16 May: Music News round-up

The Jesus and Mary Chain / Psychocandy Deluxe EditionThe Jesus and Mary Chain will perform Pyschocandy, their 1985 debut album in the UK in November this year, ahead of the record’s 30th Anniversary (Full Story: NME).

Sony have acquired the rights to Jean Michel Jarre‘s catalog and will be reissuing the albums on iTunes for the first time, as well as putting out bare bones CD reissues next month (Full story: Music Week).

Duran Duran have announced that Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist and songwriter John Fruciante is working with them on their new album (Full story: Duran Duran).

newJapan Tour Edition of Paul McCartneys New album has been issued in the Far East. The two-disc package includes an SHM-CD of the album (with Japan-only bonus track Struggle) and a DVD that features the videos for New and Queenie Eye, a 47 minute ‘making of’ documentary, as well as two tracks performed live at Tokyo Dome in November 2013.

As Tori Amos completes the UK part of her Unrepentant Geraldines tour, she reveals which record is her favourite album of all time (Video interview: Rhapsody).

“He’s just playing games, and I’m fed up with it, to be honest with you” Jimmy Page on Robert Plant re Led Zeppelin rumours (Interview: New York Times).

adoreBilly Corgan has revealed that the Smashing Pumpkins 1998 album Adore is to be reissued as an expansive six-disc box set (Full story: Pitchfork).

SDE can confirm that a previously unreleased remix of Peter Gabriel‘s Sledgehammer is present on a new 3CD compilation called Extended 80s (More here)

ddDavid Bowies next seven-inch picture disc – Diamond Dogs – has had its released date pushed back a week. It will be now officially available on 23 June 2014 (Full story: DavidBowie.com)

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Enrico G.

I’ve had the same reaction of Tori Amos…


I managed to get tickets for the Mary Chain gig in London. It’s been twenty years since I last saw them. So excited to see them again.


All the Polydor-era JMJ albums did indeed get reissued by Sony at the start of the millennium (my collection is a messy mix of Polydor originals and Sony remasters as a result!). Then when he moved to Warners in the mid-00s, I suppose the rights moved away from Sony.

His entire catalogue was pretty much digitally available until very recently. I had Calypso 1 in my basket/wishlist until last week, when it was removed from sale.

Mike F

I’m confused by the Jarre headline. Haven’t Sony released Jarre’s albums before (aside from a few on Warner??) and haven’t they also been on i-tunes before? Or am I reading this article 15 years too late?


Well, this explains why the download versions of JMJ albums/compilations have suddenly vanished from all e-tailers. I’d been hoping to get the edit of Calypso 1 – but not paying inflated prices for the import CD that has it!


We already had great quality reissue of Jarre’s CD in the past, so what’s the interest with new reissues, if there is nothing more in it ? why don’t set it up to a double CD each, including single versions (sometimes edit, sometines new versions!) the 12″ versions when available and some unreleased tracks ?? it should be time also for realeasing “music for supermarket” and some obscure songs that where never really commercially available before…


Sometime in the mid-80s I popped in on a friend who owned a Hi-Fi store in London’s West End. The store was being refitted but it was around nine in the evening when I popped in. On arrival there was a real cacophony of noise going on which prompted me to ask:
“Have you got someone still drilling downstairs at this time of night?”
His response:
“No, we’re playing the Jesus and Mary Chain album”

I’ve been put off investigating any of their stuff ever since.
True story.


Jarre fans are up in arms about the latest remasters, like you say there are no bonus features, the remastering is reckoned to be to loud and the artwok on the classic Equinox is botched. More info from fans can be found here http://www.zoolook.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6034 perhaps you could feature this?
Regards Graham