ABBA / Live at Wembley / 3LP vinyl

Out-of-print 3LP vinyl set re-available • New half-speed master

ABBA / Live at Wembley 3LP vinyl

ABBA‘s Live at Wembley Arena concert – first issued back in 2014 as part of the group’s 40th anniversary celebrations – is being made available again as a 3LP vinyl set.

Live at Wembley Arena presents the complete concert at the famous London venue from 10 November 1979. The set includes all the hits and a ‘new’ ABBA song called I’m Still Alive, a track that was performed on the night but subsequently never released commercially anywhere. Also, for the curious, Gammal Fäbodpsalm is, it’s an instrumental piece of music (written by Swedish composer Oskar Lindberg) used to open the concerts.

ABBA / Live at Wembley 3LP vinyl

The 2CD version from 2014 is still easily available, but the 3LP vinyl went out-of-print very quickly and goes for eye-watering sums (regularly over £100) so this reissue should be welcomed by vinyl aficionados who may have missed out.


Even better, this time around this is a half-speed mastered (by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios) and these are being pressed at Optimal, so this should sound better than the previous edition. It comes with a download code.

ABBA Live at Wembley will be reissued on vinyl on 13 March 2020 via UMC/Polydor.

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Live at Wembley - 3LP vinyl reissue


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Live at Wembley - original 2CD edition



Side A

1.  Gammal fäbodpsalm
2.  Voulez-Vous
3.  If It Wasn’t For The Nights
4.  As Good As New
5.  Knowing Me, Knowing You

Side B

1.  Rock Me
2.  Chiquitita
3.  Money, Money, Money
4.  I Have A Dream


Side A

1.  Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
2.  SOS
3.  Fernando

Side B

1.  The Name Of The Game
2.  Eagle
3.  Thank You For The Music
4.  Why Did It Have To Be Me


Side A

1.  Intermezzo No 1
2.  I Am Still Alive
3.  Summer Night City
4.  Take A Chance On Me

Side B

1.  Does Your Mother Know
2.  Hole in your soul
3.  The Way Old Friends Do
4.  Dancing Queen
5.  Waterloo

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Steve W

I bought the cd as soon as it came out but I was disappointed by it. This was partly due to the sound quality, which this might remedy, but also due to the lack of spontonaeity in the performances which I doubt this would improve.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

come on over with the 5 new ABBA songs !!


In early February, Benny told Swedish TV, that ABBA ‘Aimed’, (hoped), to have the New Songs out by September. It looks like, there will be more than just the 2 Songs, that ABBA Recorded in June 2017, and told ‘The World’ about, in April 2018. It could be 3 to 5 New Songs. Maybe even a New Album – although, that could be a ‘Wish’ too far…

Wayne Klein

I would love to hear their core albums remastered for multi-channel Blu Ray or DVD with great sounding CDs as well. The boxed set is horribly mastered.


Looking forward to this. Only have the CD version at present… Super Trouper remastered vinyl later this year?

Mark Walton

Huw, according to Ludwig Anderson (Benny’s son) who was responsible for getting this project released, there was absolutely no “fixing” anything on any of the tapes when this first came out, apart from one drum track with didn’t record properly on the night on only one song, so there is no autotuning Agnatha on I’m Still Alive.


link to amazon.fr goes to different vinyl from Tbc (Interprète), picture is ok?


I must admit I thought the vinyl sounded very good!….much better than the CD. It was always supposed to be more true to the raw sound as it was “in the hall” as opposed to the previous sanitised Wembley recordings, and it certainly was, to my mind. Took me right back!!


I was interested in this, but just listened to I’m Still Alive and Agnetha’s been autotuned on it. What a shame – so unnecessary. They autotuned Freddie’s vocals on recent Queen live releases too. Horrible.


Merci, nous avons bien reçu votre commande.
I hope amazon.fr honors the preorder!

DJ Control

Aaaaah, “half speed mastered by Miles”, my ears are humming already :)

Sebastian Janzen

What about (re-)mastering? The sound quality of the original issue is very bad. One of the worst sounding vinyl in my collection. So is there hope for a better sounding version? Any comments on where the vinyls are pressed (GZ Media?)