a-ha / Headines and Deadlines: The Hits of a-ha / vinyl reissue

a-ha‘s 1991 compilation Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of a-ha is to be reissued on vinyl in June.

This was the band’s first greatest hits and featured tracks from the albums Hunting High and Low (1985), Scoundrel Days (1986), Stay On These Roads (1988) and East Of The Sun West Of The Moon (1990). It also included what was at the time a new song, Move To Memphis, which was issued as a single (and later re-recorded for inclusion in 1993’s Memorial Beach).

This set was issued on the format at the time, so this isn’t a vinyl debut, but presumably this will be a 180g pressing and it may or may not be compiled from remastered versions of the hits. Either way, it’s great value in the UK right now at only £13.

Headlines and Deadlines will be released on 8 June 2018.

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Headlines and Deadlines - The Hits of a-ha [VINYL]


Side 1
1. Take On Me
2. Cry Wolf
3. Touchy!
4. You Are The One (Remix)
5. Manhattan Skyline
6. The Blood That Moves The Body
7. Hunting High And Low (Remix)

Disc: 2
1. Move To Memphis
2. I’ve Been Losing You
3. The Living Daylights (Single Version)
4. Crying in the Rain
5. I Call Your Name
6. Stay On These Roads
7. The Sun Always Shines On T.V.

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This album was perfect back then just like it is now!

A-ha can do no wrong!

However with all of the vinyl re-issues these days I hope I don’t have to re-buy my entire record collection!

Obviously I don’t have to buy this but I’m a huge fan and a collector!

Andrew Hurley

I own headlines and deadlines on a Gold Disc I won in a competition. I can’t play side two because of the glue!!! Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.


Why not the 25 compilation as vinyl box set?
It has way more songs and covers the later years of the bands carrer. :(

Anthony Hesseltine

It’s my understanding that listing information found on Amazon is provided by the distributors or labels input through a portal. Some lazy intern is probably responsible for the crappy data.

James Sanders

finally, living in Canada pays off with the lowest price. Just ordered – thanks Paul!

Sammy Waslow

Still the best a-ha compilation in my book, not least for using the album versions of songs that were edited for single release. A gem. Were Early Morning and Train of Thought (Remix) not on the original vinyl? I had it on record, but got a few LPs signed by Magne and Paul many years ago and gave Headlines and Deadlines to a friend, so I can’t remember.

Paul English

@ Sammy Waslow “Not least for using the album versions of songs that were edited for single release.”

In my book, that’s the sign of a bad compilation or one that’s not doing what it should.

Greatest Hits, Best Ofs, Singles compilations should always feature single edits wherever possible. It’s the most logical place for them. Otherwise they run the risk of being in limbo. If you want album versions, then listen to the albums.

Sammy Waslow

It has the superior single mixes of Hunting High and Low, You Are the One and Train of Thought, but the single edits of The Sun Always Shines on TV and Manhattan Skyline are clunky and I’d rather have the album versions here, so for me this is the best of both worlds. I’d rather they did it this way than a-ha 25 which has questionable versions like the Two-Time Gun Remix of The Blood That Moves the Body.

christopher hopkins

Disagree as in this case “Manhattan Skyline” needs to be heard in all its glory. The single edit was shit. There was a way of editing it that wouldn’t have detracted from the flow and got it comfortably down to 4.30 but they chopped off the best bits instead.

elliott buckingham

still no mention of the enigma coloured vinyl reissues

elliott buckingham

is it a double are are they gonna cram it all onto 1 slab of vinyl at the cost of poor sound quality at over an hour long its well pushing it

elliott buckingham

approx. 31mins side 2 and 28 mins side 1. well over the limit for a good sounding pressing

CJ Feeney

Mike Oldfield’s Exposed album had worryingly long side lengths (side one – 26’29”, side three 28’43”), but sounded fantastic in its new pressing. So modern technology seems to be capable of putting out decent vinyl of longer than average duration.

christopher hopkins

It’s not a double.


More than 60 minutes on 1 LP? No thank you…


I’m waiting for the release of east of the sun west of the moon. It’s my favorite but no vinyl is coming…


More info from What Records – “This June, Rhino Records are reissuing some of the best compilations from the biggest artists on vinyl. There are 9 albums being reissued from artists such as Madonna (Immaculate Collection) , Phil Collins (The Singles from 2016 / “LP Set), Notorious B.I.G. (Greatest hits 2LP) plus many more; including Spandau Ballet’s Gold – The Best Of – which is being issued on vinyl for the first time ever with 2 additional tracks.” Single LPs are £12.99 and Double LPs are £18.99 (except Spandau which is £19.99)


Sold. Hopefully ‘Memorial Beach’ will get a vinyl reissue at some point.

Craig Hedges

I bought a copy of the 1991 vinyl and the sound quality was appalling. It was evident that the record companies were on the final push to get rid of vinyl and convert everyone to cd, how ironic!