A Flock Of Seagulls / Remixes & Rarities


Cherry Pop continue with their occasional ‘Remixes & Rarities’ releases (initiated by yours truly for the 2013 Paul Young set) this March with a two-CD collection featuring Liverpudlian new wave band A Flock Of Seagulls.

What’s on offer here is consistent with the previous releases and so you will find all manner of rare mixes, twelve-inch versions, seven-inch edits and promo mixes, some of which are finding their way to CD for the first time.

Remixes & Rarities focuses on the band’s most successful period (1982-1986) where they enjoyed top ten hits both sides of the Atlantic. I Ran (So Far Away) was a major hit in many territories (although not, curiously enough, in the UK).

Cherry Pop have declared that they have “sourced the material from the original production master tapes” so assuming these have been remastered sympathetically, this should sound good.

Remixes & Rarities will be issued on 24 March 2017.

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A Flock Of Seagulls

Remixes & Rarities (Deluxe Edition)



Disc: 1
1. I Ran (So Far Away) (U.S. 7″ Version)
2. Space Age Love Song (7″ Version)
3. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (7″ Version)
4. Nightmares (7″ Version)
5. Rosenmontag (Shorter Version)
6. Transfer Affection (7″ Version)
7. I Ran (Live)
8. It’s Not Me Talking (7″ Version)
9. Never Again (7″ Version)
10. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (Long Version)
11. Nightmares (12″ Version)
12. Committed (Short Version)
13. The Traveller (Live)
14. The More You Live the More You Love (Full Moon Mix)

Disc: 2
1. I Ran (Longer Version)
2. Never Again (the Dancer) (12″ Version)
3. Heartbeat Like a Drum (Full Length Version)
4. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (U.S. Edit 12″ Promo Version)
5. The Flight of Yuri Gagarin (Full Length Version)
6. Rosenmontag (Long Version)
7. Nightmares (U.S. 12″ Promo Version)
8. I Ran (So Far Away) (Edited Version)
9. Never Again (the Dancer) (Re-Mix)
10. Space Age Love Song (Live)
11. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (Short Version)
12. Who’s That Girl (She’s Got It) (Instrumental)
13. Single Medley

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Not enough interesting/unissued on CD stuff from the 1st two albums on this compilation for me.
Found some track lengths on Discogs:
Tracklist .
1-1 I Ran (So Far Away) (U.S.7″ Version) 3:40
1-2 Space Age Love Song (7″ Version) 3:22
1-3 Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (7″ Version) 4:13
1-4 Nightmares (7″ Version) 4:12
1-5 Rosenmontag (Shorter Version) 4:05
1-6 Transfer Affection (7″ Version) 4:19
1-7 I Ran (So Far Away) (Live) 5:15
1-8 It’s Not Me Talking (7″ Version) 3:36
1-9 Never Again (The Dancer) (7″ Version) 3:43
1-10 Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (Long Version) 9:11
1-11 Nightmares (12″ Version) 5:05
1-12 Committed (Short Version) 2:53
1-13 The Traveller (Live) 3:32
1-14 The More You Live The More You Love (Full Moon Mix) 6:14
2-1 I Ran (So Far Away) (Longer Version) 5:08 [Looks like the standard version!]
2-2 Never Again (The Dancer) (12″ Version) 5:15
2-3 Heartbeat Like A Drum (Full Length Version) 6:58
2-4 Wishing (If I Had A Photgraph Of You) U.S.Edit 12″ Promo Version 6:03
2-5 The Last Flight Of Yuri Gagarin (Full Length Version) 7:02
2-6 Rosenmontag (Long Version) 8:05
2-7 Nightmares (U.S.12″ Promo Version) 4:37
2-8 I Ran (So Far Away) (Edited Version) 3:59
2-9 Never Again (The Dancer) (Re-Mix) 7:43
2-10 Space Age Love Song (Live) 3:46
2-11 Wishing (If I Had A Photgraph Of You) (Short Version) 4:59
2-12 Who’s That Girl (She’s Got It) (Instrumental) 4:20
2-13 Single Medley 5:36

Steve Thorpe

I have a promo copy of AFOS Remixes & Rarities from Cherry Red and am delighted to say it is absolutely stunning – the sound quality is superb and as far as I can tell all tracks are from original masters. The booklet is a little disappointing as the ‘liner notes’ are simply a reproduced brief interview from Smash Hits in 1982, plus there are a few lyrics for the singles. Nice pictures of the sleeves however, and the usual extensive discography. Buy with total confidence!

Brian Kelly

It’s been 5 days and it still says my comment is waiting moderation. Was it really that bad? lol!


The cover is… simply irresistible. And by that I mean it is wrong.

Could they not use the cover art from the “I Ran” single? That was a face, with glasses. Same concept, but didn’t look like a Robert Palmer video.

Anyway, glad to get it for the content.


I don’t know why everyone’s grumbling about songs or versions that are already available on the still in print original albums. This is obviously helping to clean up some loose ends. I would also have liked to see the Cocteau material included but I wonder if masters still exist. Even though it’s Bill Nelson’s label, some of his own material from the label that he re-released on CD was from vinyl, so who knows. I’m excited about this collection, even though it’s more out of curiosity of some versions I’ve not heard before. But I agree that the cover art is a little… amateurish…

Mic Smith

What Nelson material is vinyl sourced? I know Alter Pieces had to be mastered from a cassette and it is believed that Northern Dream was a vinyl transfer but neither of them are from the Cocteau era.

Mic Smith

Would have been good to include the Cocteau versions of (It’s Not Me) Talking. Given Cherry Red’s resurrection of the Cocteau Records imprint, now called Cocteau Discs, you’d think they’d have felt inclined to include something from that debut release.

sweet dream

not is present MODERN LOVE IS AUTOMATIC ;-(

Paul English

OMAR – the 7″ remix of The More You Live, The More You Love (about 35 secs shorter than album version) is on Teldec’s Power Of Love CD. A fantastic compilation.

Discogs – https://www.discogs.com/Various-Power-Of-Love/release/3083709
Review – https://apopfansdream.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/power-of-love-teldec-1985/


I thought the 7″ Remix was 4.10 min long and was on the Best Of from 1986. The one you’re talking about perhaps was a special DJ edit?

Paul English

Yes – I think you could be right. I own the German 7″ and it’s 3.36 (same as on Power Of Love) but it’s a promo as opposed to the regular single


i actually like the cover, because it represents the era perfectly.

it also has all the major logos from the albums, and is basically
what the flock of seagulls was all about.



I agree with others, the cover is HIDEOUS!

Brian Kelly

No Space Age Love Song 12″ mix? That’s a bummer. Love that version!


What Space Age Love Song 12″ mix ?

Brian Kelly

This one right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG3_a0v9wTk I had the 12″ of this back in ’82.


There was never an official mix of this done as the original 12 inch contained the album version. The video you linked to is a bootleg mix done by hot tracks.

Charlie Waffles

I like negative1. Listen up, Cherry Pop. There is another potential release here. Look at the list. I have two of the songs on the original Listen cassette tape that never made it to the Cherry Pop single disc release. Now THIS release is way better than Bobby Dylan anyday. Love live the Seagulls!


also, it’s ‘the LAST flight of yuri gagarin’.

not ‘the flight’….

hope they correct that typo in the tracklisting..



thanks for mentioning this Paul, from my tip a few days ago..

i’ll repeat my points about it here:

been hoping for something like this for a long time.

i wish the tracks were in the correct order though.

also, i don’t care for all the edits, it looks like
they’ve left off some of the mixes. they would have fit on a 3rd cd.
missing tracks
missing – Pick Me Up 3:06
missing – Windows 3:28
missing – Intro 3:23
missing – Tanglimara 4:33
missing – Tokyo 2:54
missing – (It’s not me) talking (7 inch)
missing – (It’s Not Me) Talking (Remix) 4:45
missing – (It’s Not Me) Talking (Instrumental) 4:21
missing – Committed (long) 5:34
missing – Quicksand 4:43
missing – Living In Heaven 5:30
missing – Remember David 7 inch 3:40 inch
missing – Story of a Young Heart 7 inch
missing – Who’s That Girl (She’s Got It) (Extended Version)
missing – Who’s That Girl (She’s Got It) (7″ Version)
missing – (Cosmos) The Effect Of The Sun 12:26
missing – Heartbeat (Like a drum)(short) 4:00
missing – Lost Control (Totally)(short) 4:09
missing – Lost Control (Totally)(long) 6:40
missing – The More You Live, The More You Love (7″ Re-Mix)
missing – Factory Music 4:28



Already pre-ordered mine. I noticed though a couple of essential omissions:

1. The More You Live,The More You Love (7″ Remix)
2. Space Age Lovesong (US 7″)


I will stick to the reissues of their albums because this is full mainly of 7″ versions which I don’t really worry about as I prefer long versions and extended remixes of which this is lacking.


Great idea, love this band and the track listing looks pretty good. Awful album cover however, very 90s looking. Yuck.


How about Talking (Remix) at 4:45? Not seeing this listed either. I own the vinyl 12″ but have never seen that version on CD. The album version is 5:00 and the 7″ is 3:36. https://www.discogs.com/A-Flock-Of-Seagulls-Talking-Remix/release/352111?ev=rr


Yes, this is the Cocteau single I mentioned earlier. No one has ever licensed it for an AFOS reissue, and I guess they’re not starting now. (Even just the 7″ version, let alone the versions here.)


Could be a great compilation. Is it possible to view the timing of the extended versions so we know what version it is? Most of their extended versions are just the album version.


off topic:
RIP John Wetton, the voice of AsiA
bye Asia, it’s been a great 35 years…


Just learned of his passing from your post. After looking online and reading his last post on his website, I’m in tears. I hope there’ll be a thread here, John Wetton and Asia was a huge part of my formative years. God bless him and his family.


Love this concept…How about a Nick Heyward collection. I know Cherry Red issued some of his albums a few years ago, so a Remixes and Rarities set sounds feasible as he released loads of 7″, 12″ remixes as well as non-album b sides throughout his career


I have all their. Fun to listen while driving.


One of my guilty pleasures is A Flock Of Seagulls. This has been duly ordered!! I can’t wait!!

Charles K.

Looks like a good collection, definitely interested in this. The cover art is atrocious though. Is this a cost cutting move by not having to pay photo rights?


And really, would it break the bank to license the Cocteau single? The original “Talking” and “Factory Music,” now *those* are rarities.


Thank you x100 Paul S for creating the ‘Remixes and Rarities’ concept!!!!!

I love remix albums – I think they make a nice companion piece to the regular ‘Hits’/’Singles’ anthologies.

Here in Oz, I only know “I Ran…” and “Wishing…” but I might check this one out.

And speaking of remixes and Oz, I posted this on another thread a couple weeks ago but I’ll shamelessly repost it here:

– – – As an Australian and a lover of 80’s pop and a lover of 12″ mixes, I was very excited to stumble across this Amazon listing:

These 12″ compilations are common in the UK and several of them trickle their way into Austalia, but – according to the ‘blurb’ – this is the first time an Australian edition/compilation has been produced.

I hope there are future volumes (and good quality sourcing/mastering!)

Amazon is pricey, but here are some wallet-friendly listings for Australian SDE-ers:

Plus an article (which is just the Amazon blurb, really):
https://rhythms.com.au/festival-records-rhino-present-12-inch-dance-australian-80s-pop-february-10/ – – –


That is a great Aussie compilation. Will be looking out for that. It will probably lower in price in due time. Will get this for sure.

William M

Great cd could do with some hunters and collectors and Jimmy barnes, maybe some John farham, INXS have been done and done again, would loved to have seen the 12″ of great southern land, were midnight oil out in the 80’s?,

Got to admit though, Big Pig were an amazing band with some brilliant remixes


If you want Hunters & Collectors, then check out their Human Fraility web-site. They’ve been releasing tracks for years now, demos, live, remixes, alternate mixes, outtakes – the lot. They’ve released a few hundred tracks now, none of which are on their albums, and quite a few single/12″ mixes.

As for Barnes and INXS, the INXS remixes have been done to death now on various compilations and I can’t think of many Jimmy Barnes 12″ mixes that are that different from the album mixes, other than I’d Die To be With You Tonight. I’d rather the Dropbears and I’m Talking type stuff, the more obscure the better.


There was an extended remix of “No Second Prize” by Jimmy Barnes.


Midnight Oil were very active in the 1980s. Power & The Passion (Remix) which is also called the Special Mix, The Dead Heart (Long Version), Beds Are Burning (Tamarama Mix) and Blue Sky Mine (Food On The Table Mix) are the most notable of their remixes. They were released on the promo disc ‘The Green Disc’ and can be found on various CD singles (Forgotten Years, Beds Are Burning etc etc).

There is certainly scope for an Oil’s remix compilation, and now that they’ve reformed and will be releasoing a new album and touring, perhaps it’ll happen.

As for Icehouse, Iva covered his remix catalogue on the two 12″ CD compilations, the remasters and the anniversary editions. As with INXS, it’s all out there now. However Beargarden and Real Life aren’t likely to get such releases, so it’s good that Festival/Rhino have finally seen the light.


John Farnham didn’t release many remixes. The only ones that I know of are “Two strong hearts” and “pressure down”


Farnham’s Age Of Reason came out as a CD Single and 12″ with a slightly different mix.

Barnes, yes, I’d forgotten about the remix of No Second Prize. Not counting his many live b-sides and acoustic mixes, which are generally live tracks, there’s enough Barnes material there t compile a decent remixes and rarities release. The ones I can think of are as follows:
I’d Die To Be With You Tonight (12″ Mix)
No Second Prize (Remix)
Paradise (Remix)
Seven Days (12″ Mix)
I Gotcha (12″ Mix)
Love Will Find Way (Rough Mix)
It Will Be Alright (Remix)
Every Beat (Reggae Mix)
Chain of Fools (Soul Brothers Radio Mix)
Chain Of Fools (Studio 347 Mix)
Higher (One World Remix Feat. Israel)
Higher (Industrial Edit)
(Simply) The Best (Extended Version) – with Tina Turner
Bird On A Wire (Alternate Mix)
Love And Hate (Brutal Mix)

Maybe someone needs to talk to Mushroom/Festival, or even Barnes himself?


Holy Spit!!! Tell me that Real Life remix is the original and not the re-recorded version and I’m definately in for that!!!

And Flock of Seagulls?? My cup runneth over!!!


Was really hoping to see “Cosmos (Effect Of The Sun)” on this. Dream Come True is so dire that I don’t want to buy that CD just to get that song. Oh well. Nice to see the medley at least.


Four versions of both Wishing & I Ran is a bit of overkill even more so when you consider there was never as 12 inch mix of I Ran. The 7 inch version of Remember David is missing and has still not appeared on CD sadly. I hope this is mastered better than those reissues they brought out about 10 years ago.


I thought the 7 inch version was on FOS: Playlist? It is a favorite of mine also.


to AFOS & cherry red (or s. o. labels)
how about reissue of first 4 AFOS on 2CD Deluxe Edition
the last reissue by Cherry Pop between 2008-2011 has only a few inadequate bonus tracks tag on…


I was disappointed with the bonus tracks on those releases.


I’m guessing from all the repeats and the desperate sparseness of the rest that the group usually just put the album version on the 12″ A-sides? One for the completists maybe…?


About time. This is long overdue.

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