ABBA / Voulez-Vous 40th anniversary 2LP half-speed plus seven-inch box

2LP half-speed • Coloured vinyl 7″ box • Seven-inch pic discs

ABBA‘s sixth studio album Voulez-Vous will be reissued for its 40th anniversary across a number of formats including a 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl.

The 1979 album was the first since 1973’s Ring Ring not to deliver a UK number one single, although all four 45s – ‘Chiquitita’, ‘Does Your Mother Know’, ‘Voulez-Vous’ and ‘I Have A Dream’ – reached the top four and ‘Chiquitita’ and ‘I Have A Dream’ came close, both peaking at number two.

Even though the Voulez-Vous album by this point was only six months old, in October 1979 ABBA released Greatest Hits Volume 2, to coincide with their North American and European tour. Two non-album singles Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight and Summer Night City featured on this compilation. The latter had been issued about eight months prior to the Voulez-Vous album but didn’t feature on it, while the former was released as a single in October 1979, before ABBA were done with Voulez-Vous (the single ‘I Have A Dream’ was issued for Christmas in 1979).

This not only shows us how incredibly prolific Benny and Bjorn were during this time, but explains why SIX singles are associated with Voulez-Vous, all of them top 5 hits in the UK (three of them went to number one in Ireland).

The anniversary 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl is cut at 45RPM and includes a download card. In addition to this, there will be a limited edition Voulez-Vous: The Singles seven-inch vinyl box set. This contains coloured vinyl seven-inches of all six singles mentioned above and a bonus seventh single which features the extended dance mix of ‘Voulez-Vous’ (so yes, that’s two seven-inches of ‘Voulez-Vous’). This box set is extremely limited.

If that wasn’t enough, all seven singles from the box are issued separately as seven-inch picture discs.

Everything above is issued on 14th June 2019. You can pre-order the 2LP half-speed and the seven-inch box set from the SDE shop.

Compare prices and pre-order


Voulez-Vous half speed 45RPM 2LP vinyl


Voulez-Vous – Half Speed Master (2LP)


  1. As Good As New
  2. Voulez-Vous


  1. I Have A Dream
  2. Angeleyes
  3. The King Has Lost His Crown


  1. Does Your Mother Know
  2. If It Wasn’t For The Nights


  1. Chiquitita
  2. Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
  3. Kisses Of Fire

Voulez-Vous – The Singles Coloured Vinyl Box (7 x 7”)


  1. Voulez-Vous
  2. Angel Eyes


  1. Summer Night City
  2. Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton / On Top Of Old Smokey / Midnight Special


  1. I Have A Dream
  2. Take A Chance On Me


  1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
  2. The King Has Lost His Crown


  1. Does Your Mother Know
  2. Kisses Of Fire


  1. Chiquitita
  2. Lovelight


  1. Voulez-Vous (Extended Dance Mix)
  2. If It Wasn’t For The Nights

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Richard Lloyd

IMHO, this was the best Abba album they released and arguably one of tne best pop albums of all time. I’m not sure what use this vinyl release is though when it’s fairly expensive, there’s nothing exclusive on it and the 2010 15-track deluxe edition CD/DVD already did a reasonable job with its bonus tracks.

Stevie B

Got mine today. So definitely NOT extremely Limited.
as I got 03077 of 4500! The rumour mills were that it would be a run of 1979 to mark the year it was released, greed (like that Spice Girl’s ‘Limited but now no longer Limited Edition) picture disc) has got the better of the record label, or it’s a new (?) tactic… LYING! I cancelled my Spice Girls order from Amazon. I expect ‘Massive Price Drop’ with this one soon.


I used to collect every UK ABBA release, but it became very boring when Benny and Bjorn would not allow any unreleased Tracks, on the bulk of the ABBA Albums, that were being re-issued. There is plenty of unreleased stuff that could go on ‘Voulez-Vous’, but ‘The Fans’ cannot have it and that’s that. Regarding the New ABBA Songs, Bjorn was recently interviewed and he said that the ‘delay’ around them had gone on for ‘too long’. He added that we will get at least 1 of the New Songs in ‘September or October’, of this Year. Bjorn was also recently, (Saturday 6th April), interviewed by Dan Wootton in ‘The Sun’. Bjorn was asked if ABBA were really, ‘secretly’, recording an entire New Album. Bjorn neither confirmed nor denied it. He just replied with, ‘So the whole World knows’. He said that a CGI Video was currently being made for one of the New ABBA Songs. ABBA are still trying to get the ‘Technology’, to work right, for the Holograms – ABBAtars – that they hope to ‘send’ on Tour, at some stage, in the near future. Whatever the case, we will not see the ‘Real’ ABBA singing on Stage. They feel ‘far too old’ and have no intentions of performing…


Being old should NOT prevent records being recorded. They don’t NEED to tour. No one does. Without records, there’s nothing to tour. It’s new music that matters, and if they’d done new stuff when they should have done back in the 90s or so, they wouldn’t ‘feel’ too old. Notice how the girls never get a say in anything.

[…] was overshadowed by an absurd UK retail price, Universal have done a decent job with the ABBA Voulez-Vous reissue but at the end of the day the elephant in the room is Benny and Bjorn’s refusal to […]

William Overly

But it excludes many of their finest songs, including one of the greatest ever composed:

Stephen Rickard

You’re getting your albums mixed up, Knowing Me Knowing You is from Arrival, this box set is concentrated on the voulez-vous period.


Brilliant album!


I ordered my box from media markt guys, instore. I suggest you guys support them as they seem to be struggling to keep a wide selection instore. Instead of supporting amazon who have less online competition without hmv.
The box is at least ten euros cheaper.
It’s still more expensive than it should for 7×7″ singles of (ad nauseam)released material.


Ordered mine from Amazon.de. No other Amazons seem to be selling it :s


according to the abba fan club shop website it is limited to 4500 numbered copies..not that extremely limited !


I bet for the sake of argument, some people in our community will be eating humble pie on this…but that’s the beauty of the SDE diaspora, we debate..best to all either way


4,500 is more than either of the previous two boxes, and with seven singles in them and a £70 price tag, will it be as popular?

The Album box was also hard to get at first, then suddenly became very common. Sounds like a ploy to make you buy it from either uDiscover or the Museum shop, and later see it at a lower price on Amazon…


Paul, you’ve committed the “sin” of re-writing ABBA UK chart history! In the UK and Ireland, CBS-Epic chose Angel Eyes over Voulez-Vous, so the two were released as a double A-Side with Angel Eyes as the primary A-Side (albeit with no promo video). It was therefore Angel Eyes that was included on Greatest Hits Vol 2, with Voulez-Vous left off (as was I Have A Dream, which was yet to be released as a single at that point).

Therefore there were seven A-Sides on six singles released in that period. With the unnecessary inclusion of the Voulez-Vous extended mix in the box, it makes it a bit too expensive for my liking, no matter how limited it is!


I’m not a gambling man, but if I was I would put money on Abba dropping a new album within the next 18 months.
If those recording sessions went as well as they say they did, and the decades just seemed to roll away, why wouldn’t they carry on recording.
Both Benny and Bjorn have said that the women’s voices are still fantastic, only very slightly deeper, so that bodes well.
Here’s hoping….


I was surprised to read yesterday that they only managed one million selling single (Dancing Queen), and that the nearest contender (falling well short) was Supertrooper!


William – Yes, ABBA ‘only’ had 1 UK Million Selling Single – ‘Dancing Queen’. They sold more UK Albums than Singles. With Downloads and Streaming added in, they’ve sold around 12 Million UK Singles. They’ve sold about 19 Million UK Albums. Bear in mind that a UK Million Selling Single does not define popularity. Madonna has had far more UK Top 10 Singles than ABBA – 63 to 21 – but she has never managed a UK Million Selling Single. Among other Feats, ABBA had the UK’s Best Selling Albums of: 1976 – ‘Greatest Hits’, 1977 – ‘Arrival’, and 1980 – ‘Super Trouper’. All of which have now been far outsold by ‘ABBA Gold’ – 5,580,000 UK copies sold, since September 1992.


Correction – I was half asleep, when I wrote the above. I know perfectly well that ABBA had 19 UK Top 10 Singles – not 21. Looking at ‘Dancing Queen’s UK ‘Streams’, it is possible that ABBA have ‘Streamed’ a lot more UK Singles, than I estimated. Added to their Vinyl, CD and Download Sales, they could be on as many as 14 Million to 15 Million, UK Singles Sales, by now. Which is still several Million less than their UK Album Sales, but it is a very good tally. Very recently The Official, (UK), Charts Company revealed ABBA’s Best Selling UK Singles. Thry have only been doing the UK Charts since February 1994. Somehow, they have ‘lost’ a lot of the UK Sales of 2 ABBA Singles. From 1976, they only give ‘Money Money Money’ 310,000 Sales. It sold a lot more than that. It went Gold for 500,000+ UK Sales. The OCC are missing its Sales for the final Week of 1976, as well as all of its 1977 Sales. It was still in the Top 5 at the start of 1977. So, The OCC have ‘lost’ over 200,000 of its UK Sales. They have also lost almost 100,000 UK Sales for ‘One Of Us’. They only give it 405,000 Sales. However, in the final Week of 1981 it sold 96,000 UK copies and The OCC have never added them in. That too went Gold in the UK – 500,000+.


Yes, but don’t bring up hagdonna-it means nothing not least as most of that crap is all fake chart positions, re-released a million times with lousy MTV clips to get positions it wouldn’t-plus if you had 90 singles released off EVERY albums released, YOU’D get a massive chance, wouldn’t you, of getting this and that sold! How all this statistic crap is defined is beyond me. Is everyone forgetting you had to sell (back then) loads of copies just to break the Top 75 barely! ABBA had interrupted success generally but IF justice and normalcy prevailed, there’d be top 10 and No.1 positions for many, and there’d be at least 6 singles taken off all albums.

This is all pointless. Loads of the best acts never get sales like what is being mentioned here, but then they’re proper artists without stupid agendas and just expect and hope the song to do well without thew pathetic gimmicks of the madonna world-someone who knows she’d be nothing (and therefore IS nothing!) without them\!


What is that “extremely limited” crap?
If the fans are who they release this for then they should make sure that there are enough available. Seriously, releasing it in such extremely limited numbers only makes it interesting for those who view it as an investment to sell on eBay for at least twice its original price.

Ian M

Totally agree with you! Record company obviously does NOT give a f@ck for the die-hard fans!! Extremely disappointed that it’s sold out already . . less than 24 hours. I see that the singles box set is on ebay already for £148.


Recordstore.co.uk currently have it available for pre-order at GBP69.99. I just put in my pre-order not 1 min ago!

Scott G

All picture discs available at WhatRecords

Daniel ( from Berlin )

meanwhile: where are the new ABBA songs? now it seems like july is the release date, but i’m sure it will be christmas 2019 or later. i’m not interested in the abba-fan-milking-machine going on and on. they celebrate and celebrate and put out nothing new. sadly they find people who buy their vinyl 7” and half-speed stuff. but not me. speaking about “voulez vous”: they should release the alternate mix and the tones of alternate versions of “chiquitita” / “in the arms of rosalita”.
the ABBA release “strategy” of the last 10 years makes me more and more angry…

Stevie B

My bad… I’m thinking of ‘On & On & On’ with the ‘Humpty’ reference, but still Voulez Vous versions are different. It would have been nice to have all the ‘disco’ area recording & remixes. The coloured 7” Boxset has sold out on the official Abba webpage FYI.

Stevie B

Most of the picture disc 7” have actually already been released and are still available. This is one of my favourite albums of all time.

So much more they could have given us, but that’s Abba for you… happy flog the same piece of rope.

I believe the two versions of Voulez Vous are quite different. Isn’t this the one that has the extra verse about ‘Humpty Dumpty’ ?


Stevie B are you sure about the picture discs having already been released? Wasnt it those from the previous album?

David Tanser

The Humpty Dumpty lyric is from the alternative video version of On And On And On (from Super Trouper)


Abba were very unlucky not to score the Xmas no 1 with I Have A Dream. Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall just beat them. Oddly both songs featured a children’s choir.
Just a few months before nobody would have put money on Floyd even releasing a single.


Gotta say Paul..I thought they were a load of bollox all my life. My daughter comes along gets into them..running with developing a common bond etc… and I’m pulling out all the charity shop purchases of the albums over the years. For my sin’s I was wrong, they are fkn brilliant. Got the above for her birthday thanks..

Next conversation whats a seven inch anyway….


Good description that . EXTREMELY . !!!


I’ve also read there are to be 7 picture discs for each of the 7 singles available as individual purchases – any advise on those? Will they be very limited?

Auntie Sabrina

The udiscoverstore has the 7″ picture discs priced at £10.99 each. Also, Voukez Vous (the album) has remastered at Abbry Road Certificate of authenticity, plus golden hotfoil embossing Obi-strip on outer cover with mastering details

DJ Control

I’m quoting from Paul’s post above…

“If that wasn’t enough, all seven singles from the box are issued separately as seven-inch picture discs.”


Gotta love it when they stretch 10 songs over four sides and make it sound like you’re getting a better product. By the time you get back to your seat it’s time to switch sides! Oh well – at least there’s not a mindless etching in sight.


Yep ! That’s vinyl for ya !!

Glen Withonen

Yeah I think it’s a missed opportunity not including both Summer Night City & Gimme Gimme Gimme on the double vinyl, making for 3 tracks per side – which would make for a more interesting listening experience. I’ve always considered those two singles part of the Voulez Vous period in style & sound, & I don’t think many fans would find their inclusion anachronistic.


I’m not a massive Abba fan but did get the last half speed one they released and it was really nice. Also picked up the singles box set which was well worth it as the download came with ALL the 7″ singles (not just the ones in the box).
Do you know how limited this box is going to be?

Chris Squires

Voulez-Vous is the Abba album that has grown most on me over the last few years. Dismissed at first but I play it regularly now. The Greatest Hits Volume 2 was my first Abba record, as it probably was for most people who were slightly too young (12) to have been there when things really kicked off three or four years earlier. The previous 7 inch box sets have been a bit light, although lovely, so 7 is a much increased number and they are making the most of it in the price.

Arrival – The Singles was limited to 2,000 and Abba The Album – The Singles was limited to 3,400 (curious number) so I would be interested to know what “extremely limited” means as the Abba The Album box set hung around for quite a while (still available) and I picked mine up for £22. Have they realized their error and bought the number below 3,000? Not because I won’t get it but it will be an indicator of how long it will be around and what kind of deal might be available.