ABC to release The Lexicon of Love II


This May, ABC will release The Lexicon of Love II, a follow-up to their classic 1982 album, The Lexicon of Love.

Anne Dudley returns to provide orchestral arrangements (she also co-writes two songs), although this time around there is no Trevor Horn since frontman Martin Fry has co-produced with Gary Stevenson.

The first single from the new album will be Viva Love. Julien Temple has directed a video for it at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East (where ABC filmed the promo for Poison Arrow in 1982).

The original Lexicon of Love was a landmark album that reached number one in the UK charts, sold a million copies and spawned the hit singles The Look Of Love, Tears Are Not Enough, Poison Arrow and All Of My Heart. 

The Lexicon of Love II is released on 27 May 2016. Some special editions and box sets are exclusively available via the ABC webstore including at £300 super deluxe that also gives you access to a special Q&A in London in May..


  • The Flames Of Desire
  • ‘Viva Love
  • Ten Below Zero
  • Confessions Of A Fool
  • Singer Not The Song
  • The Ship Of The Seasick Sailor
  • Kiss Me Goodbye
  • I Believe In Love
  • The Love Inside The Love
  • Brighter Than The Sun
  • Viva Love Reprise

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I’m sure ABC fans realize that the “new” single of ABC’s Lexicon of Love II album (2016) was originally written & recorded during the “Abracadabra” 1991 sessions and released on white label in a Brothers in Rhythm mix that later appeared on the European import “Ultimate Collection” 3-CD set as Brothers in Rhythm edit? The song was re-recorded for LOLII but I prefer the original version – too bad it wasn’t commercially released back in the 90s – would have been a club hit!

Nass khan

Why not call the album Lexicon of Love 2?

If he called it another title it would have not got as much publicity.

Besides Viva Love sounds good to me.

matt harper

At this moment in time there are signed copies of the standard vinyl available from the official abc store for £30.00. This seems more reasonable as one can pay up 25 pounds for a standard release anyway.
Says its limited to 500 copies but still there a week after i ordered mine so must be some left.


I’m just annoyed that if you want the The Lexicon of Love Live at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane DVD you have to fork out £100 for a load of tat that doesn’t even include the actual album on CD.


Maybe Fry begged and pleaded for White and Horn to work w him on Lexicon II but they didn’t want to. Or Fry may not have had the money to pay Horn. I’ve always been sympathatic to ABC and Fry, love the first single and really hope this will be successful. Fry is a nice, hardworking bloke who deserves a lot of credit. Calling it Lexicon II is ballsy and I really do hope he pulls it off. Again, the first single is brilliant. As far as the high prices, come on guys, the artists first have been screwed left and right by the record companies, then by the illegal downloading. Fry has got to make some money somewhere!!


The short previews are here:

And… The very first impressions are – it’s unexpectably promising LP… Confessions Of The Fool, Singer Not The Song, The Love Inside The Love, Brighter Than The Sun… Mrs. Dudley vs Mr Horn contest?


‘The Flames Of Desire’ is as perfectly constructed a piece of sophisticated, sumptuous pop as anything by anyone. Sooooo looking forward to this. Well done Mr Fry!!!


No Trev? Sorry, that’s like releasing E.T. 2, directed by Drew Barrymore. Wrong.

The songs no doubt,will be decent, but the production will be a Horn pastiche.

Guess the budget didn’t stretch to integrity. ;-(


– wow that’s quite a scathing dismissive comment :-) There are probably not many artists that could actually afford Trevor Horn these days particularly given the amount of studio time it takes him to turn a product round.

Anyway, personally I couldn’t give a ‘rats’ what the album is called – it’s the music that matters surely? And it it’s good I’ll buy it!

Alan Jones

Hi Paul.
Just to mention if you didn’t know already, the ABC store now has signed standalone vinyl copies available for £30.


I’m quite enthusiastic about this release. I’m looking forward to hearing more tracks. Hopefully a vinyl release via the usual channels will be on the cards.


I saw ABC at the Sheffield City Hall last year with an orchestra and Anne Dudley conducting. They were performing The Lexicon of Love in full with additional hits and new songs. I thought the whole experience was quite outstanding. The first time I have had the pleasure of an orchestra and I would go see that show every year if I could.

Left me hungry for more and if this new album is half as good as the last I will be more than pleased.

wayne klein

Well I bit for the signed CD. $28–overpriced? Maybe but what the heck.

Anyhow, there have been samples floating around online and they sound very very good and very much like Lexicon of Love.

Oh, that the title was the label’s idea NOT Fry’s. He went along with it granted but wouldn’t you?


Ah the career they could have had had they not rebelled against their debut so soon.
‘Beauty Stab’ is great, but not what the public were expecting, and they should have laid the foundations for longevity first. TTD of course did a similar career suicide after the Hardline.

Loved ‘Traffic’ – a return to form after the average ‘Abra’ & ‘Skyscraping’, and well produced by Gary Langan, who is of course on board to produce Lexicon II (having been sound engineer on ‘Lexicon’, and producing both ‘Beauty Stab’ & ‘Traffic’).

I don’t think Trevor missing is a big thing – Anne’s strings probably a bigger contribution that Trevor’s tinkering, but I may be wrong.

Gary Butler

I personally don’t care what the album is called, as ABC’s biggest fan (probably) I’m just grateful that I’ll have some new material to hopefully enjoy. After the disappointment of ‘Traffic’ I think this will definitely be a return to form if ‘Viva love’ is any indication. As for not being ABC after the depeature of Mark White, I to was sceptical but when ‘ Skysrapping’ was released it rapidly shot into my top 3 ABC albums & is still on my iPhone. As much as I could be a synical 40 something balding bloke, whenever its announced that a new ABC album is imminent, I become that 12 year old kid waiting for Our Price to open up. Roll on May 27th.

Stephen E Cohen

While I reserve my own judgment to wait and listen to the music, I must confess I am not a fan of an artist putting a “II” on an album title of theirs that already exists. Joe Jackson’s “Night And Day” was a special album to me and “Night And Day II” could not even hold a candle to some of Jackson’s less popular albums, such as “Laughter & Lust” (which I loved) and the more recent “Rain” (which I liked). I am not as educated on Meat Loaf, so I leave that opinion to the most knowledgeable persons… his fans. However, “The Lexicon Of Love” is a bonfire five-star category album for me. So, using that title treads on some heavier waters for me than even “Night And Day”. I saw Martin Fry live in tiny Trenton, NJ, about 8 years ago. Loved him. I liked the “Traffic” album. But, he is not calling this next album “Traffic II”, so the stakes are higher here. Enlisting Mark White or Trevor Horn or even, Stephen Singleton, would have given this project a bit more legitimacy. However, like I said, I will give it a listen and decide.

wayne klein

I’m sure that Fry wouldn’t have minded but, as White made clear when VH1 did one of those reunite the band TV shows, he’s not interested. Singleton said he was but didn’t show.


Fine to claim Lexicon II if ABC were partially reforming with Mark White at the very least & Trevor Horn on board producing …agree with some previous comments, albeit w brilliant Anne Dudley in the mix


In what way is this “Lexicon Of Love II” more than any other ABC album? Just as “Bat Out Of Hell 2” was the same as any other Meatloaf album in real terms, do they really think by adopting the name of something that happened more than 30 years ago is going to make it any good?

Sad sad sad


I wouldn’t call the other ABC albums “Lexicon Of Love II” because the mood and musical styles are totally different. It’s probably not just the name that’s going to refer to the first album but also the musical style with orchestral arrangements and lyrics about the same subject. Or do you really think any of their other albums sounds like Lexicon Of Love? They ain’t Status Quo you know… ;)

O(+> Peter B

I wonder if every track on this album will end in an echoing crescendo, as well!


To me, this is a bit like Kaja releasing White Feathers II. Without Horn, White etc., it’s not the same. The title comes with so much baggage that it’s going to suffer due to the endless comparisons.

Jon T

The Rubicon of greed…


It’s cheaper on HMV at £9.99.


I wish Martin every success with the album but fully agree with those saying that he will have a VERY hard time topping the original.

By the way – if there was ever an album deserving of the deluxe box/multiple disc/Steven Wilson 5.1 remix treatment, then it must surely be the original LoL….

martin farnworth

its a hell of reputation to live up to. a sequel to what is at the very least one of the great albums of the 80s is setting the bar high. also the fact there’s a £300 box set hopefully suggests it’s gonna be a record of some quality to warrant that price tag. it’s a pity that ABC is largely a nostalgia act these days considering the yawning gaps between new material. Skyscraping and Traffic were solid efforts. this one though is going to have to top those. waiting in anticipation!


Hi Paul
can you asking Martin Fry for an interview?
You would have the chance to asking our questions about the ‘lost masters’ from the first 3 albums and when they get a release and was Trevor Horn asked for producing the new album…
and Martin Fry has the chance to have promotion on one the best websites I know
at the moment for music lovers. Your SUPER DELUXE EDITION.
Every day I visit your website twice. At breakfast and late in the evening.
Great work Paul. Thank you!
Daniel from Berlin


What should’ve been in the box was a remastered DVD/blu ray of Mantrap. Only ever released on VHS and laserdisc (unless I’ve missed a foreign DVD release…?) it’s something fans have been pining for for ages.

Skyscraping was a fine ABC album in my book, the best since their heyday.


I’ll be checking this out but I’m a bit surprised by this – they (he) have always striven to do something different and yet this sounds like a re-tread.


Martin Fry deserves a break, but I do wish Mark White would get back on board.
And I don’t mind Viva Hate being on there, but it is a bit odd that it should be the first single.
Also, I can’t see where to take the whole thing after this album? How to follow this up? The Lexicon Of Love III?
Still, I think it will be good and I hope it will be a big success.


I love Viva Love but as said, it is over 25 years old, as is one of the other tracks, i think it was an Abracadabra era b side. Daft idea but i don’t blame Mr Fry, wouldnt you bend over if one of the biggest companies said call it after your most famous album? Webprices ridiculous by way.


I’m with Kevin on this, it ain’t ABC without long-departed Mark White, who did after all write all the tunes.


took me a while to realise that was martin in the back of the pic ;)


Another big ABC fan here; I pre-ordered the cd from Amazon. I already have Martin’s signature on their remix collection.

You would think he would be smart enough to have a deluxe version with some remixes. That is very commonplace these days (Blancmange did it wonderfully).

I would love for Lexicon, Beauty Stab, How to Be, and Alphabet City to get 2 cd releases also.

Very excited about the new album.


Just listened to “Viva Love,” and while it’s pretty decent, it’s not going to inspire me to buy the box set. First off, as has been said earlier, why is “Traffic” in there? Makes no sense. Second, live content unrelated to the album? No thanks, I’m sure it’s fine, but it seems like padding. Third, a “booklet?” For $143 you couldn’t spring for an actual book?

There is the “Making Of” DVD, which might be interesting, but not $143 interesting.

Would have much preferred an additional LP or CD with demos and remixes, or Anne Dudley’s orchestral recordings, or something related to the actual recording of THIS album from an audio perspective. I’m thinking of something I paid similar money for, Metallica’s Death Magnetic coffin box – CD of the album, CD of demos of each song (many with different lyrics and/or music), and a two-hour DVD showing the band bashing out various parts of the songs in the studio. Booklet aside (it did come with a poster, though), seems like a much better value than this one.


I was at the Drury Lane concert too – a great show plus a few retakes at the end which was a nice bonus. I’d be happy with a double pack of the new cd and dvd of Drury Lane. Best of both worlds.

Ian Balentine

My only issue with this is that by calling it Lexicon Of Love II you are setting expectations unreasonably high. Like Joe Jackson’s Night And Day II, which is a decent album, there was no way it could have matched the brilliance of the original, at least in the eyes and ears of those who were there first time ’round.

Cash in or no, I will be buying this. Fry deserves more respect than he gets, and if I can support him with my $20 then I will.

Thank you Paul for alerting us to this. Your site is one of the very few I MUST frequent daily.


By the way, this is available as MP3 (only) via Amazon.US. $10 US vs a lot more for a physical cd from the UK. Your choice. As much as I would like the art and liner notes I don’t need it for the difference in cost.


I wonder why Trevor Horn is not involved in this project? His production was such a huge part of the original album.
Apparently the original title was The Lexicon Of A Lost Ideal but the record company wanted this title instead.


I’ve ordered a signed Lexicon II but the Trevor Horn-shaped hole in proceedings is very disappointing. Though an announcement of a 5.1 surround SACD release of the first Lexicon would help…


Tempted by the deluxe but shipping to the states is 50 bucks! Is it only gonna be available from abc. Would love to get it on amazon or someone with decent shipping costs.


ABC ceased to be ABC when Mark White called it quits. The last good ABC record was Abracadabra.


Only the mp3 version is available on Amazon US. No preorder links for the CD yet. I downloaded Viva Love from iTunes last night as I just couldn’t wait. Hope a cd single of digital bundle of remixes is panned along with the earlier Brothers ‘n’ Rhythm mixes from the 90s.


Ummmm i reserve judgement until i heard it but it’s always tempting fate ‘following up’ a classic in this way.


The standard CD available for Amazon pre-order is £13.99! Hopefully this will come down soon.


These prices are a bit steep and what seems to be random offers/products.

£20 for one of 500 signed cd’s but no standard CD. I can’t even see a mention of a standard CD, will there be one?

£80 for on of 10 vinyl test pressings but no standard vinyl.

£100 for a box set that includes the vinyl, but no cd,only a download code. A vinyl edition of their last album, which isn’t that good. The dvds look interesting though. Overall, not a bad box but it’s not worth £100.

£200 for a signed lyric book and not even cd or download?

£100, box set above but £200 to be at a playback and Q&A. Steeeep.

This just comes across as a not very well thought out pre-order.

I hope the music lives up, but if White, Singleton, Palmer and Horn aren”t involved my expectations are low.

Auntie Sabrina

They’re on Virgin/EMI not Universal. Just saying…


Virgin/EMI is owned Universal.


I will be watching to see if/when this becomes more reasonably priced. If pricing stays as is, I will do without.


£300 super deluxe ?
I like ABC, but they were never that important that I would want to spend that much Money.

Charles K.

I don’t care what they call it as long as the music is good. I’ve never been disappointed by them and hope this album continues the trend.


I was at the Drury Lane Show back in November (15) and it was jolly good fun, with Martin in good voice – now I am jolly irritated that I am being expected to spend some gigantic global amount to get the DVD…so I hope that Neil is right.

I did notice that you can get a Marty signed version (limited to 500) of Son of Lexicon for $29.00 – seems autographed copies are quickly becoming the new marbles-shuttlecocks.


Thank you very much for the posting on this as I would not have otherwise known about it.
My preorder is in, it may be a gamble but you know the return on investment of most of my ABC collection for 30 years of listening pleasure makes it worth the chance. I think Mr. Fry knows full well the risk of calling this what he did and packaging it likewise, I am unabashedly in.

As food for thought, remember that stellar So 80’s chapter a couple years back where Blank and Jones were allowed to make mixes of ZZT music using the master with a caveat for period integrity in the content of the mix? I can’t think of a better act for them to try that magic with again, unleash those guys on the ABC catalog, please.


They plan a So80s Artist Collection with ABC, afaik.


Great artwork, though!