94 East featuring Prince


Prince‘s earliest recordings with 94 East – a Minneapolis-based group formed by Brooklyn musician Pepe Willie – are being released by Charly Records across a number of formats.

These recordings date from 1975-1979 and although Prince was there primarily to play guitar (with Pepe) he would also contribute bass, synths and organ where needed. He was only 16 when the first recordings took place.

This release contains the early recordings that Pepe took to New York in April 1976 securing the band a one-off single deal with Polydor (ultimately cancelled) as well as some further tracks recorded later, including the rehearsal / practise session version of Dance To The Music Of The World, Lovin’ Cup and Just Another Sucker (co-written by Prince). In addition to guitar, Prince played drums and keyboard on all three of those tracks with his childhood friend André Cymone (who was in Grand Central, the band Prince formed while still at school) on bass.

A six-track version of 94 East has being issued on 180g heavyweight purple vinyl, while a expanded 13-track version is issued on CD (in gatefold wallet with inner sleeves and booklet). A three-LP deluxe version comes in a lift-off lid box and is pressed on black vinyl. This boasts 17 tracks including some alternates and instrumentals. Charly are also releasing Just Another Sucker as a limited edition 12-inch single b/w One Man Jam.

Both vinyl versions of the album come with digital download codes and all editions have excellent historical notes from Roger Murdoch.

94 East is out now.



94 East – 180g Purple vinyl edition

1. Just Another Sucker [5:17]
2. If You Feel Like Dancin’ [7:08]
3. Lovin’ Cup [4:20]

1. Games (Original Version) [3:40]
2. Dance To The Music Of The World [5:07]
3. One Man Jam [6:09]


94 East – 3LP 180g vinyl box set

1. Just Another Sucker [5:17]
2. If You Feel Like Dancin’ [7:08]
3. Lovin’ Cup [4:20]

1. Games (Original Version) [3:40]
2. Dance To The Music Of The World [5:07]
3. One Man Jam [6:09]

1. If You See Me [5:40]
2. Games (Instrumental Version) [5:02]
3. I`ll Always Love You [3:53]

1. Better Than You Think [4:30]
2. If We Don’t [4:08]
3. You Can Be My Teacher [4:06]
4. Love, Love, Love [3:52]

1. If You See Me (Instrumental Version) [5:40]
2. Games (Alternate Instrumental Version) [3:40]
3. Better Than You Think (Instrumental Version) [4:30]

1. Dance to The Music Of The World (Rehearsal Session
Version) [6:04]



94 East – CD Edition

1. Just Another Sucker [5:17]
2. If You Feel Like Dancin’ [7:08]
3. Lovin’ Cup [4:20]
4. Games (Original Version) [3:40]
5. Dance To The Music Of The World [5:07]
6. One Man Jam [6:09]
7. If You See Me [5:40]
8. I`ll Always Love You [3:53]
9. Better Than You Think [4:30]
10. If We Don’t [4:08]
11. You Can Be My Teacher [4:06]
12. Love, Love, Love [3:52]
13. Dance to The Music Of The World (Rehearsal Session Version) [6:04]

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i think this is the 1999th time this has been released now. this time there’s nothing audio wise that hasn’t previously been released before. confused by the other 1998 versions, i think the rarest/newest thing on here is the instrumental versions that were on a cd sold directly by pepe a couple of years ago on a cd that had “new” mixes that were more faithful to the original recordings

if you see me aka do yourself a favour is the only half decent track on it. it’s for collectors and on off playing only. i just play each release once and stick it in a lock up with the other hundreds of versions so i can’t be tempted to play it again until the next time it comes out


This is just a cheap smash and grab. It’s been released multiple time over the years. I first remember seeing the cassette of it for sale in about 1985. I’ve never been in the slightest bit tempted to buy it.


I would at least have credited to 94 East only, without adding Prince’ s name, nor a picture of him on the cover, but one of the band if there were any…
But I guess in that case sales would have come only from Prince fans/experts knowing he was in it…

David mcIntyre

The vinyl first appeared in 1986 in a hideous purple cover with a dove on it. Same 6 tunes as featured on the single vinyl edition here. Wasn’t anything to write about 20 years ago and just one of a sleugh of releases that will flood the market in the years to come. I do however believe that this could be the fourth or fifth release of this material since 1986

David mcIntyre

or should I say 30 years ago


I can NOT stand how the single disc is the colored disc and the three vinyl box set is not. That s-hit pisses me off.


Such a rehash from Pepe Willie to cash in on Prince’s death.

These recording have been released many times by Pepe and they have been widely bootlegged.

Even though these recordings have a historical significance, sadly the songs aren’t actually that good.

O(+> Peter B

Apart from One Man Jam


I’m not sure that this is 100% necessary for my collection, but I will probably add it.

Randy Metro



I believe this is the third time on CD for these recordings. Dunno about vinyl.