ABC / Lexicon of Love II vinyl pre-order at a decent price

ABC / The Lexicon of Love II - follow-up to Lexicon of Love

ABC fans may have noticed that until now, to get a the new Lexicon of Love II album on vinyl you have had to be willing to spend £30 on a signed vinyl edition or £100 on the box set (both via the official store). That has just changed with a great value standard vinyl edition just listed on Amazon UK.

The 11-track album can be pre-ordered for under £14 at the time of writing.

The Lexicon of Love II
1. The Flames of Desire
2. Viva Love
3. Ten Below Zero
4. Confessions of a Fool
5. Singer Not the Song
6. The Ship of the Seasick Sailor
7. Kiss Me Goodbye
8. I Believe in Love
9. The Love Inside the Love
10. Brighter Than the Sun
11. Viva Love Reprise

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Yani P

Notice the signed is now 80 quid – looking forward to ABC at RAH in April, LoL II is a great album IMHO

elliott buckingham

received mine yesterday side 2 plays fine but side 1 has been pressed of center its that bad you can see the tonearm swaying left to right whilst the record is spinning. no doubt another gzvinyl pressing


i have the signed cd on order but it hasn’t arrived yet… did anyone spring for the $145 (US dollars) deluxe box set with 2 vinyls & 3 dvds & signed print? I would love to see pictures of the entire set (other than the one pic posted on the ordering page)…

after shipping it comes to over $200 US dollars (due to no other option but signed courier shipping)

Steve W

I’ve been enjoying this album, production-wise it’s not as strong as the original and neither are the songs – the lyrics particlarly – but there are a few standout tracks as others have noted and I’d defiintely count it as a return to form.

Gary Hunter

What a fantastic album this is. Some very impressive tracks, “Viva Love”, “Confessions Of A Fool”, “The Flames Of Desire”, “Ten Below Zero”, “Singer Not The Song” and “The Ship Of The Seasick Sailor” are classic ABC tracks.


Waiting for the signed CD but really wanted the vinyl in the first place! Sign or unsigned, guys? what do you think? The cheaper Amazon price is attractive- Martin Fry, your return is most appreciated but the prices are steep! At least press them in colour vinyl or something!


Thanks for the updates everyone, did not know about the 2 disc version. Too much live stuff on this one for me. perhaps they will have another go


I wouldn’t think so it’s already been reissued with bonus tracks first in 1996 then 1998 and of course the double CD in 2004.

Jay Kranz

still hoping the box will become available from someone who doesn’t charge 50 bucks to ship to USA


@Graham – not sure about Super Deluxe but it has had the Deluxe Two CD treatment.
Looking at my copy now – it includes:
– The album
– The original singles
– Outtakes (and an oddity)

– Demos
– Lexicon Live at Hammersmith Odeon 1982

Not sure if it is still available but defintitely worth it…


Has the Lexicon of Love ever had the SDE treatment, long overdue if not, remixes, 12″ original sessions

Chris Squires

If you click the link and read one of the Amazon reviews it is from Stephen Singleton, who interestingly, yet irritatingly, mentions how much else he has stashed away that never made it onto this re-issue. Loads of pre-phonogram demos and the like. I say irritating only because sometimes I don’t want to know what I can’t hear or ever have. It’s Jim Bowen and Bullseye all over again.

“Look at what you could have won”


I have the Lexicon poster, which belonged to Stephen, somewhere rolled up. It’s a bit tattered, but he signed it. I got it off him, on ebay, directly.


Yep there was a 2cc set with remixes demos and live cuts, I think over 10 years ago.


Unfortunately I’ve been doing just that,and I don’t like any he’s played so I’ll give it a miss.Its a shame as I’ve bought all previous albums.Regarding Dare 2,a new album would be nice full stop,don’t care what it’s called.

Auntie Sabrina

BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce Show has been playing tracks from Lexicon Of Love II so why not listen on the iplayer if you are interested in what the quality of the tracks is like?

Chris Squires

Tubular Bells II (Brilliant) / Bat out of Hell II (better than expected) / Lexicon of Love II (anticipation…..)

Other possibilities from still functioning acts who can use an old name to boost interest and sales?
Dare II
Human Racing II
No Parlez II


Replicas II
Penthouse & Pavement II
The Kick Inside II

alan hansen

…just seeing if you’re paying attention.

elliott buckingham

brilliant price never will beat the original lexicon but if its on par with traffic ill be very happy

Neville Godwin

All done. Thanks. Thought £30 was a bit steep so this is great.


I so what this to be a great album, but I can’t help thinking it’s going to be reminiscient of when Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull) revisited Thick as a Brick territory – decent enough songs, but lacking the magic of the original line-up.

Anyway, for £14 it’s worth a punt, I guess :)


I wish they would release the DVD separately at a decent price.

Gary Hunter

Thanks for replying Paul.

Gary Hunter

Paul do you happen to know if this is 180gm Vinyl??

Peter Nicholas

Thanks for this Paul, another great saving made. Ordered this and cancelled the one placed with the official store.


Thanks, Paul! The box just didn’t cut it for me, and I’m a huge fan.

Rob Puricelli

That’s more like it


boxset still worth it for hardcore collectors. imho.