a-ha / Greatest Hits: Japanese Singles Collection / exclusive CD+DVD set

Japanese compilation offers singles on CD and DVD

Greatest Hits: Japanese Singles Collection is a new a-ha release which features a CD of hits and a DVD of videos.

The CD selection looks familiar enough, although actually this particular combination of 45s is actually unique to this set and isn’t just repeated from previous compilations such as Headlines and Deadlines, 25, or Time and Again. This set represents the first commercial release of the 3.50 US edit of ‘Stay On These Roads’ and the 3.53 radio edit of ‘Forever Not Yours’ (audio checked by SDE). Booklet features single cover images and all the lyrics in Japanese and English.

The DVD however, appears to be identical to the one included in the three-disc deluxe edition of the 25 compilation issued in 2010 (the DVD will be all-region/NTSC).

This new package is exclusive to Japan and follows similar collections last year featuring Paul Young and Cyndi Lauper. It comes with a 56-page booklet with pictures of cover artwork of all the singles (the Paul Young one also has all the lyrics in Japanese and English, and expect this a-ha one will be similar).

If you’re interested in a purchase, your options are to buy this direct from Japan via sites like Amazon or CDJapan (the former allows you to pay an ‘import fees deposit’ meaning that in Britain at least, you’re guaranteed to avoid extra fees levied by Royal Mail). Amazon Japan works out at about £30 all in to ship to the UK. If you can’t be bothered with that, then, as you can see below, for a premium you can just order from direct from a European or US seller.

The official Japanese release date for a-ha’s Greatest Hits: Japanese Singles Collection is 26 February but European/US sites are shipping this a week later, on 6 March 2020. This is released by Warner Music Japan.

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Greatest Hits: Japanese Singles Collection - CD+DVD



1 Take On Me
2 The Sun Always Shines On TV (Single Mix)
3 Train Of Thought (Remix)
4Hunting High And Low (Remix)
5 I’ve Been Losing You
6 Cry Wolf
7 Manhattan Skyline (Edit Version)
8 The Living Daylights
9 Stay On These Roads (Edit Version)
10 The Blood That Moves The Body
11 Touchy! (UK DJ Edit)
12 You Are The One (Remix)
13 Crying In The Rain
14 Waiting For Her
15 Move To Memphis (Single Version)
16 Dark Is The Night For All
17 Shapes That Go Together
18 Summer Moved On (Radio Edit)
19 Forever Not Yours (Single Mix)

DVD (all region, NTSC)

1 Take On Me
2 The Sun Always Shines On TV
3 I’ve Been Losing You
4 Manhattan Skyline
5 Stay On These Roads
6 Crying In The Rain
7 Dark Is The Night For All*
8 Move To Memphis
9 Shapes That Go Together*
10 Angel In the Snow*
11 Summer Moved On*
12 Minor Earth, Major Sky*
13 Lifelines*
14 Did Anyone Approach You?*
15 Velvet (European Cut)*
16 Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
17 Take On Me (1984 Version)

(First time on DVD in Japan)

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Tim Barton

I will see them in March when they come to Japan. The Japanese labels push these sets and reissues at tour time. The forthcoming Dylan Japan Singles also on the way.


FIFTY bucks from the U.S. now?! What the hell, no thank you. Jesus.


Just a detail: This is the first release where the single version of Forever Not Yours is labelled as such. (If it really is the single version, that is.) Few people even noticed it was different from the album version. Same with Under the Makeup, BTW.


I’m a big fan of A-ha for years, but honestly I’ve never noticed any difference between the single and album version of FNY.


The DVD from “25” was a complete desaster!
– several videos had the wrong soundtrack! Rather than the 7″ versions, album versions were amateurishly edited to match with the picture.
– at the end of The Sun Always Shines On TV, several minutes of footage of american fighter planes appear, with the US anthem playing! WTF…?
– even the then-new single “butterfly” was shortened to 2:30 minutes.

It was unbelievable how such a DVD could be released without anybody noticing. Now that one is re-issued?!


… then again, to be fair, I must acknowledge it contained a few rarities nowhere else to be found, such as the original video of I’ve Been Losing You and alternative cuts of Dark Is The Night, Crying In The Rain, Velvet and the Take On Me 1984 video.
A proper compilation of all videos, or at least all since 1993, is still missing.


Sadly these days it seems many record companies don’t care much about the visual aspect… They should have made those 2cd deluxe edtions all 2cd + dvd editions – A-Ha have appeared on countless tv shows and always had an eye on the promo video for a single. It is a shame that those aren’t properly collected.

Shawn C.

Absolutely love a-ha, but I don’t see much reason in picking this up, seems like its all available from prior releases. Wish they’d release Stay on These Roads, East of the Sun/West of the Moon, and Memorial Beach on vinyl though!!!

Peter Hogg

Have music labels ran out ideas to create money they now ruching Japanese singles collections, in most the majority of Japanese singles (not just a-ha) have been release world wide… So another best of/greatest hits/collection


I do hope Warner Japan release a Sinead O’connor CD+DVD since her albums were not remastered still. At least is an opportunity to get her primo videos never available anywhere. I ask myself if her albums will get remaster treatment someday. I’ve been waiting for it too many years.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

There is also no “The Living Daylights” video on the dvd too… most likely because of the James Bond connection, and the video having clips from the movie.

Is it “The Living Daylights” single version (audio) on this cd, I wonder ?

The single version of “The Living Daylights” and the album version on the “Stay of these Roads” album are so very very different.. each one is a completely different version. Not simply an edit. Each is great.

ooh.. ooh aah ooh….. the livinnnngh daylaarts!


The re-recorded 1988 album version of TLD is only found on the SOTR album. On all compilations, the 1987 7″ version was used.


To each their own. I couldn’t be be bothered with too many video clips on DVD. I can watch them on YouTube if I want. The CD doesn’t give us anything new, except maybe a single version that is probably just fading out 15 secs early or so. To me the real a-Ha gem is “Time and Again” with all those unreleased remixes. That is a great compilation. But I recognize some people love to have the videos on a DVD so this serves that purpose if you don’t already have the 25 compilation with the DVD.

Tony from HK

Bob Dylan will receive the same treat: Nihon no Single Shu (Japanese Single Collection) [Blu-spec CD2]

Tim Barton

Getting the Dylan collection, an a 7″ of Subterranean on coloured vinyl. Sony promises oversized packaging for the Dylan collection-I imagine a bit like the “7 sized King Crimsons discs from a few years back, two of which had slipcases to fit the complete sets.


It‘s the first time that the U.S. Edit of “Stay on these roads“
will be released on CD!

Larry Davis

Highly redundant, this release…first I thought this was gonna be a singles boxset, instead just another hits collection…I have the DVD in the deluxe “25” & this looks identical…I do wonder if they fixed it though…why do I ask?? Do you have it or have you seen it?? Utterly bizarre, the big-time error!! What is this error?? Well, on “Sun”, they mistakenly use the audio of the album version when the visual is matched to the 7″, so the editing is practically chopped…THEN after the clip is over, they use one of those clips from the end of US TV broadcasts when it used to sign off for the evening…pre 24-hour programming!! Yes there was a time when TV stations would say good night & go to bed!! Not only that, it’s complete with an American flag!! Strange. And this DVD was meant as a companion piece to the DVD of “Headlines & Deadlines”, so it has a handful of hit clips but mostly picks up where H&D leaves off, which is “Move To Memphis”…and no mention but the clip of “Crying In The Rain” is an alternate version, which I personally prefer!! As for a Super Deluxe of “Scoundrel Days”, do you really think enough stuff exists for it?? I feel the 2CD version was fine enough…it has plenty, and feels like there cannot be any more in their vaults…the only thing they can do is include a vinyl, a DVD with all clips, maybe a live concert or two, a bigger book…not sure how many more unreleased tracks or demos there are either…but if one does come, great…up to the band though…

Daniel ( from Berlin )

…waiting for “scoundrel days” SUPER deluxe edition…..


This seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity. Missing half their singles and half of their videos, and on DVD instead of Blu-ray! Holding out hope for a proper deluxe complete studio album box set someday, packed full of rarities and a Blu-ray with all their videos.

(Even better would be a new studio album… hope springs eternal!)

Narendra Kumar Alambara

Pre-Ordered mine from CDJapan a while ago. This is actually 5th release of these series of releases – Others were Cheap Trick, Boz Scaggs, Cyndi Lauper and Paul Young.

Alan Silvester

Why are we “ripped-off” with pricing by Amazon UK? Always the same…


Hunting High And Low isn’t on the DVD ? I wonder why ?

John McCann

Might be a hidden track,and you need to hunt high and low to get it, Just a thought.


Is there no end to lengths you’d go to?


@Poptones: And “Touchy!” and “You Are The One” videos were not included either!
It seems a perfect compilation at the first look. But when you study it a little better it is not due to some left offs, especially on the DVD.
Compilations of these kind should be complete – all the singles and all the videos.

Mark Sillifant

hunting high and low video is not included…why?


Oh my, so many questions…

I’m a huge a-ha fan, and live in Japan, too, so could get this with no trouble BUT

As much as I love the band, they seem to have really gone overkill on the greatest hits compilations, but if they’re going to keep on doing them, at least make them complete! One of their masterpieces, I Call Your Name is nowhere to be found. Even if there’s no space on the CD, I’m sure it could go on the DVD. The only reason I can think of is that it wasn’t released in Japan. No Foot of the Mountain, either, etc etc. But it’s not as if we’re treading new ground, so why not pack in whatever you can into the space? Oh yes, so you can release something else in a couple of years…

Whatever, it just seems like a case of diminishing returns.

Just seems completely unnecessary to me. But, if it sells, good luck on them. I’m happy with all the original albums, as many of them in deluxe editions as possible.


You know what would be great.all and I mean every promo video on one dvd/blu ray.cant understand why they haven’t done that yet.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Getting my “Queen Greatest Hits in Japan” shm-cd + dvd today. Japanese only release also but do not know if it will be similar to Paul Young’s edition in terms of packaging.