Saturday Deluxe / 3 Sep 2016

Be Here Now Box set small

Oasis box set update

Further details have emerged about OasisBe Here Now box set which is due out next month…

As well as the three CDs and 52-page book etc., the box will include a seven-inch single featuring two early demos of ‘Stand By Me’ and ‘Going Nowhere’ recorded by Mark Coyle. It will also include a “promo-only” CD (bit of a contradiction in terms if they’re selling it as part of this set) of ’You Know What I Mean? (NG’s 2016 Rethink)’.

Also, the previously mentioned “bonus 12-inch white label” will include seven of the Mustique demos, but these are all available on the third CD.

Finally, I know you’d all be disappointed if this didn’t include a Be Here Now’ embossed enamel key ring and a set of four postcards, so pleased to confirmed they are in the box!

The box is now much cheaper than it was when announced in July. But unfortunately ‘much cheaper’ still means £90.

Read more about the box set here


Erasure box set track listing

All the details for the Erasure From Moscow to Mars box have been announced. It’s a 13-disc box – 12 CDs and a DVD. It will retail for £80 and can only be ordered from Lexer Music (the Erasure shop) and PledgeMusic. This doesn’t mean they won’t turn up on Amazon and other channels at a later date, but for now you have just two options. Both offer six bonus downloads as part of the package.

Pledge have their usual array of purchasing options, with various bundles that include T-shirts, Tote bags etc. There is also a From Moscow To Mars Party on 4th November in Birmingham, but that appears to be sold out.

Check out the details and track listing here


Jethro Tull price drop

If you thought £35 was a bit steep for the admittedly excellent Jethro Tull Stand Up 2CD+DVD reissue, then I’m please to report that it’s down to under £25 on Amazon in the UK. The so-called ‘Elevated Edition’ is out on 18 November.

Read more about the Stand Up reissue here

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Back To The Future II is fantastic! *spoiler alert* Biff takes over the whole town in a dark alternate reality!
Be Here Now however – bloated cocaine bombast as Oasis recycle themselves rather than mashing The Beatles and Slade together for some talentless back catalogue plagiarism


Yes, it was like when MC Hammer decided he was too legit to quit, and stopped using samples.


Think if they’d cut at least a minute off each track on Be Here Now and got rid of Magic Pie it would be more fondly remembered. Apart from the first 2 albums (and excluding The Masterplan) it’s still their 3rd best album. I remember the initial reviews were ecstatic which I always put down to the same critics slating Morning Glory and looking foolish. If there’s no exclusive vinyl in The Oasis Store set like the first 2 I’ll wait for it to come down, if there is I’ll buy it straight away.


As a big music fan I check this site everyday for information and especially the knowledgeable comments of genuine music enthusiasts and fans who often know far more than critics or journalists. I have my opinions about various artists but what marks this site out from others is that the comments very rarely centre around this artist is rubbish/ talentless etc. That sort of comment eventually kills off comments because it becomes a forum where certain people police what is “cool”. Whether you rate Oasis/Jethro Tull/Erasure or not is of no interest to anyone but yourselves.


Regarding my own comment above, I cannot say Oasis is talentless, Morning Glory and Def. Maybe were a soundtrack to years of my life, I’ve even enjoyed parts of their later albums, however back in 1997 I really looked forward to Be HereNow, and then it hit me like a rock when I actually sat down to hear it, I had already read it was not good, but I could not believe it, I was not going to be swayed by some hack critic. My criticism of this record is just that, it is overall just a terrible record, Perhaps if it were shorter and were done differently it could have been a much better record, however, what came out was a two star sequel to something that deserved much better, if it were a movie it would be Back To The Future II. Honestly most of the outtakes from their first two records were better than anything here. Besides the fact it sold bucketloads to fans like myself back in the day, it baffles the mind when it gets a deluxe treatment like it actually deserved a box set, like great albums like Revolver, or Thriller, or Hunky Dory. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, if you really like this album, lucky you, on one level I am curious about it, it looks well curated, and nicely done but, I have to ask myself, what could really be there that I missed the first time? Perhaps a second chance to get angry….. I suppose I still feel let down, because I know they could have or atleast should have done so much better.


I”am also very dissapointed about the Erasure box set. I think the audio content for the loyal fans are very minimal. The fans allready have the hits, b-sides and the “classic” remixes etc.

Paul Wren

Oasis’ “Be Here Now” got a massive critical mauling when it was released and I don’t think its reputation has improved much down the years. Surely the box set should be priced much cheaper to offset this? I would suggest waiting a few months when the price will likely be heavily discounted to reflect unsold stock etc. £80 will buy you a mint copy of the original Creation double vinyl release via Discogs which is really all you need and a better future investment as well.


“Oasis’ “Be Here Now” got a massive critical mauling when it was released”

It was critically lauded upon release by the UK press.


Was hoping for a disc of acoustic versions in the new Erasure box set. Sadly disappointed.

elliott buckingham

when I see the words new interpretations of classic tracks always makes me think why oh why just give us the originals the Depeche mode remix sets were ruined by new modern day dance remixes


while not all the new mixes were that great. it was nice to see some songs that never had remixes have some done. i’m happy with any new experiments, because i have the original singles already.

same with erasure, bring on new mixes, and make them interesting if you can.



I know that is out of topic but I’m dying to know if the standalone remastered CD releases for “Diamond Dogs”, “Young Americans” and “Station to Station” will be available at the same time of the upcoming box set, don’t really know how it worked with the previous one. I can’t find any pre-order on Amazon or elsewhere other than the box set itself.


I doubt any sane individual would pay 1p for Be Here Now deluxe. Has to be the most disappointing album of all time…


I have to agree, that record was such a let down. A legendsry let down, like opening Al Capone’s vault. Looking at that record still makes me angry to this day. Might as well just sell an empty box, full of promises. Who, may i ask, honestly belives that be here now deserves super deluxe treatment? Listen to the outtakes… Can you even make it through the finished album from start to finish? I think Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Liverpool deserves super deluxe treatment before this hanging turd, and that is not saying much.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

you are so right -SG- !!
oasis. one of the most overrated bands ever.
angry ( drunken ) boorish unlikeable men without any sense of good music.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

I’m also very disappointed about the erasure box set.
Where are the rarities from the first 3 albums?
It seems that that box set presents more the later works by erasure.
But i’m not really interested in new erasure material. My favourite albums go from “wonderland” to “i say i say i say”. Also the new remixes should be on a different compilation like “erasure – updated 2000 remixes” or something else.
I think this is not the right place for that.
The “andy” and “vince” favourites discs gives me absolutely nothing.
The only disc that it really interesting for me is disc 11
but the whole box set seems very boring to me.
Sorry andy and vince. This is not a celebration box set for me.
Hopefully the first 5 albums will came out as 4 or 5 discs “super deluxe edition” as soon as possible with first disc ( album plus b-sides ) second and third disc ( original 12″remixes ) and forth disc with alternate versions and demo version.
and b-sides. So i will miss this box set definetely.


Paul, I’m hearing rumours of a Blackstar deluxe edition coming soon. Do you know anything about this?


Was nice to finally see the track listing for the Erasure box set. The Erasure info service had done a poll a while back to see what fans would be interested in, album reissues, singles compilation, b-sides compilation etc. It looks like they decided to put a little of everything into this box instead of making it more targeted. Personally, would like to have a complete B-sides compilation and see the album reissues continue. I am looking forward to the box though. Has quite a bit of unreleased material and will be nice to get the Wild concert on DVD. Saw that show both times it toured the US and have had that on VHS which I am happy to recycle now. I am interested in the new remixes as the ones they have released since the Total Pop campaign typically stay true to the original songs (vs the 90s-era remixes). Not too interested in the curated discs however it is interesting to see those tracklists. One thing I may have missed is the release date for the box. All I found was ‘October 2016’. Has it been published?


Wow too rich for my blood lol


Any news if the PiL boxes will be available outside of the Universal store?

Charles K.

Does Amazon Germany have import issues? They shouldn’t even list the item if it’s going to be such a ridiculous price in comparison. Either way I only want the 3cd version and mainly for the remastered b sided and demos. I love the albums that followed it far more and hope they continue the remaster series.

Erasure box? Disappointing but mainly because I would prefer individual album remasters (especially Chorus, my second fave behind Innocents). I wonder if the label feels demand for those later releases would be soft? Bummer because I want half of what’s on the box but definitely not the rest, making this something I’ll avoid. A single release of remastered, collected b sides would have been preferred in lieu of no further album remasters. When all is said and done I will just avoid this and hang onto all my Cd singles.


5 words on the Erasure boxset: Biggest disappointment of the year…


I am also very disappointed in the Erasure box tracklist. Very misguided …three discs of singles? If you are buying the box you obviously have all the singles. Not to mention, pick a greatest hits collection … they have released several. Songs repeat on Andy and Vince’s discs and the remixes lack many vinyl only and promo mixes. Would have rather have seen a continuation of the single boxes. How did this so buggered?


I find the idea of repeated songs quite baffling. If they were different versions of the songs I would understand however.

Not to mention the fact that there has been three Pop singles collections and the two best-ofs; do we really need another?

Three discs of B-sides would’ve probably covered the lot too, making this set worthwhile for me. I feel theyve missed the mark and it seems theyd rather put this out than some proper 2CD/DVD album reissues.

Gary C

Is it the same deal as the previous vinyl for oasis? A DL card for all the extra tracks on the 3CD version?


@Paul Mac – I’ve been trying to determine the answer to the question you’re asking…and I haven’t seen anything to indicate that there is an extra 12″ included with the BHN boxset ordered from the band’s online store like there was for the DM and WTSMG boxsets.


“Be Here Now” 3CD set for me, it’ll sit perfectly with the previous two reissues I have in the same format. With their 2009 singles collection is more or less everything you need by Oasis.

Kai Karkkainen

I haven’t got any Oasis CDs / LPs / singles / cassettes and that’s everything you need by Oasis.

Stevie B

I don’t own anything by Oasis, and that’s all I need!

I do hope that Apple produce one of those Jethro Tull-style elevated versions of the Sgt Pepper cover for next year’s 50th anniversary. But they won’t.


I’m very disappointed with the Erasure box set track list. It’s far from complete and contains not many new remixes. I’d love a complete singles box set.

Paul Mac

Is there still no difference between the Be Here Now set sold by Oasis’ own website and everywhere else (the two previous sets came with an extra 12″ single if you bought direct from the band’s shop)?


Any marbles?


In terms of getting the deluxe set right, Jethro Tull consistently hit the nail on the head, while Oasis repeatedly bash themselves on the thumb.


No cassette in the Oasis box : Gutted!

Tom of fun

Agreee, LOL.