Action Time Vision: A Story of UK Independent Punk 1976-1979


Action Time Vision is a new various artists four-CD deluxe set from Cherry Red that documents the independent punk scene in the UK, forty years on.

This 111-track collection features many key names of punk alongside much more obscure selections and a sprinkling of post-punk acts (Joy Division, Tubeway Army and Adam & the Ants). It’s packaged similarly to previous Cherry Red sets, such as the indie-pop celebration that was Scared To Get Happy, and it comes with a 64-page booklet with band biogs and a foreword by Kris Needs (editor of Zigzag magazine from ’77 to ’81)

This set takes its name from Alternative TV’s 1978 single and is released on 9 December 2016.

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Various Artists

Action Time Vision: A Story Of UK Independent Punk 1976-1979





  • 1. THE DAMNED – New Rose
  • 2. EATER – Outside View
  • 3. THE RADIATORS FROM SPACE – Television Screen
  • 4. THE CORTINAS – Fascist Dictator
  • 5. THE DRONES – Lookalikes
  • 6. THE LURKERS – Shadow
  • 7. THE REZILLOS – I Can’t Stand My Baby
  • 8. 999 – I’m Alive
  • 9. JOHNNY MOPED – No One
  • 10. SHAM 69 – I Don’t Wanna
  • 11. PUNCTURE – Mucky Pup
  • 12. THE SNIVELLING SHITS – Terminal Stupid
  • 13. THE VACANTS – Worthless Trash
  • 14. THE ZEROS – Hungry
  • 15. MANIACS – Chelsea 77
  • 16. THE OUTSIDERS – One To Infinity
  • 17. THE KILLJOYS – Johnny Won’t Get To Heaven
  • 18. JOHNNY AND THE SELF ABUSERS – Saints And Sinners
  • 19. THE UNWANTED – Withdrawal
  • 20. THE WASPS – Teenage Treats
  • 21. THE PIGS – Youthanasia
  • 22. LOCKJAW – Radio Call Sign
  • 23. NEON HEARTS – Venus Eccentric
  • 24. JERKS – Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me
  • 25. THE PANIK – Modern Politics
  • 26. SOME CHICKEN – New Religion
  • 27. THE CARPETTES – Radio Wunderbar
  • 28. THE FLYS – Love And A Molotov Cocktail
  • 30. THE ONLY ONES – Lovers Of Today
  • 31. SUSPECTS – Nothing To Declare (Live at The Vortex)


  • 1. SWELL MAPS – Read About Seymour
  • 2. PATRIK FITZGERALD – Safety-Pin Stuck In My Heart
  • 3. THE BOYS – No Leaders (Demo)
  • 4. THE STOAT – Office Girl
  • 5. ACME SEWAGE CO. – I Don’t Need You
  • 6. V2 – Speed Freak
  • 7. BAZOOMIS – Give It All To Me
  • 8. RAPED – Moving Target
  • 9. BIG G – I Hate The Whole Human Race
  • 10. SUBS – Gimme Your Heart
  • 11. TUBEWAY ARMY – That’s Too Bad
  • 12. THE XTRAVERTS – Blank Generation
  • 13. FRUIT EATING BEARS – Door In My Face
  • 14. FRONT – System
  • 15. SATAN’S RATS – You Make Me Sick
  • 16. STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – Suspect Device
  • 17. MENACE – G.L.C.
  • 18. THE DYAKS – Gutter Kids
  • 19. SKIDS – Reasons
  • 20. RUDI – Big Time
  • 21. THE ART ATTACKS – I Am A Dalek
  • 22. BEARS – On Me
  • 23. ‘O’ LEVEL – Pseudo Punk
  • 24. THE MEMBERS – Solitary Confinement
  • 25. NIPPLE ERECTORS – King Of The Bop
  • 26. ANGELIC UPSTARTS – The Murder Of Liddle Towers
  • 27. MEAN STREET – Bunch Of Stiffs (Live at The Vortex)


  • 1. ALTERNATIVE TV – Action Time Vision
  • 2. SOCIAL SECURITY – I Don’t Want My Heart To Rule My Head
  • 3. THE TIGHTS – Bad Hearts
  • 4. RIFF RAFF – Cosmonaut
  • 5. THE DOLE – New Wave Love
  • 6. JOY DIVISION – Failures
  • 7. LEYTON BUZZARDS – 19 And Mad
  • 8. DEMON PREACHER – Little Miss Perfect
  • 9. THE OUTCASTS – Just Another Teenage Rebel
  • 10. THE FALL – Psycho Mafia
  • 11. CHELSEA – Urban Kids
  • 12. PROTEX – Don’t Ring Me Up
  • 13. THE CRAVATS – Gordon
  • 14. HORRORCOMIC – England ’77
  • 15. U.K. SUBS – C.I.D.
  • 16. SPIZZOIL -6,000 – Crazy
  • 17. THE DODGEMS – I Don’t Care (Full Version)
  • 18. THE USERS – Kicks In Style
  • 19. PETER AND TEST TUBE BABIES – Elvis Is Dead
  • 20. THE RUTS – In A Rut
  • 21. DISCO ZOMBIES – Drums Over London
  • 22. NICKY & THE DOTS – Never Been So Stuck
  • 23. THE SHAPES – Wot’s For Lunch Mum ? (Not B****s Again!)
  • 24. NO WAY – Breaking Point
  • 25. THE WALL – New Way
  • 26. THE HOLLYWOOD BRATS – Sick On You


  • 1. ADAM AND THE ANTS – Zerox Machine
  • 2. NOTSENSIBLES – Death To Disco
  • 3. THE VICE CREEMS – Danger Love
  • 5. COCKNEY REJECTS – Flares ‘N’ Slippers
  • 6. PSYKIK VOLTS – Totally Useless
  • 7. THE MOLESTERS – The End Of Civilisation
  • 9. PURE HELL – These Boots Are Made For Walking
  • 10. FIRE EXIT – Timewall
  • 11. THE PACK – King Of Kings
  • 12. STEROID KIDDIES – Dumb Dumb
  • 13. ENGLISH SUBTITLES – Time Tunnel
  • 14. THE PROLES – Soft Ground
  • 15. THE ADICTS – Easy Way Out
  • 16. THE DARK – My Friends
  • 17. WOODY & THE SPLINTERS – I Must Be Mad
  • 18. VICTIM – Why Are Fire Engines Red
  • 19. THE X-CERTS – Anthem
  • 20. F-X – Slag
  • 21. THE RIVALS – Future Rights
  • 22. SILENT NOISE – I’ve Been Hurt (So Many Times Before)
  • 23. VICE SQUAD – Nothing
  • 24. THE PREFECTS – Things In General
  • 25. THE LICKS – 1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong
  • 26. FATAL MICROBES – Violence Grows
  • 27. POISON GIRLS – Under The Doctor

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Andrew Baker

No Subway Sect Nobody’s Scared

Andrew Baker

No Vibrators Into the future

Andrew Baker

No Slaughter and the Dogs Where have all the bootboys gone ?

Andrew Baker

No Mekons Where were you ?


Looks like Cherry Red has kept to the same approach of mixing unassailable classics with less obvious tracks. Like the prior sets on indie and shoegazing, it won’t be definitive, but it will still be a good listen, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the era. I’m not going to knock any compiler who included the Fruit Eating Bears in his track list, even if my own choices would be quite different.


The original Bela Lugosi is also on the Rhino box set Left Of The Dial – Dispatches From The 80s Underground (disc 4 track 3).


They even acknowledge the Oi! scene. More than a few Oi! bands on this compilation. Wouldn’t be complete without it, but they usually and unrightfully get ignored when talking punk


Looks great and seems to be almost an entirely different set from the 1,2,3,4, box set released back in ’99(if memory serves me correctly).
And released the same day (we hope!) as the two delayed PiL box sets.My kids will be getting coal for Christmas at this rate!


This looks interesting, but I get more far more pleasure reading about punk than I do listening to it these days.

Steve Benson

Pretty good but no Nosebleeds!

Paul Murphy

Worth it for the band names and the song titles alone. I’m not sure the knees are up to it any more, but it’s still a must-must buy. We’re all going to be going “…. but where’s ….”, I’d have liked ‘First Time’ by The Boys, ‘Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees’ [cuz it never seems to appear on anything], and ‘No Doves Fly Here’ by The Mob.


Yah – I missed The Users in the track listing.

I’m a huge fan of The Vibrators, and buy their releases to this day. However, their debut release wasn’t on an independent label, so sadly don’t qualify here. Pretty much like The Stranglers and The Clash.

I will switch my “where is…” to Radio Stars. They were on Chiswick, I believe.

Simon F

Great collection. I’ve got about 90% of these on various vinyl outlets so won’t be buying it. But what are Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias doing on here? They were never punk in a million years. They were a satirical band, kind of a much better, hipper and far funnier version of the Barron Knights, who ripped on everyone from doo-wop to Captain Beefheart. High time there was an anthology of their collected works. (The Albertos not the Barron Knights)
Incidentally is John Reed the same John Reed who used to write all those excellent mod type features in Record Collector magazine?

Danny Gromfin

Hmm – looks like a nice set. Curious why PURE HELL is included; they merely recorded in the UK for a UK label but were a US band. This reminds me when all the UK punk comps in the 80s threw on the Dead Kennedys for some reason.

Charles K.



Did I miss the Vibrators? Where is Baby Baby?

elliott buckingham

no sex pistols….. virgin were I think at the time an indie label until branson became a sellout


I think you’ll find that Virgin “sold out” with their first release, “Tubular Bells”, in the same way that The Sex Pistols “sold out” by signing for EMI, A&M and Virgin within six months of each other, and the same way that Bernie Rhodes’ prefab boyband The Clash took CBS’s money as soon as they could.

Punk was all about selling out; no-one does this for free.


I’d have expected a track from Buzzcocks’ Spiral Scratch EP, but I’ll get it nonetheless.

John Reed

Sadly, we couldn’t license any Buzzcocks tracks.


Shame no Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, which was their only 1970s release. Probably too costly to licence as it’s owned, as far as I know, 100% by the former members who understandably want the most out of any use of their most famous song.

Charles K.

You sure its owned by the band members? Strange that it has never appeared in its original form outside of the CD single as far as I’m aware.

Simon F

The studio version of Bela did not even make it onto the Bauhaus singles collection album 1979-83. It features a live version.


The original studio single version of Bela is on the Beggars Banquet 1998 “Crackle” compilation which “replaced” the earlier 1979-1983 conpilation. But Beggars had to licence it from the band, as the credits in the CD booklet show. Also, Bauhaus pressed a limited card sleeve reissue of the Bela CD Single which was sold during their reformation tour, it was on their own label and the rights attributed to their names and “bauhausmusik”. I believe at some point the 50/50 deal they had in 1978-9 with Small Wonder records to release Bela was bought out and the band have owned the song and its B-side 100% since at least 1998.


Incidentally it’s also not on the Bauhaus 5 Albums budget set Beggars put out a few years ago. A live version is substituted. It’s just a shame that a this Action Time box set from this era with Independent music in its title won’t have on it the single which I think. If memory serves, held for sone time some sort of record for spending several years in the Independent Chart without ever dropping out. I can’t remember the details, bit I think until the mid 80s Bela Lugosi’s Dead and New Order’s Blue Monday spent more time in that chart that any other releases, or something!


One might also argue that it isn’t punk.


It’s a good point and I did think of that. I think it fits, but it might just be fooling myself, because I link it with several of the included tracks as regular spins on John Peel’s show at the time.

Charles K

Thanks for the info Kevin! Always wondered about the rights to that release!


Oddly enough the “Bela’s Lugosi’s Dead’ B-side ‘Boys’ appeared on dozens of goth comps that popped up in the late 90s. I’m not certain whether or not Bauhaus had recovered the rights to the single by that time or not, but in any case, according to a friend of mine in the know, not only was ‘Boys’ the only Bauhaus track generally available for license, but it was cheap or free to do so.


The Radiators From Space were an Irish band, so not UK punk.

I would also argue about Protex, Rudi, The Outcasts, Stiff Little Fingers and others, being UK punk. But then they were from that bit of Ireland that the UK still occupies, so I suppose so!

Anyway, if it brings this music to a wider audience, I’m all for it. I will be buying!


Nice to see Puncture’s “Mucky Pup”, but they could have used the b-side “You Can’t Rock’n’Roll in a Council Flat. You can do anything else but you can’t do that” instead!

Terrific selection though and this goes to the top of my Xmas list.


This looks fun. Where are The Users? But hey, there’s always someone who will get missed.

Excellent stuff.


Disc 3 Track 18: THE USERS – Kicks In Style.

These Cherry Red comps are pretty good. Looking forward to their 6-disc ‘Manchester North of England’ set (covers 1977-1993) next year.

John Reed

The Users are on there – with ‘Kicks In Style’?