Ace of Base / All That She Wants: The Classic Albums 4LP coloured vinyl box

Ace of Base / All That She Wants: The Classic Albums 4LP coloured vinyl box set

Mega selling Swedish pop group Ace of Base‘s first four studio albums are reissued in a new coloured vinyl box set called All That She Wants: The Classic Albums.

The albums in question are Happy Nation (from 1993 – later reissued as The Sign), The Bridge (1995), Flowers (1998) and Da Capo (2002). These are pressed on 180g coloured vinyl; green, red, blue and yellow, respectively.

The records all feature original artwork and printed inner sleeves and are housed in a rigid board outer slip case. This box marks the vinyl debut of Da Capo.

Ace Of Base’s debut has sold more than 20m copies worldwide and features the international number one ‘All That She Wants’ as well as ‘The Sign’. The group’s success inevitably tailed off with each subsequent long-player, but they still enjoyed six further UK top 40 hits from the other three albums gathered within this new box.

All That She Wants: The Classic Albums will be released on 26 June 2020 via Demon Records (previously 3 April 2020, then 15 May!).

LP 1 – Happy Nation
1. All That She Wants
2. Don’t Turn Around
3. Young And Proud
4. The Sign
5. Living in Danger
6. Voulez-Vous Danser
7. Happy Nation
8. Hear Me Calling
9. Waiting For Magic [Total Remix 7″]
10. Fashion Party
11. Wheel of Fortune
12. Dancer In A Daydream
13. My Mind [Mindless Mix]
14. All That She Wants [Bhangra version]

LP 2 – The Bridge
1. Beautiful Life
2. Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry
3. Lucky Love
4. Edge Of Heaven
5. Strange Ways
6. Ravine
7. Perfect World
8. Angel Eyes
9. Whispers In Blindness
10. My Déjà Vu
11. Wave Wet Sand
12. Que Sera
13. Just ‘N’ Image
14. Experience Pearls
15. Blooming 18

LP 3 – Flowers
1. Life Is A Flower
2. Always Have, Always Will
3. Cruel Summer
4. Travel To Romantis
5. Adventures In Paradise
6. Dr. Sun
7. Cecilia
8. He Decides
9. I Pray
10. Tokyo Girl
11. Don’t Go Away
12. Captain Nemo
13. Donnie
14. Everytime It Rains

LP 4 – Da Capo
1. Unspeakable
2. Beautiful Morning
3. Remember The Words
4. Da Capo
5. World Down Under
6. Ordinary Day
7. Wonderful Life
8. Show Me Love
9. What’s The Name Of The Game
10. Change With The Light
11. Hey Darling
12. The Juvenile

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[…] the announcement of the coloured vinyl box set, Demon Music will release an Ace of Base 30th anniversary CD box set. The set is called All That […]


I wish they would have done a boxset in similar style to the recent M People CD boxset – remastered albums, remixes, b sides etc


Some information about the track list:

After making a research, I realized that these are the “UK Editions” of the albums and not the Original Editions. There are differences in 2 of the 4 albums (The Bridge & Flowers).

The Bridge: 2 songs are excluded:
“You and I” & “Lucky Love (Acoustic Version)”

Flowers: 1 song is excluded and 1 song has been added.
“Cruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix) is excluded
& “Everytime it rains” is included

Also: Back in 1995, the first European Editions of “The Bridge” included “early versions” of some songs, which were replaced later with the “refined versions”. These songs are “Strange ways”, “Whispers in blindness” & “My Deja Vu”. This album has been released officially twice on vinyl, the first time in Greece on Double Vinyl in 1995 (including the “early versions”) and the second time in 2016 as an “Ultimate Edition”, also on Double Vinyl (including the “refined versions” + bonus tracks). It is unknown on which tracklist this edition is based.

Regarding the “Happy Nation – US Version” LP, I hope they will include the title track with the cold-ending (as it was released back in 1993) and not the Fade-Out version which was included on the first edition of the album.


Do you mean the 6min40 12” version with cold ending?


No! The Happy Nation Album has been released twice in Europe. The first edition has a disco ball on the front cover and the second edition is the US Version. The title track is identical on both editions, with one difference: On the first edition the track fades out at the end, whilst on the US edition the track has a cold ending with Linn’s vocals.
I guess they will use the version with the cold ending, because the cover of the LP is the US Edition liver


Blimey, a bit of weighty debate on here this morning, had to google Ace of Base & neo Nazi , interesting reading, had a similar chat with a pal about Lemmy’s choice of memorabilia a while back & now I’m thinking of Father Ted’s inheritance from the Father who hid that Nazi, with Mrs Doyle laying it out in their front room.
I’ve got the Ace of Base double gold vinyl for £18 on Amazon, very happy 90’s memories travelling around Scandinavia and this was playing everywhere. I might bite if this drops a little. Finally bit on the Supergrass, picture vinyl plays great, kids love watching it on the turntable , still £130 ish on Amazon, great reading and info as always Paul. Looking forward to seeing what’s on the Iggy Bowie years deluxe cd’s, and seeing as I mentioned Father Ted check out the Iceland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFZNvj-HfBU&feature=share entry for Eurosong 2020, if this doesn’t win, nothing can


I found tracklists in this collection very nice. Ace of Base have CD reissues in 2015 and they have different editions of their first 3 albums. These LPs have a lot.


While the “Reissue p*sstake of the week” award is obviously going to a-ha for their one-track VHS cassette of Take On Me (€34.99 from the band’s webshop), this Ace of Base LP box seems like a fairly unnecessary product. IMO they could have continued the 2LP series with the fourth album instead.


These comments about artists having PERSONAL views and opinions that you dont agree with…. its not your business and nobody should discriminate against it otherwise its a door you cant close and who is to say what is unacceptable? What if the majority of people would say republicans are the devil and should not be allowed a voice or ab artistic outlet? Think of all the Hollywood movies that are bona fide classics that had to be done under paeudonyms under the McCarthy era? You might laugh about it but that is exactly what some people think.
Aside not possibly knowing for sure, its none of your business if an artist has certain beliefs, i.e. being racist or being a sympathist. If that stops you from enjoying their work its too bad for you but it is your problem not the artist.
And Donna Summer’a alleged anti-gay claims? Can you guess how many of your beloved artists have strong opinions you could not tolerate but they arent just open about it? Igborance is bliss? If you are fine not knowing yiu should not allow yourself to think differently about what you know. Just enjoy the music I say.


I’m not sure what your point is? Shane.
I think some might like to know these facts. Hopefully free speech is allowed here and I personally think these things matter. facts are facts. It’s not a rumor or gossip, it’s a well known fact, I’m certainly not posting asking others to not buy this album, or boycott. Do what you want. You want to buy it? No ones stopping you.

If you prefer people are censored on the internet from sharing these facts just because your offended, because you are a fan and want it hidden or overlooked, then what does that say about you?

I’m a fan of Morrissey’s music, but his views are certainly not ok with me, it’s a rough decision for me to have to be jn, as a fan, and it does matter, (plus he’s always cancelling his shows, LOL) that trouble maker! but, I’m glad the information is out there, so it’s good to know. Kinda like people writing about about that recent movie on Michael Jackson’s abuse of boys, would you rather censorship everyone?

I’ve seen this covered on TV and in articles regarding Ace Of Base, I was under the impression everyone knew of it.

I think you way of looking at this is dangerous and a bit reckless and careless. Perhaps if it were another artist you don’t like… then, it might be different?

I just don’t see your point.
These things do matter. Absolutely.
Maybe not to you.
It certainly influences my view or support for an artist. Absolutely.

Chris Squires

Funnily enough I was having this discussion with the Missus just this morning whilst watching the Chas n Dave documentary.
I would have not liked my 14-18 year old self very much, not many of our generation (45 to 65) would. I said things, did things and thought things that wouldn’t stand the test of time, however innocent I thought they were back in the day. I would be astounded if anyone here could, hand on heart, say they had not had at least one thing similar in their early lives that if it were broadcast would not leave them publicly shamed. The problem the new generation of artists are going to have is that their every thought or action was probably filmed, texted or tweeted (even if privately) and will be exposed through what I think is termed “Twitter Archaeology”.
As with most things human, hypocrisy is never far from the surface, and a clamour for free speech usually means “just for my ideas, which are right and not your ideas which are wrong”. Plus of course the beautiful hypocrisy of anonymity, most of us here are nobody and our Past indiscretions will die silently with us. Leaving us all free to criticise the youthful indiscretions of those more famous than us whilst praying our own never surface from the pre-internet age. What this man thought 40 years ago doesn’t really matter what he is now is more important and I have never found it matters to their art anyway. I will happily listen to the Smiths, Michael Jackson, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris, Roy Harper er al. In fact if there was a spotify playlist of modern day persona non grata it would be quite a listen. We haven’t moved that far on from the angry pitch fork mob and the ducking stool. I recall quite recently that several people were spouting they were never going to listen to Kate Bush again because she said she liked Theresa May and wished her well. The fact that the people didn’t read the Original article and had wilfully misinterpreted the words didn’t seem to make much difference to the self righteousness on show.
The current trends of virtue signalling and purity spirals leave me baffled and soon no one will be able to do anything because of a 30 year old tweet they made about a bearded bloke in a dress down the road. Discussions with my 22 year old London Living daughter now worry me as I struggle to keep up with what is and isn’t allowed to be thought and the permitted lexicography seems to change weekly.
As someone wrote to The Times a couple of years ago “ I hope someone can tell me how to behave today, so that I am not cast down tomorrow”.
The answer is this, rather like gambling, the only way to win is to not play.


I know, what is up with that? I’ve been wondering the same thing.
And who could forget Phil’s hair?!?
During his trial? LOL
You can’t make this stuff up.


Wasn’t expecting this. I have the deluxe vinyls of the first three albums from Russia but i’m tempted to get this for Da Capo if it doesn’t get a release on it’s own. Also love to see a vinyl release for their last album The Golden Ratio (all be it with new female vocalists).

Peter Muscutt

I wonder if there will be individual releases for the coloured LPs? I admit ‘Happy Nation’ was the first album I bought (on cassette! From Woolworths!) so having it on vinyl would be cool for nostalgia, but not so bothered about the others in the set…


Would definitely buy this for £60-£70 but £85 seems that little stretch too far into cheeky. When you consider the 4LP Belinda Carlisle vinyl box sets (including limited signed print) were available for £60ish, this does feel optimistically priced. No mention of it being limited, so assume this will drop over time. I’ll wait.

Gareth Jones

While it may not be definitive, CD lovers may prefer to purchase the budget 3-CD “best of” in the Gold series. I saw it in Asda for a fiver the other week! https://www.demonmusicgroup.co.uk/catalogue/releases/ace-of-base-gold/


Well said!


I liked their music back in the early 90’s, it was refreshing after all the Grunge rock hitvthe radio stations, and the 80’s New Wave were over, but looking at it now, the songs seem… not that great to me. It’s all very simple and basic pop, which is fine, but it’s very “cookie-cutter” pop, in a bad way, but catchy no doubt.

I can’t listen to this now, it’s pretty forgettable to my ears. But there was a time I bought the albums and singles.

Also, the one guy in the band is a well known Nazi, and it’s been well written about, this band being racist. These views are unacceptable and it’s also a reason Morrissey has been getting on my bwrves, his views have surfaced over recent years (gosh I love Morrissey and the Smiths, its a shame) and so it dies affect how I feel about an artist. And it sucks.

If I had to pick my favorite song by Ace Of Base, it would possibly be “All That She Wants”.I still have the CD maxi-single somewhere. But I wouldnt buy this now. I’m over it.


He have been very open about his background as a FORMER neonazi. That’s something he considers as a past he have left a good time ahead of joining AoB. So no, the band is not racist, quite the opposite. He have spent a lot of time doing work with teenagers and youg adults to prevent neonazism to gain more Swedish youth.


That is interesting, good to know, I would say that is good news, if true,
it is good to have these conversations, but that is not something I have ever read or seen, I’ve read even recent articles about the entire groups views, and so this is new news to me. I’m certainly not posting false accusations. Just well known information.

Steven Roberts

I really liked The Sign, but…..they’re having a laugh with that pricing.

Come to think of it, they’re having a laugh with this release full stop,


The first 3 albums have already been remastered & released by MiruMir Records on vinyl, including many extra tracks (which is not the case here).
They have also been released on double LP’s (which is also not the case here).
On the Flowers album “Cruel Summer” is only included in one version (we all know that there are 2 versions, both very popular). Only God knows which version is included and why they left the other version out.
The only new & good thing here is the “Da Capo” album, which has never been released on vinyl!
And now the question: How many years do we have to wait remastered “CDs” by Ace of Base? What’s the point of one more release of vinyl albums, which have already been released in better form compared to this box set?

Larry Davis

A 4CD clamshell box with booklet would be nice…then again, with what happened with Transvision Vamp…coloured vinyl box came first, then CD/DVD box came later with similar packaging…so one just might!!

Mark Reed

I’m genuinely baffled at the decisions around some of these reissues. I’m not sure the world was crying out for an Ace Of Base 4 x coloured vinyl studio album boxset.

Dr Volume

Never underestimate the market for a Super Deluxe Edition! One thing I’ve learned from following this site is, if you once had some sort of hit or made a musical impact of some sort, there will be a sizeable bunch of people across the globe happy to shell out for a reissue or an SDE of pretty much anything you care to think of. (Have a glance at the Cherry Red CD Catalogue if you want to see that perfectly illustrated).
SDEs are all about reaching the niche, and if you get the product and price point right you’ll sell out in no time. What I’ve also learned from SDE is fans of full-on, EuroPop like Ace of Base are just as geeky about B-sides, remixes, and demand the same quality of packaging, sound quality as any music fan – if not more so – so they better get this right!


Love ace of base. (Even Da Capo). And have none of the original vinyls. But the price will have to come down before I buy.


Always loved this band, great feel good pop, with some surprisingly dark themes, especially on The Bridge, and great female vocals. Really the ABBA of their day. £85 is a bit steep though, and I say that was a fan. For that prive the albums should be half speed mastered doubles, at least the first three.

bruce kelso

is there a fanbase for this issue?

bruce kelso

thanks paul.


While I can’t stand Ace of Base, it was worth reading the article for this little nugget :) Nice one Paul!


Blimey that price! And no cd in sight following this awful trend. Ill put it out there: as an occasional fan I wouldnt mind a budget priced cd version as i cant be bothered to seek out the original albums


That is a lot of tracks to cram onto each lp. The Bridge and Flowers are pushing an hour each.
There must be some creative editing or very low levels so they fit on one lp.
Anyway, my wife would kill me for sure if this showed up.


They just released a best of collection on vinyl with like 16 tracks. I was excited for it until I realized that it was a single LP. Didn’t even bother, cannot sound good at all.