Saturday Deluxe / 6 February 2016


Pet Shop Boys: It’s A Hoax

What have I done to deserve this? The recent story about the Pet Shop Boys new single, which listed remix and bonus track details, has been dubbed ‘false’ by the band!

Under the title “Hoax” the Pet Shop Boys are saying on the Pet Texts section of their website that “false information is circulating online about the new PSB single and the bonus tracks and mixes that will be released”.

This is disappointing. Obviously the story wasn’t a hoax, because that implies a deliberate fabrication, whereas as the news article was simply reporting information in good faith, from an apparently credible source. Regular readers will be well aware that SDE doesn’t ‘do’ sensationalist ‘hoax’ reports. It is not that sort of website and we have better things to do with our time.

But we have to take the PSBs at face value, so if they say it’s inaccurate then we can only accept that and apologise to them and our readers for passing on misinformation.

It’s slightly ironic that after the story was published all the comments that were left were very positive about the band and how great it is that they still support B-sides, physical media and give value to their fans. So whatever their next single, and whatever the B-sides and remixes, we hope that there is a physical release on CD and vinyl as well as digital bundles.

If the PSBs or their representatives want to get in touch to correct this information we’d be glad to publish and inform their fans.

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[…] be up for a chat. Let’s hope they aren’t holding a grudge over PopKidsGate, when I inadvertently announced bogus details about their April 2016 […]


This is the best site on the internet!!! S**t happens, it’s no one’s fault, certainly not yours! Let it go and move on, we love you for what you do Paul!! We all wish we had a job as cool as yours :-)


Beautifully conveyed Bill!


Anyone trying to slur Paul Sinclair ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves!


Yes! It’s a sin!

*jazz hands*


So PSB are reading you? Nice job then.

Philip Treijtel

I never have caught you on any lies or any other misbehavior. Always serious and professional. And like all the other commentors I never will doubt your good intentions. All I can say is keep up the good work, you are highly respected by all of us.
Don’t ever let something like this get you down.


We have your back. No Worries. You have a great site that is helpful to me almost every day. Forget PSB, your source & carry on with the great work


Forget not. I love PSB and look forward to finding out about a Please Super Deluxe edition. I for one hope that Paul will continue to keep us informed about PSB. This is nothing more than I tiny mistake that does not reflect badly on Paul or the PSB.

Anthony C

I did wonder about this as I then couldn’t find any pre-order information on iTunes or Amazon. I couldn’t even find details on their website.

So I’m not surprised at all.

Hopefully they take the track list as inspiration.


I thought the original piece/single info came from the PSB site or had been announced elsewhere. the way I saw it, the PSB/their people/MGMT etc were just a bit miffed single info was out there before it had been originally announced? or is it just cause it’s all false info and if it was correct info they wouldn’t have minded? don’t know. anyway if they know about your great site now Paul and the love so many people have for PSB physical/single releases, something good has came from it all.


SDE is my one stop shop and your integrity remains in tact. I will continue to drop by daily for accurate and timely information. Perhaps the PSB label should take note that there was an appetite from fans for this information and publish it themselves in a speedier fashion. I think its also worth pointing out that very often labels change their minds about track listing, artwork etc. after they have made a formal/public announcement and I’m sure they wouldn’t admit to that being a hoax on their part…
Please keep up the much appreciated and valuable work…


does this mean that as their album is being released on the 1st April, it’s an April fool’s joke and there’s no album at all!!!!!, just saying

Ian Robertson

Yes it’s all the fault of the Pet Shop Boys! Glad we’ve settled that. And they’re just using this to promote themselves. Simple as that. Anyone would think that it matters if completely false information is published unchecked. I for one will continue to read this estimable site regardless of whether it publishes correct or incorrect information.


As many have said: nobody here doubts your integrity. Just wanted to add my voice to the supportive comments. ;)


I think it sounds like Paul’s source had acess to inside info, probably email exchanges between indivuals in the record label. They thought the details listed were final. It often happens that the tracks first chosen are later changed for whatever reason, no big deal. I suspect that someone in the label panicked when they realized they had a leak and posted the hoax info to cover themselves. The PSB don’t administer the official web site themselves, and probably didn’t know any of this was going on. I’d bet it was the band that had the hoax post removed when they learned of it. I love PSB and Super Deluxe edition both. So no real harm done. In the end I also bet that when we get the official press release for the new single details will be different but still very close to the original story.

Charles K.

Could have happened to anyone Paul, this site rules and you do an outstanding job.

Kenny R

I only discovered SDE a few months back but I love reading it and check it daily.
Anyone reading your stuff knows how much you love music Paul and no one could possibly believe that you knowingly put out misinformation.
I hope PSB take up your offer and provide you with the information they woul want published.
Please keep up the excellent work, it is much appreciated


Pet Shop Boy’s have often been the target of false release rumors and misinformation. Even their own sleeves couldn’t get it right in the early days… “It’s a Sin” was listed as being on the forthcoming album Jealousy, on their own sleeve, so don’t feel too bad. However, they should not bite the hand that feeds them, restore that link and offer up some real info, since I’m sure they would like to sell their records and get the information out to as many people as possible. However, the real hoaxter–if it really was a hoax–should be flogged.


I remember a persistent rumor in the early 90s was that PSB had recorded and entire alum entitled Obituary, which was not to be released until after they had both died.

Andrew Aston

If the phrase “all publicity is good publicity” holds true then they may sell more units from this story doing the rounds and you may get more readers…at worst it may make them stay committed to the formats that we all want…and that would not be a bad result all round!


Isn’t this album coming out on 4/1? Have u guys ever heard of April Fools Day? Maybe that’s only an American tradition but I’ve suspected Tennant would pull something like this since I first saw the release date.

Gary Hunter

In the age of the internet mistakes like this are bound to happen Paul don’t lose too much sleep over it.

I am a big Pet Shop Boys fan and have been for 30 years, I think the way they dealt with the “hoax” was appauling.

I sincerely hope the new album is better than the last one, “Electric” was very poor, only a couple of decent songs on it, quite why people rave over it baffles me!


Nature, and hoaxers it seems, abhors a vacuum. The lads should tell us what’s happening this year and there won’t be any reason to believe unauthorised leaks. It seems even this hoax won’t pry the info out of them!

Halloween Jack

Paul Sinclair, you do an excellent job with this website!
Super Deluxe Edition is an excellent source of music news.
You were kind enough to report and kind enough to update us.
Keep it up! ;-)

Ian Robertson

Where did you get the information from? Because whoever originated it was definitely guilty of a “hoax”.


To be fair, and as much as I like PSB they may be getting above their station to think someone may be deliberately out to create a hoax about new music.

Paul, were you involved in Hilters Diaries? Any comment on the Moon Landing?


I am sure this is just an effort to control the information whether the details are correct or not. This also won’t hurt to stir up more interest in their upcoming releases.


Did PSB call your site out by name anywhere? Was this story an SDE exclusive, or was it also reported elsewhere? All I’ve seen PSB refer to was “false information circulating online” (which it appears may be true). It’s possible that they had no intention of besmirching the integrity of your site specifically.

I know I don’t have all the facts, but I’d like to believe that it’s possible that neither side meant to disrespect the other.


Ahh, bit much, that. Such silly nonsense. Control freaks.

You are commended for your very fair update in this matter. And keep on with your sense of humor, it suits you well. Good faith still in effect…


Ah. Perhaps it was just a poor choice of words on the part of someone in their camp. They should make amends by giving you an exclusive themselves somewhere down the line!


I do not think it will change nothing if not the song chosen for single, and if the faces B are different, do not think anything will happen, it has information that to us his fans is a must and if not correct, nothing happens, things do not always go as you want, or think you are right. If you always gue in this style, all my support Paul.


They should just be pleased that sites like SDE still have an interest in them, and promote them gratis… Much of the mainstream media don’t go near them anymore. Mistakes happen, don’t sweat the small stuff. Nice headline title btw, we see what you did there Paul….

Craig Hedges

Does this mean the song titles for the b-sides are false as well – I was really looking forward to hearing ‘Secret Alphabet’. If they are false then Neil and Chris should write songs using these titles to have the last laugh!
‘Inner Sanctum’ has really grown on me, I just hope that the new album is mastered to sound a bit more hi-fi. Electric sounded really compressed mp3s – even on vinyl.


I wonder if the “Hoax” song titles are going to turn out to be “hoaxes” along the lines of the song titles that leaked before Kylie released Body Language, and we’ll find out over the course of the next few years (or even singles/bonus tracks) that the songs actually existed.


Visit this site every day and will continue to do so. Mistakes will happen but that does not distract from the fact everyone involved in bringing us SDE.com obviously loves what they do and hold all posts with the highest regard. Is it too much to suggest PSB could have go in touch to advise rather than dealing with the issue through an abrupt albeit innocuous post? Thanks for clearing it up anyway SDE! Keep up the tremendous work!

Derek T.

Weird. But I don’t think anyone doubts your integrity. Can you say what the source of the original story was?


Why in the world would anyone create a hoax like this? Anyway, PSB get into action and get a single out (with remixes) to promote Super”.

Paul you always give us the best info, so don’t worry about this nonsense.


If the original report was wrong, I don’t want to be right! What a shame.


The only person to blame is the one who provided the information with the intention of making themselves feel clever. I think PSB and their Management are smart enough to understand everything you reported was done in good faith and with no mischevious intent, after all what would it achieve. One only has to look at the care, attention and enthusiasm you take over the site to realise your overwhelming interest and motivator is a love of music and collecting.


Dom, well said, totally agree with every word.

MC Miker G

“Hoax” is indeed a bit melodramatic, but don’t sweat it, Paul – I’m sure the many fans of both the band and of this excellent website won’t really mind. Worse things happen at sea!


Your hands are clean in this one, but the PSBs have wrongly accused you by inferring an intent that was clearly not there. Shame on them, or more likely (I hope), their site moderators.

Simon F

This claim that the story was a hoax could be a hoax itself; PSB/record label marketing department hacked off that SDE managed to beat them to the announcement of this new single…


keep doing your job Paul….it’s highly appreciated. No one will get hurt if the track listing will be different

[…] While contemporaries like Duran Duran and a-ha have long since abandoned the idea of the B-side (arguably even the single), the Pet Shop Boys continue to offer fans non-album tracks with their single releases, with three new songs being issued with The Pop Kids, the first 45 from their new album SUPER. Update 6 Feb: PSBs have denied this report. More here. […]

Peter Yarrow

What a shame … don’t take it to heart, I think everyone who comes on here knows everything you post is in good faith and usually very accurate

Paul Trotman

Yeah, ditto. You do a great job.