Saturday Deluxe / 28 January 2017


Singles soundtrack details confirmed

The reissue of the soundtrack to the 1992 film Singles has been confirmed and what was initially indicated as a 3LP release will actually be a 2LP + CD package.

The album’s original 13 tracks are newly mastered for the two-CD deluxe and double-vinyl and and the bonus CD of rarities and unreleased tracks (i.e. disc two in the two-CD deluxe edition) is included with the 2LP vinyl package.

Read more about the Singles reissue here.

The Hurting

Literally, the last thing I did last night before bed was to watch some of the film Nineteen Eighty-Four to check a few details about the US blu-ray edition in relation to yesterday’s post about Eurythmics‘ score (which Dave Stewart retweeted, incidentally).

The film, of course, stars John Hurt as protagonist Winston Smith, so it was sad to wake up to the news that the actor had died aged 77. He had many memorable film roles, but I have a real soft spot for his performance in Michael Caton-Jones’ 1989 film Scandal. I also saw Hurt on stage many years ago performing in Beckett’s one-man play, Krapp’s Last Tape. Rest in peace.


French band, French deals…

I thoroughly recommend you had a good look around the vinyl and CD section of Amazon France since they have some great deals at present, on all sorts of vinyl albums and box sets. One of the very best has to be the super deluxe edition reissue of Air‘s 1991 soundtrack to Sophia Coppola’s 1999 film The Virgin Suicides.

It’s a beautiful box set (I picked it up recently) that includes an UNFEASIBLE amount of content including a red vinyl pressing of the album, a red vinyl copy of Playground Love EP (with die-cut sleeve), a ten-track 12-inch vinyl picture disc of The Virgin Suicides Live, two massive high quality posters, the 2CD deluxe edition (packaged as great quality mini-LP CD, with inner sleeves), the film on DVD (PAL, region 2) and a download code for all of the vinyl content.

The point is, that this wonderful set is just £23 (or €27) right now!! Unbelievable deal. Hopefully, they have plenty of stock so many of you can take advantage.



Paul Weller‘s first film score, for British boxing film Jawbone (directed by Thomas Napper), will be released on 3 March 2017. Before you pay £24 for 36 minutes of music on vinyl, probably best to check it out via the YouTube sampler below!

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They’ve found some more of the Air boxset……at 65 euros.

Andrew M

I had the same problem with the DSOTM immersion box set last year when it was on a deal posted on here. Supposedly damaged in transit when it could never have been dispatched but I was allowed to order it again at the higher price.

I kicked up a stink and got the original price honored but it was not easy.

Amazon stink. They used to be great. It’s interesting how they can sink so rapidly…..


Steve M – I’d stopped watching TOTP by the ’80s, but (as I recall) ’70s groups miming in the studio were not allowed to use their original recording. Instead they were given three hours to pre-record a new version and they then mimed to that. This probably accounts for the version you heard.

Incidentally, a musician was only allowed to mime to an instrument on TOTP if they had actually played it in the recording session. This meant that, say, the performers prancing around in Wombles suits pretending to play guitar etc were actually professional session musicians.

Mike the Fish

He had some proper respected muscians on those records!


Absolutely. I seem to remember that Chris Spedding played guitar.

Julian H


Yeah, that sounds much closer to the live versions I know…

Neil stonell

I ordered the air box set last time it was cheap. A few days ago it was listed as not yet shipped. I then got an email, which someone else here also got, saying it was sent back undelivered. I don’t believe it. Is this a scam to cover up lack of stock.? Given the sudden drop in price again, which I missed, I’m not sure I want to order from the French arm again. Still waiting for the stones box set.

Mike the Fish

A few years back amazon did a similar thing to me. I contacted them as I said there was no way it could have gone out to me and back to them in that time (and of course the price had gone up.) It rings a bell it was suggested that there may have been a problem even before it got posted out, but I can’t recall exact details. I managed to get the item resent with the price reduced to what it was before. I tend to buy very little directly from Amazon now due to the reports of staff treatment.

Steve M

Hey Paul,
Did you watch the rerun of Top Of The Pops from 1983. Tears For Fears performing ‘Change’ which to me sounded like a different version to the one released. Do you know where it’s from? Is it an unreleased radio session?

At 17.35.


@Steve M, I noticed that as well. I wondered if the band had played it live and then mimed for the footage which I believe did happen on TOTPs.
What a great chart that was though, I realised I had bought; Culture Club – Time, China Crisis – Christian, Joe Jackson – Stepping Out, Tears for Fears – Change, Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes – Up where we Belong, Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love, Men at Work – Down Under, Michael Jacksons – Billie Jean and Laura Branigan – Gloria


Oh wow! I had totally forgotten about that – what a great memory! Ha ha!


Sad news about John Hurt. I watched Scandal again last month. I think it’s one of the most underrated films of the decade and Hurt is just perfect in it.


It says they are out of stock until early february, but it still has the price on the Air set. It won’t let me place an order, though. I’ve never experienced that on Amazon before. It only puts it in my “save for later” cart.


Gershbec and Paul, that just happened to me with the Beatles Stereo box from Amazon Germany. I smell a rat. I reckon these sets were never sent in the first place. It’s too much of a coincidence, otherwise.


Agree. Same thing happened to me for my Dead or Alive box pre-order. Amazon U.K. shipping to US. I highly doubt it was even sent. I was able to listen to the corrected replacement discs before my re-ordered box arrived.


Thanks for the news on train singles soundtrack. Cancelled my preorder after this change.


The correct track listing for the bonus CD with the ‘Singles’ soundtrack has been confirmed by various sites (the Chris Cornell ‘Poncier’ tracks were originally released on a promo CD):

1. Citizen Dick – “Touch Me I’m Dick” (first time on CD)
2. Chris Cornell – “Nowhere but You” (Poncier)
3. Chris Cornell – “Spoon Man” (Poncier)
4. Chris Cornell – “Flutter Girl” (Poncier)
5. Chris Cornell – “Missing” (Poncier) (first time on CD)
6. Alice In Chains – “Would?” (live) – (first time on CD)
7. Alice In Chains – “It Ain’t Like That” (live) – (first time on CD)
8. Soundgarden – “Birth Ritual” (live) – (first time on CD)
9. Paul Westerberg – “Dyslexic Heart” (acoustic) – (first time on CD)
10. Paul Westerberg – “Waiting for Somebody” (score acoustic) – (previously unreleased)
11. Mudhoney – “Overblown” (demo) – (previously unreleased)
12. Truly – “Heart and Lungs”
13. Blood Circus – “Six Foot Under”
4. Mike McCready – “Singles Blues 1” (previously unreleased)
15. Paul Westerberg – “Blue Heart” (previously unreleased)
16. Paul Westerberg – “Lost in Emily’s Words” (previously unreleased)
17. Chris Cornell – “Ferry Boat #3” (previously unreleased)
18. Chris Cornell – “Score Piece #4” (previously unreleased)


New Jarvis album with Chilly Gonzales due out in March, announced yesterday. Worthy of a mention.


Ordered that Air box the last time it went on sale and just got a message from Amazon France that it was returned as undeliverable and they were giving me a refund. No idea why. Damaged in transit was a possibility, which wouldn’t shock me but has never kept them from delivering to me before.

Wanted to try to get them to resend to me at the original price but unfortunately my French is a little bit rusty so I didn’t bother. Missed this new sale price too, unfortunately.


I had the same thing with the Small Faces Decca Box Set, got a E-mail saying that it was returned as undeliverable and they were giving me a refund.

Ni ck

Air has gone already….5 euro jow


And it’s gone…


Thanks for the heads up on the Air box set. Fantastic amount of content for the price – Hi Macca ;) – ordered for just under 29 quid including shipping

Chris Squires

Any feedback from mikeoldfield.com / universal on the 180g vs. 130g debacle? They surely can’t just brush this under the carpet, can they?

It’s been a quiet week, for which my wallet thanks you.


Never mind the quality, feel the weight!