Saturday Deluxe / 4 March 2017

A Handsome evening at the Union Chapel

I’m a relatively recent convert to the ‘alt country’ group The Handsome Familyso I was very pleased to get the opportunity to see them this week as they played London’s Union Chapel as part of their UK tour (in support of their recent album Unseen).

I picked up a compilation called Strange Country from a charity shop a couple of years ago and which featured their brilliant song So Much Wine. This lead to me exploring more of their output.

Anyway, I like the band even more having seen the live show. A fantastic and relaxed experience. Wonderful songs and great banter between husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks. You know you’re watching a quality band when you don’t know half the output but still REALLY enjoy it. If you watched the first series of True Detective (aka ‘the good series’) you’ll know their song Far From Any Road, since it was used over the opening credits.

The new album is great, and the green vinyl edition is still available.

Purple Rain picture disc?

We all know by now that that Prince‘s Purple Rain will be reissued in June. That was confirmed by Warner Bros Music a few weeks back. One would have thought that an official announcement detailing the contents is due in the next 4-6 weeks, but while we wait for that, a Purple Rain limited edition vinyl picture disc surfaced on a few retailers this week, supposedly to be issued in April. On the Amazon UK this product quickly became ‘currently unavailable’ and was then pulled completely but it’s still order able elsewhere, such as on JPC in Germany or Amazon in Italy.

Perhaps a picture disc was always part of the plans for the June reissue and this has accidentally come to light now. Alternatively, it could be planned as a Record Store Day release (although SDE is expecting various Prince 12-inches to be issued for RSD, not this). Should stress that this is all speculation at this stage, although retailers don’t invent this stuff for the fun of it…

Tears For Fears confirm UK stage return in support of new album

Tears for Fears to tour with Hall and Oates

Over two years since their last reissue (Songs From The Big Chair) and a whopping 12 years since their only studio album of the new millennium (Everybody Loves A Happy EndingTears For Fears continue to tour sporadically.  They already have one UK summer date in Hyde Park supporting The Killers in the diary (the first time they’ve played in London since 2005), but have now just announced a North American tour with Hall and Oates. The band will play 29 dates, kicking off in Tulsa on 4 May and complete the tour on 28 July in Los Angeles. There’s a two week gap in the middle to allow for a break and getting over to England for Hyde Park!

We’re thrilled to be going out on the road with Daryl Hall & John Oates this summer,” said Tears For Fears. “We’ve been longtime fans of the band so it’ll be fun to reconnect and also to see our fans throughout the U.S.”

Although the US dates are just two months away, fans will be hoping that Tears For Fears will finally issue their new studio record which they’ve been working on for three or four years. They signed a deal with Warners a while back, but there’s been no mention of it and the band haven’t played any unreleased material at any of their live shows in the last three or four years.

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[…] Park remaster is being issued, although curiously, there is no word out the vinyl picture disc, noted by SDE last month. Indeed, this is still listed on Amazon Italy. It may have been cancelled – we’ll keep […]

Julian H

Re: The new TFF album, Roland has posted a photo of himself on-line mixing. It’s slowly coming together I guess.

Tom M

I’ll have to check out The Handsome Family. Anyone else interested in ‘alt country’ might like to know The Flying Burrito Brothers’ “The Gilded Palace of Sin” is being remastered for vinyl in May and SACD sometime later in the year.

Michel D.

At last I will be able to see TFF again in my home town (Quebec City)!!
Do we know if this is a double bill or is TFF the opening act? I hope the former!!

Keith Lambert

Shame about the radio silence with respect to ‘The Seeds Of Love’ re-issue; I’m really looking forward to that one, as, when and if it happens.


First came across The Handsome Family when watching Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus, an excellent film by Jim White (was shown on Beeb Four years ago). The soundtrack is brilliant and the HFs song My Sisters Tiny Hands is a standout.


It’s still available on the BBC iPlayer:



Well worth a watch. I didn’t check on iplayer (I bought the DVD after seeing it and the soundtrack as well).


Presumably TFF are supporting H&O in the US. A few UK dates with reverse billing in the autumn would be great.

Chris Squires

Now you’re talking. H&O supporting TFF in the UK would be an amazing ticket. It’s a great fit.
One big Venn diagram with lots of crossover.

Worst, and least suitable, support act I ever saw was Jane Siberry opening for Mike Oldfield at Edinburgh castle for the TBII launch. She might or might not be OK but she was a very poor fit for your average Oldfield fan.

H&O and TFF would hopefully have no such worries.

elliott buckingham

are these recent prince 12″ singles remastered if so and bob George has appeared as a bside there may be hope of the black album being reissued

Peter Stanton

My parents were married and I was actually christened in the Union Chapel.

Looks a great venue, but I haven’t managed to get there yet.

The Handsome Family are indeed excellent.


Saw Sophie Ellis-B there for her Wanderlust tour. The acoustics are great. Not sure his lordship would approve of the bar selling alcohol though :)

Johnny Kalifornia

Paul, which Prince titles are you expecting for RSD? :O


Why TFF wont tour the UK mystifies me, i know loads of people who want to see them. Hyde Park doesnt do it really.


Any news on The Seeds of Love 5.1 and box set?


I’ve seen Tears for Fears probably 10 times in the Los Angeles area since they reformed and while they always put on a great show, The whole greatest hits package they’ve been performing has grown a bit tiresome. I will likely be skipping this tour…that is, unless they plan on performing new material.


Steve = Totally agree with you and in the same boat. There have been less than a handful of surprises to TTF setlist since their reunion. In fact, the last pair shows I saw were boring for me. The highlights are the deeper and rarely played cuts from the first three studio albums and any material from “Elemental” and “Raoul And The Kings Of Spain” performed with Curt. I still like hearing “Floating Down The River” and anything from “Everybody Loves A Happy Ending” (other than “Call Me Mellow”!). Overall, they are excellent live! I just wish they would quit playing cover songs!
It’s well past due time for the new album (and “The Seeds Of Love” box!).


So there’s still no new updates on “The Seeds of Love” reissue? How disappointing… :(

Julian H

Supposedly pushed back after the new album.


I’d be happy if tears for fears did another limited run Of The hurting box set, Amazon.co.uk have put it on sale twice in the last year as coming into stock but it never transpires, Obviously so as it’s sold out and deleted. Would love to see them live though, there is a demand to fill a uk tour


yeah same here I missed out on The Hurting box set


Paul any plans for a video blog for Saturday Deluxe? Could you think about it please…. I think it would be really nice and make a change to have a video review of the week just gone, news, talking points from the weeks comments and your thoughts on industry matters and specific issues + upcoming releases etc. You do really good video reviews, and a chance for us all to join you on our sofas at home with a cup of tea in hand on Saturday would be really good I think. Not knocking the written blog, but a weekend video would make a nice change. Just a thought. Anyone else agree?

Jim Edwards

Why are Warners obsessed with keeping the fans in the dark. Why no information? Oh and why does the recent If I Was Your Girlfriend 12″ play Bob George on the b-side instead of Shockadelica? Answers on a postcard to Warners Don’t Care.

Randy Metro

As much as I love Prince, the blame is on Prince or his business managers for not having a plan and a will. Prince’s back catalog releases were shambolic before he died. It doesn’t get better when the person driving the bus dies.


Handsome family are great, got the green vinyl as soon as it was released , mine came with free signed poster of Renee sparks artwork and a free cd . A good album in my opinion.


It’s harsh to dig at Prince for dying! I am sure he did not mean to, or think he would. Life is full of surprises, and unexpected deaths are one of the biggest. Perhaps he was going to sort it all out this year? But fate had other plans….. It’s just something that will take time to deal with now and sort out. But it will, eventually. We must all be patient.


I think [when famous at least] as soon as you have a spouse and/or a kid, the first thing to do is a will. Otherwise if you enter the stairways to heaven, you will leave a huge mess to those you left behind.
How many times have you seen family members squabbled over someone’s fortunes.
I am sure someone like McCartney has it done already because he’s a smart guy who didn’t squandered money like so many you hear about.

David M

Except when he got divorced having not had a pre-nup …

Colin Murphy

Jim, really? Bob George on the 12″ B side?

Paul, if you have a means of contacting Warner about this picture disc, please do. I’ve emailed them but to no avail, and enquired about it at Rough Trade on Friday. It would make sense for it to be a Record Store Day release, but everything about the Prince vinyl reissues (especially the 12″s) has been so haphazard that it’s kind of consistent in its inconsistencies…

John M

This is the first I’ve heard about Bob George being on the B side of the 12″ If I Was Your Girlfriend reissue. Is it the EU or US copy you have, Jim?


Frustrating that TFF are only doing one show in the UK this summer. Would love to see some headline shows. I can see why they are supporting The Killers though it doesnt make it right….

Chris Squires

Lucky Americans!

Two of my favourite bands under one roof. Never seen TFF but saw H&O at the Birmingham NEC in the mid-1980s.

Now if I could persuade Kate Bush to tour again and take Mike Oldfield as support.

It would also be nice if someone could do a Carpool Karaoke with more vintage and less current artists. James Corden really holds his own with someone like Adele, but would love a 30 minute ride with Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw, Alison Moyet or Julia Fordham and their contemporaries

Vintage.tv are missing a trick here…. Paul King needs something to do, suit him up and hand him the keys. It would be so easy to put a brilliant series of 8 together….

Paul Young
Tony Hadley
Nik Kershaw
Alison Moyet
Kim Wilde
Holly Johnson
Boy George
Annie Lennox

What a series that would be, 15 minutes chat, 15 minutes belting out the hits to the car stereo….ah wishes and daydreams…..

Stevie B

Chris, in case you weren’t aware, Julia Fordham’s Falling Forward album has just been announced as a 2-CD remastered version for late April.

Chris Squires

The album I met my wife to……. I didn’t know, thanks Stevie B.