What are the bonus tracks like on the Japanese CD edition of McCartney III?

Four bonus tracks for Japan

The Japanese CD edition of Paul McCartney‘s new album McCartney III comes with four bonus tracks, but what are they and is it worth shelling out for this version of the album?

The tracks in question are ‘Women and Wives (studio outtake)’, ‘Lavatory Lil (studio outtake)’, ‘The Kiss of Venus (phone demo)’ and ‘Slidin’ (Düsseldorf Jam)’. The only other way to get these bonus tracks, physically, is to buy all four of the ‘coloured’ CDs available from Paul McCartney’s store (see this post) but I’d recommend going for the Japanese edition over doing this since it’s cheaper and just seems less wasteful as you aren’t duplicating the album four times.

I will admit to expecting these bonus cuts to be of marginal interest but they are actually all really good in their own way!

Woman and Wives (studio outtake)‘ loses the drums and percussion and starts off very similar to the master version (in fact the vocal for verses one and two sounds identical to these ears), but the middle section (“When tomorrow comes around..”) is completely different. Paul sings unfamiliar lyrics and a completely different melody. It’s clearly an early version, since I think he’s definitely improved it for the master version, but it’s fascinating nonetheless. Also verse three has different lyrics as well.

Lavatory Lil (studio outtake)‘ is an entirely acoustic version of the track and there’s nothing from the finished cut present in this version. In fact, although I was damning about this song in the McCartney III review, I think this solo Paul-and-acoustic-guitar rendition gives it some much needed charm. It feels more of a casual throwaway ditty without all the production and the shouting backing vocals. Interesting!

The Kiss of Venus (phone demo)‘ is fairly much what it says on the tin. Paul sounds like he’s literally hit record on his smart phone and played an early version (which starts with verse 2) of the song. He’s mostly got all the structure and lyrics sorted and it’s an intimate rendition.

Finally, Slidin’ (Düsseldorf Jam) is Paul and his band jamming an instrumental, embryonic version of the song. Lots of bluesy guitar and it all sounds very polished in a slight ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ kind of a way. This isn’t at all in keeping with the rest of the record but, again, it’s a fascinating listen.

The Japanese CD edition of McCartney III (click image to enlarge)

I like how relaxed Paul has been about issuing these extra tracks (even if you think it was cynical in terms of the four UK CDs) and as far as I can recall, this is the first time he’s made demos of songs available from a new album at the time of release. These are definitely worth owning and are all but essential if you’re a big McCartney fan.

I regret buying my copy from CD Japan, which ending up costing 4,783 Yen (about £35) shipped to the UK, plus an extra £18 in customs/handling charges (thanks DHL), making this a painfully expensive purchase. However, since Amazon UK are listing it with a release date of 15 January for £35 price-tag (and it’s available in the US and elsewhere) that’s probably a better option.

The CD is a SHM-CD (compatible with all CD players) and includes two booklets, OBI-strip, protection for the CD and the re-sealable outer sleeve. It uses the red dice and has a red spine and also has different pictures in the gatefold and a alternative image of Paul on the back, when compared to the standard UK CD.

The Japanese McCartney III CD is available in the UK from 15 January 2021.

1. Long Tailed Winter Bird (5.17)
2. Find My Way (3.55)
3. Pretty Boys (3.01)
4. Women and Wives (2.53)
5. Lavatory Lil (2.23)
6. Deep Deep Feeling (8.27)
7. Slidin’ (3.25)
8. The Kiss of Venus (3.09)
9. Seize The Day (3.23)
10. Deep Down (5.55)
11. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes (3.13)
12 Women and Wives (studio outtake) (3.15)
13. Lavatory Lil (studio outtake) (2.07)
14. The Kiss of Venus (phone demo) (2.11)
15. Slidin’ (Düsseldorf jam) (4.58)

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Chris Woods

I ordered mine from Amazon. It should have arrived today. Instead I have an updated arrival date of 16 March. Not sure if that’s because of Brexit issues?

Richard Anderson

Hi. I eventually received my red vinyl from the McCartney US store today so I can clarify that it is an edition of 3000. ie the hand written number on the back is 2420/3000. I also have the red vinyl from the UK store which was an edition of 9200 ie the hand written number on the back is 8008/9200. The handwriting on the back of the US version is different to the UK.

Andreas W

Hi all,
yesterday I received an email from Digitalstorescs.uk informing that McCartney III as Spotify edition could not be delivered to me. “your order has been returned to us by the courier as they were unable to deliver it to you.” Which is kind of odd as the yellow record ordered from the same shop was delivered early January.
It feels strange and I can hardly believe that the courier could not get hold of me.
What are your experiences?


Got my customs notice yesterday. I went with snail mail from CDJapan and have been charged about £23, which isn’t bad for five CDs. It’s definitely worth waiting to order a bundle and only getting hit with the £8 handling charge once. I got burned the year before last on a freebie (ELOs double version of Secret Messages on CD) after using my points up and paid around £18.
To think, they only used to sting about one in three of my packages.

Chris R

My long time Amazon log in, going back almost 20 years, is not working at Amazon Japan. The Web site is not recognising my E-mail address. Do you have create a separate account for that Web site? I’ve successfully used my Amazon profile at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany over the years.

Just signed into Amazon U.S. Says on the main page, Hi, Christopher. Customer since 2001.


Chris R

Thank you Paul. I will set up an account shortly.

Also, none of the McCartney III LPs of any colour have been released in Canada, still. It’s getting close to a month since McCartney III was released on vinyl and not even the standard black vinyl or the indie store white copies have been made available. The word is Universal Canada has closed their warehouse in Ontario. No more record shipping from within Canada any more, following Sony Canada and Warner Canada closing their warehouses. All major label releases will be coming out of the United States. from now on. It unfortunately appears Canada is going to be an afterthought going forward.

On Record Store Day, Black Friday, most of the Universal titles released on that day including Mila – The Divine Comedy and U2 – Boy 50th Anniversary white vinyl never reached retail here.


On Japanese Amazon site it doesn’t show the red version, but the normal one. That’s a pity. I rather liked the ‘different’ cover.
Or would they send the red one after all?

Wayne K

While I agree that I like that Paul has issued all the demos at the time of release, all these special editions are a cynical marketing ploy. Having said that, no one is forcing anyone to buy them. At least the Japanese version is available for fans.


I received mine today with the A4 calendar.
Musically, a fantastic pop album and a worthy follow-up to the two self-titled Albums of 1970 and 1980.
Soundwise, another loudness war victim on CD. I just cannot understand why this is still happening.
I should have checked the Dynamic Range Database first.

Larry Davis

Ok my original plan was to order 1 version of the CD (did order the Japanese for all 4 bonus tracks in 1 place) & 1 of a coloured vinyl (first choice the green Target)…well this 1 Target in Brooklyn sold out of the vinyl but did have the CD, so I bought it & my Japanese red came yesterday…my friend I was visiting had the standard white CD, so we compared…I gotta say I love how the back cover had a matching coloured border & spine…and each version has it’s own set of pics inside the booklet & on the back cover…seeing the white, green & Jap red, the red pic collection is sorta lame, the green ones much better & the standard ones are better than the red!! Also I don’t like how certain stores coloured vinyl…blue, pink, orange…have a white die on the cover, not a colour coordinated one…is the pic collection on these the same as the standard white one or it’s own set?? As for the album itself & bonus tracks, I really enjoy it!! I’m not thrown by his voice, the songs are diverse, interesting & enjoyable…I think Lav Lil is an amusing song, fun how the verse lyrics are like limericks…and it’s peculiar how Paul pronounces it like Lavatry, not the US way like la-va-tour-y…not one skippable song…the 4 bonus tracks felt unnecessary at first, but they hold their place & fill the album out to almost an hour, so that’s cool…I do hope that when a real deluxe comes out…if it does…it has a uniquely coloured die (orange, purple, brown, clear, etc) with bonuses not on the Japanese, but different demos or unreleased songs altogether, cuz the Japanese one was not cheap!! Overall, not my fave album of the year but I don’t regret my purchase by any means…the calendar was a cool bonus too…keeping it sealed in the plastic…and I will get the Target vinyl if I come across a copy…


From your Boxing Day Deluxe blog and SW saying it was “deeply cynical”, SW himself has also done stuff like Macca … but not on the same level.

Richard Smith

Your luck.. I’ve just had mine..! Well that’s a laugh, £22.90 for a crap face mask that will only fit a baby + someone’s hairpin the pack, a set of the crappist dice. And nothing else, no CD no return address.

Kevin Hemingway

Pre-ordered mine for 2500 yen + 870 yen airmail postage on 4/12/20, then they had it next day saving 500 yen off price, so cancelled original order (made a day earlier!) then re-ordered it for 2000 yen + 870 yen airmail postage. A4 bonus calendar looking at images people have of it seems to be a double sided piece of coloured card. Hasn’t arrived yet (expect it to be late Jan / early Feb) but dreading what customs / import charges I may get stung for. How do they collect this? You said DHL charged you an extra £18 in customs/handling charges – sheesh. Did you have to pay that upfront online before they delivered it or pay it when they “knocked on your door”? Anyway, 2870 yen (£20.56) including postage and a free McCartneyIII calendar (ha!) all the way from Japan isn’t that bad…. pending any EXTRA charges =(

Happy Christmas to everyone (except those at the UK Paul store, still not had my CD or red vinyl). Bah humbug.


Stressful day today, accompanied my 85 year old neighbour to get her first Covid jab, ( she didn’t stop complaining about how old everyone else was, LOL) , lots of form filling and her concerned son on FaceTime from Austria, came home and my blue McCartney T Shirt had turned up, got my CD from Sainsbury’s. We all have a hobby that defies reasonable logic, nobody makes us buy these vinyl & cd editions. Thank you & merry Christmas Paul for this marvellous site and bargains, which I really couldn’t afford otherwise , and if you would allow please Paul, all SDE readers with elderly neighbours, check their phones for text messages from their GPs for their vaccine alerts, they’re easily missed

John MC cann

Yeah killer neighbouring man!


If anyone is still trying to keep up with all the different versions I found this on a Beatles blog –comment image


Thank you Andy. Very cool. What an assortment. I just got the cassette for $18 on EBAY


This amused me – from the liner notes included with the 2013 “Rockshow” Blu-ray;
“…Paul McCartney, the artist who has sold the most records in history, has never tried to maximise his sales, even though the music business ordinarily releases as many products as the market will support.
‘We’re supposed to be making art here,’ he [McCartney] once told me. ‘We’re not running a store.’…”
I guess times change.

David S

It’s noble of Paul to releaae all these different coloured vinyl editions and ones with extra demos of songs to try and pitch for Number 1, but you can’t disguise a disappointing album.

edward doorschodt

With in a year we probable get a cd deluxe reissue of some sort. With all the bonus tracks + 1 0r 2 live tracks and another remix or extra track. And then you can buy everything ( all over again) for a bargain price.

Tim Barton

I bought this-having the advantage of living in Japan-and I am pleased with it. I do like the album as a whole; it is better than I expected, because the McCartney albums come off as a little self-indulgent, with no foils on board to expand on his ideas. Overall, a good album, and worth having the bonus tracks.


I bought the white vinyl, green cd and white dice so at this stage I won’t be buying another version of the album. I did however manage to get all the bonus tracks off of YouTube so I’m good for the time being.

Dr Oestzer

I noted your comment on Lavatory Lil Paul but I have to say I found it very listenable – and surely Macca deserves the right to a little bit of ruefully funny recollection of one of the less salubrious bits of his past ? I am sure Lil bears very little resemblance to anyone in particular but I’m guessing he’s met a few gold digging gals in his time.


There will probably be a deluxe edition with all these tracks and other demos in the future.

Sean Murdock

Re: “Deluxe Digital Edition” on Paul’s store…

Yes, you can get a download of the album with all four bonus tracks — at this point, the most affordable way to get all 15 tracks — but fair warning to those sensitive about such things … the downloaded tracks are all VBR ranging from about 105 to 220 kbps. So, not exactly an audiophile’s delight. I’m not afflicted with that particular curse/blessing, so it’s passable for me (and I only bought it because I expected the Japanese CD to take forever to get to the U.S.), but I’d be annoyed if it was my only copy of the album and the files were so low-res.

P.S. – The JapanCD package arrived yesterday! Before anything from Macca’s store. Oh well.

Jack Snyder

ps – I was also a bit miffed that the only artwork was the marble colored di album cover jpeg. No pdf with liner notes or lyrics or photos. How can that be considered a “Deluxe Edition”?
Just me venting…



I have received an email from the Paul McCartney store to say the red vinyl version I had ordered with the Third Man logo on the cover will no longer have it on the cover From memory that was all that differentiated it from the other red vinyl versions for sale. I am not impressed.

I have sent an email asking that my order be cancelled but have not heard from them. They are probably too busy producing more copies of versions previously said to be limited.

In New Zealand the label’s actions would amount to a breach of the Fair Trading Act and they would be liable to prosecution if the Commerce Commission took it seriously enough.

Gary C

I got the same email, what’s the bloody point, might as well just get the Japanese CD for the same price.
Weird really, email last week said it was on its way, then yesterday’s email saying no Third Man logo….


Me too. Why did they leave it until they were about to ship to tell us they weren’t printing the TMR logo on them? Are they trying to save some money or something? I bought it BECAUSE it was coming from Third Man.


Three of your latest five articles are about the Beatles.


The movie looks like it will be a cracker.

McCartney three is a great listen, I’m occassionally sensing a Rick Rubin / cash vibe in his voice.

We are still living in and enjoying the Beatles era.


Paul, you’re probably going to hate me for being “language police” but feel free to ignore!!

Since the Obi-strip appears in this article, I’ve noticed a couple of times in your video that you pronounce it like oh-bee. In Japanese, it’s actually pronounced like leaving the h off “hobby”.

Of course, for all I know, your pronounciation is the accepted version in music circles in the UK, so like I say, feel free to ignore, but if I can’t hold a candle to your musical knowledge, at least I can (hopefully) beat you in the Japanese language stakes!

Once again happy holidays to everyone and stay safe!!! Roll on 2021! I have a lot to listen to here, Shakespears Sister, Julia Fordham, Fiona Apple, Jimmy Somerville and Jewel all arrived within a few days of each other!

Craig Hedges

I’ve only ever heard them pronounce oh-bee, the majority of you tube videos on Japanese release refer to them this way as well. Thanks for the heads up but I think it’s a bit late to change. A bit like Ikea telling us it’s pronounced Ek-key-er after calling it I-key-a for 30 years.


As a Swede I assure you that correct prononciation is eh-key-ah :)


I’m a casual fan but I’m hoping this makes the no 1 spot. Paul is great and deserves this without a doubt.


If past performance is anything to go by, there will be an ‘expanded’ edition with all four bonus tracks as well as three more and a couple of live tracks released in under 6 months’ time.

Iain B

I ordered mine from CDJapan and it cost £23.94 and comes with a free calendar (hasn’t arrived yet). Bit worried about the possible customs charges now though. Looking forward to the CD even more now after reading this review.

David Bly

“Limited to 4 per order”!

I guess that means you can get one for yourself, one for the spouse, one each for your parents, but Uncle Albert will just have to go without, and never ever hear the album. Sad!

By the way, I finally ordered a copy of the CD from Target, with the green die on the cover, and as I ordered a couple of other things, the shipping was free. I ordered it on Saturday, and it’s supposed to be here tomorrow (Wed). Pretty good!

Brian Stanley

We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert.


maybe you can download one of each colour!


Does anyone know which bonus track is on each coloured cd in the uk ?
Waiting for my yellow one to arrive !

David Y

This version is available as a download from Paul’s online store


I can’t even keep track how many times I bought this album. Let’s see:

-4x coloured cd with 1 bonus track each.
-1x coloured Box set with all the crap (face mask, etc)
-Japanese Red cd with 4 bonus tracks (didn’t know this existed otherwise would not have bought the individual coloured cd’s)
-Green art cd from Target
-white, Red, blue and green vinyl

I hope these are all limited editions so I can at least get my $$ back if I ever decide to sell this. The vinyl is limited but the coloured cd’s? The red Japanese and the green Target cd say “limited edition” so if that is true, good. The coloured cd with one bonus track each, does anyone know? Kudos to McCartney’s management, brilliant release campaign if your goal is to sell as many as you can. I got an email today from McCartney (well, his people) advertising the iii album for $3.99 on Amazon. Upon checking it was the digital download. My point, Macca’s sales team is firing on all cylinders. When do we know if he made #1? If he doesn’t, it wasn’t my fault.


Taylor Swift made the #1. As you can expect from a gentleman, Paul McCartney congratulated his young friend.


He’s #1 on Amazon’s CD & vinyl chart here in the US, Taylor Swift is at #3 and Carrie Underwood is at #2.


You got stung there Paul.

Anyway, Merry Christmas & a far better 2021 to you & all Readers! I find myself checking your site a few times a day as there’s so much interesting stuff to read about ( Prince related, Arcadia & TFF off the top of my head ) I’ve bought a fair few things I never would’ve heard about ( Beck Japanese import for starters ) because of your interesting words.

Well done & keep up the Sterling work.


Looks very nice. As I no longer get away with the customs BS, I have ordered it with a few other CDs I wanted from CDJapan but will be waiting a while longer as I went for the cheapest postage, being a Yorkshireman LOL.

Tom D.

Interesting to see that the Japanese CD and the Third Man red vinyl have the same back cover image and gatefold collage. Will you be doing a wrap-up/comparison when all colored vinyl versions become seen and known?


Hi Paul,
Glad to have bought it from Japan instead of buying four times the eu/uk versions, to get those four bonus tracks.
Those records companies don’t ever hide themselves anymore to take us for money generators instead of fans. They are not even ashamed. An yet this is not the reissue (I’m quite sure) which will be sell in less than a year.
As Morissey said in “Paint A Vulgar Picture” : “Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! Re-evaluate the songs Double-pack with a photograph Extra Track (and a tacky badge).”
Anyway, many thanks for your post.


Well, well, well……..I got lured into the McCartney III trap and I feel dirty now! After cancelling my initial orders of some coloured vinyl I felt relieved at first, only to feel ‘fear of missing out’ a little later, so I ordered some ‘real exclusive’ coulored vinyls at the last instant, they sold out pretty soon after that. All coloured vinyls were advertised as being 3000 copies worldwide! (some were even shop exclusive)
This is what I got: Red vinyl …….number 3166 of 9200!!!! (no-one told me they changed the rules of the game while playing!) White vinyl even worse! number 5296 out of 11.000!!! (WTF???). Blue vinyl: Hype sticker, no numbers. Purple vinyl: no information at all, only the EAN number to hint the colour. Well, well, well……..I feel sick and stupid!. A big F…You to MPL and Universal!

Colin Harper

Did Paul say a huge ‘F*** You’ to his fans with a song of that title (or so close to that title that it wasn’t funny and might as well as been the full text?) on one of his recent records?

Iain B

Marc, I feel your pain. Like you I was sure it said the coloured vinyl issues were limited to 3k worldwide, so I was a bit miffed to see 9,200 and 11k for the red or white respectively. The yellow one I have doesn’t have a sticker and isn’t numbered. I feel cheated, not because I was tempted by the multiple colours (my choice as to whether to buy or not) but because I thought I was getting something reasonably exclusive. Looks like it has only been the Third Man yellow and black issue is the only genuinely rare one. Does anyone have definitive info on how many copies of each of the colours are actually available?


I’ve yet to take delivery of all of mine – being a completist I bought them all, even had to go through a mail forwarding company for the blue HMV one, and only missed out on the yellow because I don’t have Twitter account. But I’m sending them all back for refunds if that’s the case.

I kind of feel sorry for those Macca fans that missed the pre-orders then had to get them for inflated prices on eBay BECAUSE they thought they were limited runs.

David M

I don’t understand this. Do people buy something because they want it or because it is limited to a certain quantity? Why is that important? If from the get go they said limited to 9K does that make it less desirable, or do they just care about resale value? You wanted the album in red vinyl or whatever and that is what you have received. If there are more copies then all the better, means more fans have a chance of getting one.

David M

I get that, but are people buying this stuff *only* because it is limited or they want to own every conceivable version? Truly limited stuff will more than likely sell out before one has a chance to buy. Agree they shouldn’t mislead about the quantities though.


You would think if something is being sold as limited to 3000 copies and there are clearly more, then surely is that some kind of trade description infringement?
Has anyone got an explanation for what went on?


Enhanced version available on spotify.


What is “enhanced”?



Trackwise it’s the “standard” album but you can watch some video snippets of Sir Macca sitting in front of his computer’s camera and giving a little insight into the making of the record…

Pete Buss

Why does the main image on the back cover only list tracks 1 to 9 instead of 1 to 11? 10 & 11 are standard tracks on all versions, aren’t they?


I’ve got all 4 of the cds. Not played them yet but only works out around £4 dearer than buying the Japanese version

Paul Murphy

“Won’t somebody please think of the environment!” – Helen Lovejoy [almost]


Honestly, at this stage of his career and life, wouldn’t it be simply nicer to offer whatever the country a unique CD version with the so-called 4 extras, and a booklet built in a way that you can play with the 4 colours ? More ecological, cheaper for the fans (who will be at least 95% of the people buying the record)….a sort of Thank you after all those decades of support. How many born after 1990 will be interested by a new McCartney album??


Thanks, Paul. This is helpful. I’m sure many are on the fence about this given the non-zero chance we’ll get a deluxe edition of some kind next summer with more demos and extras.


Mine was for only €19.77 + €6,88 shipping costs.


That’s what I’ve paid for mine on the CD Japan site too Jonass.