Alanis Morissette / Flavors of Entanglement vinyl LP reissue

Alanis Morissette‘s 2008 album Flavors Of Entanglement is released on vinyl for the first time in March.

The Canadian singer-songwriter’s seventh studio album was genre-mixing collaboration with British composer Guy Sigsworth, who produced and co-write every track on the record.

The album spawned three singles with Underneath a minor hit in a few territories (notably Canada, where it peaked at number 15).

There was a two-CD deluxe edition back in the day with five bonus tracks, but the album was never issued on vinyl. This new edition comes with a four-page booklet with information about the songs and is released on 16 March 2018.

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Alanis Morissette

Flavors Of Entanglement [180 gm vinyl]


Side A:

1. Citizen Of The Planet
2. Underneath
3. Straitjacket
4. Versions Of Violence
5. Not As We
6. In Praise Of The Vulnerable Man

Side B:

1. Moratorium
2. Torch
3. Giggling Again For No Reason
4. Tapes
5. Incomplete.


Also Available on 180 gm vinyl: Jagged Little Pill Acoustic / MTV Unplugged / Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie / Under Rug Swept.

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I don’t own any of her music but ‘You Oughta Know’ is an absolutely fabulous song. I first heard it on a freebie cover mount cassette with NME (click on my name to see the release on Discogs) and for years I always thought it was, for some unknown reason, by Skunk Anansie. I didn’t play much of the other music on the cassette – I just kept rewinding to the beginning of YOK.

Tom M Hans

JLP is the best breakup CD ever. Nothing afterwards ever touched me like this but I don’t blame it on the music but my life story only. Good to that she is still out there.
Same with Lenny Kravitz Circus. Stopped listening after that. Peace.

Hans (utrecht)

Why didn’t they made a 2xLP with al the B-sides and extra tracks. Those are better than real album tracks. Like 20-20, orchid and madness.
Not As We is the best divorce-song there is…..


I would have liked to see this released on a limited edition colored vinyl pressing, like her other albums were on the Music On Vinyl label. Any idea why this is only getting a black vinyl pressing Paul?

Larry Davis

There was a limited edition coloured vinyl released of JLP at Newbury Comics…US chain based in Boston…I may buy it, still copies available in stores…

Gis Bun

I consider this one and the ones after to be substandard for her…
Got even worse when she started to throw in remixes at one point.

Stevie B

She made 2 albums before JLP?!!!! Why didn’t I know that?!!!!

Larry Davis

Er, I thought EVERYONE knew about 1991’s “Alanis” and 1992’s “Now Is The Time”…I used to have em both (on Ghetto/MCA Canada), and honestly, the REAL debut is quite dated late-80s/early-90s dance pop with cheesy production, even some rapping on it…the 2nd is much better with better songs, sounding like Madonna B-sides at times…both were produced by this guy Leslie Howe, who was the male half of ACE Canadian duo One 2 One/One To One (with female singer Louise Reny, both worked with Alanis on both albums)…their 2 albums were quite excellent, the hard-to-find debut on Warners especially…turns out, they were also called Sal’s Birdland and Artificial Joy Club, who I had also heard of…

As for this vinyl reissue of “Flavours Of Entanglement”, I’d say it’s rather pointless without the 2nd disc’s worth of songs, which are quite excellent…without them, the album is incomplete. My Alanis story…besides seeing her live at the late, lamented NYC club Tramps in 1995 at the start of the first leg of the JLP tour (bought my ticket for $10 when they went on sale, day of show, place was mobbed with people literally begging for tickets, and someone offering me $100 on the spot, I said no)…I’ll never forget being towards the front in that fairly small club and all of a sudden, this unwashed, haggard-looking person pushes past me to the stage, goes up and starts blowing a harmonica, stalking the stage like a rat…it was her, and the show was pretty unforgettable, and happy I didn’t sell my ticket!!)…

In 1998/1999, I was living in Brooklyn, NYC, Park Slope area at the time, and I come home from work one day, typical day, nothing special…I turn the corner and I see a film crew set up on the street/sidewalk, lights and all…and I’m thinking, Cool, a movie shoot!! I ask a crewmember “What movie is being shot here??”…and the guy says “not a movie, a music video”…and I’m like, “really?? who??”…and the guy says “Alanis Morissette”…my jaw drops and I see her across the street sitting in an old gold 1964 Ford Fairlane, about to take off on a scene & would be back to set and trailer in 2 hours…the video was for “Unsent”, from “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie”…so I ran home around the corner, dropped by stuff off, grabbed my CD of said album, went back to the set and waited around for her to return…it was cool hanging around the set…she came back and I waited for the right time to approach her and did…we were chatting for 5 minutes…Alanis couldn’t have been nicer, cooler, sweeter or appreciative…quite awesome our meeting…

Still waiting on the followup to “Havoc & Bright Lights”, whenever it comes about…

Larry Davis

Remembered like it was yesterday…Cheers Paul!!


Great, definitely buying this LP version!!


I have Jagged Little Pill, and this article makes me want to hear more by her.

Here’s an interesting story; when I was staying with an Aunt in Vancouver, we visited Alanis’s Aunt (who is one of my Aunt’s good friends). She was a very nice lady and showed us lots of old photos/memorabilia. Apparently we missed a visit from Alanis and Ryan Reynolds (her then boyfriend) by about a week. Bummer. Would have been good to say that I’d met Deadpool.

Well, it was interesting to me, anyway…


Why not?


Some great tunes, even if her album titles all sound like they’ve been named after racehorses.

Mike the Fish

Haha – good observation!


Without wanting to start an argument comments like Robert’s why? Shouldn’t even get posted. We are all entitled to opinions and views. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t entitle you to be abusive. Criticism of a product is one thing and it may be positive or negative but comments like this shouldn’t even get on the site as it serves no purpose

Sorry to hijack the comments for this product but I think there will be many who agree with me here

Sean L

Couldn’t agree more John, I’ve no interest in an Alanis Morissette vinyl release at all but someone does and that’s all that matters. I can’t understand why some artists seem to get their material out there whilst others I love are poorly served for one reason or another but that’s how it is. Each to their own…it makes the music world what it is !


To be fair, very few of the comments serve any purpose, other than in creating discussion and a sense of community. One commentator merely said that s/he liked her and that s/he was looking forward to buying this. As comments go, that kind of positive comment is about as useless as a negative comment, but it keeps people talking – more power to the commentator for doing that merely by saying s/he was a fan, in fact. More power to Robert also for generating some controversy. The word “why” in itself is hardly abusive.


To be fair markie perhaps my describing the word why as abusive is a bit harsh but comment just saying I bought it is positive as it shows this site is useful and serves a purpose. Even a comment like I don’t understand this release because of ………. serves a purpose. I would hate Paul not to post something on here because he doesn’t think there is at least one person interested. I just don’t see the point of people wanting to post comments like “why” and I have no interest in monosyllabic posts like this and I’m sure others don’t either.


Huge fan of hers…and thought I had all her albums. But can’t get this to be 7th?


Thanks Paul. I only picked her up at Under Rug Swept ( I HATED everything from JLP but my turnaround from hating her as an artist to being one of my favourites is probably my most extreme of any) so I supposed I liked her better when she had toned it done a little. I then went backwards but still never really liked JLP. I confess to never having heard the first two but now read they were very much Canadian only releases (at the time) Good time to release a vinyl box set of everything? (not the compilations)

Gis Bun

Hopefully her first 2 never ever get released [again]. Yeesh!

Mike the Fish

This why? trolling is tedious. I’ve heard a bit of this album and I’m interested in hearing more now.