Saturday Deluxe / 19 January 2019

Tears For Fears’ Curt Smith confirmed for European tour

“See you in Europe” Curt Smith of Tears For Fears tweeted on Monday. Those four words would have come to as a relief to any Tears For Fears ticket-holders who were paying attention, because for a while Curt was hinting that all was not well in the Tears For Fears camp and was clearly suggesting his inclusion was not a given.

A week or two earlier, when a goodwill message came in from one fan, telling him to “enjoy rehearsals” for the upcoming European tour, Curt told his followers “I’m not there”. Another fan said “We need to know if your in or out for the long haul? Are rugs being pulled once more??” Curt responded by saying “Not my decision at this point, but I’ll happily let you know when I know”.

You get the general gist. But thankfully, whatever problems may or may not have existed behind the scenes, they have clearly be resolved… at least enough for Roland Orzabal and his old friend Curt to share the stage for almost 40 dates during the first half of this year.

The band’s tour starts in Ireland on 30 January. For more details check the ‘tour’ page on Tears For Fears’ website.

Paul Young box set on the verge of going out of print

Such has been the positive reception for the forthcoming Paul Young “CBS Singles Collection” 19CD+DVD box set (compiled by yours truly) that the record label have no more stock to supply to dealers. The SDE shop is sold out, HMV have also sold out although Amazon do still seem to be selling it (Amazon in the UK now have the best price). There are only 1500 copies in total (all come with a signed print) and Demon Music are not planning to produce any more, so this isn’t marketing hype, and this is not a drill…. PLEASE don’t hang around if you want one, they will go out of print in the near future. By the way, on Friday next week – the day of release – SDE will publish a special unboxing video of this box set.

Compare prices and pre-order

Young, Paul

The CBS Singles Collection 1982-1984


Ignore eBay – snag a SIGNED Roxy Music booklet at a great price.

We’ve had an amazing response to the second print run of the SDE Roxy Music Interviews booklet. This is a limited, numbered run of 450 copies and each one features 9000 words of interviews (by my good self) with Roxy legends Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera discussing the early days and the recording of the first album. It is also SIGNED by both men.

There is now less than 75 left, and of course, once they are gone, that’s it! These are very unlikely to be produced again and even if they are, any future editions certainly won’t be signed by the musicians. Talking of which, do spread the word to your Roxy Music loving pals, because some copies are ending up on eBay and being bought for £45! There is simply no need to pay that kind of money when they are just £15 via the ONLY official channel, the SDE shop.

SDE helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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John Archbell

Paul Young Boxset is showing as available on Amazon UK.


PY boxset back in stock on Amazon


Worth clarifying that the “sold out” on the HMV website is NOT because they have sold out their allocation but because no distributor is supplying them with product because of their administration. They are concerned they won’t be paid.

If you look at their website all pre-orders are marked as sold out plus many titles already on sale as the studios are not supplying them with new product. Until such time as a new owner is found to buy them out of administration then both their stores and website are operating as clearance sites trying to shift the stock they already have at hand.

Therefore anyone who’s pre-ordered at HMV needs to urgently move their order to Amazon or elsewhere to ensure they receive this.


Sold out on Amazon Uk, too. A week before the release.
Quite stunning Demon Music won’t print more boxsets: it’s obvious they could make a lot of money with it ! Maybe they don’t need them !
Maybe they could print 100 boxsets more, next time.


Gutted about the Paul a Young box set!! I was going to order it today when I had sorted some money out and yesterday was about the only day I did not log on to this site so did not see the post until just now.

Keep up the good work Paul.


Amazon uk have it back for pre order again.

Spiral Scar

There are three copies on eBay at this time. all under 100 (American) dollars. Considering the amount of music on so many cds and how sweet the package is itself, I think this is reasonable. Then consider that it’s already pretty much gone. I jumped on a copy (new) yesterday morning after reading the alert (Thank you, Mr. Sinclair!) Didn’t think twice. So, 36 hours have passed and there are still (at least) three out there. Now or never.


Bagged it back on Amazon – thanks.


great news on t f f!
To Roland + Curt
can we have our long long over The Seeds of Love SDE box set now? sometimes soon perhaps, within 2019?


The Paul Young set is now “Currently Unavailable” at both Amazon US & UK.


Bought my Paul Young box a long time ago. Glad to hear it is selling so well!!
Thanks Paul!!


Surprised to be honest that the PY set has sold this well, I’ve collected his stuff since 1982 and he isnt an expensive artist to collect tbh. As lovely as the set is, it also doesnt have anything essential that wasnt on the 2CD reissues or the Tomb set, which you could pick up signed at less than a tenner. Can only suspect ebay scalpers chasing a questionable margin. Sure everyone delighted with success though.

Chris Squires

Wow, what a miserable summary Mike. With no facts to hand let’s assume it has nothing to do with a quality set at a decent price and Paul’s long-standing fans. Let’s just guess at cynical ebay scalpers. One thing ebay scalpers are not, is stupid. You and I know you don’t buy artists like Paul Young for profit, you buy it because you love the man and his voice. Abba, yes, Bowie, yes, Stones, maybe and even then the product has to be spot on and rare. Also 1,500 units is too many for scalpers to get involved with. 500 , yes (see Belinda Carlisle). For an artist like Paul, 1,500 is a decent amount to shift and “scalpers” doesn’t explain it. You only have to look at the number of “limited to 500” sets that are still available after months, Bill Wyman, Chris Difford, Brett Anderson and many more to see that.

There are a raft of early / mid-80s performers that still maintain their significant fan bases, OMD, Howard Jones, Human League etc….

Get the product wrong (Are you listening Human League?) at the wrong price and it will still be stinking up the shelves 2 years later. A product like this gives fans something they want, that looks great at a price that is realistic.

It’s also gone from Amazon UK now. Nothing about this says scalpers to me, there will always be some, but not 1,500 units worth and not Paul Young.

Robert Morgenstern

I am not surprised that this set will be sold out before release date if there are only 1500 units produced. There are still many fans out there. I am happy to get one from your store because i ordered not immediately. So how many of this sets you sold from your Shop?
Please let them shipping well packaged because there will be no chance of a replacement if damaged through post service. Thank you Paul.
By the way, have you any information from the Tears for Fears – The seeds of Love Box set will released this year. It will be the perfect Anniversary year for it.

Darren Linklater

Thanks for alerting us that the Paul Young box was going fast. Bagged this one for my partners birthday. She is a big fan and it would have been gone by the time of her birthday.
Great value for this box and I am pleased that it is doing well.

Le Baron

Thanks Paul for this Paul Young great box set.
For those (like me) who did order from SDE Shop, do you know when these orders will ship?
One more thing, when you did release your previous Paul Young box set (great selection of rare and unreleased tracks by the way), you did mention a Paul Young live anthology might see the light of day in the future.
Seeing the success of your CBS Singles collection project, can we consider this is an encouraging sign that this live anthology could be worked on one day?
Thanks again for everything you do for us !!

Chris Squires

Particularly, if it were going to be multidisc, if you can find a way to get a Qtips disc onto it. They were quite good live y’know!! It would be nice to have something to bookend the megastar phase of his career.

tom m hans

boxed paul young 11/23/2018 – smart move. Ta!

Keith Paul Young

Thanks informing us of this , just put my order in on amazon, hopefully I will get one delivered fingers crossed.

I’m no relation of course

Luke Jackson

“Roland Orzabal and his old friend Curt”.

Mwah ha ha ha!


What? For the rest of us that don’t know. Were they never friends?

They were friends when they started, but when success came (and Curt was told he didn’t need psychotherapy, which was really their main mission in the beginning) they started to grow apart and the split was not a nice one. They seem to have maintained a rather good working relationship since the reunion but it doesn’t look as if they ever truly became “friends” again… they joked about getting along with each other better because there’s an ocean between them!


Thanks Paul. Totally forgot about Paul Young. Almost missed it. I just bought my copy on Amazon UK.

By the way, I know the world’s gone crazy but I didn’t expect people would buy Roxy Music signed booklets on SDE in order to sell them on Ebay and make a profit ! Unbelievable and pretty sad.

Jim Swarthaow

Still no list of Paul Young boxset exclusive tracks…


Hi Paul. Just wanted to say thanks because my Roxy Music signed interviews arrived this week (number 280!). It really is a very nice thing. You have to be commended on the way the autographs are presented: too often signatures are just a smear across the cover or on a small inserted card. It’s nice to see the autographs shown inside the book. Thanks again!

Michael Fortin

Congrats on the success of the Paul Young box set Paul!

Scott Matthew

Is there likely to be a DVD release of the Paul Young videos from this set any time in the future? Even if it was packaged with a greatest hits in the same way of the Belinda Carlisle collection from a few years back.

I’m not a big enough fan to justify buying the box set (which does look great by the way!) but would definitely be interested in the DVD.


Maybe the “not my decision” is/was linked to the medical situation last year, or am I just being charitable…?

Paul Taylor

Have ordered the signed book after dawdling for too long! Like another reader it will go nicely with the signed Bryan Ferry Bitter Sweet bundle I got last month

Kevin Wollenweber

The Paul Young box is already sold out on Amazon USA. It already says “only available from third-party sellers“. I can’t believe something that is an even due to be released yet is already sold out!

Chris Squires

It is remarkable. These days very little sells out before launch. As many here will attest there have been many limited to 500 box sets that are still available months after release. I think there are at least three reasons for this box, at 1,500 units getting close to a sell out before launch.
A) The love for an artist like Paul Young is still huge ( by modern standards) he not only has a solid fan base but has a large casual fan base of people who only remember good things about him. A US number one does no harm.
B) the price seems astounding. If this had been £20 or £30 more I still think it would have sold.
C) It’s compiled by our own editor. And it’s not just that we “know” Paul, it’s experience of boxes like the two Tears For Fears SDEs. The bar has been set high but we leap with even higher hopes.

What I want this box to do (even more than just entertain me) is to enable Paul to go to companies with this on his CV and tell them there is a market out there. A Kate Bush box / Wham! / Howard Jones / Nik Kershaw and so on. Do it right, price it right, get the right people on board and these will fly off the shelves. Make it half-arsed and twice the price and it won’t. They need proof of success and boxes like this will hopefully lead to more.

Brian Wenner

Any new information as to a timetable for the TFF Sowing the Seeds SDE?

Hopefully whatever is going on behind the scenes.. is not interfering with that release (or has been resolved )..