Hear Jimi Hendrix’s unheard take on Muddy Waters’ Mannish Boy

Due in March is a ‘new’ Jimi Hendrix album Both Sides of the Sky and today Sony Legacy preview the record with a listen to Mannish Boy, one of ten previously unreleased tracks on the long-player.

Mannish Boy was originally written and recorded by Muddy Waters in 1955 and here Jimi Hendrix reworks it with his ‘Band of Gypsys’ (Hendrix, bassist Billy Cox, drummer Buddy Miles). This was cut during their first ever recording session on April 22, 1969 at the Record Plant in New York.

Both Sides of the Sky follows Valleys of Neptune (2010) and People, Hell and Angels (2013) – it’s the final volume in a trilogy of albums that present significant unreleased Hendrix material from the vault.

The album will be released on CD and as a numbered 2LP vinyl edition on 9 March 2018.

Both Sides of the Sky

Mannish Boy*
Lover Man*
Hear My Train A Comin’*
Stepping Stone*
$20 Fine*+
Power Of Soul^
Things I Used to Do#
Georgia Blues++
Sweet Angel*
Send My Love To Linda*
Cherokee Mist*

*Previously unreleased
^ Previously unavailable extended version
+Featuring Stephen Stills
#Featuring Johnny Winter
++Featuring Lonnie Youngblood

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I like the album, but Mannish Boy is the weakest track. By Googling, you can find the complete studio session of this with all of the false starts & I challenge anyone to listen to it more than once. EH have mined this many times already with diminishing returns.

Release RAH soundboard in my lifetime please!

Guillaume Bougard

I don’t think the sound is that good
Not enough bass, not very clean, vocals not very clear and in your face
The Jimi Hendrix Experience crew should try other mixing engineers, and explore the possibility of non-rock engineers.

I’m partial to what the Jamaicans were able to achieve in the late 70’s and early 80’s sonically and I’m sure people like Sly & Robbie, Steven Stanley or Godwin Logie would do a wonderful job.

Mister Stick

“For some dude that only made a handful of LP’s it sure is some big industry of material being churned out over the years”… Understood. I’m a Hendrix collector, and I ordered this new album as I have every other worthwhile Jimi release. But I sometimes get suspicious that the material is not actually, or at least not entirely, what Hendrix recorded. I’ve heard Kramer say, “That’s it, nothing left”, only to change his tune later. In the early 70s, the Crash Landing and Midnight Lightning releases included overdubs from session musicians that were added long after Jimi died. This ruined the rep of these two releases. So one has to wonder if that kind of thing has been done since, only this time without acknowledgment. The solos and licks on posthumous Hendrix releases often do not measure up to those like you might find on “Fire” or the Electric Ladyland album, so forgive me for going slightly Area 51 and wondering if they’re really Jimi or rather a hired gun who signed an NDA at the end of the session. Look, I hope not: I loved Valleys of Neptune and like People, Hell and Angels just fine, the two precedents in the current series. But with each listen, I still wonder how much is the real thing. Still, if you enjoy the sausage, why worry about how it was made. I suppose.

James Pigg

The last two releases had ‘Target’ exclusives with two bonus tracks each (previously available on Dagger recordings) on each disc if bought in that north American store. Does anyone know if this release is getting the similar Target treatment?

Ken Evans

There is still unreleased material because Jimi recorded constantly. Especially for the two years after Electric Ladyland came out, he spent tons of time hitting the record button.

Andrew B

For some dude that only made a handful of LP’s it sure is some big industry of material being churned out over the years, what next Hendrix farts in the bath (Take 1)

Phideaux Xavier

I don’t think the cover looks like Jimi, but then I haven’t really looked at images of him for a while, but it seems slightly “reimagined”. All told, love the man, love the music.


I like it!

Chris Elliott

The cover is atrocious. The edits to that image are clearly based on Andre Benjamin, the actor who played him in the “Jimi: All Is by My Side” biopic, and not Jimi Hendrix himself. The artist had no clue.



Wow, it sounds amazing! Wasn’t sure before whether to jump in, but now I’m sold. And that cover looks wonderful, indeed.

Black Dynamite

Tell me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this version of Mannish Boy exactly the same as the one on the BLUES ALBUM from years ago ? Not really “Unreleased” ??


Marginal differences in the opening. “Blues” version opening sounds like a different key. Drums sound possibly re-recorded but… hey… buying all of this Jimi canoodling …. can you resist it??http://hendrix.guide.pagesperso-orange.fr/hendrix.htm and http://bootlegpedia.com/en/artist/Jimi-Hendrix

Stan C

How in the hell is there still unreleased Hendrix stuff, nearly 50 years after his passing? Honestly, at this point, if a Jimi/Tupac duet appeared out of nowhere, I wouldn’t even blink.


There is still a lot of unreleased Jimi Hendrix
Some of it is brilliant, the bootlegs probe this
The Royal Albert Hall show from Feb 1969 (Film & complete audio) has still not been officially released to the public
A private recording Jimi did on cassette is also very highly anticipated


I think that is a great album cover!

Paul W

I love the cover