Alan Parsons / The Secret

5.1 mix on CD+DVD combo • official store exclusives, including SIGNED

Alan Parsons returns with a new album, The Secret, in April.

The 11-track album sees “a return to the pop-rock sound with symphonic and progressive rock interludes which the Alan Parsons Project was known for” and features guest appearances from the likes of Jason Mraz, Lou Gramm and more. You can preview ‘Miracle’ below.

The album is released on CD, vinyl LP, CD+DVD combo (with a 5.1 surround mix on the DVD) and a five-disc box set edition that offers CD, DVD, vinyl and the two-CD “LiveSpan” (in addition to a T-shirt, lithograph and more). Originally it was stated that LiveSpan was a digital download, but it has since been confirmed as a physical two-CD set, making the box five discs).

The Secret CD+DVD+LP+2CD box set

The official store offers signed CDs, (now sold out) blue vinyl, and some special bundles. The Secret is released on 26 April 2019.

Browse the official Alan Parsons store or pre-order via the widgets below.

2. MIRACLE (Lead Vocal: Jason Mraz)
3. AS LIGHTS FALL (Lead Vocal: Alan Parsons)
4. ONE NOTE SYMPHONY (Lead Vocal: Todd Cooper)
5. SOMETIMES (Lead Vocal: Lou Gramm​)
6. SOIRÉE FANTASTIQUE (Lead Vocal: Todd Cooper, Alan Parsons)
7. FLY TO ME (Lead Vocal: Mark Mikel)
8. REQUIEM (Lead Vocal: Todd Cooper)
9. YEARS OF GLORY (Lead Vocal: PJ Olsson)
10. THE LIMELIGHT FADES AWAY (Lead Vocal: Jordan Huffman)
11. I CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE (Lead Vocal: Jared Mahone)

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Matthew Collier

I have my copy (came this morning), and it is very much an “old skool” type Alan Parsons album. I like the initial sound of it, but as usual will require a bit of getting to know it, which is usually a good sign IMO. Looking forward to it, based on a quick listen!! :)

Unfortunately though, it is indeed a DVD-V, not a DVD-A, so there is no hi-res multichannel, only a lossy DTS 5.1 and at least, a DTS 96.24 in stereo.

It makes no sense to me provide this on a DVD, when an BluRay would have provided the hi-res multichannel (seeing as he bothered to do such a mix), and even stranger because Mr Parsons has a history of providing BluRay releases of his 5.1 hi-res, remixed works.

Presumably, for whatever reason, it must be down to cost (can a DVD vs Blu authoring cost really be that different) – perhaps he had confidence that he could shift the required numbers of “Blus” for his previous works, but wasn’t sure if he could recover the cost of a new album on that format?

Seems once again a real shame, and to be honest, from Mr Parsons, a surprise.

One other “odd” thing, I thought. The notes say it’s made in ProTools, but mixed/stored on Tascam as DSD. Seems another odd choice in this day and age! :confused:



Julian H

I think this choice is less down to AP but to Frontiers. Yes, blu-ray authoring is more expensive than DVD. I do agree that a blu-ray audio would have been better, but I think the label has not made particularly great experiences with the format, so that may explain that. Remember that AP only got the chance to do the album because Frontiers were interested in a new album, so I can’t imagine him being too demanding…


I’m a Prime customer, Amazon have confirmed my expedited shipment………………….for Tuesday 30th. Sigh. Don’t know why I bother…….

Steve G

I’m also a Prime customer who was supposed to receive the deluxe box set today only to be told they don’t have it in stock. Unacceptable since it was ordered Feb. 28th. Now they give me a date of June 15th. I have little faith in that date as well


We saw them twice On The Blue Cruise last month them met them on the ship, a life long dream come true! They opened with One Note Symphony and also played Miracle!


We were on the cruise as well; thought One Note Symphony was a bit, well, monotonic, but the other new stuff was great and the show exceptional – a life long dream for the other half that I also really enjoyed.

Julian H

I’ve now heard the first single. Very much in style and sound of the late 70s, early 80s APP records, and Jason Mraz has the right range for that music (AP and EW often used singers with quite high, soft voices – think David Paton, Chris Rainbow, Dean Ford). The chorus is a bit forgettable, though.

Julian H

Why not include “Fragile” too as a bonus track? It’s a bit of an orphaned track…

Patrick Read Johnson

Just to clear something up– The LiveSpan 2CD album IS included as a physical product in the box set. The term “DigiFile” refers to the gatefold cardboard art sleeve in which the CDs are packaged. The official site description will be changed to clear this up, shortly.

Patrick Read Johnson

Indeed! I’ll ring up the label and tell them they need to change that too!


In that case I will get the box-set! Don’t know why they didn’t use a blu-ray for the 5.1 but ok fine, not gonna argue about everything. At least we get a decent physical product. According to Nick Rhodes the CD is dead. How out of touch can you be when most of your fans are older and I bet a decent portion of those still listen to CD’s.

Mathew Lauren

It’s listed on Amazon.com as a cd/dvd audio combo. Bullmoose.com has WRITTEN a reply that this IS indeed a DVD-A 5.1. We’ll see. Everyone knows how I feel about DD5.1 only music discs. Right, WBros? Right, (1975-2018) FM – now Corporate Mac?


I just saw AP and the band last week in concert and they were absolutely tremendous! In addition to 18 classic songs they played 3 new songs from the upcoming album “The Secret” (due out on April 26th). The new songs sounded really good, by the way. As an aside my buddy and I did the VIP ticket deal and got to meet AP prior to the start of the show. He was very cordial and signed my vinyl copy of “Try Anything Once” (one of my top 4 favorite AP albums, which also include “Turn Of A Friendly Card”, “Eye In The Sky” and “Ammonia Avenue”. I also asked him if there would be further box set reissues and he said there definitely said there would be, including one for “The Secret”….so there we go!


Nice! Saw him right around the “TAO” era and he was great. What a wonderful album that was, especially with those David Pack vocals. My favorite APP vocalist next to John Miles (Shadow of a Lonely Man).


It’s because it’s not The Alan Parsons Project. Alan Parsons just used part of his current live band and invited other artists for an album produced by him. Don’t expect old style songs as Eric Woolfson was the songwriter and lyricist of The Alan Parsons Project.

David B

At that price pre-ordered the CD and DVD set. Surround sound at just over £14…incredible. Thanks for the post Paul…


Hope it’s lossless DVD-Audio!

Borstal Boy

Such cheesy cover art…


The Jason Mraz track is excellent. If nothing else, I’ll be buying it in some form as a result of that.


The official store lists prices in dollars. It does not say what currency though (many countries use dollars as their official currency). If it is American dollars, then the official store prices are a lot more expensive than Amazon.


AP web site hasn’t been updated in 2 weeks. Doesn’t mention the box set.
Online store says “single” LP.
So unsure what the extra disc is either.
Maybe an exclusive BR of the music.

peter chrisp

Paul thanks for the details, as you have listed the box set above appreciative, i noticed a couple of people & fans have suggested Live Span is only a digital download. On the Frontiers it web page it’s actually listed as a 2disc set.


If you click the link in Paul’s write-up, it’ll take you to a dedicated release page outside of the normal AP shop. I don’t see any signed copies though……..

Longtime fan, so really looking forward to this.


Hi Paul, it appears that signed copies are still available at the following: https://www.frontiers.shop/parsons-alan/?fbclid=IwAR2jdZ6OLKimFQ0ZTZJTo8M6V0byfj0hkQniVY_MKLytzAv7GlpuUYpu4ws

Also, Steve Hackett plays guitar on the first track, Ian Bairnson of APP fame and ‘solo’ AP albums on Track 9. Alan himself plays guitars, synths and percussion on the album.

Steven Roberts

Surprised to see so few names I recognise amongst the vocalists, and NONE that I recognise as former collborators. No Lenny? No Colin? No John?

No blu-ray either! Or signed vinyl – I do like the look of that blue vinyl, though!

Here’s hoping we’ll get an I Robot SDE at some point to go with the Tales and Eye in the Sky boxed sets. Was hoping for it this year – but now that he has a new album to push…..


Ian Bairnson turns up on track 9, so that’s something……

Simon Long

The AP online store says that the LiveSpan set is only included as a download with the deluxe set, not as a CD – “”LiveSpan” 2CD set as Digital Download”. They list it as a 4 disc set, not 5 discs – no idea what the 4th disc is in this case, though (assuming discs 1-3 are the CD, DVD and vinyl).

Scott Whitaker

The Mark Mikel/Jeff Kollman track is what I am the most excited about! Two of Toledo’s finest!

Cédric (Switzerland)

Re: box set, the official store lists “LiveSpan 2CD set as Digital Download”. So no actual CD, but a Download. Just so that nobody is disappointed.

Patrick Read Johnson


There is no download. The actual physical 2CD Livespan album IS included. The store site simply labeled it as “DigiFile” because that’s the actual technical name for the physical gatefold packaging for the discs. Easy to see why people would think it was a digital file… But, happily, it’s not!



Patrick Read Johnson

Hi, Paul. I was referring to the Frontiers site. I hadn’t checked Alan’s site. But will talk to him about it later today. I do know for a fact that the Box set contains the physical Livespan product, as we just approved the revised packaging for it a few weeks ago.



Patrick Read Johnson

Paul! No worries! No hard time detected! I’m just trying to get the information out!
It seems that someone in the line of many people who write copy for these things didn’t get the memo. But I’ve just spoken with Alan, who’s communicating the correction to the folks that fix these things. Should be changed shortly! Thanks for pointing it out!




Thanks Paul it’s been a long time since he released any new materiel – I’ve been following his releases since Tales of Mystery and Imagination – fingers crossed its as good all the other stuff.
I know it’s a touchy subject but I’d love a box set without vinyl which is of absolutely no use at all to me – personal taste I know but appreciate it will tick a lot of boxes with a lot of people. It’s also got a t shirt which is size large only – if only ! You can’t please everyone I suppose. I’ve plumped for the CD/DVD combo.

alan hansen

I believe a kind clarification is merited here: The Alan Parsons Project is distinct from Alan Parsons in that the former was an entity with songs almost exclusively composed by the late Eric Woolfson and the latter is Alan Parsons as solo artist. The Alan Parsons Project created ten themed studio albums and one pseudo ‘project’ that followed as a studio soundtrack to the stage musical Freudiana (I’m willfully excluding the Sicilian Defense material here). Even prior to Woolfson’s death in 2009, the two principal composers had amicably split with Eric moving-on toward more (mostly) stage-musical products, and Alan (various co-composers alongside) releasing multiple solo albums both themed and non-themed in nature. perhaps I’m splitting hairs here, but as an amateur writer, I find it important that we give credit where credit is due.

alan hansen

(I should know better than to post anything here before enjoying my cup of Earl Grey) – a minor correction to my previous post – should read: “…with songs almost exclusively composed by the late Eric Woolfson & Alan Parsons, …” I apologize for any triggering caused by this gaffe.

CJ Feeney

I appreciate you pointing out the distinction. However Alan Parsons continues to perform Project material in his live show, and his albums reflect the model of the Project
A similar case is the band Genesis after Peter Gabriel left. The band continued to perform Gabriel era material, but Gabriel never used Genesis material in his own live shows.
Not an exact parallel, as Wolfson was way more dominant a composer in the project than Gabriel was in Genesis, but close enough.

Steven Roberts

Sorry to be a pedant – but Gabriel DID occasionally perform Genesis material in his solo shows:-


Good version, too!

CJ Feeney

I agree in this particular case, as the bonus audio is unavailable outside the box set. of course actually buying the 2 CD LiveSpan alongside the CD/DVD combo works out cheaper than the box. I suppose it depends on how the box is presented.


As far as I know the 2cd LiveSpan is out of print so it does not price out to be cheaper than the box set.
The download is the weak part of the box set. Had it been the actual 2cd, I would buy it but now I’ll go for the CD+ DVD as I do want to have the 5.1 mix. That is a great offering.


Livespan is available here in the UK via Amazon at least, not sure where you are.


Patrick Read Johnson

Just making sure you saw my later comment. There is no download. The actual physical 2CD Livespan album IS included. The store site simply labeled it as “DigiFile” because that’s the actual technical name for the physical gatefold packaging for the discs. Easy to see why people would think it was a digital file… But, happily, it’s not!