ABBA / The Album: 40th anniversary reissues across a number of formats

2LP half-speed mastered • coloured vinyl box set • picture discs

Polar Music (via Universal) are to reissue ABBA The Album as a 40th anniversary edition in various formats, including 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl edition and a triple-disc seven-inch coloured vinyl picture disc.

The half-speed mastered edition is a 45RPM-cut double LP version of the original album and will feature new liner notes by noted ABBA historian Carl Magnus Palm, detailing the story behind the album.

The album featured three singles, The Name Of The Game, Take A Chance On Me and Eagle. These are pressed across three seven-inch singles on blue, red and yellow vinyl respectively, in the seven inch box set.

Those three singles are also available separately as limited edition picture discs. All formats are issued on 27 October 2017.

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The Album - The Singles box set


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The Album - 2LP Half-speed mastered


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The Name Of The Game 7-inch pic disc

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Amazon ca   141.2

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Take A Chance On Me 7-inch pic disc

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Amazon de   154.31
Amazon usa   68.95
Amazon fr   158.5

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Eagle/Thank You For The Music 7-inch pic disc

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Amazon uk   29.99
Amazon ca   149.46

ABBA – The Album 2LP half-speed mastered 45RPM

LP 1
1. Eagle
2. Take A Chance On Me
3. One Man, One Woman
4. The Name Of The Game

LP 2
1. Move On
2. Hole In Your Soul
3. Thank You For The Music
4. I Wonder (Departure)
5. I’m A Marionette

The Album – The Singles seven-inch box set

Seven-inch 1
1. The Name Of The Game
2. I Wonder (Departure)

Seven-inch 2
1. Take A Chance On Me
2. I’m A Marionette

Seven-inch 3
1. Eagle
2. Thank You For The Music

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Steven Nicholls

I have the original Arrival vinyl from 1976 – how do the new vinyl reissues stand up against it, and are they worth buying? I should say, my 1976 copy is on the original orange UK Epic label, and has been kept near mint since purchase!


All this new technology has done nothing to preserve the sound quality.

I have original ABBA albums on vinyl that sound rich, dynamic, vibrant.. Alive. I also have ABBA ‘remastered’ albums on CD, all of which sound crystal clear yet dead – the life sucked out of them.

I suspect the fine detail on the master tapes degrades over time. The same fine detail which gives the recordings their unique dynamism. It’s such a shame really.

There needs to be an ambitious technological project that aims to harvest the ‘data’ from the original vinyl albums and to process it through powerful computer software which also removes any background hiss found on the original recordings. It would be a hugely complex tasl, but hugely exciting.

Stevie B

I wonder if this is still using the poor quality master tapes… Within the audio enthusiast community, The Album’s original LP release is known for having been sourced from a poor quality master tape, that affects all four tracks on Side A. Symptoms include distortion on the higher-end of the frequency range, and a ‘muddier’ sound, particularly in the percussion. The single masters for “Eagle”, “Take A Chance On Me”, and “The Name Of The Game”, are perceived not to have these defects, the first generation mixes for these tracks were used in Greatest Hits Vol. 2, while the 1990s compilations were remastered by Michael Tretow, the original recording engineer. They were also used for re-issues in 1997 and 2001, however these versions were criticised for Jon Astley’s use of equalisation and noise reduction. Re-issues that used the ‘faulty’ LP cutting tapes include the West German PolyGram CD from 1984, and the Complete Studio Recordings box set, with tracks remastered by Henrik Jenssen. To date the sole use of the clean tapes since 2001 has been the ‘Mastered For iTunes’ 2014 issue, which reportedly lacks any distortion. Would be interested to know before hand if the ‘clean tapes’ were used on this release?

Chris Squires

Just had a delayed notification on the Abba singles box from Amazon. Are any other retailers saying this? It’s only until the 3rd November (from this Friday) but it’s a worrying slippery slops if it keeps moving back…


I wondered what had happened when my box set has not arrived from Sound of Vinyl. Emailed this morning before I read this, but no reply as yet. One thing that is annoying me now is that on my original vinyl the sleeve has a nice blue top fading down to white, but all this new stuff has opted for plain white. A shame as it takes away some “authenticity”. You could say so what.

Stevie B

Polar’s official cover featured an entirely white background, and is the basis for current CD versions. However, Epic Records’ original UK release of the LP featured a blue background on the front cover, fading to white at the bottom. It also featured a gatefold sleeve. The back cover was altered, incorporating a similar photo of ABBA to that used elsewhere in the world for the inner sleeve, and referencing tracks included in ABBA: The Movie. The inner gatefold was designed to look like an air mail envelope, similar to the style later used for Gracias Por La Música and even had a photo of ABBA incorporated into a stamp in the corner.

This was the first and only time that Epic radically broke away from the standard Polar Music design for an ABBA album. The UK design for ABBA: The Album has only been re-issued on CD format once, as part of a limited edition boxed set released by the Japanese arm of Universal Music in 2004.

Stevie B

Mine arrived this morning, so no more delays :)

Ian McJannet

23.99 for a half speed mastered double L.P. TAKE NOTE PAUL MCCARTNEY !!!!!!!


The singles box has now disappeared from most Amazon sites, but is still listed at Amazon.fr. Presumably this is because of some production delay so I won’t be surprised if the release is pushed back a month or two.


Still available here and shipping is ok:


At Pledge, everything is still at reasonable prices –
    BUT: 32 Euro shipping – totally crazy!

    I canceled the purchase … Not with me


Toni Hernandez, that is a myth. There is no ’album that they recorded after “the visitors” and never saw the light by the separation of the band’. ABBA had plans for a new album in early 1982, that much is true – but only after 3 new songs had been recorded and none was found satisfactory, they changed the plans and decided to release ”The Singles” compilation at the end of the year, with a couple of new tracks included.

In the end, 6 tracks are known to have been completed in 1982 and 4 of them were released on 7” singles, the A-sides of which also appeared on ”The Singles”. In addition, only ”Just Like That” and “I Am The City” were recorded but JLT was soon discarded after completion, as Björn & Benny decided the verses don’t match the chorus. Already ”Under Attack” from 1982 recycled parts of ”Just Like That”, which is a clear indication that B&B had no intention of releasing ”Just Like That” at any point. Also, the lyrical theme progressed into “The Day Before You Came”. JLT was considered for the ”Chess” musical, a demo with new lyrics was recorded (“When The Waves Roll Out To Sea”) – but again, it was soon deleted from the contenders. JLT was released by B&B produced Gemini on their self-titled 1985 album – but heavily rearranged and with completely new verses. The discarded verses were eventually used on the 2002 Swedish version of “Chess”, on the track “Glöm mej om du kan” (‘Forget me if you can’ or ‘Better forget about me’). The ABBA ‘configuration’ of JLT was tried out for inclusion on the “Mamma Mia!” but even then it was soon discarded. “I Am The City” got a belated release in 1993 on “More Gold” (after B&B denied including JLT).

The myth about the unreleased 10th ABBA album started already in the 80s, perhaps as a reaction to a JLT surfacing on bootlegs. Some bootlegs even named it “Opus 10”, but that apparently came from a newspaper article from 1982, reporting that ABBA were recording their 10th album (which includes the 8 studio albums and the two volumes of Greatest Hits, released at that point).


I don’t want to break your hearts, but the half-speed mastered edition of Arrival may sound good, but for sure NOT better than the original (European) versions back in the 70’s! It lacks in treble. Not that much, but still there is a difference (not in a good way) compared to the original Swedish Polar or the original German Polydor LP, which are both brighter, so that you can hear more details.
The Album was never audiophile anyway, so they have a chance to do it right this time (but I won’t be surprised anymore if they don’t after so many re-releases)!


I think I used that whatrecords (total ripoff the hmv site btw) and I had incredibly bad service once I found out the item advertised was not the correct one. Never again.


A chance to get their best band photo (collage) on the single sleeve along with their most “proggish” song Eagle.


I would love to buy a signed edition of the forthcoming Solo piano album by Benny Andersson on Deutsche Grammophon, anybody seen signed pre-orders anywhere?


Good prices at What Records. £7.99 for the Picture discs and £24.99 for the 3 Coloured Vinyl Set! Also have a very nice Carpenters White vinyl for sale too! https://www.whatrecords.co.uk/items/79399.htm

Derek Langsford

It would take 5.1 mixes without being obligated to buy vinyl for me to purchase any more Abba. I presume the multi-track master tapes are still available and in good condition although it seems many of important artists or albums are being lost to poor caretaking, storage, or age.


That Abba museum website is a total rip-off! 25 Euros to ship within Europe! Hell no, bye, will wait and get it where it will pop up cheaper. That is stealing from people, literally. There is no way it costs that much.


Yeah sure, I like the resurgence of vinyl too but these albums all need to be available in a hi-res format… 24/96 download/blu-ray, or both please. These albums are still held up as production pinnacles so let’s hear them in the cleanest way possible, as well as the vinyl option.

Chris Squires

yes, it was on that page, but I was on greatofferstore and The Sound of Vinyl the day those sale pages went live and never once saw it showing as in stock. So if they had them they went real quick and they couldn’t have had many. I was annoyed because at that point I didn’t realize that if it isn’t in stock you don’t see the black “buy now” button in the middle of the advert. So I just thought my browser was screwed and kept re-loading. Took dunce here a while to work out they had none left….


The last 7″ singles box set (for “Arrival”) was eventually discounted in the Universal online store for less than half its original price – and that was long after it was supposedly ‘sold out’. So….


bought the Arrival LP and indeed it sounds great. Also bought the Arrival box set. This time round thought just the box set as really you buy them three only then two tracks on the album you don’t get. But yes of course the mastering on the singles will not be as good as the half speed. (I just did a compare of the coloured vinyl Money Money Money single to the half speed arrival and you you can hear the difference – shall I say “crisp”? yes, I will – “crisp”.
So hopefully someone will buy me the album Album (!) for Christmas or something but only for the collection.


I’d be very surprised if the movie will ever get another official release – the main (non-ABBA) star of the film is now in prison on VERY unsavoury convictions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Hughes_(Australian_actor) I can’t imagine ABBA would want to be associated with him in any way, shape or form…


I bought the half-speed mastered Arrival and it sounds fine, although it’s really just a gimmick. The Abbey Road mastering certificate and obi strip are just marketing tat to justify the price. Having never owned a copy of Gold I decided to punt on a discounted copy of the recent gold-coloured vinyl release, which was definitely a mistake: a bare-bones reproduction of what appears to be the original – terrible – liner notes by John Tobler housed in a cheap-looking outer sleeve, with orange/yellow mottled vinyl. Blecch.
I notice you’ve not been as scathing about this new release, Paul?


Hi Paul, I did say Arrival sounded fine, and I’ve ordered the new pressing of The Album, so I’m a willing customer and we don’t actually disagree, especially over the multiple releases of Gold.
I expected the packaging and the coloured vinyl Gold to be a little more special, given that it was just another “ordinary” vinyl pressing, but it looked just as corporate as most releases of Gold have.


So, Universal is continuing the release schedule that was started with Arrival’s 40th anniversary last year. A half-speed mastered album plus the album’s singles in a coloured vinyl singles box or as separate picture discs. Sadly, no new content whatsoever. Granted, the releases may function nicely as gimmicky collector’s items. Personally, I don’t care for vinyl at all.

So much more could be done with these anniversary releases. ABBA – The Album was originally released in 1977 in tandem with ABBA – The Movie. They could have combined both 40th anniversaries in one lavish 4 disc deluxe set, containing a new and proper remaster of the original album (apparently, no acceptable CD version of the original album exists), a DVD/Blu Ray of ABBA – The Movie (which was recently digitally restored in 4K) and a full concert from the 1977 tour on a double disc. ABBA’s own original plan in 1977 was even to release this album as a double album, with one record of live recordings from the tour.

I’m sure Universal would like to do more, but Bjorn and Benny won’t allow anything else to be released apart from what’s already out there. So, with ABBA – The Album we don’t get anything more than the nine tracks that were originally released (eleven, counting the live version of “I Wonder” and the single edit of “Eagle”).

Toni Hernandez

I hope that universal release some day the album that they recorded after “the visitors” and never saw the light by the separation of the band. Some of the songs after were included in chess.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

Again the boring money making machine / hardcore fans milking machine abba. I really hope the children of benny and bjoern will see all the “demo / alternate mixes / early mixes” things in a different light in the future. So we have to wait and hopefully we live long enough. How happy can all the elvis fans be about the great compilations and
box sets with these interesting take 1, take 5, take 8 versions from the last years.


I agree, we will have to wait until Bjorn and Benny pass on, (which will be very sad), to ever hear any alternate mixes, remixes ect.
Which is sad as you’d think they’d take contr and just release all the demos, alternate and remixes now for the fans and of course there is Just Like That sitting in the vaults, a real ABBA gem that we ALL WANT. Sad. I hope we all live long enough to hear what’s in the vaults. Come on Bjorn and Benny, PLEASE WE BEG YOU.

Tom of FIN

Exactly, no go. Their absolutely best album, but the half-speed remastering only just doesn’t cut it. Only for die-hards or new customers, as usual in box sets.

Darren Vickers

In your opinion what does the half speed mastering of Arrival sound like ? is it worth a purchase.

Chris Squires

Arrival is great. If you just want to *listen* to it, sit down (for 9 minutes) and wallow in the sound, I have never heard Abba sound better. I have the Silver lift off lid box “The Vinyl Collection” with the extra album of b-sides and non album tracks called “Abba Tracks” and that sounds pretty darned good. From 2010 I think.
I also have all 8 slip case “Deluxe editions” with DVD and they don’t sound “Brickwalled”, whatever that really is.

If you do have to be careful in general, I don’t think you have to worry about these Half Speed Masters. I don’t think I have “Tin Ears”


For sure A lot depends on what equipment you will be playing this on eh ?

Greek geek

No bonus material, no buy!

Tom of fun

Exactly, no go. Their absolutely best album, but the half-speed remastering only just doesn’t cut it. Only for die-hards or new customers, as usual in box sets.


I won’t but it because I already have the blue box and the original LP.

For the ultra fans:beware because the most recent remasters are brickwalled to hell. As such a simple or double LP won’t make any difference,sound will be SH*T.

BUT if they did this vinyl using directly the original analog stereo master tape without any digital filter/EQ/compression involved for the laquers,now that would be interesting!!!


Well,last time I checked here it wasn’t fabulous :



Ok,my mistake,The Studio Albums recent vinyl box set match the original vinyl,sorry,but one can understand that some other 2LP reissues aren’t as scrupulous as here


Totally correct. I think that as of the deluxe edition of Super Trouper the mastering is back to normal.

Chris Squires

The 7 inch box set seems to be an instant sell out. Damn, too slow. I saw this earlier in the week and pretty much as soon as it was listed it showed up as Sorry, sold out. The Half Speed Arrival sounded utterly sublime, I waited for a Paul Deal Alert for £20 and will probably do the same this time around. If anyone is wavering about the Half Speed vinyl – don’t. It’s sounds fabulous and great for your leg muscles too. (up-down – up-down) :-)

David Hannah


The Album box set still available on the abba site…

Kevin Barrett

Great album, one of their best, spawned some great songs, this looks nice!