Agnetha Fältskog / Coloured vinyl LPs

As with her ABBA bandmate Frida (see this post), some of Agnetha Fältskog‘s solo albums will be reissued on vinyl, with coloured editions available for a while. Also, Benny and Bjorn’s 1970 long-player, Lycka is also gets a similar treatment…

Agnetha’s debut, 1983’s Wrap Your Arms Around Me will be available on pink vinyl (for a while) and 1985 follow-up Eyes Of A Woman (produced by Eric Stewart) is pressed on red vinyl.

Lycka, the pre-ABBA album by Benny and Björn is initially available as a yellow vinyl pressing, spattered with blue.

All of the ABBA-related vinyl reissues are out on 28 July 2017.

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Agnetha Fltskog

Wrap Your Arms Around Me - limited pink vinyl


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Agnetha Fltskog

Eyes Of A Woman - limited red vinyl


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Bjrn Ulvaeus Benny Andersson

Lycka - limited Blue and Yellow vinyl


Agnetha Fältskog / Wrap Your Arms Around Me 

1. The Heat Is On
2. Can’t Shake Loose
3. Shame
4. Stay
5. Once Burned, Twice Shy
6. Mr. Persuasion
7. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
8. To Love
9. I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever
10. Man
11. Take Good Care Of Your Children
12. Stand By My Side

Agnetha Fältskog / Eyes Of A Woman

1. One Way Love
2. Eyes Of A Woman
3. Just One Heart
4. I Won’t Let You Go
5. The Angels Cry
6. Click Track
7. We Should Be Together
8. I Won’t Be Leaving You
9. Save Me (Why Don’t Ya)
10. I Keep Turning Off Lights
11. We Move As One

Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson / Lycka

1. Lycka
2. Nånting är på väg
3. Kära gamla sol
4. Det där med kärlek
5. Välkommen in i gänget
6. Lilla du, lilla vän
7. Hej, gamle man!
8. Liselott
9. Kalles visa
10. Ge oss en chans
11. Livet går sin gång

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Chris Squires

Got all 6 as part of AmDe 3for2 for under £14 each. Shine was not sealed, so they sent a brand new copy to keep for a rainy day, without having to send the opened one back. Nice Brucie bonus there.
Loving the 80s production and didn’t realize Kirsty MacColl was involved with Frida. Will enjoy these over the coming weeks.


Mine arrived today. All of them are scratched and scuffed! Right from the cellophane!


Ooh shame.. After some investigation I think (hope) they might be around in other shops online… Will let you know if I find them.
So many thanks once again for your patience in responding Paul, and all the best!


Hello Paul,
A million thanks as usual for your incredibly numerous and punctual updates, what would we do without you??
Even so… For a series of circumstances (mainly my silliness) I have not managed to order Lycka blue/yellow and Ensam (Frida) white, and now they are sold out on amazon.uk. Do you know by any chance if a new batch is foreseen in the near future?
Thank you so much again

Marcus André

Eyes of a woman should be yellow!

Geoff C

Like the purple vinyl for Frida’s Something’s Going On, the red vinyl for Eyes of a Woman just looks wrong! I suppose navy blue would be dark and too close to black vinyl. But how about navy specklied with beige like similar to the Lycka album? Not really a vinyl collector anyway but these odd color choices wouldn’t inspire me to purchase these.

Richard Evans

Geoff C, I agree. I designed the original album art for Eyes Of A Woman and would not have chosen a bright red for the vinyl.


The post title says “Faltkog” instead of “Faltskog”, you may want to edit it.

Big fan of ABBA singles and the two girls.

Stephen E Cohen

Seems like they would have chosen pink vinyl for Frida’s “Something’s Going On” album because it such a pink album cover. …or maybe the color red for her cool track “I See Red”? I like this one, though – good Phil Collins production.


Lycka is a decent album. Having that.


They are squeezing our wallet like taxes…..

[…] As you’d expect, these are 180g pressings and they all come with download cards. They are released on 28 July 2017. Some Agnetha Fältskog‘s solo albums are getting the same treatment. […]