Hear the original demo of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Running Back’

One of 74 unreleased tracks on the forthcoming box set

‘Running Back (Demo)’ is a previously unreleased track taken from Thin Lizzy‘ forthcoming Rock Legends box set.

The song is from the band’s breakthrough Jailbreak album from 1976 and was for a time being considered as the first single before Thin Lizzy opted for ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ (good choice!).

This unheard demo features saxophone which was not used on the released version, as well as some alternate vocals, guitar takes and keyboard parts.

Rock Legends is a 6CD+DVD box set and features an incredible 99 tracks of which 74 are completely unreleased and 83 have never been issued on CD or streaming. It’s out on 23 October (note that availability is more limited than previously and, for example, you can’t pre-order it from Amazon in the UK). JPC is a good option for US fans who can’t find it locally. Read more about the box set.

CD ONE The Singles

Whiskey in The Jar – 7″ Edit
Randolph’s Tango – Radio Edit*
The Rocker – 7″ Edit
Little Darling – 7″ Single
Philomena – 7″ Single
Rosalie – 7″ Mix*
Wild One – 7″ Single
The Boys Are Back in Town – 7” Edit*
Jailbreak – 7” Edit*
Don’t Believe A Word – 7″ Single
Dancing in The Moonlight – 7″ Single
Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song – 7″ Single
Waiting for An Alibi – Extra Verse
Do Anything You Want To – 7″ Single
Sarah – 7″ Single
Chinatown – 7” DJ/Radio Edit*
Killer on the Loose – 7″ Single
Trouble Boys – 7″ Single
Hollywood (Down on Your Luck) – 7” Edit*
Cold Sweat – 7″ Single
Thunder and Lightning – 7” Edit*
The Sun Goes Down – 7” Remix*

CD TWO Decca Rarities

The Farmer – Debut 7″ single
I Need You – Debut 7″ single B-side*
Whiskey in The Jar – Extended Version Rough Mix*
Black Boys on The Corner – Rough Mix*
Little Girl in Bloom – US Single Promo Edit*
Gonna Creep Up on You – Acetate*
Baby’s Been Messin’ – Acetate*
1969 Rock + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Buffalo Gal + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Suicide + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Broken Dreams + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Eddie’s Blues/Blue Shadows + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Dublin + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Ghetto Woman – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Things Ain’t Working Out Down at The Farm – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Going Down – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Slow Blues – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*

CD THREE Mercury Rarities

Rock and Roll with You – Instrumental Demo*
Banshee – Demo*
Dear Heart – Demo*
Nightlife – Demo*
Philomena – Demo*
Cadillac – Instrumental Demo*
For Those Who Love to Live – Demo*
Freedom Song – Demo*
Suicide – Demo*
Silver Dollar – Demo*
Jesse’s Song – Instrumental Demo
Kings Vengeance – Demo*
Jailbreak – Demo*
Cowboy Song – Demo*

CD FOUR Mercury Rarities

The Boys Are Back in Town – Demo*
Angel from The Coast – Demo*
Running Back – Demo*
Romeo and The Lonely Girl – Demo*
Warriors – Demo*
Emerald – Demo*
Fool’s Gold – Demo*
Weasel Rhapsody – Demo*
Borderline – Demo*
Johnny – Demo*
Sweet Marie – Demo*
Requiem for A Puffer (aka Rocky) – Alternate Vocal, “Rocky He’s A Roller”*
Killer Without A Cause – Demo*
Are You Ready – Demo*
Blackmail – Demo*
Hate – Demo*

CD FIVE Mercury Rarities

S & M – Demo*
Waiting for An Alibi – Demo*
Got to Give It Up – Demo*
Get Out of Here – Demo*
Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend – Demo*
Part One: Shenandoah*
Part Two: Will You Go Lassie Go*
Part Three: Danny Boy*
Part Four: The Mason’s Apron*
We Will Be Strong – Demo*
Sweetheart – Demo*
Sugar Blues – Demo*
Having A Good Time – Demo*
It’s Going Wrong – Demo*
I’m Gonna Leave This Town – Demo*
Kill – Demo*
In the Delta – Demo*
Don’t Let Him Slip Away – Demo*

CD SIX Chinatown Tour 1980

Are You Ready? – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *
Hey You – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Waiting for An Alibi – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *
Jailbreak – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Do Anything You Want to Do – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Don’t Believe A Word – Tralee (12/04/1980) *
Dear Miss Lonely Hearts – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Got to Give It Up – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Still in Love with You – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Chinatown – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
The Boys Are Back in Town – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Suicide -Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Sha La La – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Rosalie – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Whiskey in The Jar – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*



Four songs never before commercially released recorded for a Rod Stewart TV special in 1976.

The Boys Are Back in Town
Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song


Never before commercially released 60-minute documentary made by Linda Brusasco and first broadcast on BBC4 in September 2015.

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I left a comment yesterday saying the video won’t play. My comment for some reason wasn’t posted, but when I click on it again today, it still says: “Video unavailable. This video is not available.”

What’s the issue?

James Agates

This is shaping up to be one of the best releases of the year along with the UFO 8CD Strangers In The Night box which comes out the same day. A great time for hard rock enthusiasts :-)

Fredrik Sundqvist/Sweden

My god, this version was even BETTER than the one on JB!

Neil Hunt

Looking forward to this. Pre-ordered mine from Amazon very early on at £66.50!

Paul Wren

Great fun to listen to this alternative version of “Running Back”. I’ve ordered the Scott Gorham signed edition from Record Store.


I pre ordered on Amazon UK and it is due to arrive 9 October, price £82.32. Presumably, Amazon have sold out on pre orders.

tom m hans

I also pre-ordered on amazon UK to the US on 8.25.2020 – approx $97.00 incl shipping to the US. Amazon.de and JPC.de come to roughly $101.00 incl shipping. Still waiting on Tangerine Dream’s new box to be listed in the US – its $150 plus taxes plus shipping directly from Universal Music Shop.

Rare Glam

I ordred mine on the first day of listing as well and it has day of release delivery without any postage charge or requirement for Prime membership. Presumably its current unavialability on AmazonUK just means their allocation has all been sold on pre-order the same as the CD edition super deluxe version of John Lennon’s ‘Gimme Some Truth’. I also saw that Amazon have stopped selling the Richard and Linda Thompson box set but are stating it is back in stock on 25th Sept, presumably corrected sets and their existing stock returned.

Steve Woodward

I’m hoping the CD with the singles on will get a separate release at some stage.
I can’t justify the expense of the box set.

Sean Moynihan

Preordered it from record store.co.uk signed by Scott Gorham


Signed version (Scott Gorham) still available at recordstore.co.uk as of this afternoon, There are supposed to be 250 signed sets available, (Signed Print with the box set)

Big Nige

I pre ordered it on Amazon UK, first day they had it open to buy. Says it’s being delivered day after release, which is normal these days.

Don Cooper

Strangely Strange ;-) my pre from A UK states delivery as 9th October?

Don Cooper

Update from A UK now states 23 October…

Andy A

Me too. It was £82.32 and should arrive on Oct 9th, so it says.