in the 80’s when Macca was virtually nowhere.


Yes I guess what I meant to say was that his 80’s output was just weak considered by someone who greatly enjoyed New Wave. I always thought Macca was the wrong guy in the wrong decade. The 80’s sort of bypassed Macca, he transitioned from superstar to just so-so. My recollection of him in the 80’s was that it was all very average. As a teenager in the 80’s you weren’t supposed to like Macca. It was all about Duran Duran, U2, Madonna, the Smiths, etc. Then when I got older and realized what he had done with the Beatles, I had some newfound respect for him but not based on what he did in the 80’s. Back then I thought Michael Jackson did a charity project by working with Paul McCartney.


I think it’s still hit and miss, but much lies with individual listeners’ tolerance/preference etc.
Some remasters that people dislike I really don’t mind and vice versa. I totally accept it’s a your mileage may vary situation. But just wish they’d err on the side of leaving us with some dynamics rather than sacrificing for loudness.
Of course I will still be buying this for the fourth time in my life:)


Thank you Paul once again for this great insight. To be honest Im kinda done with Paul McCartney, in terms of having any respect for him. The Flowers In The Dirt reissue really did it for me. It’s only 4 discs and is selling at best for $125 even though Prince, the Smiths, Fleetwood Mac and many other 4 disc SDE’s of well known artists sell for less than 50 to 60% of that. And Macca is one of the (if not THE) richest man in the music industry. Is it ego? Bad management? Whatever it is, the fans end up disrespected.

I met Macca twice and both times he was extremely courteous and kind but somehow in his business dealings he is pushing fans away. Paul I bought your interview booklet that goes together with the FITD SDE in the hope the price would come down one day. Im still waiting but simply refuse to pay over $125 for a mediocre SDE of a mediocre album. As a fan you can draw a line somewhere and I have. I buy wayyy too many SDE’s but FITD won’t be one of them. My money will be better spent on SDE’s of Prince, the Smiths, Verve (6 discs for $60 and that will probably come down somewhat once it is released), etc.

I call upon all SDE readers to draw a line somewhere and stick to it. That line will be different for everyone as each reader will have different (economic) circumstances. My line is pretty high in terms of what i’m willing to accept without feeling grossly taken advantage off. U2’s latest Joshua Tree SDE is just too much for me with $90 for 4 discs. Im waiting for Paul’s deal alert on that one. Or a gently used copy in a store. Part of the fun is to get each SDE at the best possible price. It’s a daily thing for me with many daily visits to this blog and the various Amazons.

Richard Starkey

Wow, great post! I agree, it seems that Macca is just totally detached from the economic reality and musical cravings of we millions of fans. It’s impossible to know what’s in the mind of such a fabulously wealthy and successful icon such as him. But I would imagine that he has long ago relinquished daily control of what tracks are included on his reissues, what the MSRP is, what cover photo is used, etc..to businessmen, marketing people and accountants. After the fiasco he experienced in the early 1970’s, he learned how to employ experts in all those fields, and once their work flooded him with hundreds of millions of dollars, he was savvy enough to sit back & relax and let them take care of it all. That’s where Macca is today. I think he deeply trusts all his people to do these things for him while protecting his image, and he’s only barely aware of the details which we discuss ad nauseum here on SDE. If the money keeps rolling in, he doesn’t rock the boat. We’re talking about a major business enterprise here, not just some kid with a guitar in a club, hawking his own CDs after the show. He’s far beyond the point where trivial details even reach his ears.


Remastering overrated?
Maybe, each to their own I guess, however surely you want to hear something as it was meant to be heard?
At the very least you don’t want it totally screwed up?
In the end the record label will probably tell Bill Inglot how they want it, e.g. loud or otherwise.
If they didn’t give instruction then let’s hope he’s done a decent job as he has on many occasions in the past.
I agree, ultimately it’s the songs that count but if it’s coming out again at least make it sound decent for those who care. Everyone else can just ignore any discussion of remastering:)


While I am very much a partisan in the Loudness War, siding with those who hate that so much stuff has been released with a ton of dynamic range compression, I will say that there *is* a place for stuff like that. So many people these days do the majority of their music listening with non-isolating earbuds in environments with lots of ambient noise. In those circumstances, dynamics are lost; dynamic range compression may be the only way one hears the soft bits.

It’s not what *I* want; but I do understand the appeal for some folks, even if I don’t agree with it.


The remasters of Inglot/Hersch tend to be on the bright side. Not a fan of this.


The remastered 2001 compilation best of the smiths is called to be the VERY best of the smiths.


Does the Spotify collection have its bonus tracks on mail order cassette tape? ;)


How about Minidisc?

Stevie B


Jason F

Hi, what are the books like in the previous Bowie boxsets? From the short unboxing video this one looks very good. (Are they as impressive as the Pepper boxset book?) Thanks in advance.


The book in the first set was pretty good (although several of the discs have already has SE’s, with excellent booklets), the second one was okay but not much more (for example, the SE of Young Americans had a lot more information in it). I have no idea what the book in the Pepper box set is like….. I don’t consider these books to be essential.


The Pepper book was exceptional with its text and very revealing even for a well read Beatles fan. The Bowie books are very good but not as detailed as the Pepper book but they are talking about years instead of one album. Far better than the Led Zeppelin picture books and nice to have.


Not sure why Paul’s people are finding it so difficult to get things right. Complete should be at least all the albums and non LP a-sides. Given that V&M and WATSOS were just released a few years ago as an Archive set surely they should be included.
I really do hope the Archive series continues and they fill those significant holes of Red Rose Speedway/Wildlife and London Town/Back to the Egg. They could stop after that and I would be disappointed for a few albums like Flaming Pie and to a lesser degree Press to Play and Off the Ground. With 24 studio albums (excluding Fireman and Classical releases) why not do them all?
Paul perhaps you should take over handling Paul’s Archive Collection.


I picture an SDE bat-signal atop The Shard!


That spotify news on Macca is worrying. I hope he isn’t airbrushing BTTE, Wildlife and London Town out of his history. I was hoping for them next as SDEs and they are some of my very favourites. Then again, if they have left off WATSOS, it hopefully suggests an oversight.

David Smith

They’ve also missed out Venus and Mars! That makes it 5 studio albums missing from the complete McCartney playlist

David M

Those are all “Wings” albums not “Paul McCartney and Wings” albums. Maybe they are under W?


Albums on Spotify keep on coming and going; a question of distribution rights, I suppose. Flowers in the dirt was unavailable for a while (before the infamous archival release), and some others went missing for months. I’m making my own compilations of artists and left McCartney off for a while, because too much was missing; so the albums may come back one day (and others will be missing…) The first Arcade Fire was withdrew for a month or so, and then came back. The Radiohead albums were first the deluxe editions, then came back as simple albums as they were released first. And they can’t keep the pace of albums remastered and repackaged a zillion times (The Move albums, “Odessey and Oracles”…), it’s always frustrating as it’s hard to know if a reissue is going to be available, or which version you can listen to (and sometimes mislabeled, as some Zombies tracks marked as “mono version” and are clearly the stereo mixes). At the same time, I’m a Spotify nut, for the discoveries, listening in the car, and the automated customed playlists!

Mark Zutkoff

Precisely! Thanks, Paul!

Dave Bricknell

I’m with you, Paul.

“Ownership” doesn’t even come into it, when it comes to streaming, as far as I know; not to mention the supposed inability to “pass on” collections in your estate, if I recall correctly. Isn’t all streaming nothing more than “access” to content, with no rights of ownership?

Personally I intend to will to my two kids a massive collection of rare and mint condition music that resides mainly on shiny silver discs (and, to a lesser degree on black vinyl); many in beautiful-packaged deluxe editions and some even qualifying as actual iconic objects of 20th and 21st century art!

Paul E.

@Dave Bricknell – I couldn’t agree with you more! I won’t bother to post my CD collection count at this point but it’s almost embarrassingly huge at the age of 47 having collected CD’s since 1985. My brother recently gifted me Spotify premium and although “browsing” their catalog is quite fun – the listening experience has been a mixed bag. When I rip my own discs, I opt for lossless FLAC and know the disc pressing (be it country of origin, remaster, etc.). My playlists pull from some 140,000 plus songs so I’m never short of music whatever the mood. No ownership at all in streaming – you can’t put those lossy MP3’s on the wall, leave them to your kids, etc. AND MOST IMPORTANLY, I’d need to find a new hobby to throw money at/annoy my wife [now that I think about it, perhaps she was the one who tipped off my brother on Spotify?!].


“Isn’t all streaming nothing more than “access” to content, with no rights of ownership?”

Yes. For a tenner a month it’s incredible value. After 25 years and 2,500+ CD’s I’ve lost interest in collecting music but I’ll never stop listening to it. When I’m gone, I don’t care what happens to my music collection because it will never mean as much to anyone else as it does to me. I suspect it will be sold as a job lot for a fraction of what I paid for it.

Fred Holmes

Hear here!


I’m no expert by far on these matters but I do recall reading disparaging comments about Bill Inglot’s remastering of The Very Best Of The Smiths compilation over time since its release. I even think Johnny Marr said negative things about it but that might be false memory syndrome on my part. (I know this posting of mine is probably irritating to most as it’s a bit vague but I’m hoping it might jog the memory of some other readers that can shed more light on the subject).

andrew davis

No false memory syndrome both Morrissey and Marr didn’t approve of the compilation being unhappy with the cover and the remastering. Johnny Marr’s quote of the time:

“The band were not asked for their approval on this record and consequently it is a disgrace,” he wrote. “It has the worst cover I’ve ever seen and has been re-mastered poorly. I believe Morrissey is less than pleased about this album, but I can only speak for myself when I say that it should be ignored by fans.”

The remastering issue is part of the reason Johnny Marr himself got involved with the mastering of the whole catalogue. He was certainly pleased with that result so it remains a mystery why another mastering was done for the latest release beyond getting the ‘cache’ of being a 2017 master.

Dave Bricknell

Yep, I recall the public criticism from Johnny Marr at the time too.

It really is kinda strange that the very guy the musician is so publicly critical of that he feels the need to become personally involved in the next round of remastering then becomes the guy who once again gets to remaster the band’s work, thereby superseding the musicians self-described previous “definitive remaster” and then the musician “approves” said new remaster! Phew! Confused? Me too! :)

CJ Feeney

It’s quite possible that Marr was complaining about the overall package being done with no band input. I have read an interview with one engineer who went on about getting the best detail in the mix. When he was asked about the compressed/limited mixes that were being the standard practice at the time out he replied that he has to work to what the record company defines as the most commercial sound.

It’s quite possible that Marr is more than happy to work with an engineer if he is able to instruct the engineer on what he wants from the mix, and if he and the band are able to approve the final mix, which didn’t happen with the “Very Best of..”

Robin Hadden

I am no longer surprised by the mess that constitutes Paul McCartney’s catalogue. What worries me is what is preserved for future generations and how much more confusing it could become. After the Flowers deluxe fiasco Paul has lost me as an Archive collector and will confine myself to what limited new material remains in him. Shame.

Barrie Sillars

Bill Inglot was involved with Rhino in the mastering of the Yes catalogue back in 2003. Fans had mixed feelings about the outcome, but I personally think he did a grand job!


More generally, Bill Inglot was responsible for seemingly everything Rhino during their glory years from the late 80s to the early 00s. During the first half of that time, his work was comprehensively solid. Late in that time, some of his releases suffered from a lot of compression/loudness boosting, removing some dynamics in the process. Dunno what we’ll see here.


I’m not a fan of McCartney but it’s his music and he can do what he wants with it. Imagine if he kept complaining about what you do or do not feature on your website!

I doubt The Queen Is Dead remaster will sound any different whatsoever from the 2011 remaster. Remastering is so overrated anyaway.

David Smith

Fair comment – it’s just that theses last nearly seven (!) years have been quite frustrating for Macca fans – the archive reissues have been haphazard and inconsistent, not to mention eye wateringly expensive, and it’s beginning to look now like they won’t be completed.

mick lynch

keep up the great work Paul. I love your comments as you;re saying it as a fan and I fully agree with you regarding putting ‘Complete’ on the Macca Collection. Until he puts ‘On The Wings of a Nightingale’ on a compilation, I wont consider it complete. Cheers, Mick


“REM reissue “Automatic For The People” they remove three album tracks”

Personally, I think it would sound better if they removed at least half a dozen tracks! Of course criticism isn’t redundant but you’re ultimately complaining about the name of a Spotify playlist and you’re yet again moaning about Paul McCartney. You’re obviously a big fan so just play that playlist on random and enjoy what’s there instead of fretting about what’s not there!

Ian Whiteford

Well said Paul


I’m a casual Smiths fan at best, but Bill Inglot as the mastering engineer means the job will have been done right.


Interesting news on The Smiths mastering.
The 2011 remasters credited Frank Arkwright in the booklet but Johnny Marr on the sleeve stickers, which I suspect was purely for marketing purposes?


The TQID remaster should be decent then, The Very Best Of was a pretty good sounding remaster so if the same guy was involved that bodes well (god awful cover to one side!).
Bill Inglot sounds like a grumpy sod though!


Fair enough, I must have read too much into the comment about him in the article!