ABBA / Happy New Year blue vinyl

Happy New Year, again.

ABBA will release their Super Trouper album track ‘Happy New Year’ as a special limited coloured vinyl seven-inch single in December.

It may feel like a single, but back in 1980, ‘Happy New Year’ was only ever issued as a 45 in Argentina, as ABBA felt like they’d raided the Super Trouper ‘cookie jar’ enough with the three big hits (‘Super Trouper’, ‘The Winner Takes It All’ and ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’).

This is a limited edition, but unusually they’ve actually specified the number and ‘only’ 6000 will be pressed in a single worldwide run.

The die-cut gatefold sleeve features unique artwork, which displays the single with its picture label, a shot of ABBA from the Rune Söderqvist-designed Super Trouper album cover sessions. The B-side is ‘Felicidad’, the Spanish language version of ‘Happy New Year’.

Happy New Year was actually released a couple of years ago as a white vinyl seven-inch single. That was limited to 3000 units, so this new one isn’t quite as rare. Can we expect a different colour every two years!?

The blue vinyl seven-inch of ‘Happy New Year’ will be issued on 4 December 2020. The Super Trouper album will be reissued as a half-speed mastered vinyl edition (along with picture discs and a seven-inch box set) at the end of this month.

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Super Trouper (40th Anniversary – Half Speed Master) [VINYL]


  1. Happy New Year
  2. Felicidad

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You are correct SDE this is a similar release to the White vinyl issued in Dec 2018.
They (Abba/Polar) are issuing this release as a different colour every year until the end of time!
Last Years HNY Clear Vinyl 7″ was numbered and limited to 4,000.
The HNY White Vinyl in 2018 was Numbered and Limited to 3,000 copies.
This one (Blue vinyl) is Limited to 6,000 numbered copies.
Seems to be sold out with most UK online retailers which is probably why Amazon UK have increased (actually doubled) the price to £19.99 from it’s original £9.99 price tag. I doubt they will last for long even at this inflated price!


Not just Argentina but also Portugal and Bolivia and also in 1981 Peru and El Salvador. Of those all except the Portuguese version featured the Spanish sung version. So strictly speaking “back in 1980, ‘Happy New Year’ was only ever issued as a 45 in Portugal”. A promo 7″ was also released in 1980 (probably close to the New Year) in the UK, Holland, USA and Canada – but a commercial version apparently wasn’t considered. That’s all based on what’s on Discogs, so there might be some issues missing.

ABBA felt enough singles were released already after the first two. ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ was an afterthought, released only after the Disconet dj-mix topped US charts. It appears ABBA weren’t even after a hit because only a 12″ was released (which still made #7 in the UK) with no ‘proper’ video.


And who knows what we will find
In another 10 years time
at the end of … twenty-nine?


Someone has wondered why Universal don’t re-issue every ABBA Single, (in the Month they originally came out), every Year. They are – obviously – only doing it with ‘Happy New Year’, because it has a New Year Theme. it will not be done with any other ABBA Singles, as they do not have a Yearly Theme. Universal intend to release ‘Happy New Year’ every December, in a different shade of Vinyl. I have Zero desire to buy any of them, so it is of no consequence if I agree with the Yearly re-issue or not. It only matters to those ABBA Fans, who want to buy it. There is no point in any other Fans disagreeing with the idea. ABBA Fans have only 2 choices, with the numerous ABBA reissues. We can either buy them or not buy them. The ‘Happy New Year’ ‘Limited’ reissues do sell. The 2018 reissue was a UK No.2 Hit, in the Vinyl Singles Chart and the 2019 reissue was a No.1 Hit, in that same Chart. If we want New Music from ABBA, we have to wait until ‘Some time in 2021’, now, as that is when it has been delayed until. Bear in mind, that the original 2 ‘New’ Songs, were Recorded in June 2017, which will make them 4 Years old in June 2021. ABBA told ‘The World’ about them in April 2018 – 2.5 Years ago. It is said that there are now at least 5 New Songs, but there may as well be 100 of them, if we Fans are still unable to hear them. In the meantime, every 2020 ABBA release is just repackaging of Music, that ABBA Fans already have. Good luck to the Fans, who find such things terribly exciting. Other ABBA Fans – like me – prefer to buy ABBA Music, that we don’t already possess…

Tim Weldon

Colin, my remark about re-issuing every Abba single was said with my tongue firmly in my cheek…


Hey Colin, that’s a well written response to the HNY blue Vinyl. I totally agree with you.

Tim Weldon

I’m a huge Abba and rarely criticise the vast re-releasing of their catalogue that has gone on over the years, but even I am extremely cynical about this Happy New Year thing. They are re-releasing it on coloured vinyl every New Year for the foreseeable future – white in 2018, clear last year, blue this year, and so on and so on. I mean why stop at Happy New Year? Why not re-release every single they made in this fashion once a year?

By the way, is there any reason why Amazon UK are the only Amazon store not listing Super Trouper and the Singles Box Set? I mean the release date is only a couple of weeks away…

Richard S

I was also wondering that. Everywhere else is listing the box set. Hoping they will get it soon, not that they seem to sell out that quickly.

Eric Leong

Actuallg, we can expect a different colour every year. Last year was a transparent 7″ Happy New Year single.

Julian Nuttall

Yes, you are right Eric. This will give us something to look forward to in these dark uncertain times.