ABBA reunite in the studio and record two new songs!

“It was like time had stood still”

ABBA have returned to the studio and recorded two new songs which will be used in their forthcoming virtual reality tour.

In a joint statement, the group said: “The decision to go ahead with the exciting ABBA avatar tour project had an unexpected consequence. We all four felt that, after some 35 years, it could be fun to join forces again and go into the recording studio. So we did. And it was like time had stood still and that we only had been away on a short holiday. An extremely joyful experience!”

One of the songs is called I Still Have Faith In You and will be premiered in December – performed by the Abba avatars – not the actual group – in a TV special which will be broadcast by BBC and NBC.

The Swedish superstars have no plans to perform live on stage. In recent times, the group have authorised 40th anniversary editions of some of their studio albums, including half-speed mastered vinyl editions.

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Carol Hackman

It is now 2021 and still no new songs. How many years are they going to string us along?
If they would record an album and put it on the market this month it would sell one million copies by the end of the month. Makes one wonder why they tantalized us and have left us hanging for so long.


Bjorn was interviewed on the UK’s ITV News, on Wednesday 18th September. He confirmed
that the New ABBA Songs will not be released until 2020. (Which could be as early as January, or as late as December). More interestingly, he was asked if ABBA had ‘Recently’ been into the Recording Studio. He said that they had. That it was: ‘A work in progress’. That the other 3 Members had asked him not to say too much. As the initial 2 New ABBA Songs were recorded in June 2017, (over 2 Years ago), Bjorn was obviously not referring to them, when he said that ABBA had ‘Recently’ been into the Recording Studio. He meant that ABBA have been Recording in the past few Months. Maybe in the past few Weeks. It is now clear, that we are going to get more than just 2 New Songs off ABBA. It could be 3 to 5. It could even be an entire Album. It is certainly not just going to be the 2 New Songs, that ABBA told us about, in April 2018. Bjorn says that they are no longer ‘New’ Songs. He suggests that we call them ‘Unheard’ Songs…


well… we’ve been waiting… where are these new songs??????


For the ABBA Fans who are wondering when we will get the 2 New ABBA Songs…At the start of 2019, Bjorn said that we’d get at least one of them by June or July. In March, Dan Wootton, of ‘The Sun’ claimed on ‘Lorraine’, (ITV), that he’d recently had dinner with Bjorn, who had told him that ABBA were secretly recording a New Album, and several Songs were already recorded. Bjorn neither confirmed nor denied it. He just said: ‘So the whole World knows’. In June, ‘The Express’, (UK Newspaper), also claimed that ABBA were recording an entire Album, with 8 Songs already written for it and 5 of them already recorded. Benny denied this, and said that the entire claim was ‘Wrong’. Then, Bjorn changed the New Songs ‘release date’ to: ‘Hope to release at least one by November’. He added that The ABBAtars Tour may, or may not, go ahead,. If it does, it will not be until 2021. Around August 21st 2019, ABBA’s longtime Friend and Spokesperson – Gorel Hanser – told an ABBA Fan Site, that we will not be getting any New ABBA Songs in 2019, after all. She said that we will ‘Probably’ get them at some time in 2020. She added that The ABBAtars Tour will ‘Probably’ start in 2021.
In late August 2019, Bjorn said that we should get at least 1 New ABBA Song in 2020. That the Video for it will show The ABBAtars ‘Performing’ it. He means ‘Miming’ to the Real ABBA’s vocals. So, that is where matters are now – in September 2019. We will ‘Probably’ get at least 1 New ABBA Song in 2020. But, we are not getting anything New from ABBA in 2019. The ABBAtars ‘Project’ will ‘Probably’ go ahead, but not until 2021. We are not getting an entire New ABBA Album. Benny & Bjorn say we are to get just 2 New Songs – maybe a 3rd one. Benny still says that the 2 New Songs are not ‘Mixed’ properly – even though ABBA first recorded them in June 2017 – over 2 Years ago. I’ve been an ABBA Fans since 2974 and I’ve never known them to be so disorganised and unsure of what they are doing. They told The World about the 2 New Songs in April 2018. We were originally supposed to get them in December 2018. Now there are endless delays and we will ‘Probably’ get them in 2020. And ‘The ABBAtars’ will ‘Probably’ be ready to Tour in 2021 – or they may be cancelled completely…


Many ABBA Fans feel that the Group announced the 2 New Songs far too early. That it would have been better to do so a few Weeks before release – of each one. So, we were supposed to get the 1st one in December, (this Year). It was to be revealed in the UK/USA, Global TV ABBA Tribute Show, during that Month. We’d be ‘introduced’ to it – ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ – when it is performed by the Artificial//Hologram ABBA – ‘The ABBAtars’. The recording would be by the 4 ‘Real People’ in ABBA, but the performance would be by very sophisticated ‘Holograms’ – miming to the Song. The 2018 ‘Real ABBA’ are not in the least interested in performing any New Songs. They feel that they are far too old. Hence why the ‘Holograms’ will do it. That is if ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ is still going to be ‘introduced’ in the December Global TV Special. It looks like the plan has changed. On Thursday July 26th, Bjorn was interviewed by ‘The Economist’. (The Video is on YouTube). He now says that
‘I Still Have Faith In You’ will not be released until early 2019. He says that the Single has been ‘pushed back’. He did not give a reason. So there will not be a December ABBA Single after all, and The UK Bookies have wasted their time taking Bets on it being the UK’s 2018 Christmas No.1. The 2nd New Song – ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ – is described, (by Benny and Bjorn), as a ‘Pop’ Song, that is up-tempo and catchy. Whereas ‘I Still Have Faith In You’, is described as more sophisticated and ‘Timeless’ – as Bjorn put it. So, it now looks like we won’t get either New ABBA Song until the 1st Quarter of 2019. But, they will be released a few Months apart. I guess that ABBA feel that, as their Fans have waited 36 Years, for New ABBA Singles, a few more Months will not be too hard to wait. Also, it looks like we will end up with a 3rd New ABBA Song. Benny and Bjorn revealed the idea in July. They say that they have a 3rd New Song ‘in mind’, and that it will be recorded once The ABBAtars Show starts Touring. At this rate, it is only a few short steps for ABBA to give us an entire New Album. However. Benny and Bjorn insist that there will not be an Album. We are just to have the 3 New ABBA Songs. Apparently, the New Songs will be in various Formats, as ABBA need to try to ensure that they are Hits. It is very hard for ‘Old’ Acts to have Top 10 Singles now, as the more ‘Modern’ Acts tend to do far, far better via Streaming. That’s why Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Take That, now struggle to have Top 10 Singles. So, the New ABBA Songs will be available on CD Single, 7 Inch Vinyl, and Download, as well as Streaming. They may even be released on Picture Disk too. It is all an attempt,to over-come the Streaming Sales, that Acts like Drake, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber etc. have. Anyhow, as the New ABBA Singles are seen as an ‘Event’, we may find that they get a great deal of Streaming, anyhow…

Jussi Pukkila

I think ‘duel vocals’ could mean the method that ABBA used to blend the girls’ vocals, so that it’s almost impossible to determine who sings what vocal line and what exactly is the main one. That’s the way they did it during their heyday. If that’s the meaning, it sounds very promising. It would be logical, I mean why would they record something as ABBA in 2018 and not make it an actual group effort?


Today – Wednesday 2nd May – Benny & Bjorn have been interviewed by the BBC.

They have revealed more about the 2 New ABBA Songs. (I do hope that the one that sounds like they wrote it in 1972, is stronger than that! They make it sound like it could have been on the ‘Ring Ring’ Album, in 1973 – and most Fans regard that as being ABBA’s weakest Album).


Benny Andersson has said he doesn’t feel ABBA have “anything to prove” with their new material.

The band announced last week they have recorded two new songs, which will be released later this year.

Benny told BBC News: “I don’t feel that we have to prove anything, or I don’t feel we have to think about, ‘Oh, what if it was better before’, because maybe it was, but we can’t care about that.

“We do it because we think it was a good thing to do.”

He added: “We enjoyed it very much. We’ll see. I hope you’ll like them.”

He said the songs came about while he and Bjorn Ulvaeus were in the studio working on a project where the band will tour as avatars.

“So we said, ‘Hmm, maybe we should try and write a couple of songs, ask the ladies if they want to come in and sing’. And they said, ‘Yeah, absolutely’. So it was just, out of pure joy I’d say.”

He also revealed further details about the sound of the two new tracks – but added that they haven’t been completed yet.

“One of the songs is like we would’ve written it [for] today. The other, we could’ve written in 1972. So I don’t know, we’ll see. I mean, they’re not finished yet.

“We have the vocals, they’re all recorded, we haven’t mixed it, we haven’t worked them through, really, but I think they’re pretty good.”

Asked whether he thought it would complement ABBA’s legacy, Bjorn said: “I think so. It certainly sounds ABBA very much.”

Benny added: “As soon as Frida [Anni-Frid Lyngstad] and Agnetha [Faltskog] start singing, that’s when it sounds ABBA.”


In a Tuesday May 1st interview, (with the Swedish Newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’), Benny said that ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ is in 6/8 time. He says that you cannot ‘disco dance’ to it. So, we know its tempo, Other songs written in 6/8 time are The Beatles ‘Norwegian Wood’ and Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’. ABBA’s ‘Manager’ & friend, Gorel Hanser, says that Agnetha & Frida take duel vocals on ‘I Still Have Faith In You’. Which would be very unusual, as no-one can recall an ABBA ballad, where both women take lead vocals. Gorel says that the other new Song, ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ is an uptempo Track. She says that both songs are instantly recognisable as being by ABBA, but with a ‘modern’ style too. It would be awful if both Songs reach No.1 in the UK Sales Chart, but cannot get there in the Main Chart, due to Streming holding them back. Only UK No.1’s in the Main Chart count. It would be best if ABBA were to ensure that the New songs have a CD release. With the hype about New ABBA songs, the Super Markets etc. would certainly stock them on CD. ABBA could release the Singles tied in with a Charity – Children In Need, for example. With modern technology, the Videos for the 2 New Songs will be the most sophisticated that ABBA have ever done. Which makes it very ironic that the ‘Real ABBA’ will not be in the Videos. The ‘ABBA’ in the Videos will be the 4 ABBATars, looking as ABBA did in 1979. ABBA have Zero interest in being in the Videos for the New songs. They feel that they are far too old. So, we will just hear their voices, instruments & production in the 2 Videos. We may never get any more than the 2 New songs from ABBA. They seem to have been astonished by the hype about them recording again. it is doubtful if there will be a Studio Album. Universal are sure to release a ‘New’ ABBA Compilation, using the 2 New songs as ‘bait’, to make it far more attractive. I cannot see ABBA recording ‘Just Like That’ & ‘I Know Him So Well’. It has taken them 36 Years to give us 2 brand new, recently recorded songs. (Both New songs were written in 2017 & recorded last June).


Universal owns ABBA’s back catalogue (which was sold from Polar to Polydor/PolyGram, that was sold to Universal in a later stage). They’re not signed to Universal as a group, so the new songs could be released by any other label. In that case, if Universal wants to include them in a compilation, they have to license them.

Ronnie Olsson

When all four were present in the studio it would be my guess that it was merely for laying down vocal tracks so no musicians were needed. Additionally, Görel Hanser was present as well per her comments so don’t necessarily take Benny’s and Björn’s comments as the gospel. I think they were just giving the facts as far as who was the key personnel involved.

Craig Hedges

New interview in the UK with Benny, Bjorn and Tim Rice on ITV news http://www.itv.com/news/2018-04-30/benny-andersson-and-bjorn-ulvaeus-reveal-special-moment-from-abbas-shock-reunion/

If you can’t view this outside the UK, they discuss the latest version of Chess currently playing in London, again the interviewer misses the chance to ask why they don’t make this into a film. The Abba announcement, apparently NBC in the US forced them to make it. The most interesting information is that the songs were recorded last June, they only mention there being the four of them and an unnamed sound engineer, If Michael Tretow had been involved I think they would have mentioned him by name. It also makes it sound like there was no other musicians involved but both of these are my personal guesses.
It’s great to see that when talking about being in the studio together they are genuinely enthusiastic. I love Benny’s honesty in interviews and he makes his feeling known about the name ‘Abbatars’

Ronnie Olsson

Michael B Tretow suffered a stroke in 2001 (suffered a 10-year long loss of speach and memory loss as well) and he has as of 2004 effectively retired so highly unlikely to have been a part of the new recordings. Most likely the people involved will be those who have worked with Benny in recent years.

Chris Squires

It’s rather wonderful that everybody else is still with us. There can’t be that many bands / groups that started in the late 1960 / early 1970s that are still entirely in one piece.
I hope Michael (Bo) is doing well. But it is lovely that all 4 members are still vibrant and still wanting that challenge….

Craig Hedges

Here a video of Michael in 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-PJ8qDTHCQ
I can’t speak Swedish, (surprising as I spend half my life in Ikea) You can see the that he has recovered his speech but still has mobility problems. He really shaped Abbas sound, in the seventies Abbas records sonically sounded years ahead of everyone else. Most the original Abba band musicians are still with us, are they going to be involved in the tour?


If recording these two tracks was such a great experience for the group (and no doubt when we hear them it will be an even greater experience for the millions of fans), can we dare to dream they may record some more tracks, enough to release a new album? Now THAT would be the ultimate!!


yea are we sure its really abba on the tracks and not some computer generated abba music?

Jussi Pukkila

Manager Görel Hanser was briefly interviewed on the Finnish TV (on Friday) and she said mainly the girls do the singing (suggesting Björn did some as well?), while Benny wrote the music and Björn did the lyrics – so it’s the exact same setup as it used to be. No mention of other personnel, but I suspect it could be just Benny on all instruments and B&B doing all the technical stuff. I doubt the original engineer Tretow is in the picture as he hasn’t been involved with Björn & Benny since the mid-90’s-ish and in fact they have used other engineers since (Bernard Löhr most extensively). Tretow did contribute in a great deal to the ABBA sound, so I wonder what it means he’s missing.

In the stuff.co.nz piece linked above, Hanser says “I Still Have Faith In You” (the title which has been officially publicized), is a ballad and that it’s sung together by the ABBA women – reigniting their instantly recognisable vocal duel but with neither taking a solo lead. “Faith” will be revealed on a TV special in December. The other recorded song is more of an up-tempo song and called “Don’t Shut Me Down” and it’s likely to follow as a single release when it premieres on the avatar tour.

Jussi Pukkila

I think it’s a bit of a misconception that ABBA ‘toured extensively in the 1970s’. They toured the Swedish Folkparks in the summer of 1973, they did a small tour in 1974/5 and two moderately big live tours in 1977 (28 shows) and 1979 (52 shows), but that was it, probably around 100 shows in total, spread over 7 years. The majority of the time they were in studio or trying to lead ‘normal’ lives with their families. It wasn’t the typical touring for months after album is released scenario. In interviews they said they really didn’t see the point in trying to recreate the sound of the recordings on stage. The last two albums weren’t perfromed live at all (save for the few tracks performed in a live setting on a TV show and then used on the 1986 “Live” album). Especially Agnetha was against touring (the remaining three more or less enjoyed it).

That some people perceive ABBA as a ‘live’ group probably comes from the huge publicity around the few live appearances and the films made of them (ABBA the Movie and ABBA in Concert). Today ABBA is seen as a pioneer of the music video and in fact they started to make the clips to avoid travelling and making live appearances.

Alan Blevin

Paul has the site been locked in time again like last week?Abba is the most recent post to appear.If so do we need to clear it again like last week?Hope this isn’t continuing.


The ABBA tudio albums box was still £14.99p in HMV a couple of days ago.


Sorry, missed an ‘s’ out there!!


Should call it “The ABBAtar Tour”
Can’t wait to see that one.
Great news.




This could be great, Benny and Bjorn recently wrote a single for the(ahem) Steps comeback and it could easily have been an ABBA track…they’ve still got it.

Craig Hedges

Sorry Tom, your information is incorrect, ‘Story of a heart’ wasn’t written for Steps it was a song written and for recorded by BAO. Steps just did a cover (and it wasn’t very good!)
Check out Matt Pops remix of the original version on Youtube. He made it sound like Abba could have recorded it

Kevin M

Another particularly nice photo picked by Paul. It’s beautiful..


I agree, one of my favourite ever pics of the band.

Kevin M

I guess it’s a well-known shot among Abba fans? I like them but am not a deep fan, never seen it before, it’s terrific.


Apparently the first song is a ballad with both both girls singing joint vocals. The next song is more uptempo and will be the single.
So I read anyway…

Craig Hedges

Bob could you provide the source of your information please. This wasn’t mentioned in the statement. It’s not helpfully or kind to the fans to spread rumours

Chris Squires

Thanks for that Bob, the you gave information IS much appreciated.

Chris Squires

*Information you gave

English is plainly my 14th language somewhere behind Morporkian and Bork Bork Bork….

Craig Hedges

Bob, Many thanks, Sorry for doubting you but the reason I questioned this is because this information hasn’t been reported by the media in the UK. Sadly the follow up reports over here are mostly reporting on whether these new songs will tarnish ABBAs reputation, typical UK negative journalism. Hopefully more information will emerge in the next couple weeks, I’m curious to know if Michael Tretow was involved but I think there will be a lockdown on any more interviews for the time being.

mick lynch

Thanks a million for that Bob. I thought Craig was a bit unfair to you. Well done.

Casper Janssen

This is a great wish come true… my biggest wish is a new Donna Summer album, but ABBA is definately my second wish… (a third would be Boney M.)

Auntie Sabrina

There’s a compilation ‘Summer: The Original Hits’ out in May featuring songs in the new musical based on Donna’s songs, and some great Japanese import versions of her Casablanca/Mercury albums too


They ‘could’ release a New Album by Donna Summer tomorrow but those in charge think it won’t sell.
Sony already has one by her that WAS meant to come out after her VH1 Live record but the two singles from that didn’t do as well as hoped so it’s been sat on.
‘Angel’ being the title with songs like the track ‘My Life’ being one which is also from her own ‘Musical’ [Ordinary Girl].
There was a ‘Generic Donna Summer Musical’ in competition with hers & the money went to the more sorta ‘Greatest Hits’ approach.
Donna’s ‘own’ one would have been all new songs.
Her ‘last’ Greatest Hits was meant to have a forgotten song [Africa] on it.
Giorgio Moroder said he discovered it but it wasn’t included.
There’s LOADS of ‘unreleased tracks’ by her just her HQ don’t think they will sell.


that’s great ! abba writes the perfect pop songs !


I gotta admit, I nearly fainted. Hopefully this will inspire an unreleased collection. There’s still a few floating around and there has to be other stuff in the vaults.

Michel Banen

Goosebumbs ! A 2018 miracle !!! If ABBA releases something… it’s up to their standards so be it a hit or not, the fans will LOVE this ! I’m mighty excited !!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

yesterday was my birthday. and THIS was the best birthday present this year.


I guess the cheque finally got big enough.


This has nothing to do with money…


A few years back there were three things that would never happen (music-wise): Kate Bush back on stage, Abba getting back together and a Smiths revival. As much as I appreciate the first two impossibilities to have happened now, that third one can wait ..

Friso Pas

I never expected this, but I am excited about it. It will be hard to live up to expectations, also because it is still a long wait. And fans can be nitpickers.
I’m hoping on a physical release.


Sales of ABBA albums suddenly rocket into the stratosphere.


I still remember the first time I heard Waterloo; gave me chills. Abba, thank you for the music ;)

Paul Wren

New music – great. Virtual reality tour – sounds crap?


Didn’t they try it with Tupac and that was well received? Holograms/avatars are very much a coming thing…my neighbour’s going to an Elvis show soon that sounds a bit like this. Almost inevitable that there’ll be Prince, Bowie, The Beatles, Jacko in the next few years.


If you look at the scenes in Bladerunner 2049 with K and Deckard in the latter’s Vegas hotel home I think this technology fully developed could be really great for bands / artist that have retired or members passed away.

How cool would it be to go see an Elvis or Beatles show where it really looked like you were seeing them live as it was back in the day, but without the need for silly glasses!


It’s good,they’ll give music lessons to the hot poop we’re currently victims of from the radio


A bit harsh. Hot Poop’s first album was excellent. ‘Dangleberries’ was a groundbreaking tune.

Charles Christopher

I preferred the Hot Poop spin-off group, Hot Beef Injection. Their “Meat the Beef-Eaters” was quite good.


So, I’m ready for a new, super-iper-ultra definitive ABBA Anthology with two new songs!
What about a Boney M reunion also?

Michael C

Hmm, sadly Bobby Farrell died in December 2010.


Is he required? There must’ve been about 20 different line ups in Boney M over the years!


Agree. We only need Liz & Marcia for that…

Paul Taylor

Well, we can guess what their RSD contribution will be in 2019!


So I was right when I said there is more chance of ABBA getting back together than Let It Be coming out on blu ray.

Steve Ballinger

Such amazing news. And it’s official: https://abbasite.com/articles/a-message-from-abba/
I had all but given up on the four ever recording together again. It can’t be wrong for a grown man to feel this excited can it? After all I’ve been waiting 35 years! I seriously hope that Universal manage to release this in December on the back of the BBC/NBC TV Show promoting their Avatar Tour for 2019. This could bring their tally to 10 UK Number One singles and the Christmas Number One that eluded them all of their career. #IStillHaveFaithInYou


I have the same wish Steve but fear the opposite, that the two new tracks actually don’t perform well on the singles chart because of the way in which music-buying and chart compilation has changed in the past thirty-five years. It would be very sad if these much-wanted, long-awaited tracks only reached the peaks of the last few official singles rather than the Top 5 glory we wish for.


Theyll be lucky to hit top 50 unless theyre released physically, the charts dont work how they did in 1982!


I…..uh…..what? April Fool’s was the beginning of the month, wasn’t it?

April ends on the music version of a miracle.

Tom M Hans

April 1st has passed.


“Do I hear what I think I’m hearing… or is this just a fantasy?” ABBA write the songs and ABBA sing the songs that you and I will sing because when ABBA “starts to play, we too must dance” (Adapted from “Soldiers”)
I have been a fan since 1974 and never thought I would hear a new release in my lifetime. It was always a source of sadness that they never achieved a Christmas number 1. I hope it happens this year. :))

Kevin Barrett

Thats absolutely fantastic! Best combination of voices ever!

don cooper

Does somebody have to pay for a Divorce?
Too soon?

Chris Squires

This is how I felt in Spring 2014 when I heard Kate Bush was going to play live again. Just something that you never thought you would be lucky enough to hear again in your lifetime.
Other than Abba actually playing live I can’t think of anything I have wished for more.

I was in Man-tears just yesterday watching the Youtube clip of them on stage in their glory days singing “The Way old Friends do” mixed with footage from January 2016 with all 4 on stage……..


ah crap I’ve gone again……….


Can’t stop crying!

DJ Control

Woo hoo!

Ben Williams

Two things happened today that I NEVER thought I would see: North and South Korea in peace talks and Abba getting back together for new music.

Happy Friday!!


Didn’t they hold peace and reconciliation talks as recently as 2007? So perhaps not that surprisingly really.


Damn, I bet Trump tries to take credit for the ABBA re-union as well!!

Pieter van der Velde wzn

The only thing I can think of at this moment is “Thank you for the music”.


So pleased!!! I didn’t think that it would ever happen.
Great news…two ABBA highs in the last 6 days… the previous one being actually managing to get a copy of the RCD “Summer Night City” 7″

Craig Hedges

Difficult to put in words how I feel, I have wished for this for so many years. I’ve always thought that they could do something more. Frida and Agnetha can still sing and Benny and Bjorn can still write great songs. If they use some of the post Abba material I would love to hear them do their versions of ‘Another you, Another me’ with Agnetha on lead and ‘Heaven and Hell’ with Frida
Will we finally get ‘Just Like That’ and I can stop banging on about this not being released.

Roll on December!


Truly AMAZING news!! To hear something new from ABBA is something I NEVER expected to happen. Can’t wait for the Avatar Tour and now I’ve got hopes for a new album to accompany it. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited…..

Darren Howard

I may actually cry! Abba are so intrinsically linked to my childhood and very very happy times. I just love them to pieces.


Same here. Growing up in Germany from ’74-’79 I got to hear their music quite a bit. I just hope that the single isn’t treated to any crap remixes.


Great news but I would still like to see an official release of the full version of “Just Like That”