SDEtv / Toyah Willcox: On the SDE sofa

Toyah Willcox, and her producer and songwriting partner Simon Darlow, dropped by SDE last month to discuss Toyah’s new album In The Court of the Crimson Queen. Watch the 35-minute video interview, below.

In The Court Of The Crimson Queen is out now as a 2CD expanded deluxe set. Toyah is on tour right now and you can check out the dates on her website.


1. Dance In The Hurricane*
2. Sensational
3. Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You)
4. Telepathic Lover*
5. Heal Ourselves
6. Lesser God
7. Love Crazy
8. Legacy


1. 21st Century Supersister
2. Bad Man
3. Angel In You
4. Hyperventilate
5. Come
6. Who Let The Beast Out*
7. Our Hearts Still Beat*

*Previously unreleased track


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Hey Paul,
Thanks for the excellent new interview with Toyah and Simon ! I thoroughly enjoyed it all.


Now that’s what I call an interview! Great!

Kevin M

Relistening to old Toyah albums over the weekend I was agog at how good The Changeling is. I didn’t like it much at the time when I was 10, although I adored the sleeve, but now… it’s a brilliant album, up there for bravery, brilliance and defying expectations with Kate Bush The Dreaming and Bauhaus The Sky’s Gone Out, both also 1982 like The Changeling.

And the drummer is the great Simon Phillips which I never knew before. The rhythms and percussion are excellent.

Also noticed on the much-maligned Minx album, by far my favourite track is the Simon Darlow co-write, which is excellent: no wonder they’re still working together.

paul wren

I’m no great fan of Toyah, but I listened to this all the way through because it’s interesting and also because it demonstrates how to conduct an interview, ie ask the question and then give space to the response without cutting in/talking over the response as is often the case these days. Nice one, Paul…………………

Noel Lackey

Saw her live in her heyday powerful performance


Awesome interview. Look forward to the boxsets (let one of them be the Humans trilogy on vinyl!). Hopefully she’ll get the rights to the first 4. Why she isn’t appreciated more or played on radio I don’t know. The new album could certainly be playlisted on radio 2 so let’s hope they pick up one of the tracks soon.

Paul Robertson

Great interview.

Nigel Day

Great interview. Can’t bear her music but could listen to her chat all day


The Buggles! Now those are potential super deluxe editions I would not hesitate to buy.



I’m not a Toyah fan but having skimmed the comments here I will give the interview a watch…

Kevin M

Inspired by this SDE feature I’ve been googling and just watched this performance of her early classic Ieya from yesterday’s Toyah gig in Scotland: her voice is FANTASTIC. And it’s the end of the set. Check it out, great stuff: http://www.toyah.net/thunder-in-the-highlands-ieya-dance-in-the-hurricane/


Thanks for arranging and sharing a really interesting interview Paul.

Thanks too to Toyah and Simon. You gave a really interesting insight into life as artists.

Clive C

Thank you Paul, that was great to watch. A much underrated artist and given the answer to the last question we can possibly see why. Supposedly someone else owns the first four LP’s, sat on it for years, did nothing with it, then recently sold it to someone else, who know doubt is going to do the same. It was never offered to the artist. This has happened twice so far to Toyah – if memory serves me. Bonkers that after 40 years an artist is not given first dibs at buying their back catalog, when past owners aren’t interested in exploiting it.

Jim Vandegrift

Thoughtful interview. Really enjoy these.


Great stuff. Followed Toyah since seeing her in Shoestring.

Kevin M

Toyah is great. And like many artists, eg John Cale, 1970s Lou Reed, Neneh Cherry, Mick Karn, Tricky… generally became less commercially successful the more interesting and creative her albums were. Grrr :(

This new one, “The Lady and the Tiger” and “Prostitute” are my three favourites, FWIW.

Kevin M

..I should add Ophelia’s Shadow to Crimson Queen, The Lady or the Tiger and Prostitute in my list of favourites – I forgot that one, it’s excellent.

Gary Hunter

What a fantastic interview Paul, loved Toyah’s work from the 80s and the new track “Sensational” is an excellent track, her levels of passion for her work is truly amazing.


Brilliant,great interview thanks Paul.
Two very articulate and intelligent people.


You should have said “Hi!” to her from me!

As stated several times in these comments, I used to be her next-door neighbor in Chelsea. She and her husband, that is.


Very interesting interview with great people!!