ABBA / The Studio Albums / Limited edition coloured vinyl box set

ABBA: The Studio Albums coloured vinyl box set

All the albums on limited coloured vinyl, in a box set

Universal Music will release a coloured vinyl edition of the ABBA The Studio Albums box set, in July.

As you might expect, this contains all eight studio albums, starting with Ring Ring (1973) and finishing with The Visitors (1981). A now out-of-print black vinyl edition of this box was previously issued in 2014.

Each album is pressed on 180g coloured vinyl and comes with replica LP artwork. The colours are as follows:

Ring Ring – red vinyl
Waterloo – orange vinyl
ABBA – silver vinyl
Arrival – white vinyl
ABBA: The Album – green vinyl
Voulez-Vous – blue vinyl
Super Trouper – gold vinyl
The Visitors – yellow vinyl

There’s 750 units available for the UK with some channels (The Sound of Vinyl) already sold out in just a few hours.

This ABBA: The Studio Albums coloured vinyl box will be released on 24 July 2020 (was 3 July), via UMC/Polydor.

Compare prices and pre-order


ABBA - The Vinyl Collection [VINYL]


Ring Ring – Side A

  1. Ring, Ring
  2. Another Town, Another Train
  3. Disillusion
  4. People Need Love
  5. I Saw It In The Mirror
  6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina

Ring Ring – Side B

  1. Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
  2. Me And Bobby And Bobby’s Brother
  3. He Is Your Brother
  4. Ring Ring
  5. I Am Just A Girl
  6. Rock’N’Roll Band

Waterloo – Side A

  1. Waterloo
  2. Sitting In The Palmtree
  3. King Kong Song
  4. Hasta Manana
  5. My Mama Said
  6. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)

Waterloo – Side B

  1. Honey, Honey
  2. Watch Out
  3. What About Livingstone
  4. Gonna Sing You My Love Song
  5. Suzy-Hang-Around
  6. Waterloo

Abba – Side A

  1. Mamma Mia
  2. Hey, Hey Helen
  3. Tropical Loveland
  4. SOS
  5. Man In The Middle
  6. Bang-A-Boomerang

Abba – Side B

  1. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  2. Rock Me
  3. Intermezzo No.1
  4. I’ve Been Waiting For You
  5. So Long

Arrival – Side A

  1. When I Kissed The Teacher
  2. Dancing Queen
  3. My Love, My Life
  4. Dum Dum Diddle
  5. Knowing Me, Knowing You

Arrival – Side B

  1. Money, Money, Money
  2. That’s Me
  3. Why Did It Have To Be Me
  4. Tiger
  5. Arrival

Abba – The Album – Side A

  1. Eagle
  2. Take A Chance On Me
  3. One Man, One Women
  4. The Name Of The Game

Abba – The Album – Side B

  1. Move On
  2. Hole In Your Soul
  3. Thank You For The Music
  4. I Wonder (Departure)
  5. I’m A Marionette

Voulez-Vous – Side A

  1. As Good As New
  2. Voulez-Vous
  3. I Have A Dream
  4. Angeleyes
  5. The King Has Lost His Crown

Voulez-Vous – Side B

  1. Does Your Mother Know
  2. If It Wasn’t For The Nights
  3. Chiquitita
  4. Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
  5. Kisses Of Fire

Super Trouper – Side A

  1. Super Trouper
  2. The Winner Takes It All
  3. On And On And On
  4. Andante, Andante
  5. Me And I

Super Trouper – Side B

  1. Happy New Year
  2. Our Last Summer
  3. The Piper
  4. Lay All Your Love On Me
  5. The Way Old Friends Do

The Visitors – Side A

  1. The Visitors
  2. Head Over Heels
  3. When All Is Said And Done
  4. Soldiers

The Visitors – Side B

  1. I Let The Music Speak
  2. One Of Us
  3. Two For The Price Of One
  4. Slipping Through My Fingers
  5. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

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Micheal Blanke

Listened to the Visitors lp on the same Yamaha stereo component I still have from 1977, the pressings are super clean and the sound quality
is excellent! Lp photos do seem a little softer then the origanal release cover art.

Micheal Blanke

My 1980 Canadian pressing on Atlantic Records is “The Way Old Friends Do”. It seems only the Polar Label pressings use the word “All”

Gareth Pugh

Mine arrived today. The discs look and feel great in hand, and the one I’ve played so far (Arrival) sounds good to my ears. The definition of photos on the outer sleeves is, to my eyes, a bit ‘soft’ maybe – not sure if that’s a faithful reproduction of how the originals looked in the 70s/80s however, it may be deliberate! Also – if anyone has an original 1980 pressing of SuperTrouper – I’d be intrigued to learn – is the typo on the side 2 label with this set (‘The Way All Friends Do’) a warts-and-all reproduction of a 1980 typo… or a 2020 error?

Joe Brackett

https://www.discogs.com/ABBA-Super-Trouper/release/11882356 if you look at the photos on this version from 1980 in Sweden. it had the misprint

Gareth Pugh

Thanks Joe!

Michel Banen

Received the box yeasterday but the included digital code does not work. Anyone else having that issue ?

Stephen Rickard

This is the answer I got from Back to Black:
‘I am very sorry but there has been a delay in us obtaining the audio for this title from the record label. We hope to receive it in the next few days. You will be able to validate a unique code and download the album once it becomes available.
Please accept our sincere apologies for the wait.’

Micheal B.

Amazon.ca does not actually have any copies for sale, it only lists outside options of which all ship from the U.K. or U.S. Oh Canada!

Darren Vickers

Whats the pressing like ? A lot of new pressings i have picked up are flat as hell, really bad pressings


Zoom delivered nice and early by free Parcelforce today, seems everyone now has stock too.


I just bagged a copy for £116 delivered to the UK from amazon.it
I’ve been debating whether to get this one for months. Seeing it sell out at most outlets here in the UK, including amazon.co.uk makes me realise it’s not gonna be in print for long.
My indecisiveness? I made up my mind, it must come to an end.

Mike B.

Hello Paul,
I’ve noticed that release timelines vary from site to site or territory. I’ve seen 1 listing release date for Canada and US as September 4
another stating August 14 and others July 24.
Any new info on your end?
Mike B.


Hi Paul, keep seeing mixed reports on date release, 3/7/20 and 24/7/20 Have you heard anything that the release has been put off ’till the 24th?


8 LPs = 1 deluxe edition from Macca’s Archive Collection. Well, is it really worth it? :-)

Mike B.

Amazon ca relisted set for $50.00 less then it
was the first time around, so it comes in at almost the same price as Amazon fr. plus free


So is this box set limited to 750 units or not? As soon as I heard about this I searched and all websites were sold out until I eventually found one, now most sites are selling it again. I bought as a possible future investment but now not sure and might cancel my order.


First bought it at RecordStore, cancelled and bought at UDiscover in Germany at a much better price, but now at amazon.co.uk the set is even still less expensive taking S&H into account.


Lovely industrial quantities – so many fantastic colors, I feel in a wonderland! I have this box in standard black vinyl from a few years back. Still have not yet opened it. Thanks for the music!!!


paul wren

The Sound Of Vinyl have e.mailed me today to say that “due to unprecedented demand, the label has allocated more copies of this product to ensure it is available to as many customers as possible”. So don’t panic buy, people, as clearly it is going to be pressed up in industrial quantities!

John McCann'

Congratulations Andreas, you’ve just had a comment posted, 2 in fact in this thread, keep going, what was it Robert the Bruce said to that spider,or was it some other scotish guy? anyway Scottish guy in a cave,and he starts yakking to a spider!, moral of the story is keep trying,

Hugh Hall

Looks like it’s back in stock for Pre-Order on Udiscovermusic, Sound Of Vinyl, Recordstore etc


Completely agree with those questioning the frankly random colour choices.
And also a little disappointed that Abba did not choose to relaunch their new material last weekend at the otherwise sadly depleted Eurovision. Would have lifted all our spirits and they’d have had a captive audience to announce the new venture. One of us (Bjorn) didn’t quite cut it. I’m hearing that we may have to wait until April for the new work to surface with the Abbatar experience by which time the “new” songs will be 4 years old!


Nightflight – You are referring to the 2 New Songs, that ABBA Recorded in June 2017 and announced the existence of, in April 2018. Now there are more than just 2 New Songs. A Friend of ABBA’s – Mark Levengood, (Swedish TV Host) – has been allowed to hear 3 ‘of the’ New Songs. He told this to ‘Aftonbladet’, (Swedish Newspaper), in Mid April. He says that they are ‘Fantastic’. So, he was stating, that ABBA have Recorded, more than 3 New Songs, and he’s heard 3 of them. Bjorn has also dropped many ‘hints’, that there are more than just 2 New Songs. Last Year, he told ITV News, that ABBA were in the Studio, earlier in 2019. So, the 2019 Recordings, were nothing to do with the 2 Songs, from June 2017. ABBA want to use The ABBAtars, in any Promo Videos for the New Songs, as they feel far too old, to be in Videos, as the ‘Real’ ABBA. The ABBAtars are: ‘Digital Copies of ABBA – as they looked in 1979’. They don’t ‘Sing’, of course. They just Mime, to the Recordings of the ‘Real’ ABBA. I reckon that ABBA did not ‘launch’ a New Song, in Saturday’s ‘Shine A Light’ Eurovision TV ‘Show’, because there are still no ABBAtars Promo Videos ready, to be shown. Without such a Video, ABBA would have seen no point in trying to ‘launch’ any New Songs. Hence why we just got Bjorn’s ‘Speech’, instead. As to when ABBA will realase a New Songs – who knows? The COVID-19 Crisis has delayed a great many things.


If the wait results in a full album of new material, I for one will be happy to wait. After all its been nearly 40 years anyway. :) A full new album would be the stuff dreams are made of.


Paul Sinclair – twitter: ‘I know it’s probably a minority view, but I still don’t feel as if something is ‘released’ unless you can buy a physical copy of it somewhere…’

– That’s really quite absurd. That would mean Flotsam & Jetsam hasn’t yet been released. I’ve been listening to it since last year!

gary oliver

also, it always makes me laugh when people come on this deluxe box set site to say they “could do without all the extras”

Daniel ( from Berlin )

the only thing i want to say is: come out with the probably 5 new recorded songs ( eight obviously written ) and maybe / hopefully with an album. don’t bore me with the 10th or 20th re-re-re-re-release of albums without anything new. i was angry in 2015 about those money-milking things. ask me not how angry i’m now in 2020. for me B&B had the perfect chance to put out “i still have faith in you” this spring as a charity single / download and give all proceeds to a worldwide organization to find a medicine against covid19.
in this time they would have probably a worldwide number one and a perfect and emotional comeback. but now in may benny said: “if it depends only on me in september i think”. …and i say: i don’t believe in 2020 anymore….

Robert Biden

I was tempted but I have the silver box ( with my name in the pre order list in the booklet ! ).
If I bought it I’d look at them a few times , put it away and never play them.
Waste of money.
What I’d like is full versions of what was included in ‘undeleted’ snippets. Especially Just Like That.
Not Universals fault and B and B won’t allow anything new or unreleased to be released.
Plus as a few people have said the colours are all wrong – GREEN for The Album ??

Daniel ( from Berlin )

the only thing i want to say is: come out with the probably 5 new recorded songs ( eight obviously written ) and maybe / hopefully with an album. don’t bore me with the 10th or 20th re-re-re-re-release of albums without anything new. i was angry in 2015 about those money-milking things. ask me not how angry i’m now in 2020. for me B&B had the perfect chance to put out “i still have faith in you” this spring as a charity single / download and give all proceeds to a worldwide organization to find a medicine against covid19.
in this time they would have probably a worldwide number one and a perfect comeback. but now in may benny said: “if it depends only on me in september i think”. …and i’m bored again after over 2 years since april 2018. i don’t believe in 2020 anymore….


Paul, I have experienced that over 50% of my comments are not being posted.
I don’t see any valid reason for not posting them, as they have never contained any violation.
Often my comments are responses to somebody else, and I hardly ever see them posted.

Starting to get the feeling that you largely post comments from people who are positive about every release.

Chris Squires

Don’t worry Andreas. I would guess virtually everybody has had a post, now and then, that disappears down the black hole at some point. I wouldn’t take it personally.
It’s the price we pay for Paul’s moderation. To be honest I would rather lose the the odd post to the ether than have a free for all and no moderation. If you think of the work involved in running the site, writing the articles, making and editing the videos, doing the interviews, keeping the shop going, packing and posting as well as checking every single post for stupidity. I think we get a good deal, considering it’s free. Other than the odd article from Ian, it’s all one man’s work.
I would also say, from a personal point of view, that Paul does publish many negative posts that I wouldn’t. Even the ones that criticise Paul himself or the SDE website.
Cock-up not conspiracy…. that’s how I would put it.

hendry doran

Well said Chris. I cannot imagine how much time and effort Paul puts into this website and as you say all for free to us readers/posters.
Being a senior citizen many of the artists mean nothing to me inasmuch as i have no idea who they are but regardless i still would be lost without this website.
Please continue with the excellent work Paul and thank you

John McCann'.

He don’t post some of mine either mate,but I can’t say I really blame him!ha,ha,,,, yes he must have his hands full Chris,and you dident mention the Twitter and stuff too, amazing, great website


Hi all, thanks for your replies and explanations. It is a great website for us all! And I cherish the work being done.

I was just expressing my feeling (not a theory), because this has happened to me quite often lately. You sit down, put effort into a reply to someone that brought up an interesting point. And then you don’t see your reply. I think it would be disappointing for everyone (including Paul as well). So maybe I will consider not leaving replies here and just read (not meant in a bad way). I did not know that Paul is doing it all alone, though. One more reason for me to say: great website, very clear and structured contents! Thanks a lot.

Mike M

Unbelievable, Amazon still taking pre orders.

Stephen Rickard

It’s popping up everywhere, maybe it’s not as limited as Universal wants us to think it is ?

Colin MacKenzie

Now getting concerned re the Amazon France position. Am 99% certain when I ordered yesterday it was for a coloured vinyl collection with a pic of the albums but now on their site reference to colour vinyl has disappeared. The Amazon Germany and USA sites both state coloured vinyl, Amazon UK does not.

Wayne Olsen

Thanks for the tip-off! I cancelled my Framazon order and ordered it on Deep Discount.
I’ve now ordered this darn box set three times. No, my mother does NOT know.


I don’t know if it has been mentioned already as I haven’t read every comment, but FNAC France have this on preorder for 122 Euros.


Hi Paul

I know this iui s off topic but for Led Zeppelin fans….

The Song Remains The Same – Super Drluxe Box is selling on Amazon UK for 54 GBP!!! And they are again shipping to the USA

Wayne Olsen

Ordered from L’Amazon. thanks Paul!

Colin MacKenzie

Well bit the bullet and ordered from Amazon France. Noticed there that Paul Weller vinyl is miraculously now available! Hope they do not cancel this as well…..

Paul Fidler

Have purchased this item from What Records for £134.99 plus £8.00 postage. I have used this company before and they have always been very reliable.


The colour choices seen odd to me. Blue for Voulez-Vous and gold for Super Trouper work but the rest? Silver for “ABBA” and yellow for The Visitors…… strange choices. I think these would’ve worked better…..

Ring Ring – green
Waterloo – yellow
Abba – orange
Arrival – silver
The Album – white
Voulez-Vous – blue
Super Trouper – gold
The Visitors – red

Just my thoughts….

Chris Squires

You won’t be on your own John. The really obvious one is The Album, it’s every bit as white as Voulez-vous is blue. I have no idea what kind of person would look at the cover of The Album and see green. The cover of Arrival has more green in it and for that they used white!!!!. If you don’t care about vinyl or don’t care about coloured vinyl it won’t matter a tinker’s cuss, but to sad sacks like me it does matter. Pulling a crisp blue Voulez-vous LP out of the blue cover will be beautiful. Imagine if the same muppet who chose green for The Album decided it should be the indescribable colour of Frida’s dress. That’s how bad that decision is.


Exactly my thoughts.
The colour choices are odd.
But that’s a matter of taste…
The biggest problem here is, that they could have add an extra vinyl with all the tracks which wasn’t include in the studio albums, exactly as they did with the 2010 boxset.
“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”, “The day before you came”, “Cassandra”, “Summer Night City” and so many other wonderful songs could have made it on an extra coloured record!
And the second problem… what master tapes did they used?
I’m tired of buying “ABBA – THE ALBUM” and hearing the distortion on “The Name of the game”. They choose the faulty master tapes again and again and again on every release of this album!
I think this boxset is a very good choice for someone who hasn’t got the original records. It’s beautiful! But that’s all. Without very important ABBA tracks like “Fernando”, it’s just too basic.
I’m happy with the (hopefully) forthcoming Half Speed Master of “Super Trouper” which I will buy, but unfortunately as much as I would like to buy this boxset (if the extra record would have been added), I’ll pass.


Also an extra LP in the set would have rounded up the non-album hits such as FERNANDO, GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE, UNDER ATTACK and others.


This set is desirable, as indicated by the sell outs, despite no new material, no bonus tracks or non album singles. However I cant afford it at present, sad face!


Lots of places not sold out though. Wonder how limited this will actually be?

Also, will it include a download code like the black vinyl version did?

Paul Taylor

It depends on each retailer’s allocation Terry. I don’t know how many Paul got for SDE, but if each shop got a bare bones allocation of, say, 15-20 units, that’s roughly around 35 retailers that could potentially be in a position to offer them for sale. Some of the smaller indies (e.g. Banquet, What!) will have less online traffic so will take longer to sell out. The bigger ones (e.g. Rough Trade, Universal themselves) will sell out quicker as they will be first port of call for a lot of people.
I can’t see the 750 for the UK being wide of the mark, and there be more available from the indies if people are buying from Amazon France or Germany


Wasn’t “The Day Before You Came” on The Visitors?



It was included on the deluxe edition, but not the original, perhaps that’s why the confusion.


Bugger me !
You learn something new everyday.

Craig Hedges

If Universal can only release the ABBA material which had already been released why don’t they reissue new CD and vinyl editions of Greatest Hits Vol.2 and The Single The First Ten Years. There was a picture disc version of The Singles which could be replicated.
Greatest Hits had a reissue on CD a couple of years ago using the original (bizarre) artwork, I’d have preferred a version with the UK ‘bench’ cover.
Another item with could be re-produced is the ABBA 77 e.p. with live recordings from the Australian tour, pressed on proper gold vinyl instead of a flexidisc.


My thoughts exactly Craig. I was hoping Greatest Hits Vol. 2 was going to get a 40th Anniversary CD release as Greatest Hits did but sadly it didn’t happen. As one of the many fans who’ve purchased the same tracks over and over again I’d still be interested in deluxe editions of the two you mentioned. As for Live 77, that would be amazing to get that on picture disc or CD…. and if Universal could add Get On The Carousel as a bonus track…. :) …….I can dream can’t I.

Steven Roberts

Never ceases to amaze me how Abba find new ways to reissue the same old same old.

Silver Box, White Box, Coloured Vinyl Box, Back to Black vinyl, Half-speed mastered 2 x 45…

All I actually want is hi-res – can we have SACDs next time, please? Or blu-ray, maybe? I’m not fussy…

Next time, though, I get the feeling they’ll probably try to flog us cassettes!!!


The “limited edition” ABBA reissue scheduled is a mess. Some singles limited to 500, or 1000, or 4000 or … then this box set which seems to have sold out everywhere in very short time. I’m sure most of us want it because we want it, NOT because it’s “limited”, so if there’s the demand, why the need to be “limited”. Oh, but the ‘flippers’ will be ecstatic! Again.

Michel Bendichou

Generally find that coloured vinyl pressings are prone to inferior quality. No good reason that should be the case (unlike picture discs) but it’s enough of a recurring theme to make it questionable to pay (often more) for something that plays less well than black.

Will stick to the original box set!

Chris Squires

I don’t get that impression at all. Yes all picture discs, by their nature, are inferior. Some of my older, original coloured vinyl is also noisy. But nearly all of the releases in the last few years (six or so) that I have got on coloured vinyl have been spot on.

I just think it’s a bit of an old chestnut. Just because they used to be poor does not mean the new coloured vinyl issues are also poor. I point you in the direction of the Lord of the Rings Box sets as an example and my recent Osamu Kitajima clear vinyl set is possibly the best sounding release I own…..
What is far more important than what colour your vinyl is, is to invest in a half decent cleaning machine and take the time to clean the records. Of course anything might sound noisy straight out of the cover.

John McCann'.

Correct me if im wrong Chris,but doesn’t all vinyl start out without colour and to make it black they add stuff,?so in effect black vinyl is indeed colourful vinyl,,, some people will tell you that black and white aren’t even considered colours,,,feel free to correct me,love John

Chris Squires

Absolutely John and I’m sure many here know a lot more than me and could go through the theory.
My only problem with clear vinyl is it’s a bugger to clean as it is tough to see where the wet is and I regularly end up drowning it with fluid piling over the sides. At least with black you can accurately see the fluid. Good cleaning fluid isn’t cheap…….



Tim Weldon

Sorry Michael but you’re totally wrong. I have coloured vinyl from the 1970’s and 1980’s – when records were mass produced – but there is no discernible difference in quality from black vinyl from the same period. I have collected a lot of coloured vinyl in recent years too and find the quality just as good as black. With 180g vinyl being the norm now, all vinyl, coloured or not, sounds amazing on a good hi-fi set up. Don’t forget clear vinyl was the pressers vinyl of choice over black – the only thing that stopped it was the fact it is difficult to see the gaps between tracks.

Stevie B

They’re have been a few Abba coloured vinyl reissues lately with supposedly a really low number of copies reported, same with that Spice Girls White vinyl. Then all of a sudden the 750/1000 only becomes 4000+… Seems to be a favourite ploy of Universal.


Available on Amazon UK now albeit at £145.99


I snagged it for £110 there within first minutes of it going live, then it went straight up to £145.

Mike M

I wouldn’t go counting your chickens just yet pal, we all know how Amazon roll, they still have it up for pre order even now. Gonna be a lot of unhappy customers down the line :(

Stephen Rickard

The same can be said Udiscover, I pre ordered the Janet Jackson Control red vinyl about a month before release. I think about 2 weeks before release date it showed as sold out. I thought great, Ive got my order in early , no worries. Day of release I got email saying my order has been cancelled….


Might be something to do with the £145 price-tag, I’d think twice at that price.

I’ve never really had any issues with Amazon pre-orders other than the price going down on release day. I must of been one of the first to order at £110, as one minute it was unavailable and literally changed before my eyes to available to pre-order, then the price hike straight after my order went through.


Hello Paul,

My ABBA order states paid but unfulfilled. Can you let me know this will be on it’s way in July.

Thank you


Ordered from Amazon France. Works out to $230CAN all in (of course Amazon.ca is usually pretty lame anyway, so that wasn’t an option). Alternatively just south of me in the US works out to over $350CAN. So much for basically buying local LOL.


Amazon ca was around $280.00 all in, apparently sold out, for now. I too ordered from


Just ordered via Amazon FR – £116 :)


Amazon UK now have stock listed for £110, I cancelled my Amazon France which worked out more expensive.


Does Bravado remove the VAT if they ship to a non-EU country, so it would be less than 129 EUR?

Tony Fernando

I gave in & got a copy from the SDE shop, I’m looking forward to your legendary packaging Paul! I don’t have any ABBA vinyl so a good buy for me, I used to drive my family mad by playing the Knowing Me Knowing You B side Happy Hawaii all the time in those hot Summers of the 70’s, I guess nostalgia plays a big part in these odd times, hope we’re all keeping good SDE gang.


Would be nice to see a Reissue of the 2005 Complete Abba Recordings CD Box Set like the recent Tears for Fears Box Set editions,im sure it would be a big draw and sell out pretty quick

Dont see the point or appeal of this Vinyl set,Its just De ja Vue over and over

Craig Hedges

I can imagine they will reissue the Complete Studio recordings and tag on the two new songs, which will be the only way to get them on cd


For those in the US, the Sound of Vinyl has it for $180. Sign up for emails and first order is 20% off, equals $144 plus tax (if applicable) and $4 s/h. Beats Amazon.


Just ordered on UDiscover Germany and it seems to have gone through, my card has been charged anyway. But €9.99 P&P seems way too cheap?


Ordered a copy at Amazon.fr, lowest price I could find, so far, and ships direct to !