Saturday Deluxe / 25 February 2017

Catch up with Tanita Tikaram

I went to see Tanita Tikaram play live last night at the Barbican in London. It has certainly been a while. In a gap that’s approaching Kate Bushian proportions, the last time I saw her on stage was in 1989 – almost 28 years ago!

I loved her ’88 debut Ancient Heart, quite liked the follow-up The Sweet Keeper and then (I suspect like many) just inadvertently drifted away from her releases and keeping tabs on her career, as radio abandoned her and the gaps between albums stretched to as long as seven years.

Amazingly, when you consider Ancient Heart sold over three million copies (and was the best selling album in Germany in 1989) Warners have never seen fit to reissue it. The good news is that Tikaram’s 2016 album Closer To The People is fantastic, and if you fancy re-connecting with her music I would heartily recommend it. Check out the video to the ‘single’ The Way You Move above.

Depeche Mode’s / Where’s The Revolution 2 x 12-inch

If you were wondering if Sony would issue a 12-inch to go with the CD single of Depeche Mode‘s Where’s The Revolution, wonder no more, since that has now been confirmed.

If fact, the vinyl goes well beyond what’s on the CD, offering nine mixes of the first single from Spirit across a special two-record double pack.

The mixes are listed below and in bold are the versions also available on the five-track CD. If you’re keeping up, that means the optical disc has two remixes not on the vinyl set (Ewan Pearson Remix and the Terence Fixmer Remix). Possibly three, if the single version on the CD is some kind of radio edit and not the same as what’s on the album.

The vinyl will be issued on 28 April, almost two months later than the CD single.

1. Where s the Revolution (Autolux Remix)
2. Where s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Remix)
3. Where s the Revolution (Algiers Remix)
4. Where’s the Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
5. Where s the Revolution (Pearson Sound Beatless Remix)
6. Where s the Revolution Where’s The Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Dub)
7. Where s the Revolution (Terence Fixmer Spatial mix)
8. Where s the Revolution (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
9. Where s the Revolution (Ewan Pearson Kompromat Dub)

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Saw TT at the Dominion in 88, my 15 year old younger sister’s first gig.
Adrian Legg supported and I bought his Cathedrals album in the foyer.
Two days later I saw JAMC at the Brixton Academy.
Good times, nice to be reminded of them.

For my money, the acoustic Valentine Heart on the b-side of Good Tradition is her song that has best stood the test of time.
There are other acoustic versions on youtube etc but they don’t compare.
Worth tracking down that version.

Johnny Main

I saw TT in Aberdeen on the ‘Sweet Keeper’ tour in 1990 and then again about five years ago in Glasgow, when I happened upon her gig. The first two albums are fantastic (especially ‘Ancient heart’) but she kind of lost her way after ‘Everybody’s Angel’.

Still, she’s still great as a live performer and wish she would tour more regularly.


Saw TT in 89 too. Currently struggling to accept it’s as long ago as it would appear.

She was great, and probably more than I’d admit to at the time. (Never the coolest in the sixth form.) Vaguely recall support being Brian Kennedy.

(Cheeky, but I listed my Ancient Heart vinyl and four twelve inches on a well known auction site just this weekend…)

Bob bull

£33 for the vinyl version of her new album.WOW.


, see Out This Week 27th January, specifcally the posts above yours. Suggest you email mofi direct.

Chris Squires

On a side point has ANYBODY had any further luck with the recent Madonna Immaculate / Billy Joel (MoFi) releases through Amazon UK? I just keep getting “we are trying to…” emails. Just wondering if anybody is getting anything else or might have even got one delivered….


Nope! In the end, I just cancelled…


Because I couldn’t wait anymore for a remastered reissue with bonus tracks, I bought all the Ancient Heart cd-singles second hand last year. The mini cd-single, ah … nostalgia! Though I wished some people handled their cd’s with care!


These are the tracks officially released on the “Ancient Heart” album and it’s singles:

Ancient Heart (43:44)
1. Good Tradition 2:49
2. Cathedral Song 2:51
3. Sighing Innocents 3:31
4. I Love You 2:45
5. World Outside Your Window 4:52
6. For All These Years 5:13
7. Twist In My Sobriety 4:50
8. Poor Cow 1:56
9. He Likes The Sun 5:26
10. Valentine Heart 4:04
11. Preyed Upon 5:03

bonus tracks (53:58)
12. Valentine Heart (Guitar & Vocal) 3:52 [B-side of “Good Tradition”]
13. Twist In My Sobriety (Edit) 3:54 [the single version]
14. Friends 2:16 [B-side of “Twist In My Sobriety”]
15. The Kill In Your Heart 3:42 [B-side of “Twist In My Sobriety”]
16. Fireflies In The Kitchen (Live) 3:32 [B-side of “Cathedral Song”]
17. Let’s Make Everybody Smile Today (Live) 3:38 [B-side of “Cathedral Song”]
18. Over You All (Live) 3:35 [B-side of “Cathedral Song”]
19. World Outside Your Window (Remix) 3:38 [the single version]
20. Good Tradition (Live) 3:01 [B-side of “World Outside Your Window”]
21. For All These Years (Instrumental) 5:11 [B-side of “World Outside Your Window”]
22. He Likes The Sun (Live) 5:30 [B-side of “World Outside Your Window”]
23. Twist In My Sobriety (Live) 4:50 [B-side of “Little Sister Leaving Town”, 1990]
24. Cathedral Song (Live in Norway) 3:23 [B-side of “Thursday’s Child”, 1990]
25. Cathedral Song (Instrumental) 2:52 [B-side of “Only The Ones We Love”, 1991]

That is way over 80 minutes. Without the live versions (which in my opinion aren’t that great anyway), it comes to 79:54. There are no studio versions of the live tracks 16 & 17, so those should be kept. I believe the live tracks 20, 22, 23 & 24 all come from the Norway live VHS – which of course could be included as a bonus DVD, which should obviously include all four promo videos as well! No Tikaram video collection has ever been released (in any format), as it happens.

If a 2-CD version were to be made, a few more tracks could be included:

That’s Why I’m Leaving Here [from the 1989 Brendan Croker & The 9 O’Clock Shadows album, Tikaram on b-vox] 2:24
Loving You 2:14 [from NME 1990 benefit release “The Last Temptation Of Elvis”]
I Never Will Know [from Mark Isham 1990 album “Mark Isham”, written by & vox by Tikaram] 6:03
Blue Moon [from Mark Isham 1990 album “Mark Isham”, vox by Tikaram] 4:22
I Never Will Know [single edit] 4:23

There was also a great video for “I Never Will Know”.


The bonus DVD should also include the many TV appearances from the era


Richard, the setlist, which includes those two songs you were wondering about, is here: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/tanita-tikaram/2017/barbican-hall-london-england-13f99561.html


TT’s debut album is a classic slice of the 80’s. Poor Cow and Cathedral Song are favourites of mine, but barely a poor track to be found on it. As a teenage lad the fact she was really posh totty did not do her any harm I suspect!

William Kates

Thanks for your piece about Tanita. I saw her Philadelphia about two albums after the Sweet Keeper when she was going through a a serious Van Morrison phase. (She cut off all her hair and) the concert was phenomenal. Although I loved her first two albums, I think my favorite of all is Sentimental (2004). The songs are exquisite and the production is perfect. The wait between albums was long, but worth it. She was living in Italy then, and it seemed to agree with her; she did some very nice photos for that album, too.


I saw her (solo) supporting John Martyn (also solo) at a gig at a theatre in London before/as her first album was released and before/just as she became well known …. can’t remember the year (late ’80s?) – she was an amazing support, and I followed her for a while after that. Didn’t realised she was playing live and will keep an eye out for future shows …. thanks Paul.

Paul Murphy

There was a very nice TT Radio 1 ‘In Concert’ from around the time of that show, if memory serves me correctly.

alan hansen

i’m not the biggest Tanita Tikaram fan (an odd remark in and of itself). but i find that even if any particular album of hers isn’t s treasure trove, it still has a few hidden gems. her newest release is a breath of fresh air in today’s music scene, and i still frequently go back to her album Lovers In The City as one of my go-to beloved listening experiences.


Hey Alan, I never haad you down as a TT fan. How comr you quit Match Of The Day?


Why is that the CD and vinyl issues never get a joint release nowadays ? Same for the PSB. Puzzled.


Well this is obviously good for vinyl fans. It’s just a shame there aren’t any original b sides. You would think with a 4 year gap between records there would be some extra material! Perhaps they are keeping stuff back for a deluxe edition. I’m glad I’m only a quasi-Mode fan or I’d be perpetually frustrated by waiting a mini ice age for 12 new electro-dirges.

Bjarne Laastad

Ancient Heart should definitely get a remastered reissue! The Twist In My Sobriety single has a couple of non album tracks: “Friends” and “The Kill In your Heart”. Cathedral Song offers “Sighing Innocents; Fireflies In The Kitchen; Let’s Make Everybody Smile Today”. I also belive there is a couple of live tracks available. In addition she released a nice live VHS-vido from an exotic outdoor concert i my own country of Norway in 1990. So there should be material enough for an expanded little deluxe edition… Fingers crossed!


The original cd sounds great, so not sure it needs a remaster, just my view of course. Bonus stuff would be great though.

Mark Story

Same here Paul, had her first 2 releases, never liked enough to keep up, or just too much of my other favorites out there to keep track of, glad you enjoyed concert


Im very vague on this singer. Thanks for posting this
as I will now track her music down.

David Cornyn

Hi, is that Helen O’Hara (ex-Dexy’s) still playing violin with her? Looks like her, back left, in your picture.


Yes, Tanita and Helen regularly corroborate.


Umm, let’s make that collaborate…!!

So good that Tanita is getting all this attention, and crossed fingers that it’ll lead to more people being aware of this mega-talented singer-songwriter.


I’ve followed Tanita Tikaram throughout her career and think she’s shamefully underrated. She deserves so much more success.

The Can’t Go Back album (the one before Closer to the People) includes the incredibly wonderful and moving duet with Grant Lee Phillips, Keep It Real, which I would recommend anyone to listen to (on YouTube).


Hi Paul
My wife and I were there last night and absolutely loved it – the voice is as good as ever and the new songs are brilliant. Have you any idea what the first two songs she played were? – I recognized the others from Ancient Heart and the last two albums but the opening numbers had me stumped.

Johnny Main

According to Setlist FM, the first two songs of the set were ‘My Love Tonight’ and ‘I Might Be Crying’.

Source: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/tanita-tikaram/2017/barbican-hall-london-england-13f99561.html


Tanita still keeps releasing good music, I liked her “Cappuccino Songs” a lot and “Can’t Go Back” is another fine album of hers. Next year Ancient Heart will be 30, and I’d love to see a reissue with extra material; maybe there wouldn’t be the same interest for her other four Warner releases (even if “Lovers in the City” deserves attention, IMHO), so a new compilation which digs deeper than the first “best of” released in 1996 (some singles, such as “We Almost Got It Together”, “I Love the Heaven’s Solo” and “Yodelling Song” are missing in action) would be a good idea. A cross-licensed career-spanning anthology would be even better, but even if it focused on the Warner years I would be happy.

Music Club Deluxe released some brilliant retrospectives for Tim Buckley, the Manhattan Transfer and other Warner acts, often well remastered and the price was excellent. I hoped a Tanita set would follow. No such luck (I even wrote them for suggestions).


German ROLLING STONE music monthly has a 7″ vimyl of Where’s the Revolution included, will hit the newsstand end of march 2017…. B’Side will be a on vinyl unreleased live track recorded in Berlin !

Chris Squires

My experience of Tanita seems to mirror yours, up until last night anyway. I dig out Ancient Heart regularly (as in once every other year) and it’s usually when I see her brother, Ramon, on the TV. Something like an old re-run of Silent Witness or the more recent Happy Valley and Death in Paradise. I bore the missus with “do you know who his sister is?”, she doesn’t and doesn’t care a single jot for any music that ain’t Dwight Yoakam or Randy Travis. But it always leads me to go and listen to a bit of his little Sis, Tanita. I will take your recommendation and re-connect.


He’s just popped up in Season 2 of Fortitude.